Contact of Zillow customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Zillow: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Zillow Group
1301 Second Avenue
Floor 31
Seattle, WA 98101
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 206-470-7000 (corporate)
Email: [email protected] (listing queries)

About Zillow
Zillow is a real estate marketplace launched in 2006. Founded by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, the company is headquartered at Seattle, Washington. Zillow allows users to search properties, get an estimated home price, along with appraisal services. It helps in buying, selling, renting, financing as well as remodeling. The database includes more than 110 million homes in the US. The popular Zestimate tool provides estimated market value for an individual home. The estimate is calculated using current market conditions, location and special features. Users can claim their home on Zillow and update facts

On the Zillow website you can find homes for sale by city, state or ZIP code. States listed include California, Texas, New York, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Utah, New Jersey, Washington, Indiana, Arizona, Tennessee, Maryland, Minnesota, Colorado, Louisiana, Kentucky, Delaware, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Buying and renting of properties can be set by a range of parameters. You can filter results by price, year built, lot size, bed rooms, and home type (houses, apartments, condos, townhomes). On each listing, you will find the current rates, map, detailed descriptions, neighborhood and, facts and features. If you are a landlord or property manager, create free rental listings to find home seekers.

The agent finder tool on the website allows users to connect with real estate agents, property managers and home builders. Coming to mortgages, you can shop for mortgage lenders and get best rates. Zillow also has a number of mobile apps for browsing homes for sale or getting instant notifications. Most of the tools available on web are also incorporated within the apps. For more information or queries on technical support, payment, apps, or others, reach the Zillow support.

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  1. Lisa Summers Reply

    I’m trying to relist my home FSBO, but it will not let me. It’s telling me “a listing has been submitted for this address and it’s currently under review. We’ll let you know when it’s posted.”

  2. It was Fraud but I dint realize because I went to the house to see before I rent. The owner took $2285 as deposit and said if you don’t like the house we will return the amount. But now he does not respond and reply back. I have complained in Zillow through an email since they don’t have real customer service number, but they don’t have response.
    Please make sure when you rent or put your house for sale in Zillow website you are verified and protected.

  3. Pamela Caldwell Reply

    I am very interested in selling my home with your company. I would like to know how you came up with a sales figure.! It is a very good selling point, and does not reflect the work being does this week and the next ! The kitchen was updated six months ago, this week three very large Bradford pear trees are being cut down, and then both air-conditioning units are being replaced as well as both furnaces. I may be putting in too much for a flipper, but I know a prospective buyer would expect those renovations. If I could skip the showings and sell to you I would be very pleased. I would appreciate hearing from you and your input.
    Thank you,


  4. Pat Abraham Reply

    Your estimates on my home are absolutely ridiculously low. We built this home last year at a cost of $280,000. There are currently 2 more homes being built in the same subdivision for slightly over $300,000 each. For you to say that it’s value is $30,000 less than what we paid to build it is crazy. Perhaps a more qualified person should be doing the estimates on new homes at Zillow.

  5. I was curious to know which Pinellas County beach near Gulf Boulevard has the most affordable rental rates? Thank you. I used to live near here 15 years ago and had to move because of an accident and I would love to visit.

  6. Ken Poppell Reply

    I was trying to list my house “For Sale by Owner.”, at 103 Hemlock Drive, Perry Fl. It is showing up as sold, at the price I paid for it, 2 years ago, and not at my asking price. How do I get my asking price entered? Thanks!

  7. Manuel Perez Reply

    Currently the Zillow web page does not have a $0 HOA option or an option to exlude listings with certain keywords such as “SPC” for manufactured homes that continue to show up even after the home type for these has been deselected or 55+ communities. Please update the Zillow web page to for the following Buy options:
    1. Under “More” drop down menu “Max HOA” add a $0/month.
    2. Under “More” drop down menu, add an “Exclude” beneath the Keywords.

  8. My wife and I own a duplex in Modesto, California that doesn’t appear in Zillow searches. I would like to be able to correct the oversight so we can track the status of the properties approximate value in the market. Can you help?

