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Contact TravelCenters of America: Find below customer service details of TravelCenters of America, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
TravelCenters of America LLC
24601 Center Ridge Road
Suite 200
Westlake, OH 44145
United States
Phone: 440-808-9100

Customer Service
Phone: +1 800-632-9240

About TravelCenters of America
TravelCenters of America is a leading chain of travel centers founded in 1992. Headquartered at Westlake, Ohio, TravelCenters of America, simply known as TA, employs more than 20,000 across the country. It operates full service centers, restaurants and convenience stores under brands that include Mini Mart, Petro, TA, Petro Shopping Centers, and Quaker Steak & Lube. TravelCenters of America currently operates in more than 270 locations across US and Canada. The full-service offerings include diesel and gasoline fuel, truck maintenance and repair. Highway motorists and professional truck drivers also gain access to car and truck parking, among other services. If you need to shop or need a quick bite, you have all those facilities in one place. The operator and franchisor of full-service travel centers invites individuals and business owners to benefit by joining the network through the franchise program. You will received dedicated support for training, marketing, IT and operations.

To locate a TA nearest to address, use the store locator on the website. You can locate an outlet by postal code, state or province. You can also locate DEF fueling locations, LNG/CNG fueling and service locations, stores, fast food outlets,, full service restaurants and Grab ‘N Go outlets. TA and Petro Stopping Centers offers a wide selection of products, groceries, snacks, maintenance supplies and electronics. The Country Stores located at some TA centers offers unique gifts and locally made items like soaps, candles, and collectibles. There is StayFit for healthier options, such as fresh fruit and veggies, and cheese snacks. Some of the fast food brands you will find at TA and Petro Stopping Centers include A&W, Arby’s, BR, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Subway, Sbarro, Starbucks, Taco and Wendy’s. There are also full service restaurants at some locations.

Truckers meanwhile will find certified technicians for preventive maintenance services. You can get oil change, lube services, among others. And with TA Truck Service’s Commercial Tire Network you can buy tires from leading brands like Goodyear, Tokohama and Continental. Most TA Truck Service locations offers a wide variety of repair services, in addition to access to more than 200 parts to be in stock. If you dint know, the TA Truck Service network consists of more than 243 locations, 1,000 service bays and 1,600 TA Truck Service RoadSquad service trucks.

If you are a regular at TA or Petro Shopping Centers, join the UltraOne loyalty program to earn reward points that you can redeem for showers, meals and parking. UltraOne members can earn points and credits every time they fuel, purchase truck maintenance or change tires. You will find more details on the website. For more information or queries on TA locations, membership, fueling stations, franchise program, career, or others, reach the TA support.


  1. Shame on you TA Missoula! They sold me a horrible product (a hi-vis jacket) and when I tried to return it a few hours later they refused to take it back!!! I had to look through a trash can during a winter storm to recover the original receipt and they still won’t replace or refund the jacket because I couldn’t find the original tags. A multi million dollar corporation is refusing to help out a hard working truck driver because I couldn’t find the tags? TA is an absolute joke. No customer service whatsoever. I never ever returned anything to TA, is not like I’m doing this every day. I’m a truck driver/owner operator and I spend around $16k a month on diesel/DEF at TA and this is how you treat me?

  2. I got 133 gallons of fuel in ta las vegas. Paid to park. Then showed my fuel receipt and was told I had to pay 15 dollars for a shower. I can only use the app or kiosk. I no longer have a card. I’ll never fuel at your facility ever again.

  3. I have decided that I will no longer utilize TA or Petro Truck Stops. I am tired of having to pay for parking and not having a restaurant to get a hot meal. During the pandemic you closed all restaurants and only served packaged food. Some restaurants reopened only to be shuttered permanently. Wheatridge CO used to be a favorite place to stop, no more!

  4. Terry Angelle Reply

    If Travel Center in Lafayette Louisiana refuses to accept mobile coupons then they need inform the cigarettes manufacturer so they can stop sending them promotional items that are mentioned for the stores that does accept them. Also it’s not the customers fault that the few lazy cashiers doesn’t look at the mobile coupons to make sure the count down clock is moving. The many customers shouldn’t have to suffer for the few bad ones

  5. I go to the Hampshire, Illinois 2-4 times a week for coffee and video gaming and been doing this because I live nearby. And over this past year, service stinks with the cashier’s there either too busy texting or walk away. And very rude. There’s 2 cashiers with the name tag stick and Alice. Both women. And they treat the other employees like crap. I’ve been a customer for years and hiring anyone that has a heart beat. Shame on this TA.

  6. William Joseph Reply

    You say you appreciate us truckers so much, then quit making us pay to park. It should be first come first serve. It’s hard enough for us to find parking. It’s not like we can park anywhere like a car. You weren’t always like this. You got greedy. Who do you think delivers your goods? You’re losing a lot of money because a lot of drivers can’t and won’t pay for parking. Therefore they are not spending money at your stores. Get smart. Stop charging. Make more money. I don’t much like stopping at any TA or Petro anymore other than to use the facilities, as do a lot of other drivers that I’ve talked to. Your payed parking has gotten out of control. Most all of your stores parking lots are almost half reserved parking. It’s out of control. Stop it. If you appreciate us then show us.

