Contact of The Brick, Canada customer service

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Contact The Brick: Find below customer service details of The Brick, Canada, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the Canadian retailer. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
16930 114 Avenue NW,
Edmonton, AB T5M 3S2

Customer Service
Phone: 1-888-933-8786 (assembly team)
Phone: 1-866-508-7766 (complaints)
Email: [email protected]

About The Brick
The Brick is a retailer of furniture with more than 230 stores across Canada. Established in the year 1971, The Brick is owned and operated by Leon’s. It not only sells high quality furniture, but also appliances and home electronics. Founded by Bill Comrie, The Brick network includes stores operated by the company and also those operating as franchise. The stores are mostly located around Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Mantioba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and the Northwest Territories. Headquartered at Edmonton, Alberta, The Brick’s subsidiaries include The Brick Mattress Store, The Brick Super Store and The Brick Outlet. Other associate brands include First Oceans, MidNorthern Appliance, and TransGlobal Service.

Locate nearest outlet to your address using the Store Locator on The Brick website. Most stores are open from 9am to 9pm. The details on the website will show you the address along with timings. Additionally, explore the catalog online and know all the products you can find at the stores. Subscribe to newsletter to keep track of new launches, discounts and much more. Enjoy Internet shopping? Head to the estore where you can purchase from a wide range of categories. You can look up for products by keyword, brand or through the categories. The main categories include sofas, chairs, dining sets, beds, TV stands, office furniture, mattresses, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, air conditioners, small appliances, decor and accessories, among others.

Love discounts? The Sale section is just for you. Shoppers will find discounts from 30% to 50% off retail price. You can find tempting deals on sofas, recliners, beds and much more. On each product page, you have detailed description, along with price, specifications and high quality pictures showing the product from different angles. Purchases on the website can be made using Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. There are multiple shipping options revealed during checkout. The cost and timeframe depends on the item and shipping method. If you received a damaged or defective product, reach The Brick support for replacement or cancellation. The return policies vary according to product type. Home electronics come with a seven day return policy.

In any case most products sold at The Brick carry a one-year manufacturer warranty against defects. Additionally, you can also purchase comprehensive warranty plans for extra protection. There are a number of warranties and protection plans for appliances, electronics, and furniture. You can get more details under the Warranties section. If you need financing for purchasing your favourite mattress or sofa sectional, The Brick allows you to apply for exclusive financing for same. And after delivery, if you need help with installation or assembly, The Brick will send their authorised and license professionals for same. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, financing, warranty, shipping, career, or others, reach The Brick support.

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  1. I also am not pleased with The Brick. I paid for a mattress pad and mattress set from the Kingston ,Ontario store. The mattress was delivered minus the pad, my friend that was present did not realize the pad should have been included. I arranged a 2nd delivery date (taking time off work ) , the delivery did not happen and I was not contacted at all. I finally reached the store the next day and was told that the delivery truck could not find my house(same house as the first delivery). The store obviously knew the pad was not delivered the first time.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to follow this up with the Brick at that time due to a health emergency that took me a year to recover to a functioning level.
    The Brick in Kingston, Ontario is now saying that they will not refund or deliver the mattress pad that I already for.

    Cheri G

  2. There is obviously a consistent issue with delivery and customer service pertaining to the “brick”. I have had the same experience as all the previous posters wherein there are false promises for delivery and then an absolute blackout when trying to obtain a follow up conversation. We are in a situation where we purchased the most premium washer/dryer available due to to promised delivery date. I called to confirm and the promised date was reconfirmed. When we did not receive our paid for product I waited another week before calling to follow up. Considering these trying times I have a small tolerance for anomalies however i also expect an honest answer from a company of this size. I was told it would be delivered in about a month. It has now been more then 1-1/2 months past our promised delivery date and after multiply messages I have yet to be contacted.
    ….with due respect to retail and the consumer what are my choices…it seems that if I do not receive a response tomorrow during the working day that I may have to begin legal action
    Why this is ever necessary I do not know. Basic customer service should be a standard and communication is the least a company should uphold.
    Viewing all of the previous posts and having conversations with people in my circle they all have an experience outlining the same details. False promises and then an irresponsible ethic for follow up or even basic communication.
    We are at a point wherein our washer and dryer have broken before the last date we expected to see the new extravagant replacements. It is 1-1/2 months where we are hand washing our clothes. Yes first world problems but a sure sign of a horrible business.
    I made decisions countering the advice of those that have experienced the absolute disregard for the customer and all I can say is that “listen before you leap”.
    I’m expecting a call tomorrow for the multiple messages I left last week but otherwise I suppose legal is the answer.

