Contact of Yonex customer service

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Find below customer service details of Yonex. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the sporting goods company.

Head Office
Yonex Co Ltd
3-23-13 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-8543, Japan

Phone: 1-800-44-YONEX (US)
Phone: 1-800-661-9262 (Canada)
Phone: 44-20-8742-9777 (UK)
Phone: 49-2154-91860 (Germany)
Phone: 33-38877-7615 (France)
Phone: 03-3836-1221 /1201 (Japan)

About Yonex
Yonex is a well known Japanese sports goods manufacturing company that was established in the year 1946. Founded by Minoru Yoneyama, Yonex manufactures and sells a range of products for badminton, tennis and golf. The product line includes rackets, shuttlecocks, balls, clubs and bags. Yonex also retails shoes and apparel such as tshirts, jackets, shorts, skirts and hats. Though the company started as a manufacturer of wooden products, in 1957 it first ventured into selling badminton racquets. Since then it has introduced a number of high quality products sold around the globe. It is a major sponsor of sports events specially in badminton and tennis.

Technology wise Yonex badminton products boast a rotational generator system for maximum control, energy boost cap, new aero frame, sonic flare system for max shuttle acceleration, tri-voltage system and duora grommet design. The tennis products sport an isometric design, liner tech, aero trench, micro offset layout, lock booster, an improved throat design, and quad force gear. You can test and try Yonex products at any of the official or distributor outlet. While the Yonex Group has offices in Japan, US, Canada, UK and Germany, you can locate a distributor at any part of the world. Yonex subsidiaries and distributors can be located at US, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand.

You can visit the local Yonex website to locate an outlet nearest to your address. Internet shoppers can purchase Yonex products from popular ecommerce portals. For an overview of the products currently sold in the market, you can head to the official website. Under badminton racquets, you have the popular series Astrox, Nanoflare, Duora, Nanoray, Voltric, Arcsaber, Carbonex, Muscle Power, Isometric, B-Series and Junior. The series of racquets varies in its features. The product page will give you details of the technology, flex, frame, length, weight, and other important specifications. Other products include the badminton strings, shuttlecocks (Mavis, Aerosensa, Aeroclub etc), shoes, bags and apparel. Tennis lovers can choose from the series of racquets called Ezone, Vcore, Vcore Pro, and Astrel. You can compare two or more racquets online to know how it stands out. Along with racquets, you can look for strings, balls, apparel, shoes and bags. Other products consist of golf drivers, wedges, and running shoes.

Most products purchased from an authorised Yonex dealer comes with a warranty. The warranty terms and period varies according to product and region. In the US, tennis and badminton frames come with a one year limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty claim must be made directly at the authorised dealer outlet with proof of purchase. For complaints or queries on store locations, warranty, replacement, events, or others, reach the Yonex support.

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  1. I’m a social badminton player and has been playing for the past 27 years and a fan of Yonex in my school days. My first racquet is the Blacken 8100. I’m now in my 50’s and I have been buying Yonex racquet when there is a new launch. I have finally found and use a racquet that suits me and my friends it is Voltric 60. It is a fantastic racquet as I can feel the power of this racquet without using much strength. I string with Exbolt 63 and Aerosonic strings. I cant find the Voltric 60 now. I really wish you could relaunch this racquet as it is very popular here in Malaysia.

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