Contact VRBO: Find below customer service details of VRBO, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers an overview of the vacation rental company and its services. Reach the VRBO customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

VRBO Head Office
Expedia, Inc.,
333 108th Ave N.E. Bellevue,
WA 98004, United States

VRBO Customer Service
Phone: 1-877-202-4291 (general)
Phone: 1-877-226-3657 (listing property)

About VRBO
VRBOVRBO is a vacation rental platform, part of the HomeAway family. Guests can search for over 265,000 properties in the US, Europe and around the world. The properties come with its own kitchen, dining space, among other luxury amenities. One can also narrow search results by lodging choices such as apartments, lake houses, farm houses, beachfront condos, houseboats, among others. The VRBO website has over 1 million listings, reaching more than 44 million travelers each month.

VRBO has a strong network connecting major countries that include the US, France, Brazil, Australia, Germany, England, Canada, Mexico, Spain and Italy. Payment methods include credit card, bank to bank transfer, personal check, e-check and PayPal. After a property has been booked, the owner has 24 hours to accept or deny. Only after acceptance will a card be charged and email confirmation on same sent to the registered email. Travelers have their payment 100% guaranteed against internet fraud for up to $10,000. The cancellation and refund policies will be based on the agreement signed with the owner. VRBO however does offer a Cancellation Protection policy that protects non-refundable trip costs in case of a cancellation. It protects your insured trip cost and offers reimbursement if the trip is cancelled due to sickness or injury. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, property listing, or others, reach the VRBO customer service via phone or email.


  1. reta Griffith Reply

    If this is not repaired – this stupid two party # to verify we are legitimate owners each time we are in our home I will not only cease to use VRBO I will alert others to the situation – it absolutely sucks —- I had to search the internet just and I do mean JUST to find a means to air this situation – there is NO e-mail to seek help when one does not have a phone only their lap top/computer – no way to reach a live help person when not allowed to open their dashboard – look, I have people coming in to our condo just before we leave here and there is not way I can contact them – I cannot give them the door lock code, directions to our condo, all the information I do not give out until I know all the payments have been made and it is less than 30 days from their arrival. This is a major problem and it keeps happening. I check my dashboard several times a day, I reply quickly…. this is the pits and I am sure I am not alone when I tell VRBO what is happening…its needs to be fixed NOW!

  2. reta Griffith Reply

    I am having a real ongoing problem -each time we are in our condo in Mexico – the one we use VRBO/Home Way to assist us in renting out – I get kicked off my dashboard – this is very frustrating and I have loudly complained to VRBO about this!!!!! To reconnect i am told I need to reset my password, verify I am the actual owner, and the real stupid absolutely blows my mind is I am told to select the phone number used to send a 2 # reconnection and its going to my home home phone —– hello I am not home I am in my condo!! I cannot use the smart phone in Mexico believe me we have tried – we have explained this to VRBO who is aware of the situation – hear me VRBO I cannot use my smart phone here and you cannot call me unless I spend $5 a day to have a connection to use that phone – so would you PLEASE stop doing this or I am going to do what our neighbor here who is also fed up with the stupid computer at VRBO and go to another vacation rental company one not owned by you – take a look at my file – you will see my terse notes to you and right now I am mad at myself for believing this was not going to happen again —- NOT! 651108 look at my damn calendar – there is a reason no one booked because we are here and you are ruining our vacation!

  3. VRBO WebSite – payment process crashed – went back to attempt again – to find property no longer available. Selected a different property only to get charged for both the failed payment and the alternate property. Alternate is charging a $1,100 penalty for canceling same day – 5 minutes after error and duplicate billing. This is not a good service. VRBO says it’s not their policy to resolve but the property owners. It was not our choice to have both properties invoice.

  4. Susan Thomas Reply

    I have had a horrible time with VRBO. I had a group of 8 people scheduled to join me in Nashville from 1/12/18 – 1/15/18. The weather turned on us and all byt 2 of us could not make it to Nashville. The 2 who got stranded in Nashville had to stay at different hotels downtown Nashville due to inaccessible roads to the rental property. VRBO and the home owner took both my deposits are are unwilling to be of ANY help. Luckily due to travel insurance i get to pay back my credit card for what i paid for the rental. However, when i ask for assistance with what we paid for the hotel and car rental, VRBO and the home owner are not willing to help me. The policy # is 17363W0940. My phone # is 309 750 2796. I am willing to give you credit card statements to show proof of hotel and car rentals on the same days as the VRBO rental.

    I have had to call over and over again to even get the insurance company to pay me what i paid for the rental property. Any company as big as yours should understand that even if you met your customers half way, it would mean a big deal for both you and us.

    Susan Thomas

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