Contact of Travelgenio customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Travelgenio: Find below customer service details of Travelgenio, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the travel company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Travelgenio SL
c/Albasanz, 15, 2nd Izq.,
28037 Madrid, Spain

Customer Service
Phone: 001 646 568 7507 (US)
Phone: 0034 91 116 0765
Email: [email protected]

Other Contacts
Phone: 902 90 99 81 (Spain)
Phone: 0 821 610 761 (France)
Phone: 0870 099 0971 (UK)
Phone: +46 (0) 844 683 618 (Sweden)
Phone: +353 0 818 274 072 (Ireland)
Phone: +61 3 8820 5378 (Australia)
Phone: +52 (01) 55 4162 2959 (Mexico)

About Travelgenio
Travelgenio is a Spain-based travel agency established in the year 2010. It primarily caters to those searching for low-cost flights, hotels and cars. Regions served include major countries in Europe and Latin America. Travelgenio also operates separate websites for each region.

Flights and hotels can be searched on the homepage, by inputting the origin, destination and dates. The Travelgenio platform allows you to filter search results by brand, features and price. Travellers can login to their account to view their reservation or make changes to existing booking. Also, majority of airlines allow to check in online 24 – 48 hours prior to flight departure.

Payment for booking of flights and hotels can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. To cancel a booking simply call the Travelgenio customer support. To protect yourself from loss of fare or penalty, you can get the cancellation coverage offered in the form of Protection Plus. With cancellation Protection Plus, you can get 85% of your ticket price within 15 days, if you need to cancel your trip for any reason. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation,  careers, or others, reach the Travelgenio support.

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  1. At this point, they are officially phony. I even bought their Cancellation policy plus to no avail; they don’t reply nor reimburse anything.

  2. Very poor customer service and uncontactable. The public should be made aware to avoid this company. I booked flights over the years with many agents/ 3rd parties but this particular agent is so poor and unethical.

    • I had a cancelled flight for July2021. Actually a part of journey is cancelled! I managed to connect over telephone with customer care (I had to wait 20 min to connect with one of them). She was kind and tried to find an alternative solution for me for plus minus 15 days period, but couldn’t manage to find any single option. I opted for complete refund (seems possible in this case) with 30 Euro fee. She cancelled the booking and told the refund will take 1 – 3 months to process. Lets see how it goes.

  3. I had a cancelled ticket due to pandemic flight ban this May 24 2021. I was trying to reach out travel2genio with their customer service online but it’s very busy and difficult. You can’t speak to anyone…it will give you a beep then hangs up after a second. It was disappointing coz they had charged me almost 1800 dhs and I don’t know where to get my money back.

  4. I was checking today flight booking through Wego website and I put all my personal details and bank details then I changed my mind and I left the page without processing the payment after that I got a message from the bank that you deducted money from my account…I am really disappointed and I want to refund

  5. For months I have been trying to contact Travelgenio and the phone line hangs up after a few minutes and the email address contact comes back saying that they do not recognise the booking number – even though they won’t accept an email unless you put the booking number in the subject so it has priced impossible to co tact them.
    They ask you to put in your email address that you used to make the booking on their contact form and they send a link to your email address and you click on the link and you go to my trips and your booking comes up. For weeks when I checked it said that they were waiting for airline approval for the refund but now when I put in my email address when I used to make the booking when contacting them it doesn’t recognise the email address and not only that but when I go to check the original booking that I made last July it says that the information doesn’t exist on their server. So basically it seems that Travelgenio keep all of your information on a server when they contact you and then they just wipe the server whenever they want, leaving no proof of any emails they sent to you. My booking has basically vanished off their system. Booking id 14968687. I’m due a refund if 2800 for flights from Dublin to Vancouver that were cancelled in April. Very distressing. The email address for their customer service also doesn’t work and this is the email address that they keep telling everyone in the reviews (ie Trustpilot) to contact but you can’t send an email to that address because as stated above, they ask you to put in the email address you used to make the booking when contacting them but then you get a reply to say that the email address doesn’t exist. And from today, funnily enough, an error message comes up when you try to send an email to their customer service email address saying “this email cannot be sent”. Have they gone bust? Seems like it to me. All I want is a booking invoice to give to my travel insurance company and I can’t even get that. So distressed. The worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. Will be filing a complaint to the aviation authority.

    • Hi Ashleen, I have been having a similar experience. Did you manage to find a suitable authority to lodge the complaint please?


