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Contact Wish: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
One Sansome Street,
40th Fl, San Francisco, CA 94104

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-266-0172

About is a bargain hunting website for shoppers worldwide. The platform is available on web as well as app. Founded in 2011, makes it easy for shoppers to find trending items and buy them at cheaper prices, with savings of up to 50-80%. More than 300 million people use the service. The platform allows users to browse a wide selection of fashion, accessories, and electronics. The company’s operations are managed from its headquarters at San Francisco, California.

The e-commerce platform connects both buyers and sellers. If you are a buyer, you can begin shopping by exploring the categories or by using the search. On each product page, you will find detailed description of the item, the actual price and the discounted price at which the product can be purchased. The catalog includes millions of items. Some of them include clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, wallets, bags, home decor, outdoor gear, cosmetics, smartphones, chargers, laptops and electronic accessories.

Purchases on can be made using major credit cards and PayPal. Orders ship within 1-2 days. The shipping price is estimated at checkout. Wish has a 30 day return policy. All refunds are processed back to the original payment method within 14 business days. If you want to sell products on the platform, you can sign up as a merchant and reach out to users in the US and across Europe. Wish works on a revenue sharing model. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Wish customer service.

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  1. I recieve my order of the teapot but it came damaged and I am trying to get a refund but it tells me that the refund as been given but it as not come to my bank account or to the order page as refunded and won’t allow me to contact any one about this.
    Can someone from wish give me my refund so as I can see it

  2. Primo Ranjo Reply

    I purchased Wish Items and made payment of Wish Cash but it was blocked by the letter of Customer Support and asking me to submit a screenshot of my bak statement in which I submitted so many times but no reply at all. Please let me help to resolve this issue. Thank, PRIMO

  3. Primo Ranjo Reply

    I purchased Wish Items paid by my Wish Cash but it was declined. It was blocked by asking me to send a photo of my bank statement for so many times but the Customer Support asked to wait to resolve the issue for 3 days but still no replying at all. Please help me to resolve this issue.

  4. Wow! after reading all the bad reviews about wish I am worried! They restricted my account, my money at bank was slow, so I guess transaction failed!They wanted copy of their latest transaction and copy of ID or S. S. No.? I lost the email!I looked at my order wondering why the amount they said was higher than order and found one of the items I ordered was Refunded!I guess that happened when I had to subtract, cause they had me down for 2 ,I ended up with none and one item was not on the order and I am still waiting on some orders that were marked received and confirmed by customer that I never got and some came, but we’re not confirmed by their site! My mail carrier puts mail in wrong boxes!I guess I need to at least get correct tracking number.

  5. Elaine Webster Reply

    Hi, I am trying to order what I have put in my cart but am being told to show my bank statement of previous purchase. I can`t do that because I haven`t bought anything as yet. Please help as I would like to pay for my items in my cart which amount to NZ 57. Thank you, regards, Elaine

  6. coleen arnott Reply

    Feb. 14.2019
    I ordered an outfit through on Jan 25. the website catalogue said it was a 3 piece outfit. The outfit came promptly . But upon opening it is what I would call a 2 piece outfit. It’s jump suit & jacket. Not a top, pants & jacket. The jacket is not of uniform making on the front edges. As well as the whole outfit does not it properly. Could you please get back to me as to the return mailing address for the produce. Thank you. Coleen Arnott

  7. Dear Wish Customer Support Officer,

    Please be informed that I checked my orders on jewelries in my computer.. Most of orders on jewelries were delayed for 3 months but still I have not received. I am so depressed because they will still be allowed to make purchases but they are not allowing me to refund those orders which have been 3 months delayed.

    The are asking me if I received the orders and I said no but still they were not delivering those orders on jewelries and they were not allowing me to do the refund. They are saying that my account has been flagged for excessive refund where in fact I am not abusing the refund policy because I am only refunding those not received for 60 days.

    Your appropriate action regarding this matter will be highly appreciated.

