Contact of Toyota South Africa customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Toyota South Africa: Find below customer service details of Toyota South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Toyota South Africa,
Stand 1, Eastern Service Road Wesco Park,
Sandton 2012, South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: +27 11 809 9111
Phone: 0800 022 600 (roadside assistance)
Phone: 011 632 3792 (finance)
Email: [email protected] (finance options)

About Toyota South Africa
Toyota is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that has operations around the world. It began in South Africa as early as 1961. It sells a range of vehicles, parts, accessories and services to meet the requirements of customers. There are more than 200 Toyota dealers across the country. You can locate one nearest to your address here by searching with suburb or area code.

Some of the latest Toyota models in the market are featured on the website. Models include hatch, coupe, sedan, MPV, SUV, and van. You can opt for diesel, metro, manual or automatic. Product range includes Prius, Auris, Yaris, Aygo, Etios, Corolla, Land Cruiser, Fortuner, Avanza, Hilux, Quantum, among others. You can explore the highlights and even request for test drive right on the website. If you are short of cash, you can opt for one of the Toyota financing options to help you pay for your vehicle by installment. There are also insurance products with a wide range of benefits.

The vehicles come with standard warranty of three years, including 24 hour roadside assistance. The roadside assistance can be requested for change of flat tyre, out of fuel assistance or key lockout service. You can opt for an extended warranty to cover more than standard offering. Toyota Genuine Parts are covered by a 12-month warranty. If you are an owner of Toyota vehicle in South Africa and need to book a service, you can do same on the website. Login to MyToyota to keep track of service, payment and others. For more information or queries on dealer locations, servicing/repair, genuine parts, warranty, roadside assistance, or others, reach the Toyota South Africa customer service.

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  1. Siduduziwe Reply

    Hi Toyota
    I’m really really regretting making the purchase with Toyota when I had an option of going for another brand. My new Toyota CHR 2020 model which I collected on 10/06/2020 has had problems from week one. Recently when I drove it the Aircon gas came out, because I was aware it was under warranty I sent is 2 days after to pongola Toyota and we were assisted by a Wendy. They Said a sharp object had most obviously hit the condense resulting in the leak after testing it but they still re-gassed it knowingly that the was a leak and said I should pay for it which I did however wen I sent it to a mechanic to have that repaired he refused stating that they were not suppose to re-gas it if in deed there was a leak and also Im puzzled how a sharp object or stone will get into that part of the car as the car is covered underneath and there is no damage to cover. I went back to ask them to remove the condense so I could see what they talking about they said I would still pay. Now I’m very adamant that the car has a factory fault which they or that the condense fitted on the car is of poor quality.
    I’m still trying to get a refund with my dealership in edenvale for licensing and registration which I had to pay for myself after they failed numerous times they are no longer giving me any feed back but I will not rest. To say I’m disappointed is an under statement I even want to return the vehicle

  2. We are absolutely disgusted with the service received from Constantia Monument Toyota.

    On the 20th of September 2019 we collected our newly purchased Toyota Rush and throughout the sales process we could not be happier with the service rendered.

    Upon collection of our new vehicle on 20 September everything seemed to have been in order with the vehicle, but upon closer inspection on the 21st of September we noticed a deep scratch on the side of the one door which my husband immediately reported.

    The responsible person assured us that Toyota will address the issue accordingly and we were informed on the 25th of September that we need to take in the vehicle on the 30th of September and will take approximately 2 working days.

    Upon collection on the 1st of October the scratch was fixed, but additional damage was visible on the same door. Aside from the damage our vehicle was left filthy, the interior was covered in white dry powder what seems to be from the paint used to fix the scratch. There were finger marks all over the interior and the exterior was full of the same white powder.

    Our son unfortunately forgot his cellphone in one of the backseat pockets and was stolen in the process as well. We do however understand that no party can be held responsible for personal items lost or stolen, but it is very clear what type people were employed to fix our vehicle and we expected high standards and ethical behaviour from Toyota without any further damage being done.

    Please also bare in mind that with the new school term starting we were left without any form of transport and caused great inconvenience already. Having the vehicle for a little over one week we were not even able to appreciate our newly purchased vehicle and it is completely unacceptable. Throughout this process OUR vehicle is driven back and forth adding extra mileage, wear and tear because of non-existing quality checks and low standards.

    This whole ordeal only left us with a bitter taste and wish we could have taken our business elsewhere.

  3. Dawn Kloke Reply

    Good afternoon Toyota Head Office

    I would just like to compliment you on your excellent salesman Yugesh Naidoo and Menlyn Pretoria dealership. What an AWESOME experience we had.

    In November we were looking at buying a new vehicle. We went to Lynnwood Toyota first and had a look at some vehicles. I was mostly interested in the Rush but they did not have a manual Rush for me to test drive. I was in the area and decided to come to your dealership. (I’m am so glad that I did) That was the first time I met Yugesh Naidoo. He was so sweet and kind offering up so much of his time telling me everything about the Rush and told me to look at the Rav 4. Well I took a little bit of time to make up my mind and phoned him last week to send me a quote on the Rav 4, within seconds I received it.

