Contact Tophatter: Find below customer service details of, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the auction site. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
292 Lambert Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306
United States
Phone: 888-502-5501

Customer Service
Phone: +1 650 251 4424 (general)
Email: [email protected] (general)

About Tophatter
Tophatter is a live auction platform that was established in the year 2011. There are more than 10 million shoppers on the website, which is one of the fastest auction site in the world. The 90 second auctions offers deals of up to 80% off on a wide range of categories that include jewelry, beauty, fashion and electronics. Tophatter app for iPhone and Android as well is available for download.

Backed by Silicon Valley venture capital firms, the Tophatter platform has a seller hub for those who want to sell their products. Payments for purchases can be made using Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards. You can track status of delivery on the My Orders section. On the website, you can see all the featured deals on the homepage. You can see the bid price, number of bids and if shipping is free or will be charged. If you are not satisfied with an item, you can return same for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Tophatter customer service.


  1. I am basically very happy with your top hatter site and quality. I can not get through on customer service and the page will not let me pay for Harry Potter necklace, when I go to item it will not come up. Also I need your help digital watch envelope cameo but no watch inside, package opened. Can you send another watch or give me credit to pay for Harry Potter necklace of $6. Thanks

  2. I purchased a tablet on for my six year old daughter. It lived exactly 65 days. There is no way it should have died that quick being used twice a week for a couple hours. Expensive junk, junk I tell you. I’ve asked for a refund. Lets see what they say. I’ll report back later.

  3. Barbara Peterson Reply

    I ordered 2 items equal to $10 free shipping…I checked my bank account the next day and you took out $186. Keep the crap I ordered and put my money back into my account..I will never be on your site again and will encourage others to do the same

  4. I am upset I cancelled two orders because it was my first time bidding, the site said money was refunded but it wasn’t and still hasn’t been. I thought this would be a fun sight to shop but never again, don’t like people playing with my money period.

  5. Lorren Binkley Reply

    I want to take this time to thank Tophatter for the refund on an item u bout and it was not delivered as said and Tophatter have a refund date and the refund came before the date Tipster is good at there word thanks so much as you can see I’ve been bidding on more things this kind of action will keep me coming back


    I have much activity to do with TopHatter but can not get into my account. The system won’t take “any” password and TopHatter will not provide a “temorary” password after two weeks of repeated requests I need to make contact with an agent to get these matters resolved. Will someone please answer this plea? Use on the internet or by landline no. 812-537-5541 to respond. Standing by

  7. Daniel Remy Reply

    Tophatter makes it quite difficult to Return Items. For a Disabled Veteran like me who is Homebound, it is nearly impossible. You MUST use their Return Label within 7 days or they expire and you have to pay for shipping EVEN if you have many days left within the 30 day Return Policy. I get sick and could not make the 7 Day on two Defective PC Tablets in a row.

    They will NOT re-issue another shipping label in ANY CASE!
    So the Return Policy is Further dependent on your being able to use it within the 7 days and then wait for the seller to acknowledge receipt. A 30 Day return should never be canceled for their Expiring Time Ticking Labels.

    Tophatter gets a good FLOAT on purchasers money and many probably give up and lose their money. What a racket!

    Disabled American War Veteran

  8. I have been block for using the app on my store and customer support said i have to log in with face book to access my account. By doing that it give me 2 accounts and now im blocked and can not get anyone to reply back from tophatter so i contacted customer support again and theres nothing they can do about it. I think this is a really kool site to buy and sell but they have a lot of problems with it along with there support team that cant fix any of the problems with the site. so why have a support team and you cant get the support from them. I also think its an overseas website and they can not maintain it correctly. Im gonna look into another way to sell and buy products.

  9. Your answer to my email is totally ridiculous!! You tell me I am to go door to door looking for my item which you have the correct address!! Then you go as far as saying look all over my house!! Idiot it’s a ring it would be on my finger!! Now you find out what happened to my item or give me my money back!! After reading all the negative remarks including the exact same thing that has happened to me. I WILL NEVER USE YOUR APP AGAIN!!! If I don’t get WEBSITE AGAIN!!! I WANT WHAT I PAID FOR!! OR I WILL GET IT BY OTHER MEANS THAT I AM SURE YOU DON’T WANT OVER AN $8 ITEM!!!

  10. I cancelled 2 times. Got 1 message saying I was banned for 7 days. Got another email saying I’m banned from bidding all I can do is Buy Now. I will never buy anything else from these people again. Well guess more money for me or another site
    Wish or Deal Dash. When you call there customer service number all you get is a recording saying that they are offline.

  11. William Bruckman Reply

    Order# 39036360 item apparently shipped to wrong address. I provided the correct address and filed a claim with post office(case #CA135543110). Looking to receive order bye Christmas. Thank you. I have emails and confirmations to prove that I had originally provided the correct info.

  12. Thomas L Smith Reply

    You state that if I am not satisfied I have 30 days to cancel. Well I am not satisfied so to save time do not send my item.I am sure you want all of your customers satisfied.

  13. Thomas L Smith Reply

    On October14th I won a bid for $9.00 and free shipping. When I went to pay they said I owed $9.00 and $25.00 shipping.That is not going to happen. Would some one look into this?