    • I tried to call them for days in the morning with no results, then one day I wake up at 5 A.M. and I try to call disillusioned. I was lucky because they finally answered
      It’s hard to reach them via mail. Try their twitter. Good luck

    • We have been trying to get a refund of $1919.53 for our cancelled July 2020 trip from Paris to Newark. I get the run around every time I call, its in process. Today, due to complete frustration , I asked to speak with a supervisor. Natalia, customer service representative, stated she was not permitted to transfer me. This keeps going around in circles.
      They claim they are waiting for Iberia to approve the refund. Iberia says they cannot issue any refund as it is Travelgenio that will receive it. We had flights from NY to Dublin with Aer Lingus that were refunded with no delay. I regret going through this third party. This is a total disgrace and a scam.

  6. Laddie Perina Reply

    I have been denied to fly to my destination due to new pandemic regulations. I had all the documentation but they wanted more. I waited for the flight for 8 hours with three big suitcases. I had to take two trains and a bus to get back home, I am surprised I did not get a hernia! I have been flying to the Czech Republic for over twenty years and I have never experienced so many obstacles and bureaucratic nonsense in my life! I have tried contacting Travelgenio for days, no one responded! So I had to get an emergency passport from the Czech consulate and buy another ticket. So I ended up paying for this trip twice. If Travelgenio cares about its customers and wants to stay in business I hope and pray they refund my ticket. When you pay for transportation and it is not met, it is only logical to get your money back! Sincerely, Laddie Perina

    Sincerely, Laddie Perina

  7. Dear Mr/Ms

    Hope this message, first of all find you and second find you well.

    Let me start with a feedback regarding your customer service…seems that it doesn’t exist.
    Several ways of helping you on your request for not contact by phone … but the alternative .. do not exist or email are returned without deliver, and yes the email it’s correct and its [email protected] that you have on the page.

    I would like my refund to be corrected as soon as possible, there are 30€ missing from the purchase done to you.

    The “request processed JNGFTM”, kindly reopen the refund process as I can see on your website that was conclude.
    Buy was 88€ and refund 58€, once again kindly return the missing value.

    One more thing you FAQs doesn’t take anywhere, so probably doing a new ones and also allow the email to be sent would be good.

    Poor service.

    I hope it will not be necessary to continue with more messages and it can be fixed soon all this situation.

    Thank you

  8. Neil Alexander Reply

    I understand the fact that the COVID pandemic resulted in all flights being cancelled. However, it is just good professional ethics to reply to customers. On several occasions, I tried to contact you via email as well as telephonically, only to be faced with a rude silence. I will appreciate an indication of when a refund will be made or whether a voucher will be given for a flight when air travel is again possible.

    I trust that you will respond.


  9. My flight to Brazil was cancelled due to covid and I am trying, sice April, to contact Travelgenio. Never got a response for my emails. This company is a disgrace and total scam. They dont care about customer service. Avoid them.

  10. Yong Pooi Ling Reply

    My return flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur – Berlin on 26th April 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19 (Booking code: CQTPNC). Received an email from your agency on 5th April 2020 stating that you will follow up with refunds from Turkish Airlines or offer an alternative solution but there has been no follow up email to date. Tried many times to write in via your agency’s website but unable to do so as the “contact us” function seems to have been disabled. I trust that your agency will do what is morally right and respond ASAP!

  11. My flight was canceled by the airline. I tried to contact you for a month, I called hundreds of times unanswered by you. I filled out forms on your online site, and did not receive a response. I contacted the airline and received a reply that you should credit my account. Why don’t I get an answer from you?
    Mbooking code is-KIEVDO

  12. My flight was canceled due to the international situation regarding the covid virus.19. I can’t get in touch with your agency !! I tried an email that has not been answered for almost three weeks! On the phone there I can not get touch! There is no answer! Very disappointed! Blue Air has confirmed to me that the money will be refunded or a voucher valid for 2 years will be issued for future bookings, but that I need to contact this travelgenio agency who no answer to benefit from one of the two situations! But they not answered us to any request! Reference code: ZHCJGM. I am waiting for an urgent answer!


