Contact of Timex customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Timex: Find below customer service details of Timex watches, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for complaints or queries on Timex watches, online purchase, store locations, repair service or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers links and information on Timex services.

Timex Head Office (US)
Timex Group USA, Inc.
555 Christian Road
Middlebury, CT 06762, USA
Phone: 1-203-346-5000

Timex Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-448-4639
Email: [email protected]

By Post
1302 Pike Ave
North Little Rock, Ar. 72114

International Locations
Below are offices of Timex worldwide. Reach these numbers for queries on new products, repair or others.

Argentina: (54-223) 494-5575
Belgium: +33 (0)1 41 92 98 70
Brazil: 00 55 11 5507 3676
Canada: 905-477-8463
France: +33 (0)1 41 92 98 70
Germany: +49 (0)911-3091099
Hong Kong: +852-2740-7311
India: +91 0120-4741300
Mexico: +52 55 9153 46 00
Netherlands: 0031 75 647 4547
Qatar: 00 974 455 3160
Russia: +7 495 956 20 94
S.Africa: 00 27 21 419 6330
Spain: +3511 212 555 460
Turkey: + 90 212 528 13 71
UK: 0044(0) 20 86879620
UAE: 00 9714 353 1400


Timex Online Store
Click here to purchase Timex watches directly from the online store. Watches can be selected by color or features such as INDIGLO night-light, dive style, chronograph, outdoor instruments, among others. Besides men’s and women’s watches, there are also clocks and radios.

Purchases online can be made by American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Timex uses UPS Ground to handle the domestic shipping of its online orders. Most orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours of credit card approval. Timex offers a 30-day return policy.

Timex collections for men found on the store include Analog Chronograph, Automatic, Classics, Easy Reader, Perpetual Calendar, Retrogade, SL Series T Series, Times Originals, Timex Weekender, among others.

Store Locations
To locate a Timex store nearest to your address click here.

About Timex Corporation
timexTimex was founded as Waterbury Clock Company in the year 1854. It is today one of the largest watch makers in the world. Timex Group presently has a portfolio of 10 brands which are sold in more than 100 countries. Timex further has manufacturing and distribution in some 20 countries, including Mexico, UK, France, Italy, Poland, Philippines, China, Portugal and India.

Timex products are sold through a network of 50 distributors and 33,100 retail outlets. More than 75 percent of all Timex watches come with the INDIGLO night light which provides greater contrast between digital numbers and the display background.

The Timex Group companies include the Timex Business Unit (Timex, Timex Ironman, Opex, Nautica, Marc Ecko); Timex Group Luxury Watches (Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo); Sequel (Guess, Gc); and Vertime (Versace, Versus). The Dutch company currently employs close to 8,000 people worldwide.

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  1. Just bought Timex Expedition watch only to notice no manual or warranty information included with the watch. When did Timex decide to not include manual and warranty with product? What’s the purpose for not including with product?

  2. Ben enskaitis Reply

    Hi. I have been waiting more than 7 months to get my 8 year old sons watch back. Left numerous emails with customer service, paid all the fees. And still nothing. It was a brand new watch that was sent back for repairs, and I had to pay a service fee? When will we get the watch back???

  3. If you want a watch built by timex for timex and not the consumer then go ahead and buy one. After the appeal of the outer aesthetics have worn off you will begin to find they’re a pain. Beeper won’t shut off, plastic breaks, everytime you bump a button it starts doing something you didn’t want it to do but you don’t know how to change it and if you call the help center, well they close midafternoon so figure it out yourself.

  4. Kenny Graham Jr. Reply

    I want to mention the Timex Iron Man Data Link.

    The only problem it’s ever had is it is silent if you put the cover on upside down after changing the battery.

    And it should last longer if you put a stronger battery in it.

    By the way I’ve seen more than one lately on the WEB of this of watch .

    I’ve used Timex since I was a kid & it’s making me want to get away from Timex .

    Please bring the Timex Data Link Iron Man back !!

    Please don’t give out my email address to the public !!

