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Find below the customer service details of The Weather Channel. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

The Weather Channel
300 Interstate North Pkwy SE,
Atlanta, GA 30339

Customer Service
Phone: 770 226 0000 (corporate)
Email: [email protected] (Android app support)
Web: Support


About The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a cable and satellite television channel that broadcasts weather-related news. Be it forecasts, analyses, weather-related documentaries, and other entertainment programming revolving around weather, the channel presents it all! It is a pay television channel, which means users have to purchase a paid subscription to enjoy the channel. Owned by the Weather Group, LLC, The Weather Channel was launched in the year 1982. As of September 2018, it was estimated that around 79 million households had subscribed to the channel in the US. A number which keeps increasing constantly. The Weather Company, which was the previous owner, is a big name in satellite radio, newspapers, websites, and applications. The Weather Channel has weather stations across major universities around the globe. Few examples being The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California in the US, the University of Oxford and Lancaster University in the UK, and the International space station. Apart from broadcasting weather-related information on television, The Weather Channel runs multiple websites across the globe to keep the public constantly updated on local weather. It operates websites targeting viewers across Latin America, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

One can simply log on to the website of TWC to get a very detailed overview of the weather in an area. You can search your city by typing a name into the search tab or by typing in the pin code of your area. You can get hourly, 10-day, weekend, and monthly updates from the website. Not only this, the folks at The Weather Channel ensure that their website is updated with the latest news at all hours. From trending news to top videos, The Weather Channel showcases it all. Other facts and figures related to the quality of air, allergens, and science behind many weather-related phenomena, can be accessed on the website. For its exemplary work in the field, The Weather Channel has been felicitated several times. In 2019, the channel was awarded an Emmy for its outstanding science, medical or environmental reporting. In the same month, the channel was also awarded the Fast Company’s Innovation by Design award. The channel was also listed in the Morning Consult’s ‘Most loved brands in America’.

The Weather Channel has strong presence on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also access the radar and weather map of any area through the official website. You can use their Satellite layers option to view the maps in various settings. It is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated websites out there. It allows users to play with multiple settings and options so that they can garner relevant information. If you want to get in touch with the channel for any complaint or feedback, you can reach out to the assistance team via the contact form available on the website.

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  1. The weather channel is not giving weather. It seems to be showing storm stories or what they are calling it. Salvage boats or planes. Once in a while maybe but today all day long. Nothing about weather, I just signed up for weather channel at a cost and can’t see the local weather or potential storms coming in. Not a happy customer.

  2. Have also watched the weather channel as my go to weather info, until this last week. Three different times we were having sever storms in south east Ohio. Watching the weather channel to stay updated about the storms. Right in the middle of the storm, the weather channel stopped storm watch and went to another unrelated program. During sever weather, be nice to watch it on the weather channel.

  3. We live in Conroe, Texas and no longer get the Weather Channel..bad news for us! We have Consolidated Communications and were told the Weather Channel is no longer in our area! Now The Weather Channel is on again channel 178, but it is NOT LOCAL for Conroe,TX anywhere on the screen of my TV.

  4. John Allen Reply

    I have watched the Weather Channel since it first came on the air and have always been a loyal viewer until recently. I WANT THE WEATHER! Not all these stories about environmental change and fish! They need to at least put a 24hr radar PIP on the screen especially when there is a supercell nearby and all I get is some b.s. leftist feel good story. My loyal viewership is waning rapidly.

  5. The Weather Channel is sadly no longer the go to place for current weather. Nothing but information you could care the less for. You should change your name. I was curious about stormy weather forecasted for my area, Saw through 5 minutes of commercials, then talking about airplanes. What is highway through hell and deep water salvage, top ten storms, weather disasters, worst tornadoes. Where’s the weather?
    I’ll get blown away waiting to any weather information from you. Had to turn to Weather Nation channel and had my forecast right away.

