Contact of Wilson Parking customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Wilson Parking: Find below customer service details of Wilson Parking, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
29th Floor, Metroplaza, Tower 1
Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung,
New Territories, Hong Kong

Customer Service
Phone: +852 2830 3845 (Hong Kong)
Phone: 0800 688 853 (New Zealand)
Phone: 65-6411-5566? (Singapore)
Email: [email protected] (Hong Kong)
Email: [email protected] (Singapore)

Phone: +61 8 9415 2800 (Perth)
Phone: +61 2 9006 3200 (Sydney)
Phone: +61 3 9224 0301 (Melbourne)
Phone: +61 8 8419 4500 (Brisbane)
Email: [email protected] (Sydney)

About Wilson Parking
Wilson Parking is a widely popular car parking management company founded in 1983. Part of the Wilson Group, the company currently operates in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and China. Wilson Parking is headquartered in Hong Kong and offers fully managed parking services for government buildings, airports, malls, hospitals, colleges and hotels. You cant opt for hourly parking, day parking, night parking or half day parking. There are also monthly and quarterly parking available.

In Australia, Wilson Parking is the largest parking operator with more than 260 car parks, with capacity to park more than 400,000 vehicles each day. In Hong Kong, the company manages some 300 car parks with about 100,000 bays. You can visit the website to locate a Wilson car parking facility nearest to your address. You can make a search by state, region or address. Not just that you can also pre-book a space online. When booking online, you have a confirmed parking space and also enjoy discounted pricing.

Wilson Parking’s Book A Bay is Australia’s first fully-integrated online parking reservation system. Additionally, the Wilson ParkWatch was launched in 2004 so customers can get real-time video, voice and data connection to each of the car parks it monitors.

You can request for a monthly parking quote to get round-the-clock access and unlimited entry and exit. And if you are a frequent user of Wilson Parking, register for Wilson One loyalty programme to earn points every time you reserve a space. Booking a bay can be done on the website or through the official smartphone app. You can sign into your account to view and manage your recent bookings. For more information or queries on locations, payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Wilson Parking customer service.

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  1. Debbie Boon Reply

    I am writing to express my disgust and dissatisfaction at the kind of customer service i have experienced from your Singapore help centre. On 29 June around 1:20pm i called to seek for help after getting hanged up on the intercom system by your staffs. I was stuck at the barrier due to them locking the barrier. Firstly i had no idea why the barrier was locked for enter, and there was no sign saying that. secondly i exit from the carpark inside and realise the gate is close ( not ur problem , the school i know) no sign saying that, but the exit barrier was still able to open for me. Funny if the gate is close, the barrier of exit should be lock too isn’t it? but no. i exited. and then i was stuck. Cant exit the school, cant enter either. So i was left to call for help. When i called. your staff keep putting me on hold and then hang my phone 2 times in a row. Imagine my frustrations when i called for the third time. This time staff name siti then transferred the call to her boss, shanice who answered. She rudely tell me that she the barrier was locked and she could not open for me and she asked me to wait. when i questioned her how long i need to wait, she replied me rudely “HOW I KNOW” and then i told her i was late for work , and ask if she can make an exception to help me. she rudely told me that i do not understand English and if i want, she could speak to me in other language.
    It was then i realised i do not want to talk to a rude and unhelpful person. i ask her the last time if she could help me , and if not i would hang the phone. She say No she cannot help me. ask me to look for Unisim security.

    i just want to know is this how you train your call center staffs to talk to people who need help? if they do not want to help us, why would you want to put a number there for us to call?
    the service i had from your staffs is beyond unpleasant. When i asked for her name she even challenge me to write this complain letter. I would wish for Wilson Parking to contact me on the actions you are going to take, if not i will forward this to the social media to express my displeasure. Thank you.

    i await your kind response on this

  2. I am very disturbed in what Wilson’s charge. For a start the poor people at the hospital’s who are visiting their loved ones and need to stay a long time, pay heaps.Not everyone’s super rich such as the family owning this company. Some find it hard to put food on the table.
    We parked in an OUTDOOR car park in the city overnight it cost us $80. That’s disgusting. Oh well I’ll have to work harder. I don’t get money on a plate.I am not against rich companies, They are people too but come on, be fair to the everyday joe blogs.

  3. Anthony Tumeth Reply

    Your company is a piece of work, last Sunday 14th July I stupidly used your car parking station at Gordon Station to travel into the city after having a change of heart I returned to my car only to be charged $10 to get out of the car park,if I’d known that I never would have used the car park. A pox on your company for having such a greedy outlook.

