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Contact Whataburger: Find below customer service details of Whataburger, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the fast food chain and its services. Reach the Whataburger customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
300 Concord Plaza Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78216
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-6BURGER
Phone: 210-476-6000

About Whataburger
whataburger customer serviceWhataburger is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 1950, Whataburger operates in over 800 locations. The family owned business employs 23,000 people. Menu includes burgers, sandwiches, biscuit and gravy, pancakes, cinnamon roll, hash brown sticks, french fries, salads, desserts, shakes and juices. Popular burgers include Whataburger, Double Meat Whataburger, Triple Meat Whataburger, Jalapeno & Cheese Whataburger, Bacon & Cheese Whataburger, Avocado Bacon Burger, Grilled Chicken Melt and Sweet & Spicy Bacon Burger.

Locate a Whataburger store nearest to your address here. You can locate a store by city, state or zip code. Find Whataburger across Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. You can also download the smartphone app to see menu or search locations. For more information or queries on restaurant locations, menu, or others, reach the Whataburger customer service.

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  1. I live near Jacksonville, Texas and enjoy the Whataburger there. We have never had an issue, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. The only problem I have is taking the breakfast burger off the menu. I loved them! Is there any chance of bringing them back?

  2. Dear Whataburgers located in Destin, FL and Fort Walton Beach, FL
    Your service sucks. It is truly, genuinely, consistently the longest wait time a fast food chain could possibly manage to create. If there were ANY other fast food restaurants open AT ALL past 9 PM, I would go anywhere else—I would even consider Taco Bell. The name “Whataburger” is taken quite literally here, as I often hear “wait, what burger did you order?” as I get to the pay window.
    To the Destin store: I get it, it’s hard and tourists suck, but do better.
    To the Fort Walton store: your only redeeming qualities are how friendly the order taker (Donavan B) was to me, and also how bubbly and crisp this sprite tastes.

  3. I went to the whataburger on shoreline in Corpus Christi tx around 1 am. Went thru the drive thru and asked for ketchup and picante with our food. When we parked in the parking lot to eat there was no picante in the bag so I walk to the lobby and a kid (Carlos) opens the door. When I ask for picante he says no the lobby is closed go thru the drive thru. Mind you the drive thru was packed. I proceed to tell him I don’t need to walk in if he can just get me some I’ll wait by the door. He refuses and the manager sees us and she starts walking towards the door and right in front of me Carlos says you wanna handle this. He was so rude and inconsiderate when I never once was rude to him. the manager gave me the picante and apologized. I then find out he’s new. Horrible service those kids need better training.

  4. Today I went to the store at 8002 Fredericksburg Rd San Antonio, Texas 78229, and went to get a cheat meal. The service was a joke, and from what appeared to be a manager no less. (I used to work at a Whataburger I know the uniform differences) In the drive through, she sounded upset, and rude, and even after asking what I wanted to drink and completing the order, she asked us to wait, didn’t read it back or give a total. After asking us to wait she starts taking our order again as if we were a new car?! Red flag right there. She gets us to pull up, still no total, we get to the window, didn’t read the order, still no total. We start to get nervous, and of course the food is incorrect and they didn’t ring up the meal I ordered or the drink. Did I mention I never got a single receipt either? Like you get one printed when you cash out and on the bag as a label, how did I not get a single receipt? I ended up going to the gas station and can I say, 100% better service from a gas station. I won’t be going back.

  5. Decided to stop by Whataburger on my way home and I’m glad I did. The inside lobby was very clean and I was provided excellent customer service. My food was made hot and fresh and the burger was amazing. Great job to the crew in Brenham, Texas!!!

  6. Re: Restaurant #501, 17234 Northwest Fwy., Jersey Village, TX. We get take out from this store about 3 times a week. At least 1 out of the 3 times, the order is wrong. Today, my husband ordered 2 whataburger Junior meals with onion rings and 2 Coke O. We got 1 BBQ Chicken strip sandwich on Texas toast with extra sauce and avocado with french fries. Also, got 1 whataburger junior meal with extra avocado and fries and 1 large Coke and 1 large Lite Lemonade. Cost was $16.92. The “Operating Partner” at this store is Kristofer Gonzalez and the Cashier was Patsy M. It would have taken almost an hour if we had returned to the store (which is several miles away), gone inside and asked for our correct order. Something needs to be done about this store, and I also believe we need a refund of our $$.