  6. I watch the Weather Channel from occasionally to frequently. I am wondering why you rarely cover the weather that is happening in the Pacific Northwest. It seems that you focus on the plains state, the midwest, the north and southeast but the Pac NW appears to be ignored. It has been my understanding that much of the weather that occurs in the areas that you focus on actually originate in the Pacific Northwest. I realize the importance of alerting those who live in the areas that you focus on particularly during tornado and hurricane season but of the numerous hours that you are on TV, you repeat weather that is happening over and over again of those areas. But the Pac NW has severe weather too yet it is seldom mentioned.

  7. Beside the north west you are terrible with the Mid-Atlantic! I’m a 40 year mariner and can predict the weather 36 hours, but you can’t in 6 hours…figure it out. I teach only listen to you active weather not forecast. Do your own. You are only 38% correct in the mid-atlantic.

  8. I’ve been wondering why Vivian Brown is never mentioned in the 40 year celebration. She was a wonderful meteorologist and one of the earliest women on TWC. I remember her fondly as a teen watching TWC with my dad. I tribute my great geography skills to watching weather maps! Keep up the good work.

    • Adam Vicinus Reply

      I was checking my local weather here in Utah on my phone (TWC app) and they ask a question general question (like a poll) with multiple choice answers. Todays poll asked “ they say spring is like love is the air” and what do we think? That’s a typo and not the actually saying. It is “ love is IN the air” …..please correct it!

  9. I was wondering if the weather channel actually knows there is a lot of weather that goes on in the pacific northwest!! The west gets mentioned once in a while… there a reason for this? How about equal time

  10. We live in Montgomery, Texas and no longer get the Weather Channel..bad news for us! We have Consolidated Communications and were told the Weather Channel is no longer in our area! Again bad news! Now we have some thing from Pennsylvania that gives us NO local weather…more bad news!

  11. The Local on the 8’s weather for our area has changed from Hickory, NC to Spartanburg, SC. Why was this done? We live in Northwestern NC, this weather information is useless to us. Spectrum, our service provider, said that The Weather Channel makes the decision about what city to use. We do not need weather information for Spartanburg, located over 100 miles from us. Why are these changes being made.?

  12. Am turning off the Weather Channel on DirecTV and deleting the app after being accosted by an obnoxious and non-factual anti-Biden political ad that ranked on the level of a Veg-O-matic commercial. Don’t need this crap when I’m trying to get good weather information. Anxious enough with these bad storms without having to listen to poorly produced commercials.

  13. Wes Blackwell Reply

    How much longer are your “Reporters” going to be doing broadcasts from their bedrooms? Here where the WC is located the COVID levels are minimal. My office is a mile away from yours and we’ve been going in since last June with no problem. It continues the channel’s push of sensationalism the channel promotes on a daily basis. We see what you are doing and it stinks!

  14. Recently the weather channel has changed the format of their “local on the 8’s”. It no longer shows what to expect locally. This leaves me no reason to put it on the television…

    • I’ve tried unsuccessfully to reach Weather Channel to alert them that the scroll bar isn’t showing local information like it always has. It’s showing National stats like they do in the early AM. Is this a new format? Is anyone else experiencing this. I live in Tennessee and we have severe storms possible for tonight. If this is a permanent change, I will not be watching this channel anymore.

  15. Jan and Steve Reply

    Just wanted to say Thanks and Happy 40th Anniversary. Every morning when we get up we get our cup of coffee and then tune in to the Weather Channel. It’s our “go-to” place when we start planning our day, and gives us good information while we travel too. Living in central Illinois we don’t always see a lot mentioned about our own weather issues all the time, but that’s usually because we don’t have a lot of issues. (I guess that’s good. LOL) But we still appreciate how you cover the country and watch out for us. We enjoy the science and snippets about weather effects too. And even watch some of the series the channel offers. Keep up the good work. These two old fogeys really appreciate your hard work.

