Contact of Zaxby’s customer service (phone, address)

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Contact Zaxby’s: Find below customer service details of Zaxby’s, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the fast food chain. Reach the Zaxby’s customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Zaxby’s Franchising LLC
1040 Founders Blvd.
Athens, GA 30606
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 866-8-ZAXBYS (866-892-9297)
Phone: 866-447-2745

About Zaxby’s
Zaxby’s is an American fast food chain founded in 2000. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Zaxby’s operates in more than 800 locations. The states where Zaxby’s has presence include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. You can locate one nearest to your address here by inputting city, state or zip. The chain is owned and operated by Zaxby’s Franchising LLC, a privately-held corporation

The menu at Zaxby’s includes Chicken Finger Plate, Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate, Wings Meal, Salads, Sandwiches, Boneless Wings, Chicken Fingerz, Coleslaw, Chicken Salad, Crinkle Fries, Brownies, Milkshakes, among others. The website allows you to order food or even purchase gift cards for your friends and family. For more information or queries on locations, online ordering, cancellation, catering, or others, reach the Zaxby’s customer service.

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  1. Omie Cazzell Reply

    I ordered a house grilled chicken salad through the drive threw at Shelbyville TN, and this salad had so many cucumbers and not very much lettuce. I use to really like your salads but now I think your serving cheap salads. Not sure if I’ll ever go back.

  2. Konnie Jordan Reply

    At 9:15 pm on Monday night, 9-19-19, the Clemson road, Columbia, SC Zaxbys seved me the worst quality food I have ever received in a decade as a Zaxbys faithful customer! The chicken was hard, the fries old and greasy, the bread was not Texas toast style and there was no unsweetened tea for this diabetic customer. I will never go to this store again.

  3. My wife & I along with another couple went to one of your Covington Ga locations on Tuesday Aug 13th 9132 M.L. King Jr Ave. The couple we were with ordered fixed their drinks and in a timely manner received their order! My wife and I after approximately 20 mins had not received ours! I went to the counter to inquire and was rudely informed that our meal was coming out now! I had noticed several young men hanging out and conversing with the young ladies behind the counter as we were waiting! After a couple of more minutes our meal was brought to the table. My wife and I had to eat alone as our friends were finished with their meal! VERY unprofessional & rude! If this is the class of people you want representing your business count me out as a customer that supports this type of activity!

  4. Your people at the Lawrence location messed with my food when they were preparing it. The bigger black gentlemen that was working the day shift, about 2 oclock today put some weird stuff on my food. He also had his hands down his pants playing with himself before and after he handled my food. I will never eat there or any other location for that matter ever again. I will also tell everyone I know about this incident and if I get sick or contra t something because of this jerk you will have a serious problem on your hands!

  5. Melvin Lamb Reply

    NOT A EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE !!!!!!Not enough Space! I requested a call from home office and no one called! We visit Sams and Zaxbys every week and we will not return to Zaxbys!!The lady taking orders: Jada 163 was very rude and my partner did not order anything, he only got mine because my blood sugar was low! I asked him why he had no food and he said he was not ordering anything from her! He only got mine so I could eat! He was going next door to eat! Then sitting at 1st table next to drink machines a man spilled a whole cup of ice that went all under my table! This lady Jada came out with a mop and abruptly said “Move your cane”!! I had leaned my cane on chair next to mine!NO one offered me a towel to clean my wet legs or sandals and ske left floor wet for me to get up! I use a cane because Iam recovering from a broken foot! Manager was called over by my partner and was told what happened, she barley barely said I’m Sorry!! Jada just smirked at us!! This girl has no business working retail food! I retired from Food/ Beverage Industry and I have never seen a rude person in Zaxbys!!

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