  9. Rachel Capiral Reply

    I am a realtor and the information on my listing is not appearing correctly on Zillow. MLS photos are different from what the Zillow photos are showing. How do I correct this? This is frustrating and my seller is really upset.

  10. I tried to put my house on Zillow today. Evidently I didn’t put number of bedrooms on correctly and when they called after I said it they just hung up. I am trying to see how I can correct the mistake

  11. I have been trying to rent an apartment in the Torrance area for 4 months. I have called 30 rental agents, of which 3 called back after I contacted them. I went to 4 viewings and one single self-serving, lazy ass agent showed up,(One agent said he had 100 responses for one of those viewings) Not one answered their phones after I had waited for an hour at each viewing.

    I have a F.I.C.O. score of 808 and 400K in the bank and IT’S NOT ENOUGH to rent an apartment in a city I have lived in for 38 years.

    I would like one of those 30 agents or Zillow to justify their behavior.

    Thanks for your time,

  12. Valerie grant Reply

    I listed my home for sale and just realized you had my wrong phone number printed
    Also you have zestimated to my detriment as there are numerous upgrades worth over $200k
    If you are operating a sight to aid people in buying and selling you should train your help and pay more attention to facts about the property. You need to revamp your approach to be more helpful .
    Also you put “claimed” on the pic and people think it’s sold so I tried correcting but now I am no longer listed and you tell me you are not aware of my address! This is a fine mess!

  13. I Have a home listed on zillow
    ADDRESS is 3107 San Mateo st Clearwater fl 33759
    house is listed at 200K
    My big problem is trulia , which you folks are involved with or own
    their site claims my house has been forclosed on, the bank owns it and they are selling my property
    Absolutely not true, im in preforclosure for a small amount of money and in negotions to resolve tis small matter
    the info on this site is incorrect and must be changed.
    if its not changed fast, legal action to follow for publicly publishing negative and false information

  14. Sandra Wait Reply

    I filled out all the info and pictures to list my home for sale. I waited the 72 hours, and the listing said “off market”. I re-entered the info to make the listing hot, waited a few days, and the listing still shows “off market”. Now, I’m in a bind and have to sell it to because we have found another house to buy!
    I really missed out on the hot market in my neighborhood because of Zillow. It would be nice if they had a “Contact Us” link.

    • Julie Lilly Reply

      I have 11800 Rydalwater LN/ 78754 Austin TX. zillow will not list it for sale by owner. I put sold as I thought it sold through a real estate agent but it fell through. Now they hang up on me. 5 days of them hanging up. I guess hiring a real estate agent is a must now. What a crazy website and not at all good support

  15. Edward Lee Reply

    I had just finished editing the description for my rental property when the message “user not identified”showed up and the description box high-lighted in red. After that when I tried to so sign in, the ” service unavailable ” came on. What is happening ?

  16. Arlene DAmico Reply

    Hello, I have tried several times to correct my home information but it doesnt work. My home is a two family property with front house having 2 bedrooms, one bath and back house has 1 bedroom, 1 bath. You have it listed as a 3 bedroom house and it is not a single family property. How can you give a price on a property that is totally wrong!

  17. I am so aggravated with Zillow. I had initially listed a home for sale in Vilano Beach, FL with a realtor at 749,900. It was listed fully furnished. When I had issues with the realtor and changed realtors and the price, I told the new realtor I would lower the price to see if we could sell it, but I could not sell it furnished. We dropped the price to 599,900, but we had to sell it unfurnished at that price. Zillow pulled the old ad and listed it furnished. When I saw this, I informed the realtor. She said she called Zillow numerous times and informed them of the mistake. It was still listed as furnished when the prospects put in an offer. Of course, they are insisting the furniture be included. This has cost me three living room sets, four bedroom sets, all the scatter rugs, a dinette set, and an entertainment set I would have not included in the offer, all because Zillow made the mistake of not doing what they were supposed to do in removing the words, “fully furnished “. I am very upset about this and there is nothing we can do about it as we do not want to lose the prospect. I feel Zillow should compensate us for their mistake. Shame on Zillow for not doing what they are supposed to do. This has cost us thousands of $.