    I have booked ticket on Travelgenio for 16th of may and now due to covid19 the flight has been cancelled so In this case what can be done if i need to change my booking for some other date without paying any extra charges or if I need to cancel my booking and get the refund without getting any charges please do let me know
    Kindly share me if you have any contact no for uae or any toll free no to contact you people

    Kindly email me the details to my above mentioned email id

  14. Please return the payment amount because you canceled the trips numero reference MYOYJC

    My flight was from Rome to oslo, flight number, SK4714and from Rome for oslo, the flight numberSK4122 is my question. Is my flight canceled? If I canceled, I ask you to compensate and return my money due to the losses that caused them to me. You canceled my flight from Rome to Oslo.its i

  15. I actually booked my ticket for 23 march and its been canceled and I tried many time to contact you for refund yet I didn’t get please contact me as soon as possible because its been more then month

  16. BOGATI, R Mr. Reply

    Hello, I bought the ticket online and I couldn’t fly because Airline cancelled the route from Mexico to Canada. And there is travel restriction in Canada for visitor because of pandemic. I had bougt ticket insurance also and I made phone calls to your customer care before 24 hours to cancel my flight and use my ticket insurance but nobody answered the call. And I finally called Aero Mexico and cancelled my trip. I had also sent cancel request from web application form more than two times. But I couldn’t get any response. And finally Today I was abled to talk with customer care unit and customer care staff told me that I can not use ticket insurance because my flight was 25th of April and today is 27th of April. I had to contact them 24 hours before to cancel ticket using an insurance. As I had already tried many times to contact customer care but you didn’t response neither mail nor phone. Today your customer care blamed me that was my fault. What kind of unreasonable service you are providing ? Is it a good customer care?
    My booking code is AFBOMH. I had tried to contact via web contact form and below are web ticket number and subject.
    [Ticket #3393919] ??????????
    [Ticket #3625294] Request for cancellation and refund.

    I am not satisfied with your customer care service.

  17. Hello,

    Our flight was cancalled because a situation. Instead of offer us any other date to flight after a stabilization of the situation, you decided to:
    1. seperate a flights (me and my wife have gotten a absolutly different dates to a new flights).
    2. make a mistake with a locations of a flights !!!!!

    In addition to all of this, you haven’t returned for a lot of our mails !!! Almost a three weeks, we try to contact you for fix these mistakes.

    This whole situation is terribly angry and shows disrespect to your customers!

    Original Tickets Number:

  18. Dear Ms/Sir,

    I am a regular customer of Travelgenio for many years.

    I booked a ticket for Turkish Airlines flying from Paris to Beijing at 19:40 on 25/04/2020. My reservation reference is KBRSCW.

    Several days ago, Turkish Airlines canceled the flight booking because of the COVID-19 situation. I cannot take the airplane anymore.

    So far, Travelgenio does not reply to my refunding request.

    Please ensure refunding is processed as soon as possible.

    If my request is not positively answered, I reserve the right to lodge a complaint against your service.

    Your Prompt response will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards

  19. My flight was canceled by the airline. I tried to contact you for a month, I called hundreds of times unanswered by you. I filled out forms on your online site, and did not receive a response. I contacted the airline and received a reply that you should credit my account. Why don’t I get an answer from you?
    Mbooking code is- MABUKX

    • Hello Gila,
      I also booked a flight by Tavelgenio and it had been cancelled due to Covid-19, since March I contacted the company several times to refund me and no answer. I would like to know if u received your money back? and if yes how you achieved it? maybe you have other details to contact the company.

      • Dear Both Gila and Hussein,

        We also booked a flight with them, anyhow I experienced the same flight got canceled by the Airlines.
        Can you please let me know if you received any feedback from them since then?

  20. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing you regarding the Cancellation of our Flight on this coming April 28, 2020 from Germany to Manila Philippines and back on May 19, 2020 with my infant grand Daughter as you know the situation of the World wide Epidemic of CoVid19. I don’t want to put our self in RISK especially my grand Daughter that’s why since Feb. I starting to contact you via Email and Telephoning but no i have no LUCK. I Email you 10 times and Calling you almost everyday and patiently waiting as the answering machine said that i have 26 mins waiting line..and even extending patiently to 1 hour.
    Please Cancelled our flight, the British Airways already send me an email that flight was cancelled. So if that is Cancelled why on your flight details is still not Updated.
    I Need an clear details from your behalf.
    Email me as soon as possible.

    Have a nice evening.


  21. I’ve tried to contact your customer service via [email protected] but my email can’t reach you. Please suggest how to contact your team as I do need to cancel our flight ASAP due to the COVID-19 situation. Our booking code is WHXV9A.