  7. This is the second time I tried to order from this location in the drive through. The first time, I ordered at 6am and waited in line for approx 20 min then left prior to paying for my order. This time, at 555am I waited 10 min to even be acknowledged at the drive through then paid and waited an additional 20 min to get my order. This will be the last time I return. There is no need for this type of service or lack of service. I’m so disgusted I can’t even enjoy what I ordered.

    5570 FM 3009
    Schertz, Texas 78154

  8. We stopped at the location in Alabaster, AL. We have been stopping here on our way to/from the beach for years. We waited 30 minutes for our order. No big deal. There’s a shortage. We weren’t in a rush.
    When our order came, it was cold. And my order was incorrect. And I mean ordered a chicken sandwich and got a burger kind of wrong. (I stopped eating red meat otherwise it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal).
    I watched a customer, who went to fix his incorrect order STAND AT THE COUNTER for 20 minutes with no acknowledgement. The employee was stocking the cups…instead of taking care of him.
    A shortage is not an excuse for this bad of an experience.

  9. Me, my mom, and my husband ate at the location in Brewton, AL. We waited 45 minutes for our order when they were not busy at all. We asked the manager to remake the food because they left it behind the counter while they took care of drive-thru traffic. When the manager remade the food, she might have put plastic in my mother’s cheeseburger. The reason I know this was done deliberately is because when we brought it to her attention she just stood there and snickered and didn’t want to do anything about it. By this time all the employee’s on shift that night stopped what they were doing and stood behind her and laughed and thought it was a big joke. Three employees followed us outside and began physically threatening us, and then one employee actually charged at me and my family. By this time, all the employees left the establishment to hold the young man back and I asked for the cops to be called twice and no one wanted to call them. Corporate did not want to take care of it. All they did was slap the manager on the wrist. A corporate gentleman and the GM said after watching the tapes…we did nothing wrong, but then did not want to do anything about it.

  10. Jerrold Wayne Reply

    My service in TX near Cypress has been very good for a very long time. I use the HWY 249/Spring Cypress Rd store mostly but do travel a lot. So, all stores in Tx. around the Houston area are fast and great service. Dallas stores on HWY45 south of Dallas can be slow while this is not directly in Dallas and more of a small town. Even if slow my food was hot when served.

    I was traveling through Ruston LA last month and want to let you know the staff in Ruston need some help. We pulled over for lunch and seeing they had a Whataburger we pulled into the drive through line. We placed our order and moved into line A to continue to the window. We purchase 2 full meals. It took a long time to get to the first window. We paid at the window. We got our receipt and continued to wait. Now, by the time we made it to the next window it took a total of 45+ minutes. The line was not that long about 10 or 11 cars in front of me. Finally made it to the pickup window and then 1ST car in line B started to blow their car horn. I understood why because the entire 45 minutes I was waiting not one car had moved or been severed any drinks or food in line B. So, the entire B line was there before me and none of them had gotten their food. No one would come to the window to answer my order at this point so, I knocked on the window for service. We told the person to call the manager as they had a huge problem and was not serving line A at this point.

    Their answer was that all the tickets had been thrown away and didn’t know what we ordered. (My thought is this is on the computer screen; so once they delete them they can’t do a recall?). I need to explain the orders all came in per the single remote order drive. Each car would pull up into either line A or line B per what the person inside instructed us to do. A manager went out to the first car in line B but the line B cars didn’t get a ticket from the remote person taking their money so each of them had to repeat their order. At this point I asked for a manger at the window to help me get my money back. We had lost an hour and they didn’t know what we ordered. The manager (a man) came up and asked for my ticket. I gave them my ticket and he looked to the side and found my order sitting next to the window. I asked for my drinks as they would not read the ticket so I had to tell them what I ordered. The people standing at the window did not start getting the drinks until the manager said give him, his drinks. I asked for my ticket back but they said they could not find it. Result is I drove away with cold food that had been setting on the counter next to the window for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

    • Yesterday at the Whataburger at Legacy High School in Mansfield I got into the one-way drive-thru line at 10:29 at the communication box where you customarily place your order they communicated that they were having problems and to place my order at the window ahead (they were taking the orders/taking payments at the pickup window so I sat trapped in this line of cars for quite a while when finally at 11:05 I arrived at the window only to be told that the breakfast orders acceptance time had been suspended at 11:00 !!!–I unloaded on the hapless worker till I ran out of breath–I should have been preaching to the manager-alas I lost my head…..and they a customer !!
      I then drove to the local McDonald’s and picked up an equally tasty breakfast from a line that wrapped around the store in about ten minutes–Chik-fil-lay has the very best drive thru service of any of the fast food joints-they have workers with hand held devices and go down two lines of drive-thru lanes taking order without you having to wait to get to the communications box/