  4. 18 June 19 – Our clients had issues with parking and I called up to rectify and enquire on this.
    It took me 5 calls to get through a manager (Amanda Gugliotti) that I could speak to and the manager couldn’t care less about my enquiry and issue; instead she kept answering my questions with a scripted answer and even lied to me by giving me the wrong number to the people I’m supposedly to contact in case the issues was ongoing.
    The only reason why these guys are behaving the way they are with no concern or care to their customers whatsoever is because they monopolise the area and they know that certain customers will not take this issue further.

    I will be making an effort to contact the CEO, HQ in Hong Kong and the General Manager – Marketing and Customer Experience to inform them of how poor their customer service is. For a customer who is providing them thousands of dollars in revenue each month, it’s absolutely disgusting the behaviour that they have portrayed.

  5. I would like to pass on some feedback for a parking attendant at 47 Symonds street Auckland. It was approx 7:20am this morning a d as usual I park my car at 47 Symonds Street, today however was quite delightful I was greeted from a different young lady whi was very polite and well spoken dressed in what looked to be a Vodafone uniform. She advised that Wilson was changing to a new app called park mate I was handed aflyer and advised to download and all steps will be explained she then continued to process me a ticket and advised that today will be the last day they will be giving them. Very friendly and patient was a great way to start my morning just wanted her efforts to be acknowledged and say this is what true customer experience looks like WELL DONE!!

    J L Masters

  6. I prebooked and paid for my parking, then got charged again as I exited the car park on Bligh Street. Spoke to the lady at the boom gate loudspeaker, who told me to email or call to get my refund. I emailed them that day, followed up 3 times over these two weeks and no one has responded. I cannot believe how bad, rather non existent the customer service is.

  7. I was overcharged on the 11th February 2019 , I have emailed you 3-4 times and so far received no reply.
    Why are you not replying to my emails ?
    Please provide an explanation ?

  8. Visited husband every day he was in The Valley Hospital at Mulgrave and I had no problem parking the car or the mechanics of paying for my stay. This changed on Sunday 16/2/2019 when I arrived to take my husband home. As usual, put coins in the machine and collected a ticket which looked odd. It had a much longer period until expiration shown. I realised then that maybe I need not have paid, and I scoured the information board to see if there was any indication of that. Zip!
    I mentioned this at the hospital reception. I was advised that they had many similar complaints and could not do anything about it. I needed to contact Wilson Parking.
    I notified Wilson Parking electronically yesterday and provided a photograph of my ticket. No response to date.

  9. I emailed my complaint in Novemeber about being over charged on casual parking. I left sick and did not STOP parking until I returned 5 days later when I went to start parking I was charged $111.00 for my car that was not parked. I have since phoned as a follow up and Still NO response or refund.
    Will go to ombudsman next Monday if I still have no response.

  10. I was overseas during a couple of week, this explains the tardiness of this complaint. On Thursday 29th of November I went to Brisbane CDB twice and parked at the Wilson parking on Rich lane in Brisbane centre. I was baffled by the parking rates here:

    After 40 mn, I came back to drive out, when I paid I was quite perplexed by the price: $46, this is for 1 to 2 hours parking.
    I couldn’t resolute to let it go. I investigated what went wrong. Then I found out this. On entrance the clock gives the right time:

    However the payment system is an hour ahead:
    2 PHOTOS

    Consequently as the rates increase every hour you always pay an hour more, this is good money for a business that has just to keep clean the site and make sure time is right since the Wilson parking revenue is only based on time. I called Wilson client service the same day to complain, I was expecting a call back, it never happened.

    This is unacceptable. I hope 1/ a prompt reply to this message 2/ you will reimburse my fee 3/ you will reimburse the customers who have been ripped off 4/ you will act on the parking management and management system.

  11. Robert Clark Reply

    We are still waiting for a reply from our request for a refund, two days and not a word. Wonderful customer service.
    My wife parked at Casey hospital, the fee was $8.00, she put a $50.00 note into the machine and received $10.00 change and a $32.00 credit ticket.We had to go online and fill in an electronic form, but it has not been acknowledged in any shape or form.

  12. Sue Freeman Reply

    I would like to comment on the rudeness of one of your staff in Christchurch. While I backed out of a park allowing another motorist who was waiting to back in, the parking warden drove straight in and parked in the slot leaving the motorist without a park. While she was chalking tyres, I politely advised her she had taken someone else’s park and she quite rudely told me “I didn’t know that, I’m not psychic”. It was quite obvious the person was waiting. I sincerely hope she didn’t give him a ticket for parking the car in the middle of the car park. Her manner was uncalled for.