  22. Anna Tassone Reply

    Trying many times to call travelgenio but no one has been able to answer not even email that’s what you get when you book online with some scams that’s not fair when you pay lot’s of money for traveling in Australia is frustrate when things like Coronavirus happens in the World killing millions of people you’re don’t know if is safe or not for you to travel cause the airline company does not seem to exist

  23. Eva Sparre Reply

    I have just reported – by telephone to Travelgenio – big problems with a booking made 20190904 – KXC50A for Buenos Aires – Stockholm with flying date 20191007. I got a confirmation that the booking was made the same day, printed it and thought everything was OK. In Buenos Aires I discovered the night before my flight that there was no ticket and that just 25 € was taken from my account. A big shock that was! To get home to Europe and Sweden that following day, I had to pay 12.400 swedish kronor. – the double amount of what the original ticket cost! I look forward to compensation with the amount – 550 € or 6000 swedish kronor I had to pay extra because of your vague communication. Please contact me on my e-mail. Best regards Eva Sparre

  24. Dear Ms/Sir,

    I am a regular customer of Travelgenio for many years.

    On 21 May 2019, I cancelled the flight booking 071-3495867437 and received an aknowledgement from Travelgenio on being undertaking refund processing.
    So far, and though several reminders, Travelgenio does not reply to my refuding request.

    Please ensure refuding is processed as soon as possible.
    If my request is not positively answered, I reserve the right to lodge a complaint against your service.
    Kind regards

  25. John Alexander Reply

    I tried to book flights through your site yesterday (31st May 2019), and got all the way through until the very end, when it was supposed to go onto the “confirmation” part. I pushed the button twice, it didnt seem to go through, but i thought i would wait until today to see what happened.
    It is now 27 hours later and nothing, i have tried sending e mails to two different addressess (and they were damned hard to find), and they have both bounced back as address not found. I have contacted my bank and advised them of what has NOT happened, they have advised me to find a way to contact you and inform you i am CANCELLING this booking, if it should somehow surface in your system please do NOT!! action it, i am CANCELLING it.
    I will have to start all over again with someone who can get this done for me. Thanks for the total waste of hours of my time.

    John Alexander

    • Goran Dulic Reply

      I have a payment of 25.05.2019. for the airline ticket Budapest to Bangkok via Turkish Airlines via your agency. I have never received my email confirmation reservation for my flight. As I did not get it, I bought a ticket for the same flight over Turkish Airlines. Can you refund me the money you paid?
      Goran Dulic

  26. Miss Chambers Reply

    The way your company has treated me is horrendous!! I requested a refund within the agreed 24 hours but after being spoken to so badly by several members of staff, having the phone put down on me, having people raise their voice, talk over to me and then to be told I hadn’t done it soon enough even though I spent hours trying to sort and my initial call was well within the 24 hours I’m now being told “you didn’t request within 24 hours”.

    I did and I’m not going to drop this till the money is refunded… I expect an email back urgently and I want my money back…,

  27. Departure: OPO (Porto) to Casablanca
    1st of May 2019
    Time of departure: 13h30
    Departure: Casablanca to GIG (Rio de Janeiro)
    1st of May 2019
    Time of departure: 16h25

    Departure: GIG (Rio de Janeiro) to Casablanca
    15th of May 2019
    Time of departure: 23h15
    Departure: Casablanca to OPO (Porto)
    16th of May 2019
    Time of departure: 13h25

    I have received two messages saying that my flight has changed! HOWEVER, since I booked through Travel2be I had following my flight information, as suggested, on the Travelgenio site. Today I went to check in the Royal Air Morocco site and I have seen that my flights have completely changed!!! I am fine with the time of the day, I am okay with it changing the day if the flight happens to be after midnight however these new flight are IMPOSSIBLE for me! I have a very important meeting in São Paulo on the 4th of May and I already have my flight booked from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo on the 3rd of May!
    I need this flight to be changed to its original state or day! Because I will not be staying almost two full days in Casablanca and missing my flight to São Paulo! This is our of the question. I have tried contacting you multiples times on WhatsApp and messenger to my response with my booking information it says that the Booking is NOT found!!!
    I am extremely unpleased with this situation.

  28. Ratu Sovi Arinta Reply


    I made a reservation for a return Jakarta – Zurich via Travelgenio and the agent booked me with Etihad airlines via Abu Dhabi and Belgrade. However the Belgrade connection is not aligned as the flight from Abu Dhabi arrives Belgrade at 11.40am and Travelgenio booked me on a connecting flight departing belgrade at 07.20 on the SAME DATE!!!

    How is it that a travel agent misses this very important detail? I have made several international phone calls to the phone number listed on the official website which all got disconnected after being held for a few minutes.

