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Contact Wigsis : Find below customer service details of Wigsis, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the wig distributor and its services. Reach the Wigsis customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]m

About Wigsis
wigsisWigsis is a distributor of hair wigs. Founded in 2010, the company operates from its headquarters at US and UK. Wigsis offers a wide selection of human hair wigs, lace wigs, celebrity wigs and African and American wigs. There are some 13,000 Wigsis salons spread across US and Europe. Over 2,000 hair products are sold everyday. As for styles, you have more than 500+. Color collection found include Auburn, Black, Blonde, Brown, Copper, and Red.

You have wigs with hair cut models like Bobs, Boycuts, Layered, Wavy, Straight, Curly and Kinky. Accessories include hairpiece clips, wraps, clip in hair extensions, lace closures and weft extensions. On the website, you can purchase wigs through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB cards. If you can cancel the order 24 hours after confirmation you can get a full refund, otherwise charges apply. As for returns, customers enjoy a 14 day return policy. Products are shipped through DHL, RPX and DPD. Standard delivery takes 5 to 7 days. Full lace wigs may take longer time for delivery. You can track your delivery online. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Wigsis customer service.

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  1. I paid them $364.00 for a wig from a picture on their website, I received a wig completely different. I wouldn’t even ware it on holloween. No phone number only email’s. Stay away from Wigsis please.

    • Same here, I ordered in December, a ash brown bob style and got a orange blond crazy style that looks like a wig to wear at a horror movie.
      The reviews I got before buying was really good until I get here.
      We need to find a way to report them.

  2. Marretta B Weston Reply

    Same here. Got scammed out of $236 plus interest.. I wish I had read the reviews before I made a purchase. I will contact the US consumer Board. BBB gave them an F rating, but nothing is placed before you pay for a product like it is done about cancer causing agent proposition for the state of California. Google, you need to take them off your site. Please help to protect US consumers. When did China cared about US consumers. I don’t buy any product if it says made in China. Another one bites the dust!

  3. This company is a scam! The wig I ordered is horrible and looks nothing like the picture advertised on their website. When I contacted customer service to return it they kept telling me to “try it again” as the wig was tailor made for me! What a joke! I guess I just threw $100 out the window! Do not order from this company!

  4. I received my wig today and it is not the wig I ordered. After reading all the comments I have a feeling I just lost $93. Do not order from this company!

  5. I just open the package with the wig this morning. And I couldn’t believe how horrible the wig is . It looks nothing like the one I choose from the website of WIGSIS. It looks like a dead animal . I have sent an email now and I hope I can return it and have my money refunded.. I am loosening money already because from now to the time they refund my money I am paying interest on the $166 dollars I paid for it.

  6. I received the wig on 4/30/2019. Since 4/30/2019 I have sent 4 emails, including this one on today’s date (5/2/2019). I have received no replies. The wig I received was not the style or color. It is awful!! This is so unethical for a business. If I had known this business was in China I would not have ordered. I have now read reviews stating how awful the business practice on trying to return items. DO NOT ORDER FROM WIGSIS.

  7. “I have worn a lot of wigs due to Chemo hair loss. I have always gone to a wig salon and tried on wigs until I found one I liked. I saw this one on line and my daughters convinced me to order it…and I am so glad I did! I put it on right out of the box and started wearing it. It didn’t need any trimming or thinning. People constantly stop me and tell me they love my hair. They ask me who cuts it? What hair products do you use? No one has any idea it is a wig. I loved it so much that I ordered another one in a different color….a little bit darker for winter.
    Love it!!!!!”

  8. I really love the style of this wig, however, I don’t “love” the color.but friends & family think it looks great. I have super thin hair (shiny scalp) and this wig has a whole lot more hair than I ever had, but it’s not so much that it over-powers my face. I just ordered another wig in a different color at this company.

  9. I am so pleased with this human hair wig and I have it in 3 colors. Whenever I am in doubt as to the look I want to achieve I just reach for this one. I get a lot of feedback from strangers asking where do you get you hair done and all are surprised when I say it’s a wig.
    I loved this wig; but unfortunately so did my puppy! I can’t wait to get another just like it!Thank you wigsis.

  10. Phyllis Prince Reply

    I am in the same boat as everyone else it looks like. found this site by accident. The same situation. Cant get any information at all. This wig is a strawberry blond, I ordered 27B color, highlighted with blond. Cant send it back because they just want your money. not to give you the necessary info. to return it.