  7. It’s 2245 hrs in the evening at the TA in Dallas, Tx and I m still waiting to get into the shop for a belly spring. This is not what I expected from the ta in 26 yrs of trucking, I feel the travel centers of America has hired personnel that either dont care or given up on being professional. The professionalism has been replaced with ghetto service that is now hybrid, smiles have been replaced with judging drivers by smell and looks, by size and fullness of the wallet and other oddities. I would normally just use the service that my company sends me to because it benefits both company and TA as a business relationship, but now I am having second thoughts.

  8. I was just terminated for being homeless and sleeping in the parking lot. Ta gave a two week notice to fuel desk employees to not sleep in the parking lot. Ta doesn’t care about its customers nor employees. I am now batted from the premises because I’m homeless slewing in my car. If anyone has any helpful suggestions please let me know.

  9. I’ve been parking both my semi and personal vehicle at the T/A in Cartersville, Ga for over a year now. This past Sunday I parked my pickup truck there and left for the road for the week only to come back and my truck is gone. It was towed because TA decided they wanted to repave the parking lot. If they would have given notice in advance I would not have parked there. Now I have to wait until Monday, pay money, be late, just to get my pickup truck back. VERY DISSAPOINTING

  10. Rhonda Smith Reply

    I asked the shop to replace my u-joints. They said i had to pull in so they could check and make sure they had them. I told them idid not want a check and advise, I wanted them replaced. Charged me $69.06 to check and see if they had them. A guy called on the phone and wanted a part, she said hang on and let me check. Didn’t cost him anything

  11. Hey TA/Petro, seeing as how you have jacked up the cost of your reserved parking…again…I figure you have decided to make ALL your money on your parking. I will never fuel there again for that reason. Increasing the paid parking to $22 just proves corporate greed. There was NO REASON to make parking that expensive. You and Love’s are our company’s fuel stops. I’ll fuel at Love’s and park on an exit before I’ll ever spend another dime in any of your stores.

  12. TA has by far the worst customer service i have ever encountered. If you have a problem you will be bounced around until you are hung up on. Supervisors refuse to engage with the customer directly. If you have an issue, make sure you have an hour until someone is willing to help. I instruct my drivers to go elsewhere because the service is below mediocre and they just don’t care about anything but the money.

  13. I’m a truck driver that arrived at the petro location at 11:00am on 4/27/2022. I checked in to have an alignment done on my truck. I was told that they wouldn’t be able to get to me until 9am the next day. I checked in again at 8:57 am on 4/28/2022 and they were not ready for me yet. During this time there were 3 other trucks in the bays getting work done. I don’t think it is fair what is going on. I feel I must mention that I am an African American and everyone working here is Caucasian.

  14. Pamela Kay Reply

    I was at your new TA in Huntington, Oregon April 10 & 11. You have a Champ Chicken facility at that location. How can they say they sell chicken when all you can get is chicken tenders, chicken sandwich, fish and shrimp. No legs, thighs, breasts or wings. To me chicken tenders are not chicken. I went in and took a shower and the water was Luke warm. When a driver is on the road a few weeks in a row we want a hot shower not lukewarm. I bought a 24 oz cup of coffee that was $3. No wonder I usually make my own in the truck. When I said something to the cashier about their pricing I was told “ it is a truck stop”. So in other words you charge more because we are truck drivers. We don’t make the kind of money people seem to think we make. Was very disappointed

  15. Joseph Castleman Reply

    I’m a professional long haul truck driver and on October 9,2020 I visited the TA truck stop in Lebo, Kansas Interstate 35 Exit 155, I bought fuel and a CAT Scale and the employee’s at the fuel desk were very friendly and professional even though they were busy. However, I visited the Country Pride Restraunt and was rudely ignored as I waited patiently for a clean table to become available. I politely and professionally asked the waitress if any tables would be available since it was getting close to closing. She gave me snide looks and said she was busy. Another driver came in after me and she not only seated him ahead of me but was very polite to him. When I finally got a table after wAiting 15 minutes, she was rude when she came and asked for my drink order and treated me like I was a no body. She even passed me off to the other younger wAitress on duty which was very polite. I feel as a professional driver that I know with the covid pandemic that it maybe hectic for wait staff but it’s not easy on us drivers either. I was very disappointed in how I was treated.

  16. My husband and I are OTR truck drivers. We visit TAs on a daily basis. Today July 3 2019 we attempted to shower and stay overnight at the Whitsett NC location. However, due to being white among predominately black employees we were ignored when standing at checkout counter (5 employees were behind counter). We wanted a team shower but hadnt fueled yet so our points were 0. We were told we had to pay for 2 because we didnot have points. And that the rules had changed and you no longer split (2 for 1) for team shower. ( we have trucked for years and every other location will team split cost). I am a white woman and your employees today were all black. I was treated very rudely with a high racial tone earlier in the day. We left to go to Flying J for the night. A white female employee told us she worked there briefly and was treated horribly due to her skin color. She loves working at Flying J. We love showering and staying at Flying J now too!

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