    PS: I for one envy your opportunities to do the storm chasing. Always wanted to experience doing that. (Steve not so thrilled about the idea though. LOL)

  16. I think you guys need another kick in the butt to remind you that there actually is weather on the West Coast. Mostly we get mentioned for ‘where the storm came from that’s affecting the east in the south now’ !
    It would be interesting to do some research into how often the states of Oregon Idaho Nevada etc. are mentioned. I find myself watching less and less because I can just find all that stuff on my local weather. Get it together guys and gals.

  17. Today I opened weather app as always and there is a video ad for alcoholic beverages. Unable to stop it. At the bottom of the screen also popped up a gambling lottery thing. I find that offensive.

  18. The non-stop drum beat of global warming is over the top. Trying to shame people into not buying roses for Valentine’s Day? Really? What about those folks in Latin America that depend on that income that the wonderful world of international commerce has given them. But it didn’t stop there. Next was shaming N American growers and how bad green house flowers are for CO2 emmisions. Give me a break. So the message is, don’t buy flowers. Instead write a letter and don’t you dare mail it, hand deliver it by walking.

  19. “Forecasted” is a sloppy mistake. The word is “forecast,” in both the present and past tenses. Please resume correct English immediately.

  20. Look at the time of day and your potential audience. I have no problem telling those in the East what to expect at 0-dark early EST but why do you keep harping on those stories and ignoring the West after 10:00 EST. For those of us in the West, we want to plan our day too so why not include more Mountain/Pacific time zone specific information for us at 6-10 PST. That is already 9-10 EST and those folks in the East are no longer watching TV!

  21. Laura Brown Reply

    I live in Indiana. We are waiting for a big storm that will hit tonight 2/1/2022. There is very little coverage for us or surrounding states. The weather channel seems to talk about the west and south and east coast just skips over us. I used to watch the weather channel all the time for updates now I rarely turn it on because it doesn’t mention us. What’s up with that? There are people living here too. Wise up weather channel. Keep us informed before people stop watching also. We are expecting some bad weather and what they are talking about is Atlantic snow storms and what causes them? I just don’t understand??? Guess I’ll find another way to watch for storms.

  22. There is NEVER an encouraging or light-hearted headline in your drama-filled headlines. Nothing exciting to look forward to (like yesterday’s asteroid) without your doom-and-gloom spin. But maybe you’re living under a rock. Mental health issues are skyrocketing, people need to take pleasure in seeing the sun, buying a telescope and looking at an interesting asteroid. You like words like catastrophic.

  23. How about the west??? Can you spend a minute to give us a long range forecast for the west? Some of us travel and we would like to be able to plan our trips! Stop the drama and get back to actual weather forecasting, please.

  24. What is wrong with the west coast??? I feel like the forgotten stepchild out here!!! I have watched the TV Weather Channel and have the app on my phone too and it is always “ That big storm the came in on the West Coast is going to cause so much damage in the Midwest and the East Coast! Let’s look at what it will do in those two areas!” We get a minute or two and then it is all mid Atlantic information!!
    We are watching but maybe not for much longer. I can get more from NOAA!!

  25. We want less drama and fewer stupid comments from hosts and “so called” comedians on Weird Weather and Weather Gone Viral. The most insulting to your viewers are your lectures about how you are “scientists” or “experts” with the latest scientific equipment – which means that you do precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. As if we are too dumb to look up at the sky and predict the weather with the about same accuracy as you guys. One last thing – when is the sky going to stop falling? According to Ari Sarsalari we should all be dead by now. You know, the climate climate change catastrophe. I am surprised he hasn’t advocated the extermination of the entire human race to save the planet. Apparently the earth has never had climate change before but thankfully, the “scientists” at the Weather Channel know just how to control the weather. Get rid of humans and dead dinosaurs. Why not forget the drama and provide something useful – like historical data on precipitation, wind, temperatures, humidity etc. . You could do averages for a given zip code, this year vs last year, a compilation of weather events for the past 12 months, 24 months, your call. All based on location. Anyway, keep up the good work. Your forecasts for yesterday’s weather is nearly 100% accurate. Good job!

