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Head Office
1st Floor, ‘C’ wing, Unit 103,
Corporate Avenue, Atul Projects,
Chakala, Andheri (East),
Mumbai–400093, Maharashtra

Customer Service
Phone: +91 124 4593000 (general)
Email: [email protected] (group communications)
Email: [email protected] (job queries)
Email: [email protected] (aluminium sales)
Email: [email protected] (copper sales)
Email: [email protected] (zinc sales)
Email: [email protected] (iron ore sales)

About Vedanta
Vedanta Limited, under the aegis of Vedanta Resources, is a Natural Resource company dealing in Iron ore, Zinc, Lead, copper, Steel, Silver, Power, Oil and Gas. With Headquarters in Mumbai and a stated revenue of over 71,721 crores INR, Vedanta Limited, earlier known as Sesa Sterlite is a mining company with noted subsidiaries such as Hindustan Zinc, Electrosteel Steels, Bharat Aluminium Company etc. and operations in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Odisha and Goa. In addition to its operations in India, Vedanta has operations in Africa and Australia, making it a global player. It has invested heavily in complex technologies that enable economies of large scale production, thus reducing product costs.

Vedanta has risen to its current heights because of its tradition of geological survey and discovery, investment in technological advancement and sustainable development models. With core values of responsible and ethical behaviour, Vedanta displays its values in all that it does. Focussing on quality in all its products it is no wonder then that Vedanta is market leader in most of its core divisions. Vedanta is known to deliver on promises of timelines and budgets and develop resources in such a sway as to optimize production capabilities and production facilities.

Their qualified talent pool of geologists focuses on exploration and production of Oil and Natural Gas, Metals and power generation. Vedanta’s processing and smelting centres, produce refined metals from extracted ores and minerals such as copper, silver, zinc, lead and aluminium. One of Vedanta’s subsidiaries, Hindustan Zinc Limited India and Zinc International in Namibia, South Africa and Ireland account for the largest zinc production in the world, accounting for high grade zinc metal.

Cairn Oil and Gas limited, another undertaking of Vedanta is India’s largest private producer of crude oil and plays an active role in reducing India’s dependence of import of crude oil. Vedanta has also made a mark as the largest producer of Aluminium in India having captured 40% of the market share.

Even in the power production sector, Vedanta leads production among the India players, and is a major supplier of iron ore to Japan and China. It operates custom copper smelters in India and leads in the production of copper rods through the Sterlite Company. All the operations of Vedanta and its subsidiaries are guided by their sustainable development framework of responsible stewardship, value addition to its products, building strong relationships and maintaining high management standards.

For some facts, Vedanta is the operator of 25% of India’s crude oil production, making it the largest private sector oil and gas producer. It also has 78% market share in zinc-lead-silver and 40% share in aluminium market. It is further the largest private sector exporter for iron ore. In 2018, revenue increased by 22% to INR 92,923 crore. This also includes the subsidiaries Hindustan Zinc, BALCO, Talwandi Sabo Power, Cairn Oil and Gas, Sesa Goa Iron Core, Sterlite Copper, Zinc International and Electrosteel.

The Mumbai-based conglomerate has a workforce exceeding 65,000 individuals serving in various capacities. Vedanta is constantly looking out for talented and efficient staff to join, learn and grow. The company says career progression at Vedanta is purely based on merit and potential. Those producing results will be recognised and rewarded. You can explore the career opportunities on the website. You can also apply online.  For more information or queries on products, services, career, or others, reach the Vedanta support.

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