  11. Natasha harper Reply

    I’m here at store 399 I’m not the main customer but I’m here picking up an order and there was only 1 staff member taking care of the front while manager and everyone else just joked and stood around while waiting for order that had been preorder the staff hadn’t even made any of the food someone should come and do a surprise check up on this store been here almost 30 minutes for what and it’s not even busy

  12. We were currently at location #913 Whataburger in Defuniak, FL. We received our food and was cold. Felt as if it had been barely thawed out. They wouldn’t reheat nor did they offer to get us another. As we were sitting there eating cold food, the manager yells he is locking the door they are over the capacity. Which they clearly weren’t. We counted 41 people. They were turning down people left and right. We understand they maybe short staffed, but it looked to be in full operation. We never complain but this was aweful.

  13. The Whataburger in Anna tx is a waste of time, service is terrible nothing but high school kids who are more interested in other kids in the drive thru than other customers. No adult supervision waited 45 minutes for the order. Shouldn’t have sold to a conglomerate. Great when family owned.

  14. We have comment about the location in Gun Barrel City Texas. We come and sit in drive through as the employees come outside and smoke and cuss and do whatever while the drive through line is around the building. Always have a bad attitude while in the the store complaining about customers especially while we are in the store cussing loud enough where customers can hear them. What’s the point of even working here if you hate it so much. I think something should be done about it but I don’t think it even matters.

  15. I’m writing to complain about the service I received on May 13th at approximately 11:29 – Store # 11 located at 3939 E. San Antonio, TX.

    This was my second visit to this location following a horrible experience with fries being cold after notifying the cashier, waiting 5 minutes and then again receiving another cold order on May 1st. I tried to give the store the benefit of the doubt and found that this service received was just as bad if not worse. After ordering a simple breakfast platter. What I received was just despicable. My eggs were burnt, coffee was old (warm), food was served upright instead of on side (like plate) resulting in all food being forced down in the direction of gravity.

    First things first, Customer Service is integral. As a former high end breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Manager at Friendly’s, I know exactly what good and bad service is. Customers should not have to tell a business how to treat them. Please train your staff in proper etiquette – Never serve a customer old warm coffee that has been sitting all day. Never serve burnt eggs. Never serve food that is on a flat surface sideways to where contents end up lumped all together.

  16. It is approximately 12:50 on Friday May 14th. I’m writing to complain about the subpar service received at Whataburger on two separate occasions. On may 1st while visiting a friends new place in Floresville, TX I stopped at Whataburger to grab a quick bite before heading out. I ordered a burger, fries and a drink in the drive through. Once I pulled over in parking lot, I pulled out the fries and they were not even hot. I walked the fries back inside and asked for a hot order – the young lady disappeared for 5 minutes and returned with a order of fries. When I got back in my truck, I discovered the fries were just as cold as the previous one. Disappointed, I drove to McDonald’s for fries and they were hot. As a former Restaurant Manager of Friendly’s Ice Cream in Massachusetts, I know good customer service, this was not good customer service and I was forced to go elsewhere to get proper service. When I managed my store, Quality Customer Experience (QCE) was integral. Our job was to ensure food was always fresh, prompt and store clean (no exceptions). The customer was always right.

  17. Seems that the emphasis is on drive thru orders here in Azle, TX…I usually have to wait 20 min or more when I go inside…my advice is go through the drive thru and bring it inside and eat.

  18. Marshall Tx Reply

    Someone from corporate needs to visit these locations and see what we are dealing with. Slow service, bad food and sometimes they don’t even open when they should. They are sitting inside playing around watching folks pull in and out. They should open at 6:00a.m but they always have some lame excuse as to why they didn’t open on time that morning. It happens almost everyday that they open late.

    The location on Hwy 80 is terrible. Today I found myself stuck in line for 25 minutes for fries and a coke. I could not leave was totally blocked in by other customers. Was late for work and then to find out my fries were hard and cold they must have been sitting at the window the whole time. There is no need for a B lane since they are not fast enough to handle 1 lane. Maybe they should use lane B for customers who need to pull away and get to work.

    This is not the first, second time but it is the last time. I am so fed up with this service that I will post anywhere and everywhere I can to make sure everyone in town stays away from these locations until management takes a serious look into it.