  14. I placed an order on August 24, and it’s October 1 today. It was supposed to be here by September 22, my account says that it has been delievered but I did not receive it yet. I’ve never had such problems ordering with other websites. I’m wondering why does it say delievered when I didn’t get it. I emailed and called the customer service with no response, I’m cancelling all my other orders (at least 5 more) within the next 2 days if nothing is done about this situation. My tracking number is CHINA-EMS LM577786471CN and my order number is #35569117.

  15. Dr. Peter R. Reply

    Tophatter totally sucks…I tried to return an inferior item costing $68 only to find out that return shipping to China including tracking cost $64. There seems to be no way of contacting them and I will NEVER use them again. Buyer beware!

  16. I ordered one bracelet & was offered a 2nd one which I refused, Now I see they are charging me double for
    two sets of 2 bracelets. I called customer service & they
    said my computer has a virus & someone in another country is charging on my account & preventing them from cancelling my order. What a scam. Have bought
    many item from them but never again. I’ve cancelled
    everything. Will call Better Business Bureau.

  17. Well folks, don’t hold your breath on getting any valid response from Tophatter! Everything is automated and all responses are boilerplate multiple choice! They keep canceling my orders when my credit cards haven’t been suspended because of too many low purchases, they block me from bidding because of too many cancellations which they made. It goes on and on! The first couple of days I enjoyed bidding on Tophatter, but between writing complaints to them or calling my credit card companies to let them know it’s me making the charges or to find out that they haven’t suspended my cards! Oy Vey! I give up! Buyer Beware: Any time you deal with a website when you can’t contact an actual person, that’s because they know they are shady or downright unethical! Read the reviews folks!

    • STEVE SOPER Reply

      Hello Colleen.. Wow this is exactly the same thing that has happened to me and i mean exactly. i went on and looked up bed sheet sets and instead of bidding i just went ahead and ordered a set paid for it and 20 min later i got an email saying my order was canceled and i would be refunded with in 3 to 7 business days so ok i thought well maybe that seller was having issues with there shipping or some thing so i picked another seller and ordered paid and poof the same thing happened so then my girlfriend tried and poof again same thing so then tophatter suspended my account for to many cancellations and i still have not received my money back were talking $80.00 bucks and i still have not got a response back from them… i am very angry about this…..

  18. Jerry Rucker Reply

    My order #30149719

    I received my order, but there was no instructions as to how to use the watch. I email, but got no reply.. i called the customer service line, but there was no one was available to take the call. This was my first purchase and will be my last.

  19. Jane coulliette Reply

    I seem to have a problem ordering anything. I have tried to order but keep getting told i have an unpaid order. The problem is i have tried to pay but it will not take. I now have have a problem getting into the system. I telling me my e-mail and password are wrong i need some to let me know what is going on. Please help. Jane

  20. I placed via Tophatter on 10th June and it has been returned to the sender by Chinese Customs according to the tracking number. Status it says delivered to me in Ireland on 12th June the same day as it was sent from China – pretty quick delivery and return – tracking number is …29156375.
    What is going on ? ? ?

  21. I am so upset , my dress first goes to the wrong address and province all together which I thank you for my credit so quickly and now the gift for my granddaughter has not come to me and I called my post office and they said there is no apt number on it when clearly I had my unit number of 504 . now what am I going to do . they don’t know if I can get the package because they think it was sent back to sender .That was a gift to my granddaughter and the other watch and ring set I have coming I fear won’t have my apartment number on it either. that is a gift for my sister Chantal, I just love your site so much and want to order so much more but wow this is terrible service. I have another watch and ring set coming and I am wondering what the problem will be with them . I have now changed my address to have my apartment number on the first line and I have added the buzz code to my building . Also the item is showing delivered on my account and that is untrue I have not received it. I am still waiting to hear from the post office if they sent it back or not . omg I just heard from the post office and they sent the package back due to not having my apartment number on the package and I know I put my apt number on the account on the second line which you can see on the account. This is so upsetting this was a gift for my granddaughter and now it is on its way back to you. and I am still upset about my dress being sent to newfoundland and did not receive it . I pray my next package gets to me and if not I will put in a complaint about my experience. I will except a full refund for the watch that is being returned as we speak .

  22. I order (3) items in one day. I received two of them and a week ago. The 3rd item has not be delivered.

    I’ve call the customer service phone number multiple times a day for a week and now and can’t get through to a live person to resolve my issue.

    Seeing that I haven’t recieved the item yet I’d like to get reimbursed. Please get in contact with me and let me know how to resolve this.



  23. Conchita Garcia Reply

    Help! I ordered the silver plated single row zircon ring sold by Towin on April 1, 2017 and I’ve not received it yet
    can you please tell me when it will be delivered.
    I’ve ordered numerous other items that were delivered within 10 days why so long for this particular item. Please let me know estimated time frame.
    Thank you. order details:# 24790575

  24. Janet Bownes Reply

    I am still waiting for a five piece face cleaning item, please can you look into this. At the time I ordered this I was giving quite a few other orders,. I cannot give you any more details, so I am hoping for honesty
    Many thanks
    Jan Bownes

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