    Just a little bit of info Lynnwood still has not sent me a quote for the Rush from last year or the Rav 4 from about two weeks ago.

    We went for a test drive and had a wonderful chat while driving.

    What a wonderful, kind man he is. He was so kind going through everything with us and didn’t mind repeating everything over and over again. I told him today that he has got such a beautiful heart and he must never change.

    Even today when we collected the vehicle he was so kind and made us feel as if we were the most important person at Toyota Menlyn, we felt like royalty.

    We will definitely support your dealership if we ever need another car and also tell everyone how fantastic Yugesh and your dealership is.

    I also would just like to mention that Hanlie the finance lady she is just such a darling, and was also so sweet and kind to us and really helped me with everything I wanted and needed to know about the finances.

    You can really be proud of the staff that you have, look after them because good staff are really hard to come by.

    Thank you for the wonderful experience we had buying our new car with your dealership I will never forget it.

    Have a wonderful day

    Dawn Kloke

  4. I bought a 2012 Etios sedan when it was about 2 and 1/2 years old with a 5 year extended service contract.
    Since I have had it nearly every time, after standing over night, I drive it and within 500 metres a beeping sound starts from somewhere in the dashboard. I asked the service manager at Vereeniging Toyota what it was, he did not know but asked me to bring the car in, I told him the beeping stops after about 1Km!
    About a month ago I asked a Toyota taxi driver if he had the same problem, he said yes and was feed up because it beeped all the time and NEVER stopped beeping even if he took the key out!
    Well, today I drove the car today after standing the whole of Sunday and Lo and Behold it started beeping after a short distance and carried on as I drove to the nearby shops, when I parked got out and locked the car it was still beeping. After doing some shopping I came back to the car it was STILL beeping. I drove home parked the car in the garage and locked it and it was STILL beeping!!
    I used to think it was beeping to indicate a discharged battery but even after a fully charging the battery it still beeped!!
    SO, what is the beeping for????

  5. HI Toyota.I am largey dissatisfied about the service I got from your dealership. After the airbag light on my Toyota Corolla 2010 turned on, the hooter stopped working. There was an announcement that these cars are recalled for airbag factory faults.I booked my car in at Vereenigong Toyota.Theyndid that service on airbag but the airbag light never disappeared and the hooter remained the same.I took it back to them and they worked on it and till today the airbag light is still on and they say I need to pay R3000 for the part that will make the hooter to work.I am mot sure up to now that I will be protected should I be inbolved in an accident.According to my observation, the hooter problem is linked to the airbag malfunctioning because it stopped working when the airbag light turned on.I take it as unfairness towards customers. I did not buy the car for me to be killed by the same car because of factory faults. I am registering my complain.Since I delivered my complain to Vereeniging, they have not been able to assiste.The status quo still exist in my car.I am registerig my complain here again.Please intervene! My car registration is ZPW883GP.My name is Zandile

  6. Nicolaas J A Reply

    I have a Toyota Avensis 2007 A/T Advanced and on various occations ,when driving on a hot day ,it will start jerking ,the reff counter will go up and down, and it will loose power.
    I have har it will Toyota dealers in Cape Town and now at Beaufot West ,as it happened this week again with my whole family in the car.
    It costed me over R 4000 to have the car towed in and a day with the dealer and they again cannot find anything wrong ,but I have to pay to get my car.
    I am fedup with the car and the Toyota organisation for the opoor service I am getting.

  7. Tlamelo Brandon MAROPE Reply

    I am reeling from the 3rd stage of shock!
    In 2012, My Samsung Tablet was stolen from My Toyota Corolla, plate number B400ANY, here in Gaborone Botswana. I was informed that the Key can be jammed by a Gate Remote. This means that when you press the lock button & someone else is pressing the Gate Remote at the same time, it doesn’t lock.
    In March this year, My Cellphone was stolen from My Toyota Hi-lux B320AUD. I am told the same method could’ve been applied. I had wanted to report this to Your Company but I took it cool.
    Today 10th December 2018, P12600.00, an equivalence of 1000Euros was stolen from My Toyota Hi-lux B320AUD, I am reliably told that the same Gate Remote jamme could have been applied as there was no forced entry. I tried id Myself and yes it does jam the car locking system.
    What does Toyota do to improve their security system?

  8. mr.G.J.Winger Reply

    I took my 2006 Fortuner ,CF 200 673, for the airbag recall to Imperial Toyota Cape Gate. I noticed my passenger side airbag cover is loose and my vent control dont operate .It seems like someone loosened the dash board.I lock a complain to the service manager.She said only the driver side airbag they did replace.I ask if they have cctv cameras to see whose the culprit.She said after 10 days footing is remove. Acording to my knowledge everything can be recovered on the hard drive with a recovery program by IT. It is a matter of outmost importance.THANK YOU.

  9. Hi at Toyota,
    I thanks you for the best services and nice rendered to us toyota lovers. I would not choose another car not toyota.

    I have just got Toyota Rav4, 2017 model, my rear camera does not make warning sound when in reversing (for parking purposes). The screen shows well but no warning as I come closer to the object.

    What I can I do to activate this? or it is a mechanical issue?

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