    Very truly yours,



  8. HENK DU TOIT Reply

    How do I get someone from wish to contact me? the South African Postal service do not deliver electronic devices, they steal them. Id love to make use of a courier in order not to donate cellphones to the criminal Postal Services workers

  9. Hi there, my name is Bobbi-jo. I placed and order this month and everything went onto my order confirmation and a day later I went on and it wasnt there. now, the next day I received one thing that was on my order 2 things that weren’t. I’m wondering if it was being replaced with these items I had gotten instead

  10. I am so beyond disappointed. I’ve tried to contact your customer service for over a month and a half now and keep getting these shitty automatic responses that you can’t help me, and can’t get me in contact with someone who can, like e supervisor. It is getting ridiculous and so far from okay. How about you stand by your slogan that says “We protect you! You never have to worry when shopping at Wish”

    I made an order of five items and out of those only two arrived as promised (one 20 days later than promised, but that’s fine). One was three sizes bigger than I ordered (it even had a tag that confirmed this) one wasn’t even half finished, with raw cut edges and hanging threads and overall just extremely badly sewn. And the last one still hasn’t arrived, and the last tracking trace was November 26th in Fuzhou, after that nothing.

    How can you think it’s acceptable to just ignore a customer and expect them to pay and just go away?

  11. Good evening. I ordered a ring with a green stone in a size 6 and a pair of matching earrings. I also ordered a string of multi lights on the same order which was paid in full on Friday, January 18, 2019. To date I still have not received my order. You were paid but nothing has been received by me. Look into this please and resolve this ASAP. Thank you.

  12. I ordered and paid for a phone pro 30.. They took my money $135 then I checked to see if its been shiped and they canceled my order without my permission and never refunded my money even tho they said it was refunded I have proof on my bank statement and have no way to reach them.. I want my phone or money one..

  13. Today is January 20, 2019. I placed an order on December 16, 2018 for four pair of booths and I have not received my order. My Order ID is: 5c17143afee53430af0e2f52. Please let me know the status of my order?

  14. Lorraine Hansen Reply

    Hi I just went to put a order in I went to check my order before sending it it cost more than I expected and I wanted to take a few items off but it just sent and it cost over 300 dollars and now I want to cancel and get my money back can you please help me.

  15. LaNell Hall Reply

    I ordered some womens motorcycle boots vintage fashion rivet chunky heal I did receive them..problem is the lases are not in place. I need a picture so I can put them on the boots

  16. Hi I have just received a refund for the dash cam purchased now I would like the return address to where I send it back please please advise

  17. I ordered 3 orders with wish i have problem with 2 till now so when i try to refund my money wish support can’t help.

    First order placed on 9 September – Order ID: 5b95d052689f3f80324a2d2e
    Second order placed on 10 September – Order ID: 5b963a33c80af32a1cb3deca

    if wish success to deliver me any item from 48 item i ordered.


    kindly refund my money to me


  18. Will never order from Wish ever. Slow shipping and waiting for my orders seemed like forever. I have ordered several items off of web sites and never had any problems with my debit card being hacked.It was small amounts and had to cancel my debit card and get a new one. Buyer beware of ordering off of wish and how you pay.

  19. Too too disappointed with the service.
    1. The delivered item did not fit and was poorest quality
    2. Two other items are never delivered.
    Too too disappointed
    I need to return your iPad cover. Even if I don’t get a refund I will be satisfied just returning it to you.

  20. Mathew lee Reply

    So apparently if I don’t receive an order you won’t refund me because of there is no way to contact customers support because I requested to many refunds for goods that aren’t what I ordered or poor quality
    I can’t even asks about an order than apparently tried to deliver
    But feel free to continue shopping with you

    Are you Mad
    Once all my outstanding orders are delivered I will deleting the app and will stop using Wish because if all you are now selling is fakes and poor quality products and not offer refunds all orders that has been refunded were not what I ordered Cashmere scarves’ which aren’t cashmere wooden watches with gift boxes and received plastic watches no gift boxes
    Yes refund were requested even offered to send back as they are worthless to me
    Now I have Four men’s woolen scarves ordered only one arrived and you extended delivery time by another week
    This is actually appalling way to treat customers

  21. Made a purchase on Sept 01, 2018. Said it would be expressed shipped…then received notice it would be delivered near end of September, Then was told it would be delivered by Oct 03. Never received it. Checked status – said it shipped and was on its way. So we waited longer. Asked recipient if she received the package yet (Nov 8) and was told no. Tried to inform Wish customer support to follow up on shipment – and they restricted my account so I could not contact them anymore – said I had too many refunds. (Only had one ever for a defective product). Was not seeking a refund on this purchase but only trying to find out the status! Now my Wish account is in “bad” status. Guess I’m done being a customer if that’s how they treat people. They do not have your back as advertised…won’t even talk to you if you have an inquiry it seems!

