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Contact TripFactory: Find below customer service details of TripFactory, India, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the travel company and its services. Reach the TripFactory customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
11th Floor N1 Block,
Manyata Embassy Business Park,
Bangalore – 560045

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 080-3951 1859

About TripFactory

TripFactory customer service

TripFactory is an online travel agency founded by Vinay Gupta in 2013. The platform curates top holiday destinations and showcases customised tour packages across India. On the website, you can filter packages by popular cities as well as themes. Some of the popular themes found include Beach, Hills, Pilgrimage, Wildlife and Honeymoon. In addition to domestic places, travelers can also find packages for international destinations.

On TripFactory, you can add flights, hotels, sightseeing options, all in one place. You can even talk to experts to get assistance on the  itinerary. The listings on the website has detailed description of the package, day wise itinerary, the hotel you would be staying, along with high quality pictures. Check-in/check-out details as well as flight/hotel cancellation terms can be seen too. After you have selected you preferred destination, you can provide traveler details and even confirm booking by paying online. You can login to your account to view booking and make any changes. For more information or queries on tours, payment, cancellation, and others, reach the TripFactory customer service.

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  1. Our trip to Bali was cancelled in April 2020 for which flights were booked in Jan 2020 till date we haven’t received our Refund even though Airlines have refunded Tripfactory the complete amount. Very Disappointed with the services…almost 2 yrs now from booking date…still not responding properly.

  2. I had booked for a trip to Dubai with my family in Mar 2020. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I had to cancel the booking as I didn’t want to take risk (both my parents are elderly). I went ahead and requested for cancellation. They told me they had to deduct charges for VISA processing and cancellation charges for flight and refund the rest. I was still ok with it and shared my account details. They told me refund will happen in 30-60 days.

    When I sent a reminder to them after 30th day, they told me that they cannot refund the amount and it can only be used for future trip. I clearly told them I’ll not be booking any future trip as COVID situation is getting worse everyday and everything is so uncertain and insisted in refunding the money. It’s been more than 3 months now and there is no response from them yet.

    Complete lack of professionalism. They don’t stick to their policies and change it as per their convenience whenever needed. I’m still trying to get in touch with them, but all my trails are going in vain, but I’ll not stop.I’ll make sure all my money is refunded at any COST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I had planned for a trip to Hongkong in October. However had to cancel the trip due to the protests. Even though the airlines have refunded the money of 83k, i have still not got the money back. After continuous follow up for nearly a month, got only 8k as refund. Where is the rest of the money? No one is responding and giving a clear picture. During booking, there call many times. But now, there is no proper to resolve this query. I am really worried.

    • Same issue as nivya, booked Europe trip not getting refund. Worst service people above all their manager was scolding me for cancelling trip. Have to find a way to get the money back. Worst service and worst experience for me

  4. SCAMMED FOR 12,000-Horrendous experience with the company.

    Why should you avoid this company?
    1. Despite asking them to hold off on making bookings within half an hour or releasing payment for visit to a country in an emergency state, tickets booked next morning. Were promised won’t make the booking when discussed that night but booked anyway.
    2. Then promised refund of entire amount of 16,814 and kept dragging for over a month where we made multiple follow ups and were ignored several times but ultimately only decide to refund 32% – 5438 – which btw is still not refunded
    3. Lack of professionalism! Also not a good relationship with airlines and hotels visible in their communications

    Waste of time money and energy. Instead of being a stress buster our vacation plans only added to the stress.

  5. Trip Factory team,
    Our trip was fruitful as it was our honeymoon and I did get enough time to spend with my wife.
    However as you have requested a review of the trip I am certainly disappointed.
    I have travelled to several locations around the world but I was not really happy with the way the trip was put together. Here are a few details to support my above judgement.

    As I had booked this trip weeks in advance to travel, I tried to make use of the best possible rates in the market and keeping that in mind I had also booked my air tickets.
    To start off when I got intimation on the cancelation of the flight and I contacted Trip Factory & no one had a clue on the same and had to counter check. There was no refund for the ticket neither a compensation for the loss incurred. However after much struggle you and your colleague managed to get my on another flight to Port Blair via Chennai. Had I known that I would have flown from Mangalore to Chennai and then taken the flight to port Blair from there instead of doing 4 airports hops.

    Upon arrival (know we were tired due to the long transit and airport hops) and the guide said we had to do the cellular jail or we would miss it so we went there. As stated we had no way to look around the jail and know the history of the place. After which when we arrived at the hotel the customer service was not very pleasing. Mind you I liked the rooms and the food served at the hotel. As I remember I had paid for a flower bed decoration but there was nothing prepared when we arrived.

    Late that night we were notified that the trip to Baratang has been cancelled and no alterations could have been made. Being a trip organizer I expected some senior officer getting involved and trying to sort the matter, which highly disappointed me. We were then told that a trip to Ross and North Bay will be included and we could do scuba diving there instead of havelock in addition we were informed by the agent that the trip charges will be refunded (I have not seen and details of that till date)
    Having travelled to Ross & north Bay we did a dive in North Bay and we were told that the photos will be handed to us on a CD at the hotel by Avinash. The ones we got were someone else’s photographs.

    The next day we travelled to Neils and upon reaching there we were welcomed and immediately taken to the natural rock because of the tide coming in. Upon returning from the natural bridge, the driver had disappeared from the location with all our luggage and we had no contact number of the driver and had no clue where he left we had to wait almost 25-30 mins in panic waiting for him.

    We then travelled to Havelock and I must say choosing barefoot was one of the wisest decisions of mine for it made the trip worth it. The customer service, food and the place was just fantastic.. worth every penny spent. As of what I remember I had also requested a Honeymoon set up Flower Bed Decoration, Cake & Bottle of Wine. But there was nothing.
    The agent took us to elephant beach where the experience was pathetic hence we returned in an hour, but I did enjoy the speed boat ride.

    That night we were set up for a candlelight dinner I had called and informed the agent to have a private setup exclusive for me and when I got there to my surprise there were about 15 tables set up for candlelight and was no private moment. Also there was crazy Bollywood music playing which just spoilt the candle light setup. I was much disappointed. To be honest the food did not add to it as it was not up to my expectation.

    On the whole I was really not satisfied at all and very disappointed with the whole experience. The only reason being I paid extra for all the additional elements but they were a disappointment. I have not heard back from trip factory for the refunds too as I did not have the Honeymoon inclusions that was requested and also the Baratang trip cancelation and the Suba in Havelock was not done.

    Appreciate if I could hear a positive response

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