Contact of WorldRemit customer service

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Find below customer service details of WorldRemit. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
WorldRemit Ltd
62 Buckingham Gate
London SW1E 6AJ
Phone: +44 (0)20 7148 5800

Phone: 1800 130478 (Australia)
Phone: +1 888 772 7771 (Canada)
Phone: +33 2 72 24 21 17 (France)
Phone: 0800 7243141 (Germany)
Phone: +852 3008 1718 (Hong Kong)
Phone: +60 1800 818 717 (Malaysia)
Phone: +63 2827 11566 (Philippines)
Phone: +34 960 473 401 (Spain)
Phone: +65 3159 0808 (Singapore)
Phone: +278 000 14936 (South Africa)
Phone: +44 20 7148 5800 (UK)
Phone: +1 888 772 7771 (US)

About WorldRemit
WorldRemit is a popular fintech company providing money transfer services. Launched in 2010, the company operates from its headquarters at London, UK. Founded by Ismail Ahmed, WorldRemit allows individuals to send money on the go through the app and track same real time. The company, with its staff of more than 1,000, caters to 4 million customers in 150+ countries. Users have the option to transfer money in 90+ currencies. Money can be sent via bank deposit, mobile money or cash pickup. Popular in India, Kenya, Philippines, Nigeria and Ghana, the website claims most transfers are authorised within minutes.

New customers can start with the promotion of having to pay no fees on the first three transfers. To start, register for an account on the website or Android/iOS app. You can then proceed to choose from the list of countries and transfer method. The app will then ask you to choose how much you want to transfer. There is a rate calculator to estimate what you would be paying as fee for every transaction. The exchange rate as well will be shown. When you choose to send money, you can opt from bank transfer, cash pickup, WorldRemit Wallet and AirTime Top Up (a mobile recharge of prepaid plan). The website states transfer methods vary by country. Users can pay for their transfer by debit/credit card, prepaid card, bank transfer and other methods. WorldRemit supposedly is on average 20% cheaper compared with Western Union or Moneygram

With just a few clicks, users can send money to 150+ countries. The industry-leading technology protects every transaction on the platform. It is also regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is licensed by government regulators globally. Once a transaction has been made, users can login to their account and check the transfer status. Note that funds are usually available to collect instantly. The recipient will need to carry a valid photo ID and transaction reference to pick-up cash. Recipient will not be charged when collecting money as cash. Choose WorldRemit Wallet for storing money in one or several currencies. The Wallet is currently restricted to few countries. Another instant money transfer option is through bank account. The fees depend on the country you’re sending to

If intending to cancel a transaction, you are advised to do same earliest. If the transaction is paid out, you may not be able to cancel and request for refund. On cases of successful cancellation, a refund will be credited within 7 days depending on payment method. You will get an email with details if cancellation has been successful. For complaints or queries on payment, cancellation, refund, career, or others, reach the WorldRemit support.

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  1. Can’t continue with worldremit there is no customer service number that works to sort out any problems, have been with worldremit for a long time. I am currently thinking of leaving them. I have sent a lot of money using them. Not happy.

  2. Thank God for all your comments here, I thought it was only me having problems with World Remit not being contactable. How can they be handling so much of people’s money and not be contactable ? In my case, thank God, the bank refused to release the money without clearance as per new banking laws and advised me to get in touch with World Remit to seek clearance from the bank. I have been trying to contact them since last Thursday. But having read some posts here, I won’t bother anymore looks like I was lucky. I hope you get your moneys back. What a great pity, trust is easy to lose but not to build.

  3. Something is seriously wrong with sending money through worldremit. Remit was cancelled without you requesting. Mails were ignored and customer service is a joke.

  4. I sent $200 to my friend in the USA from UK since November 3rd. I got an email on the 7th of November that the transaction has been cancelled; I need to receive my money back but WorldRemit is not reachable anymore by phone.

    Please take action, if the money can not be delivered to my friends bank in the USA then I expect the money to refunded back to my UK bank account from where I made the payment.

  5. I have been trying to send some money using the worldremit app, since last Thursday afternoon. They keep asking me for a verification code to use to transfer money from my bank to the worldremit app, but I am not sure what they want me to do?

  6. I do not have a transaction history after i made a transfer and it is now over 24 hours with no email correspondence and also no answer from the phone number provided for South-Africa. I have been trying the entire day to get through to customer services with no luck and ended up with a chat robot now online. I need urgent assistance please, or an email address to send my Proof or payment to and to communicate with someone.

  7. I used to do all my transfer through worldremit but started experiencing some anomalies in your system so I changed to other platforms that are far more better. I think worldremit became greedy and take customers for granted. For example I wanted to transfer £14 to a UK account from Ireland and your fee for that is £3.99 and another platform charged me zero fees.
    I am so sick to think I used to patronise this dishonest platform.

  8. I send money to my country 1 week ago they couldn’t receive money yet this is not first time before this transaction. I transferred 2 times they got same problem, no one gets money on time.

  9. Disgusted with this disservice.. have been trying to change my phone number…but no way to contact these people even though they say there is…they will have you going around in circles to no avail.

  10. You know, my sister was seriously ill yesterday, so I decided to send money so that she could go to the hospital, and I made a transaction yesterday with Worldremit, and was debited yet I didn’t see anything on my transaction history. Isn’t that funny now? No number to call! And not even an address to send an email for quick response! This is not right! I really don’t know what to do at this point!

  11. I made a duplicate payment and World remit is not contactable here in South Africa. It’s stressing me as I wanted to use the money for something else and I am stuck

  12. I sent money – no transaction number given, no email confirmation received, nothing to show that I sent the money and the money has been taken from my bank account and my recipient did not receive the money. I tried so many ways to contact the Worldremit but to no avail.

  13. Made a transaction yesterday and was debited yet didn’t see anything on my transaction history. Funny now, no number to call! And not even an address to send an email for quick response! This is not right! I really don’t know what to do at this point! Can someone help out please.I have been using world remit for years and before we could talk to real people that could resolve issues. Is customer service going down? So we can move on?

    • I think this thing happened to many of us. I made a payment yesterday as well, the debited the money from my bank, and when I checked my transaction history, nothing showed up. I tried calling them but It was just pointless, so I looked up for their email in order to message them but nothing came up from their customer service. And my sister was seriously ill yesterday she needed money to go to the hospital. This is ridiculous indeed. I need my money back.

  14. Made a transaction yesterday and was debited yet didn’t see anything on my transaction history. Funny now, no number to call! And not even an address to send an email for quick response! This is not right! I really don’t know what to do at this point! Can someone help out please?

  15. We could get to talk to an agent before, why not now, everything is go to the website, there’s no options there for what I am asking about, if everything is online ,do you guys still bother to go to work? all I want to know is ,I’ve changed banks and want to update my account, do I can send money ,and NO it doesn’t accept the bank I go change on the app.

  16. Its not possible to contact WorldRemit, how come? Not by phone, not by chat, not by email (always the same message to find an answer on the website).

  17. Australia Automated 1800 contact number has you run around in circles doesnt help then throws you back at main menu cause they dont have options you need……
    After 10 – 15 transactions transfering money to my gf, today they inform me that her Surname as per Bank details is incorrect yet is Correct and she received all the money i sent her previously in those 10 – 15 transactions so why today is it according to Worldremit it is incorrect and i cant proceed with the transfer, worldremit hasnt even answered my Message in Messenger just another Automatic answer …

  18. Customer service is not available!! Supposed to be available 24/7? How can I follow up my transactions? I will have to talk to a chat robot may be.

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