  22. Ann Brucato Reply

    I ordered items from Wish & got a confirmation that the orders were shipped with tracking nos but as of yet have not rec’d these orders. I tried your online support but why should I have to download some file to access your support? Can someone please let me know the status of these orders?

  23. So I’ve only ordered a couple things off here and all the sudden you guys have taken without my permission $278 out of my checking account I am not happy I was warned that you guys would do this from other people but I thought I’d try try you anyway People be very careful that you don’t get money taken out even though you didn’t order anythingAnd that was our bill money

  24. I still have not received all my order. The most expensive part of the order is still not arrived. I want you to refund my money. Thank you it’s been almost two months since I ordered it.

  25. breath always did not send me all my stuff I ordered wish me to give me my money by wish that you’re slick I don’t care show me $80,31 and I want my money from wish I don’t need direct express taking none of my money and whatever I want it never came either I feel that I don’t know which any money which of me

  26. Joan Brooks Reply

    Hi I have used your site for years now you wont let me untill I show a bank statement I have no banks statementbecause for the last 2 yrs you wouldn’t let me buy dont understand always paid straight up never any trouble I am 80 yrs old and very upset cause I love your site .
    Thanking you Joan Brooks

  27. Marzee Beaty Reply

    I never received anything. Now i want nothing but my money back. After cancelling my order immediately I was told so many days before my debit card would be credited. This company credited my account 3 bucks and 50 cents. And to the above person who mentioned BBB…the joke is on us. MARZEE BEATY

  28. Sharon Walters Reply

    I placed an order back on September 7th but here it is October 15th and I still don’t have my item. I don’t like the fact that they is no way in the app to contact customer service. Instead I get a brief chat that tells me to wait another 30 days. Not happy at all.

  29. I placed an order with your company back in June. I ordered several things. one of the things that I ordered I ordered three different women’s tops one of the tops was a Fourth of July top which I did get in time to wear for the 4th of July of this year 2018. I am still waiting on the dresses that I ordered with the same order that I have paid for and have not received. I have emailed you I have sent word by email to customer service and I have followed the instructions on how to check up on an order that has not been received and I still have not received any word from your company. I would appreciate you standing up to what you say your company is worth. As I see it right now you’re nothing but a scam and you only send the things that you want to send and keep the rest and the customers money to go along with it. I would appreciate if your company would address this matter ASAP. I feel that you have had ample time to get back to me and also send my product from you that I ordered. And if you keep sufficient records on people that make orders from your company you should have my name and what I ordered on your file system.

  30. Stella Borrill Reply

    I was submitting an order from wish & was surprised to see how much shipping costs were, almost as much as my order. Why compared to other online shopping sites is it so expencive? Also most sites will give a choice of shipping methods/ times at different costs.

  31. Sherry Jurekovic Reply

    I find that I need help but can’t get the help I need due to selected fields with no options but three. I checked on a certain price for the jump suits I just ordered and it came up with a different price at check out. I want to use the 50 % coupon for customer appreciation and couldn’t that either. I tried calling and was referred back to email which is not helping.

  32. Paulinefundora Reply

    Hi I am very disappointed with you guys I can I purchase a lot of things that you guys a lot of things never get here wrong color wrong size and shoes and a lot of items I did not get and then a long day so I can send you a picture can you please refund my money and put in a credit so that I can use it and let me know about it if not I’m just gonna close this account it’s not a easy way for you to be able to use your coupons or your points explain to me how you can use your point

  33. Gail Ferreira Reply

    I have placed an order in May for various clothing items. As yet I have not received any notifications that the goods have arrived except emails saying what I have ordered are on sale!! Has my order been shipped yet?
    Please assist.

  34. Maggie Bond Reply

    Dear sir/madam I wish to buy wide light blue denim trousers You advise is please check chart size which supposed to be with the picture but is not I would like to order them but right size Please advise what I need to do Thank you

  35. Jean Gordner Reply

    I just ordered some rings but I cancelled because I wasn’t sure if I did everything right. I ordered a set of bands,but I am not sure if they were both ordered. I need a size 7 for a man and a size 9 for a woman. The order only showed a size 9 womans.