  11. Marilyn Hunt Reply

    I wrote you an email April 30, 2018 and no reply. I need to verify return address since the color did not match your sample. Since I hope to leave town in 10 days and must return it in 2 days since I developed a back problem but will have a helper here on May 3. I see your track record on returns is poor via google so to protect myself I instigated a dispute through my visa account 8201 in case you don’t respond, and if not, will mail back to address in Malaysia from where it was mailed (PAYPAL WIGSISPAY #4029357733 on 4/3 for $179.00.

  12. First of all, this is a company that operates out of China. When I made the mistake of ordering from “wigsis”, I failed to notice that they didn’t have a address or telephone #. The site looked like it was American Company. I was as schocked when I received my wigs. I contacted them immediately! I didn’t realize I would be in a battle with these crooks for weeks. I did everything right. I sent pictures, repeatedly asking for their address and telephone number, to no avail. I filed a dispute with Paypal. No help there. So, I called my bank. They gave me a provisional credit. After looking over Wigsis site I read their return policy very carefully, bingo! They broke their return policy, by stating you have 7 days to return wigs, but they refuse to give you the return address! Also, they gave me a bad number, I called it and you get disconnected. The beauty of their game, is that they will only respond by email. You have all the evidence! Thank you Wigsis

  13. Rosaline Seabrook Reply

    If I had taken the time to look at the reviews, I would not have ordered the wig. If someone order something and it is not correct, Please take the time to at lease correct it. It is just the right thing to do.

    My order is not right and you have failed to correct the problem, you keep giving me the run around

  14. Ive been trying to cancel an order (after reading the complaints) since about 6 hours after ordering it. No phone # to call. A barrage of emails back & forth, them trying to give me discounts etc. VERY annoying that I can’t make them understand that I DO NOT want to chance an inferior wig (not to mention the cost to return it to China ?). I’ve reported the problem to Pay Pal, trying to get my money back. We’ll see what happens next ????

    • I too am having trouble returning my wig. I have been in an email game of tag for the past week. If customer satisfaction is their TOP priority, then why cant I seem to get them to understand that I want to return it because I AM NOT SATISIFIED!!! I keep getting replies like “please consider our offer”..I DONT WANT ANOTHER WIG..!!!!! I DONT WANT THIS ONE. It is too big and I absolutely cannot style it!

      • I’m in that exact same position. We’ve been playing email tag for over a week. Now they’re trying to guilt me into exchanging my sub par wig for another one saying it will hurt their company to refund my money. How did you finally end the dispute?

        • I can’t imagine what is happening to us! I bought a particular style wig to cover scars above my eyebrows left from surgery. What I received is nothing like the photo that I ordered from. Since then, over a week now of emailing back and forth, and being told how sorry they are for my inconvenience to asking me to please try to wear it again, style it differently, exchange it for another one of their wigs, how much they want me to be pleased and the latest, to offer me a 10% refund and I can keep the wig or sell it to someone. They have worked on my last nerve and I want to contact someone here in the US who can do something.

  15. If this is such a bad company and people aren’t getting what they pay for, why hasn’t someone called or placed a complaint with the United States consumer board. If I paid a lot of money for a product that was advertised and received something totally different I definitely would. This company has been in business for a long time so they have to be doing something right

    • Try ordering from them and you will see how it goes, they are horrible, I am speaking from experience, this company has GOT to be shut down, they are hurting a lot of desperate women, maybe even men, that just want a wig to be normal, hair loss is no joke, all you want is to look normal and attractive….I have the time, I will see this to the end and search for any help I can find, they stole from me, I just don’t want to see people get hurt because that is what they are doing and they don’t care… this date, they will not provide a return address, it will be very expensive, but this smelly ugly wig is being returned to them one way or another….

    • They have only been in business since 2010 and what they’re doing right is cheating their customers. They send you a wig, an inferior one, and make it impossible to return. The only way to contact them is through email. Then all you get is the run around. I never heard of the U.S. Consumer Board before. Thank you for the idea.

  16. Linda Rudd Reply

    I bought a wig over a month ago and just took time to check it out. Much to my dismay it is to small. It is labeled as a large but it seems so small. The order number was tahol25c1153. The sku is hw/2041. The color is 27b. Do any of your wigs come in extra large? Is there any way I could get a replacement?

  17. Beth Garbe Reply

    I have an order in for a wig and I ordered the wrong color. I do not want the brown color I want #56 which is gray/white. Average size. I keep getting messages on email stating they are sending me the brown wig. I DO NOT WANT THE BROWN WIG. Why can’t i find a phone number to call to straighten this out. The money has already been taken out of my bank account and the order is wrong. Please confirm that my mistake has been corrected and you are not sending me the brown wig.

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