  26. We have noticed that almost all weather reporting is more about East coast and east of Michigan. This is ridiculous. We have watched weather Channel for years and this is definitely getting worse. We are no longer going to watch because we get pretty much nothing about our area.

  27. Enough of the negativity with your news headlines. It’s always disaster, gloom and doom. There are plenty of positive things to report on especially during this terrible time our country and the world is going through. It’s truly a shame that someone in charge at The Weather Channel can’t see the direction your reporting is taking you!

  28. It is totally irresponsible for The Weather Channel to allow the reporters in the field to stand out in the open dramatizing the storm. I am sure there are people watching thinking “that looks like fun and challenging I am going out to do that!” . The can stay in the lee of a building and give the viewers enough to show them how dangerous it is to be outside in an event.

  29. I have been watching The Weather Channel since it first aired on tv. It used to be the one place to go to when tuning in the weather for my area and around the country. It has now, unfortunately, become a place where drama has replaced good weather reporting. I am speaking primarily of your field reporters, not that there aren’t “drama” people in the studio reporting. Your worst in field reporter, to date, is Justin Michaels. He goes out there like he’s creating a disaster film or documentary and goes on endlessly… no matter where he is reporting from or what reason he’s there reporting… with all this drama and essentially exploits the grief and destruction in our faces. You need to pull him and send him back to meteorological school and teach him the proper way of weather reporting. He’s going to show up doing his doom and gloom reporting that he does somewhere, someday, and someone’s going to punch his clock.

    • Let me share my interaction with the Weather Channel regarding the lack of coverage in Houma, Louisiana where Hurricane Ida had her bullseye since she formed in the Caribbean.
      I was told that Houma was surrounded by marsh, therefore less chance for loss of life, catastrophic power loss, less speedy payout by the government. It’s all on The Weather Channel Facebook page!

      • I agree totally ! There is way to much ( influencing ) politically and other wise as far as I’m concerned. Why all the Posts about communist China and their weather and so called disaster issues, yet they overlook ALL the pertinent news worthy weather issues of our country here in US.

  30. I wanted to watch your coverage today of Henri but couldn’t watch for long. I tried, but every 2 and a half minutes (I actually timed it in disbelief) a LOUD voiceover keeps breaking in to tell me there’s a flood watch in my area. That message, by the way, is already in a red box at the bottom of the screen. This loud voiceover cuts off what I’m trying to listen to IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE. What genius decided it’s a good idea to interrupt your coverage SO OFTEN with a message that’s already on the screen?? What a shame I can’t watch your coverage. Unbelievable.

  31. Why is it that NOBODY ever discuss the particle matter that gets into the atmosphere ie volcano erupting, earthquakes and fires. All these can get into the particles can change the weather pattern by blocking the sun rays. I am not a scientist but it is never mentioned. It is always humans fault. Please explain how they are going to stop hurricanes from forming off the African coast ???. How you going to stop a volcano from erupting?. How are you going to stop lightning from hitting a tree???. It is all about the $$$$$.

  32. Kris Lindner Reply

    Keep in mind that your Channel seems to focus on the “doom and gloom” in your stories. Really not what we always need to hear when we want notifications about severe weather and NOT depressing news!

  33. Sad that you had three very good and compatible meteorologists on in the morning and then you changed them. Jen. C. Is gone and the replacements are not of the same caliber.
    Bad decision so we need to find an alternative to your channel. This makes no difference to your large corporation but at least we can express our opinion.

  34. Used to watch ALL THE TIME. Now I choose to watch channels that talk about JUST the current weather – not a bunch of unnecessary editorializing about weather and how ‘climate change’ affects it. Of course, the two are connected – only idiots don’t know that. But, of course, you think we ARE idiots, don’t you? Anyway, don’t need to be preached at – just need to know the weather and your channel is no longer the GO TO for that information.