    Giving it to someone with Timex is OK as long I’m constant sails junk mail list.

    Once every six months or more is OK.

  5. Jean Mooskin Reply

    I’ve owned several timex expedition watches over the years and every watch has kept good time but after about one year they all lost the night light function. At the age of 82 and much earlier I found it much helpful at night.

  6. mrs i. hanlon Reply

    i have timex cr2016 cell wr 50 stainless st. watch of which i think the battery is fading as the indigo light will not show up, it was purchased at argos some time ago, they refuse to advise on the battery use. where do i get a new battery from or do i have to get a replacement watch as i have no complaints about the watch. thankin you.

    • mrs i. hanlon Reply

      i have timex cr2016 cell wr 50 stainless st. watch of which i think the battery is fading as the indigo light will not show up, it was purchased at argos some time ago, they refuse to advise on the battery use. where do i get a new battery from or do i have to get a replacement watch as i have no complaints about the watch. thankin you.

      • The battery is the CR2016, available at most jewelers or electronic stores. Any battery kiosk in a mall or most jewelers should be able to swap it out for you.

  7. Celestino Nunez Reply

    Hi there,

    I’m writing this letter to express my disappointment to the product I purchased from you guys, here in my country the Philippines. I had my Timex expedition watch for nearly 5 years now. To tell you, I look good when it’s on my wrist and I enjoy wearing it so much. As much as I would want to wear it every day, I prefer not to because I’m worried about wear and tear. I decided to wear my beloved watch only once a week, I have 6 other watches to use anyway even though it is my favorite among them. After 2 years the unexpected came, the rubber strap broke apart. I found it hard to accept that the strap did not last long while my 6 less favorite watches that I own for a long time did not have any strap issues. I know for sure time will come, but it’s just too early for my Timex which I really did not expect at all. I spent 1000 pesos for the pair which to me is fair enough, fine, had to move on, happy though that my beloved watch is now ok. A year later, here comes another problem and this time the case, it had cracks and you couldn’t do anything likewise with the straps but to call your customer service to ask for replacement. It cost me 2000 pesos for the case, now it looks brand new and I can’t stop but stare at it, thinking of not wearing it anymore. Another year gone by, and boy it’s the strap again. I had to pay 1000 pesos more and really I’m not good in math but I believe that 4000 pesos is 50 % of what I paid to own it at the time.
    Perhaps my Timex watch is not my favorite anymore. I would rather throw it in the bin than to spend another 3 or 4000 pesos in the next coming years.
    When we say “Expedition” we think of something adventure, out in the wild, rugged terrain, all sorts of weather or anything that we imagine that would best describe the subject. I can conclude that I seriously don’t see the quality in the materials used. The strap should at least last 4 years, the case I would say about 5 years but of course we always consider wear and tear.
    Going back to my 6 other watches, yes they maybe are ugly but they are as durable, as tough as bulldozer tires.

    “Looks can be deceiving”

    Thank you.


    Truly yours,


  8. John H. Ipson III Reply

    Purchased my ironman GPS watch 6/10/2012. The plastic prongs that hold the band rod broke. Looks like a design or manufacturing flaw. The down load and charging connection has become very hard to use. It is necessary to put high pressure on the attaching clamp to get it to work. I called service and was told that this watch is no longer manufactured and returning the watch would only result in the defective watch being returned to me. I looked on Amazon and a newer model seems to be for sale. Does it have the same problems?

  9. clive cotterell Reply

    Good day,please can you give me a number for your service centre in South Africa.The number on your website seems to be unmanned and is not answered.(00 27 21 419 6330).Many thanks.

  10. I live in Durban, South Africa.

    My Timex watch strap is breaking, where can I get this replaced

  11. Quinton Selby Reply

    i am very appalled by the lack of urgency by your South African office. I have only had timex watches and me latest watch that i had for just on a year the strap broke so i took it back to the store that i bought it from and there i was informed that it could be fixed so it was sent off for repairs, it has now been 3 months and every time i go back to the store they tell me that they are getting now joy from your company please do something.

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