  18. Hello; pg1
    I am e mailing you about all the fraudulent rental ads you allow on your site. I have been looking for a rental on your site. When each time I come onto ads stating to text only the owners. I so far have done this for 3 different homes. Once I text these people they give me an address, the same story, different name. After checking public records as to the owners I find these are not the owners. I got an ag once. That told me they had that already happen to some people that were trying to move in. of course they were scammed. Losing all their funds, and left with no place to live. Now, no doubt these people were fools. But you are the ones allowing this to happen. Because you don’t require anything to prove the ad is legit. I blame you for letting scams prevail on your site.

  19. Teresa M Thomas Reply

    How do I change the zestimate. My realtor says as the owner I have to do it. Zillow tells me my realtor has to do it. I am confused and believe zestimate is way off. There is a new roof, new windows, updated baths and kitchen, newer hvac (2013), well (2006), septic (2003) and hot water heater (2012). One acre lot, 1,445 SF and two car garage and your zestimate is $138,018.

  20. James Westwater Reply

    I am somewhat frustrated in that Zillow never responds to my customer service phone messages. I have tried 4 times to contact Zillow and they do not respond. Why is this? Please fix this problem. Please contact me via the email address I provided and tell me how to have Zillow respond to my requests for help. Thank you.

  21. I would like to see a feature where I can make notes on saved homes of items I like or dislike or what would need to be done prior to sale. While searching it is important to take notes and sometimes things get lost. We will be selling our house in Maryland and looking for another in Florida.

  22. Kelly Martin Reply

    The home I am listing is showing an open house at 6 a.m. I created an open house for 4 p.m. that day — I don’t know how it got 6 a.m. I want to remove the open house altogether, but every time I delete it, it still shows up. How can I permanently delete it?

  23. Annette Weaver Reply

    My home address does not show the correct picture. I believe this is in another area. The picture does not display my property in Luzerne Township. My mailing address is listed as Brownsville, however I do not live in Brownsville. I believe the picture of the house on your website is in Denbo, Pa. Can this be corrected?

  24. Steve Tietjen Reply

    There was professional pictures of my home at 7488 Cheyenne Drive, Sedalia, CO 80135 on the Zillow home description, they disappeared. Can I get them returned to Zillow description. They are the only really good photos I have. Please help!

  25. Sally Goss Reply

    I am having the same issue. I am trying to list 5607 Bluebell Drive in North Little Rock for 2 weeks. I received the verification phone call some time ago but still no listing.

  26. Ryan Salisbury Reply

    I cannot list my home for sale on Zillow after many attempts. When I enter the address, the address for the neighbors townhome comes up, but not mine. Why can’t I list my house on Zillow? I accidentally was listing my neighbors house, but I got that fixed and deleted it as a Saved Home from my account.

  27. I really do not like the fact that your site gives Zestimates. It is very damaging for a seller when their home is outstanding in the neighborhood. I believe being on your site has damaged my ability to sell my home and I see no purpose in you even offering this number. Let the agents do the comps for interested buyers. And for a buyer seeing a property and how well it is done overcomes the higher price in the neighborhood.

  28. I am attempting to list my home for rent and it keeps getting removed saying it is declined. Please help me resolve this issue. I am paying through for additional coverage for which Zillow is to have been one of those sites it would be listed on.

  29. Nancy Billingsley Reply

    I cannot add pictures to my rental listing. There was a pop-up saying I could not edit the listing and to get help on how to to change or add to listing. This listing was input directly into Zillow on ‘Rental Manager’ and not through MLS.

  30. Joyce Stuteville Reply

    I have tried to list my house for sale on Zillow, but am not getting it to show up. I used to rent it through Zillow, so I have a password. My pictures and ad were accepted but am having trouble listing it for sale. The address is 12 Twin Lakes Rd., Lake Placid, FL 33852. I want to list it by owner.

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