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Contact Vinted: Find below customer service details of Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Zirmunu str. 70
Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis 09124

Customer Service
Web: Support
Email: [email protected] (jobs)

About Vinted
Vinted is a social marketplace for second-hand fashion, launched in the year 2008. The Lithuania-based company operates in the US, UK, Germany, France, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Spain. On the platform, users can buy, sell, and swap clothing with one another. A free listing can include photos, description and price. While sellers do not have to pay a fee, Vinted charges a small service fee from buyers. Buyers can claim a refund if the item received is damaged or not as described.

Payment for purchases can be made using Visa or MasterCard. Shipping is taken care by USPS First Class and Priority Shipping. You can shop on the Vinted platform by category or brand. The categories listed include Women’s Clothing, Women’s Shoes, Women’s Bags/Backpacks, Accessories, Women’s Beauty and Mini Vinties. Close to 11 thousand members join Vinted each day. Overall it boasts of 12 million members and has close to 22 million items listed. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Vinted customer service.

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  1. Grace Matthews Reply

    My pending balance hasn’t moved to my available balance and it’s been about 2 days since the order was completed and the customer left a review.
    In the help section of the app the only solution is that I haven’t activated my balance yet and that I need to do so, but I activated my balance already and have received orders since, and there’s no way of me doing it again. I need help.

  2. I have sold an item in Vinted and now my payment is sitting in pending for the last 5 days £50. I’ve been contacting you for the last 5 days and I’m just being ignored this is the worst app I have ever used!!

  3. One of my orders was cancelled by Vinted and it is 2 months that I am waiting for the refund. Every time I ask for a feedback, they say that there is an issue with their payment provider, to be patient. How long a person should be patient? I have been patient for two months. It is not acceptable and not respectful. Can someone help with it??

  4. Sara Hooper Reply

    I’m having trouble with finishing the setting up process on my apple mac. It won’t except the phone number I’m putting in. Please help!!!!

  5. To actually contact any sort of customer support is impossible. There are no links on the site that work. The vinted users forum says the same thing. Not customer friendly at all!!!!

  6. Antonio Arco Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I created my account some weeks ago and but its asking me for account t verification with my phone number and when I enter my number 00353896083534, the web shows me gives me an error: ‘Number is invalid’, but my number is right.

    Could you please help me to verify my account?

    Best regards,
    Antonio Arco

  7. If I don’t hear back from vinted support by 2 p.m. today I’m going to better business Bureau and contacting the news stations and having them do a review about the awful way vinted does things how they keep ur money and lock u out of it etc I’m posses off I’ve waited 5 days now and cannot get my funds so that I can close out my account I’m never selling with vinted again they are the worst . I’ll post in Facebook and Twitter for people to close out accounts cuz u guys will keep their money

  8. Vinted is the most tucking frustrating app I have ever delt with I can’t log into my damn account it’s been 5 days now is there anybody awake on vinted ‘s end. Please sombody help I’m thinking of deleting account now and giving the worst review help help help I’m going to the BBB

  9. Annette Oliver Reply

    I am trying to verify my account with my mobile which they are telling me is invalid, which it is not. Please advise exactly how to put my phone number down thank you.

  10. Dear Vinted,

    I hope you are all well.
    I have an issue with a polish Vinted website.
    I never sell or buy anything but I do love the forum, especially that polish forum is very busy.
    Unfortunately my account was blocked by Vinted as they got some complaints about my posts. My post wasn’t rude or vulgar but apparently other user didn’t like my answer which is fine. I keep reading forum (not logged in) and I see many users using unappropriated language and nothing happens to them.

    I tried to contact polish customer service numerous times but they never replied. Even though it is written on the website that they get back to the user in 24 hours.
    I am not the only one user who was treated like that.
    They blocked my account and now I can’t even delete it.

    I am very disappointed. I can understand the reasons of blocking my account but I can’t understand ignorance.
    I guess this is not the right way Vinted deals with users.

    I guess you can’t do anything about that, and probably I will never get any answer from you but just to let you know that polish Vinted provides a horrible customer service.

    All the best,

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