    Please fix my booking (ref booking number QWCLG6 Immediately as my departure date is coming this weekend

  29. SUKHYUN HAN Reply

    My E-ticket number is 1313410487867 and My booking code is 679M8I which I made 9 p.m in Korean time.

    By the way, there is wrong given name in passanger 1.

    Given name of Passanger 1 should be SUKHYUN same as buyer. It seems that your colleauge made a mistake.

    please change given name then resend me E-ticket which have SUKHYUN,exact given name until 10 a.m Feb. 13 2019.

    If additional cost needed for given name change, please cancel this E-ticket and credit card payment .

    Thank you very much for your kind understanding and soonest reply in advance.

  30. PARK HANSOL Reply

    I am Park Hansol in Korea
    I made a reservation yesterday morning
    I think it’s been two payments.
    We have booked the same flight twice with two names and passports.
    I want to cancel one
    DPD9JE and DR4JG4
    This is not a small amount of money for me.
    I do not know what to do now.

  31. Emelia Jolly Reply

    Very disappointed with TravelGenio booked a ticket at around 2pm and was told that the payment was successful yet at 15.28 got an email saying your booking have been cancelled no explanation what’s so ever.Had pay with my American Express card wants to know if it will be refunded as I was not the one cancelling it was you all. The booking was for Kenrick Dublin and booking code 12733077 and another booking code TXU2YE.

  32. Sophie Hickles Reply


    I tried to purchase tickets on 20th Dec however never received an email or had payment deducted from my credit card (ending 2567).

    Can this be looked into as I would not like to be charged.

    Thank you,



    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Tasos from the accounting department of Manessis Travel, Athens, Greece.

    Please be informed that in 13th of October our business card was charged by TRAVELGENIO once with the below amount

    • 385,66 EURO

    Could you please inform me if you charged our credit card 13th of October 385,66 EURO and the contact person of Manessis Travel who told you to charge the card?

    If yes, please forward an invoice or a receipt to my email because we are under tax inspection and we need it!

    The last four numbers of our credit card are XXXX 0454.
    Your Prompt response will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

  34. bruno machado Reply

    Hi! I’m Bruno Machado. I live in London and attempted to buy two return tickets from London to Sao Paulo last week. I had a confirmation from one of the bookings on Friday but Travelgenio canceled the ticket later on the same day. So I attempted to buy another ticket on Saturday morning and again, the booking was canceled. Nonetheless, the two payments were taken out of my account today. I’ve tried to call the customer service in the UK but after 8 minutes hanging on the phone, I was running out of credit. So I’m emailing you as I’ve topped up 5£ already and I’m not going to spend a penny on this issue. Please, I want my money back into my account as both tickets were canceled. Thanks!

  35. We originally booked two tickets dated Nov. 29-Dec. 4 round trip from Taiwan to Koh Samui (booking code #11970596), and paid the amount of 31888 NT$. However, we got an email afterwards saying that the airline was unavailable so we needed to pay higher amount to get others tickets, which we didn’t agree to do so. The history showed Travelgenio already charged the amount of 31888 NT$ without issuing the tickets. We are here to ask for a FULL REFUND as the transaction was not successful according to you. It is not right to charge customer before you make sure the tickets are available AT THE PRICE YOU OFFERED in the original, as both parties were agreed upon. Please reply as soon as possible.

  36. I have booked a flight from your office for cobalt. My flight code is HCFGAE. The flight was operated by cobalt airways. What will you do ? Will you arrange a flight with a different company?

    Please contact me as soon as.

  37. Ran Mi Kim Reply

    Dear Mr/Ms

    I am writing to strongly complain about the ticket service.

    I called your office this morning to change the departure date from LA 30th August to Minneapolis 6th September. Also I charged the penalty fee of $200.

    I told your staff that I wanted to change the date only , and the same of departure time as the old ticket.
    But they sent me an email with a ticket attached that had different time.

    If you can change the departure time to 17:55pm please do so or if this is not possible, later than 17:55pm, even at night.

    Also, could you explain about the change seat penalty fee ? I think it is too expensive, comparable to a new ticket fee.

    I don’t understand how you get the price of $200.

    The penalty is said $85 first time, but the staff member kept raising the price to $200 without a viable justification.

    Your staff didn’t say anything about the time later and then I got your email with different departure time from LA to Minneapolis, and this is a problem. Please email me as soon as possible.

    Ranmi Kim

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