Contact Tim Hortons: Find below customer service details of Tim Hortons, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Tim Hortons Inc
874 Sinclair Rd Oakville,
ON L6K 2Y1, Canada

Customer Service
Phone: 888-601-1616 (corporate)
Email: [email protected] (app support)

About Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee chain founded in the year 1964. Also known as Timmys and Tims, the restaurant chain operates in over 4,600 locations spread across Canada, Ireland, UK, US, Qatar, Mexico, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. The brand is part of Restaurant Brands International, which also operates Popeyes and Burger King. Restaurant Brands is one of the world’s largest quick service restaurant companies.

Locate a Tim’s nearest to your address on the website. You can search for a Tim Hortons store by city or zip code. Access the menu as well on the homepage. Under coffee, you have original blend, dark roast coffee, decaf, latte, french vanilla, cafe mocha, cappuccino, iced coffee and iced capp. Other items on menu include hot chocolate, speciality tea, sandwich, bagel, grilled wraps, oatmeal, fresh salads, wedges, donuts and muffins.

If you are a regular Tim Hortons customer, register for TimCard, a reloadable cash card that you can use to pay for purchases at Tim Hortons restaurants. TimCard holders also get access to exclusive offers at stores. Members can login to their account online to check balance or add cash. The card can be used in both Canada and the US. Download the Tim Hortons smartphone app for iOS and Android to select and customize your favorite food and drinks. You can choose your preferred Tim Hortons location and pay from the app. If you are looking for franchising opportunities, you can find details of the process, the minimum financial requirements and others on the website. For more information or queries on restaurant locations, online order, TimCard, or others, reach the Tim Hortons support.

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  1. Melissa Brown Reply

    Hi. I would like to suggest that, in this day and age of dietary needs, that more of your stores (read: all) stock a non-dairy alternative for milk/cream. I live in Nova Scotia and I know of 2 stores that do this: Fall River and Truro. I have been all over the province playing golf and those are the only two THAT I KNOW OF, to offer Soy milk. This should be standard in all your stores with the number of people today that suffer from dietary and digestive disorders. Not everyone enjoys black coffee or tea and it might do wonders for the claims of ‘healthy alternatives’ that restaurants/coffee shops are making today.

    Just a thought
    Melissa Brown

  2. christopher huggins Reply

    I find customer service at Tim Horton’s extremely poor and racist especially with Muslim staff. they should be fired as well as any other non visible minority staff. these kinds of people with racist attitude should be put in jail or kicked out of the country. racist people should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. they should have a job when dealing with the general public if they cannot respect visible minority. they think that all black men are criminals , uneducated and on welfare. I am a black police officer and I think that the government should review customer service in the public and private sector and give people like my financial compensation with an apology and justice.

  3. André Brisson Reply

    hi My name is André Brisson. I from Québec, in the South-west of Montréal area.

    I just got your app and the minute I used it I got charge 2x. one was my order taken in Ormstown the 15 of may 2018(Invoice the 16 of may) for 28.91 and a second one the the 16 from Oakville for 30 dollars. I’ve never been there and it is 6-7 hrs appart. I also got 3 others charge at 0$ from Oakville again the 15-16 and 18 of may. I’m wondering if your app is Ok cause it only happen the second I downloaded your app. I was using visa card. I did buy the 18 with master card but I don’t know yet if it did the same thing.

    How do I get refunded?

  4. Norman Couillard Reply

    Where are the donuts???
    I visited THREE restaurants last night (05-05-18 at 22:30) to purchase a dozen donuts. For the third time in recent weeks none of the donuts my family favor were available. Very disappointed!
    I visited the following restaurants:
    – on Boul. Brien
    – on Iberville and Notre-Dame
    – on Boul. Industriel. CLOSED

    Similar to baseball, this was my third out with Tim Hortons. I may be only one customer but I’m certain others will follow after being frustrated because donuts are not available.

    I anticipate my comments will be lost somewhere in the chain of command but I felt obligated to inform you of my dissatisfaction.

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