  13. Lisa wolker Reply

    I am disgraced at the rip off carpark fees you charge at sir Charles Gairdner hospital. I had to have a serious operation and two week stay, gettting out on Friday.
    It was a highly stressful operation then you have the indecency for my husband to spend the days with me to charge $24 a day in fees.
    Over $300 just in parking. Are any of you human to rip us off so much??

  14. lori parry Reply

    I want to make a complaint I parked my car in Wilson car park at 47 pakenham st Fremantle with the sign say 6am to midnight when I came back to my car at 4pm the gate was shut and the fault number was closed it took half an hour to find a number to call to get help and then another 20 minutes to get the code to open the gate so we could get our car. No reason was given why the gate had shut. The amount of stress this has caused is unbelievable.

  15. Earl Bennett Reply

    I received an infringement notice on 1 November, and sent an appeal on 4 November. While you were “considering” my appeal (which was a joke) I was sent a threatening letter dated 9 November which I received in Christchurch on 19 November (we don’t get mail every day here). A letter dated 13 November which I received on 20 Number advised that,”after careful consideration”, my appeal was not upheld. I sent you a cheque in payment on 22 November. Today, 26 November, I received another threatening letter which was dated 23 November. If this fine is to cover “enforcement” costs, I suggest you could save a substantial amount by being a little patient and reduce the amount of correspondence you send. If this was such a survey, I think you would come out as one of the most hated companies in NZ.

  16. Disgusting company. I pre-booked on their website and paid $30 with my credit card but was then charged again over $50 when exiting the carpark using my credit card as instructed. Their customer care phone number never answers and I called 4 times and spent almost 2 hours on hold. DO NOT USE WILSON PARKING.

  17. John Machin Reply

    I am appealing against the parking breach No 758952931, 20th Nov 2018, at 8667 Farmers store Dunedin. As I have not been to the Farmers store for a long time I was unaware of the extensive road works in Great King St, normally I would have driven through the barrier, collected my ticket and paid the fee required, due to the road works I was diverted into the carpark with no ticket, with this I look around for signage as to how to obtain a ticket, finding nothing I ask a few people, unfortunately no one had an answer,as you are aware of the torrential rain which occurred yesterday, this did not help the situation. On returning to the car and finding the ticket, I looked again and still have no idea. Are there signs explaining the change in the operation, next time I go into Dunedin I will look for these a harder.
    Many Thanks
    John Machin

  18. Scott Burns Reply

    Your website is rubbish
    I have registered with wilson parking and my credit card details are on record.
    However when I try to book a bay I am rejected as my card has expired, which it has not.
    Please fix this

  19. Anne Whitney Reply

    I park at RNSH Wilson Parking each Thursday as I work at the hospital using book a bay . Arrive at 6.30 leave at 5pm. Today I had an emergencey and had to leave at 11am . Advised I would have to pay more FOR LEAVING EARLY? This is disgraceful as had already paid. No amount of pleading and explaning would let me out .

  20. Ian Bolton Reply

    I left my car at the Melbourne airport Value car park this weekend on a quick trip to Coolangatta. On return I noticed my passenger window had been covered in brown paper plastic and sticky tape. I thought my car had been broken in to and the window broken. I read the attached note which said “We discovered that Your vehicles window had been left open while parked in our car park. We have covered your window with a plastic seal to prevent water or debris entering you vehicle”

    Well done. Thank you for taking such care and it is also a sign that the Wilson car park is diligently monitored.

  21. Anne cambridge Reply

    Saturday sept 15th approximately 3.30pm Had my ticket compt at Sammy’s restaurant in Glenelg on the way out tried to pay for ticket on machine one not working other wouldn’t accept credit card no one around to help I didn’t have my phone on me. To get out I went through as another car went out. I’m home now I can’t find anything on web site so I can pay outstanding fee . What do I do?

  22. John Coghlan Reply

    To whom it may concern,

    I have accidentally booked a bay in Sydney Opera House on Sunday the 28/10/2018 only to find that the Opera is on the Saturday Afternoon 27/10/2018. Is there anyway I can cancel my booking for the Sunday afternoon and be refunded?
    I have subsequently booked for the Saturday 27/10/2018.

    Thank you

  23. I thought $18 would cover my parking when on charter trip but found a $65 ticket on return. Others told me another $2 would have covered me till the next day which I will do in future. I hope this can be written off to learning experience as I tried to do the right thing?

  24. I have a $65 ticket (first for Wilsons) This is exorbitant. I did purchase a ticket from the machine to cover me until 8.20pm. However I put it in my pocket like normal parking and failed to display on the dashboard forgetting of course it was a different system to WCC. I will add I had just minutes before backed into a concrete bollard in Swan Lane and understandably was in a distressed state. Yes I was overparked but this is incredibly harsh and ask that in the circumstances the fee is waived.

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