  35. Robin A McGee Reply

    Disappointed in the Elsa reporting. Rather see live reporting from locations. Seems there are very few meteorologists in field like there used to be. I can see what is shown now on You Tube.

  36. Edward L Terres Reply

    I watch the weather channel everyday when I’m at work at the shop and again I noticed there’s more storms in upper Michigan and he points out a smaller one in Minnesota and doesn’t talk about what’s going on in upper Michigan it seems to happen a lot just curious why the up isn’t covered as much

  37. Why is the term ‘squall line’ not heard very much, if at all, by meteorologists on TV weather reports, such as yours? In the past, it was heard quite frequently in the vernacular, if there was any severe rain storms in a forecast?

    • Kim Dirnbeck Reply

      I’m disappointed in the fact that the local on the 8’s isn’t always shown. At times there are what I would call “documentaries” or reality TV shows on instead. The last few days the “local” weather is nationwide forecasts. I live in a very small town in Pennsylvania and we definitely don’t make the cut as far as nationwide! It seems today news, all news, isn’t about reporting on current events but doing whatever is takes to get ratings.

  38. You say there is going to be severe weather in my area but I cannot access the video unless I subscribe. So protecting the public from dangerous conditions is no longer your mission! Sad.

  39. I recently went on the weather channel on TV and it looked different. I will be attaching a file on how it looked. It used to have the light blue bottom showing the weather for your area and on the right side of the screen, it would show sunrise, air quality, airport delays, and more! This was very helpful and I loved it. I would go on everyday and check everything. I went on The Weather Channel today and the button was very short and me having bad eyes I couldn’t make out what it was saying. The very helpful information on the right of the screen was gone. I would love it if you guys could bring this back! Thank you guys very much!

  40. I have been watching the weather channel for many years. It was once, the place to view and 1st choice when tuning in the weather. It has unfortunately become a place where drama has replaced just good weather reporting. The dramatic emphasis on theatrics is terrible. The cast of characters, especially the AMHQ crew is ridiculous, although load stressed syllables and theatrics are not just found on the morning segment, it’s is found throughout the programs. Your programs make “mountains out of mole hills” and attempt to dramatize everything from light rain to hurricanes.

  41. Is there a way for we-the-users of the weather channel ‘local’ feature, to access and then save international state/county/municipal/regional areas in our favorites window. I am a frequent traveler and would like to be able to use the TV app, vs. having to pull out the old phone or laptop and wait for a signal etc. Just more convenient and a little quicker.

  42. Please get rid of the computer voice over that “reads” the alerts that crawl at the bottom of the screen. It gets in the way of getting actual important information as well as making otherwise interesting original programming impossible to enjoy . If you think it is essential, at least get better tech. The voice is exactly the same at the phone calls we get telling us our Amazon or Microsoft accounts have been suspended

  43. It is extremely frustrating to have your automated emergency message constantly playing over your actual storm forecast or coverage. This has essentially made the channel worthless because we can never hear the forecasts and storm coverage due to the emergency voice over.

    • It’s Tuesday evening, Feb 1st and I am watching the Weather Channel’s coverage of the impending winter storm. I live in Springfield, IL, the CAPITOL OF ILLINOIS. And yet , Springfield isn’t mentioned. I don’t think it ever is. This evening you went from St Louis to Peoria to Chicago. Actually Peoria had been mentioned several times and I believe Springfield has a higher population than Peoria. Just wondered why we are left out.

  44. I have watched this channel for years. You always skip or never mention Missouri in your forecast. More specifically St Louis and southeast. Always wondered why. No it has been this way for years.

  45. Notice at the bottom of the screen for weather information on my city near me. It always says Saint Petersburg and I always think of Saint Petersburg Russia. Ours is spelled St.Petersburg, Fl.

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