  36. Hi I am still waiting for my running shoes I ordered a month ago maybe more. Can you please give me feedback on when I will receive it. Thanks.

  37. I placed an order with Wish which was not completed in full.Although I sent an email informing the company of the shortfall in my order I have received no reply on this matter but I have received numerous requests from Wish to place more orders.

  38. Christo Cilliers Reply

    I need to get in touch with anyone who can assist me in either having my order delivered or getting a refund because we have not received anything and now i am told we cant get a refund. We ordered two smart watches for my two disabled sons and we are still waiting since March wen we placed the order. Please , any help or assistance will be greatly appreciated. We are extremely disappointed after having such great service in the past and now this. Thanks

  39. Petra Athini Spelman Reply

    Good day
    I have been struggling to trace my parcels and goods I purchased from your website. I did not receive half of the things I have as the south African post office claim that they were either sent back or not sent at all. Could you please be so kind as to advise how I can track these items as I have listed and save the tracking number I received from you (WISH)

  40. Shefali Desai Reply


    I have ordered 3 products on 14th May 2018. One of them was delivered and damaged peace hence I initiated return.

    This is about rest of 2 orders. The delivery date shows 26th June now. Before it was showing first week of June. I was working in Mumbai and suddenly due to critical health issues of one of my family members, i have to return back to my home town. Immediately on 15th May i raised a concern about this thing to customer care. Since that day I am getting a same reply without reading my concern properly.

    This is how I get support from Wish where no one reads what I am asking and replying me the same thing again and again !!!

    I would really appreciate if this time I am contacting to the right person or team and who may at least help me to cancel both of my orders now.

    No one will be available to pick up my orders now so I won’t be able to even see my products hence I would request you to please cancel.

    When it has not yet reached to local post office and I am asking to change shipping address since next day of the order, would it really impossible for you to change shipping address !

    It is pathetic service. Please cancel both orders if there is no work around.

    Best Regards,
    Shefali Desai

  41. I was attempting to purchase items from your store but the shipping amount was too high. I was given a $ 25.00 virtual Visa card. So yes there was a lot of declines on there all totaling over my amount. All was corrected but one purchase for a blouse . You have still have this as a purchase but no shipping date. This should’ve been taken off also. Please promptly restore this amount back into my account. Thank you

  42. Hi just want to find out why did u deduct R100 from my account and still my order is pending for a 4 dollar item??

    Feedback will be highly apreciated.

    have a good day.

    • I just placed my first order and then seen the delivery address is wrong after the order was placed. NOW I CAN’T GET A HOLD OF A REAL PERSON TO MAKE SURE MY ORDER IS GOING TO THE ADDRESS. ALL I GET IS A STUPID MESSAGE SAYING THAT I WILL BE CONTACTED WITHIN A FEW DAYS!!!!!..BY THAT TIME MY PURCHASED ITEMS WILL BE DELIVERED TO THE WRONG PLACE. This is my first interaction with Wish. Not a good first impression…..

  43. My name is Ernest surratt I am contacting you about an order, placed online shopping on or about 5/3/18. I tried to cancel the order, but could not. My Direct Express Card was charged for the full amount for these products. I want to be reimbursed that full amount that I was charged. I’m in the process of contacting the Better Business Bureau in this matter if I don’t get a full refund immediately!!

  44. I have been shopping on for a while now, always satisfied with the quality and delivery of product. However, recently, when ads pop up for items there has been a rash of sex toys (i.e. dildos) pop up. What is going on with this? This is not an adult oriented sex shop. How can I get these offensive items removed. I don’t care to see them or purchase them. If you can’t remove them, I will discontinue my affiliation. Thank you.

    • Agnesy Carilman Reply

      I have being ordering from wish for past two years, lately all my orders was not delivered.I have been in contact with the customer support but no one has solved my issue.The worst is i have to deal with different customer suppprt for each item. My reply is always due to shipping delay but it has past two months .Please advise through my email.

  45. Dennis Burchett Reply

    I was getting free shipping on my orders. I spend a lot of money with Wish. I plan on spending a lot more but the shipping cost are killing me. Please work with me on this. WHY am I not getting free shipping like I did before ???

    • You got free shipping? It usually gives you the same product further down the page and the shipping is all different depending on who sends it.

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