  19. Another comment about slow service, I don’t mind waiting but at a Tulsa store waited in the drive thru for twenty minutes when it came our tim was asked to hold on twenty more minutes and no acknowledgement so decided to pull around and just go home but the exit was blocked by workers friend they acknowledged that we were trying to leave but wouldn’t move their vehicle until another 20 mins when I had to get out of my vehicle and ask , very rude I did nothing to provoke such awful service and from now on will keep myself 1000 feet from any Whataburger.

  20. Adriana Luque Reply

    I went to the Whataburger on West road and 45 in Houston Tx. I ordered a #1 combo and I waited 30 minutes that is too log for FAST food. Fries were good but the burger as always was cold and that bothers me every time.

  21. Llewellyn W Headen Reply

    Visited location at 1313 N Warrington Pensacola Fl. Ordered a Whataburger with cheese and large onion rings. Saw burger sit in bag for at least five minutes before onion rings were dropped. When given order told employee the burger was cold from sitting there and she politely offered to redo it and I accepted. A minute later she gave me another burger and I left. Upon arriving home and unwrapping burger discovered bottom bun was completely white. Returned burger and was told it was flour. Not really knowing what it was I asked for and was given a refund. Reading some reviews I see other people have complained about cold food. Hopefully there’s something that can be done to solve this problem.

  22. I am done with the Whataburger in East Plano Tx. They never get my order right. I go early in the morning and get a pancake platter. I usually try to get crispy bacon, but it always comes out like a limp noodle, Barely cooked at all. I’m not sure the city would pass that as acceptable. So I go this morning 4/24/20 and thought I would try the sausage this time. Bad mistake…. it was still pink on the inside and didn’t smell right. I didn’t even get butter. Someone needs to better train the cooks or something. I will not be going back and I have been going there for MANY years…

  23. Bill Kelly Reply

    Dear Sir. I am Navy Vet who has lived in the Hutton area for 2 years. I use your store Near the Hutton HEB. This store has given me a military food discount for this time. On Saturday A assistant manager refused to honor that. He said it was company policy. As you know many others in the area give us a discount. I feel this was cheap shot to us as you still give a police discount. Sorry your company has let us down. Glad other vendors don’t feel the same. Regards Bill Kelly USN Retired

  24. Josie Limon Reply

    I ordered a #1, with extra pickles, grill jalapenos and toasted buns on both sides, and received Whataburger with no lettuce, no pickles, no toasted buns, no grill jalapenos and cold fries
    Ordered 3 pc chicken strip meal and received cold chicken, cold gravy, and cold fries.
    Ordered kids chicken bites and received cold fries, ordered Monterey melt meal received cold fries. I tried calling the unit several times and no one answered the phone. I spent 30.53 at this location was was very disappointed with the quality of the food. Location of this unit 3220 Gollihar Corpus Christi Tx.78415. I had stop going to this location but new management took over so I decided to try again, unfortunately the problem continues.

    • Arthur Caron Reply

      I seen a billboard advertising the Mushroom Swiss burger sure look good on the board but I want to the store in Willis Texas and my wife and I are both just so sore even disappointed at the taster quality of the food and for something that’s over $13 this is not acceptable

  25. Jose Tineo Reply

    Just wanted to take time to state the Great service I received in
    Fort Worth, White Settlement, Tx.
    No. 883 restaurant
    Cashier Peter R.
    – very professional, courteous, attentive gentlemen
    – much better than what I have seen recently in this specific store
    – someone did a great job training this individual

  26. K Rechard Williams Reply

    I wanted to take the time to write about an amazing experience I have had in your restaurant. I am in Dallas Tx. for a month on a work project and across the street from my hotel was on of you location. I have never been in a Whataburger before then however the lady that was working the cash register Shenika Palmes was in a word simple amazing. She is very sweet friendly engaging and a delight. Always had a smile on her face funny she is a very good representation of your organization. So I would love for someone to just take notice that you have a STAR employee in your mist. Please pass it on to the leadership at her location and hope they recognize how great she is..

    Warm Regard,

    K. Rechard Williams

  27. Dana Roden Reply

    This location does not represent your company well. I have been here 3 times. Not once has my order been correct. The food quality has been poor each time..whether it is stale fries…cold burgers…longer than average wait time. I will say that the employees are polite and friendly overall. This is store #983 in Westworth Village, Texas 76114

  28. Tommy Keith Reply

    I was at your store. Saw 2 boys tossing a slice of bread back and forth dropped on floor then made a chicken sandwich when they saw me they just turned around and laughed

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