Contact of WinCo Foods customer service

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Contact WinCo Foods: Find below customer service details of WinCo Foods, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers an overview of the grocery chain store and its services. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

WinCo Foods Head Office
WinCo Foods, LLC
650 N Armstrong Pl
Boise, ID, 83704
United States

WinCo Foods Customer Service
Phone: 208-377-0110

About WinCo Foods
winco-foodsWinCo Foods is a chain of employee-owned grocery store that was founded by Ralph Ward and Bud Williams in the year 1967. Founded as Waremart, the company transitioned from a small grocery store to a supermarket within a short span of time. It was in 1985 WareCo Foods’ Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was established, with 17 stores owned and managed by the employees. WinCo officially stands for “Winning Company”. The retail chain currently has over 105 stores and employs more than 15,000 people.

To locate a nearest WinCo Foods store click here. Currently, the brand is available in the states of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. The WinCo Foods stores sell fresh produce from trusted farms. Meat, Deli, Seafood, Bakery, are among other departments found in the stores. Payment for purchases can be made by cash, cheque and debit cards. Products can also be ordered online and picked from a local store. Visit the Sale/Offers section to know of products you can enjoy great savings. For more information or queries on payment, store locations, returns, or others, reach the WinCo Foods customer service.

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  1. I have a home in Baja,CA. and in Yuma, Arizona. Yuma has so many new homes going up and more subdivisions going in already. We don’t have a Costco just a Walmart and Sam’s Club. We come from NV and discovered WinCo there. That’s where we feel in love with it.
    Please would you consider building a WinCo here in Yuma.I live just behind a Walmart which is convenient to shop, but there products and produce doesn’t compare to WinCo’s.

  2. Just so ya know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE WinCo!!! I always shop WinCo, and encourage my family and friends to shop here as well.

    But today’s “concern” has to do more with management of the POS (point of sale) lines that I was shocked to see, and am currently standing in, (it’s the reason why I found myself with so much time to look up this site, and write n share my experience here today).

    It looks like 6 out of 16 registers are open, not including self-checkout. The lines are from the front registers, to almost the rear of the store. Modesto store, 15:30hrs to 16:00hrs (and waiting), Sunday, June 13th, 2021.

    The chicken thighs I want to buy will probably be thawed by the time I check out.


  3. Please double-check that your paper coupons are processed properly. Two out of tree times I have shopped your Bozeman, MT store I was overcharged by a total of approx $5. The first time I was charged for green beans rather than green cabbage. The second time was when I used paper coupons received in the mail. I will try to resolve this with customer service next time I make the 30-mile trip to the nearest Winco. So frustrating. I quit shopping my local Town & Country because they can’t get their advertised prices right so I guess this is a thing grocery stores are doing.?

  4. Robin L Gulde Reply

    Saturday 3/20/21 7AM. 122nd and Halsey store in Portland
    While waiting in line to check out (I was 3rd in a line of 6-8) with only one checker working, the manager(?) Sean walked by, looked and then walked away. Several minutes later, he walked up again and another customer asked him to open another checkstand. His response was to grouse “We’re working on it” with his back to the customer as he walked away.
    A couple of minutes later (the line hadn’t moved, I was still first in line to place my items on the belt) he came back and ORDERED me to go to self checkout. FYI – As I entered the store that morning my glasses came apart so using the self checkout wasn’t a good option this morning. When I attempted to tell him why I wanted regular checkout he ORDERED me again to go self checkout. He would not allow me to explain my vision problem that morning.
    Even though the person at self checkout was helpful, people who were behind me in line were leaving the store while I was checking out as it took much longer than usual. In total I had 19 items including fruit and vegetables requiring lookup and weighing.
    I have been a customer for years (also at the 102nd Street store) but will not return. There are other options for groceries and I will not reward disgusting customer service.

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