  3. David Sutherland Reply

    So me and my wife bought a sectional sofa and coffee table in November at the brick in penticton.We were told it would take 2 -3 weeks. After that time had passed we had to go into the store to find out that our sofa would e ready in sections starting on December 30th for 2 of them, and potentially end of February or March for the other 2. Neither my salesperson or store manager would inform me of this. When confronted about the delay and lack of communication, the store manager tried to bill me for 2 separate delivers and asked me if I knew about “f**king Covid”. Absolutely appaled and their so called customer service. They need to inform and treat customers significantly better. Even during Covid I’ve ordered things from other furniture stores and had it delivered in less than half that time.

  4. Karle Sarault Reply

    HI, I purchased a sectional sofa on September 19th 2020 and to this day have not heard back from the salesperson. My friend and his wife purchased the same sectional on the same day and have received their order in full in December. I was told by his sale agent that he went in the system and made sure the items where designated to his clients and this is why they had received their sectional before I even got mine.

    I called last week to speak to someone and still no call back. Very frustrated customer and even more frustrated that the employees at the brick don’t care about their clients only the money they make on the sales they do. I have made many purchases at the brick before but this experience has closed my willingness to purchase from the brick ever again. I thinks it’s a bad thing that you cannot speak to head office and no way of contacting anyone that could help me received my purchase. Next action for me is calling better business bureau and issuing a formal complaint in order for others to think twice before buying from the brick.

    Very frustrated and unsatisfied client.

  5. I was delivered a bedroom set for my daughter with the burrow of 8 drawers completely in pieces in the box. I sent a lot of pictures to the store. I made my purchase November 28 2020. I had the set delivered Jan 5th 2021. I was told the delivery for the exchange would happen on January 22nd. I didnt get a call from the brick for the time ( 3 hours bracket ) they would be coming. so i called the store back ( Boisbriand quebec ) to be told there is no delivery. I was misinformed. The woman was so impolite and really sounds like she hates her job. Its really unfortunate to be treated this way.

  6. Anne Goguen Reply

    We purchased a recliner sofa and recliner chair from the Brick, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. in August 2020. The delivery came in October, 2020. The chair was defective and the seat area dropped through the chair in 4 days after delivery. We contacted the store and they agreed to order a new chair. AFTER MANY DELIVERY DATE CHANGES AND PHONE CALLS WE MADE TO THEM…we are still waiting for delivery this Jan. 16th, 2021 .The chair has been in the store since Jan 4th…. but they say they only deliver where we live… 35 mikes away . on Fridays and their truck was full so they would not deliver it the following Friday. They then promised it on Jan 15th, Friday… AND….. it did not arrive ..after we stayed home all day waiting I called them at 4pm… their truck broke down … no phone call, nothing !!!!! . Obviously customers time and jobs are not as important as the Bricks!!! We still do not have the replacement chair today!!! This is the worst customer service we have ever had…. sure take your money ..all smiley !!!! We will not be buying anything from The Brick in the future …. poor customer service and totally unconcerned for the customers they took the money from..once they have your money …well you are on your own …. in hoping you get the product! Our rating for the Brick is ZERO… poor service , poor products, poor management

  7. We ordered a sofa set on sale in October which was in stock, then got an email a couple of weeks later saying there was a delay because of CoVid (I guess CoVid is the excuse for everything now) so it would be December 4th. Now it’s delayed to February!!! What are you people doing, no phone calls, just an email, no offer to change it to another set in stock, nothing, not even an offer to refund our money. We did see another set we liked at Leon’s that we could have had delivered in 3 days back then, there’s 5 other furniture stores I’m sure would love to sell us a sofa before January. We will not be shopping with the Brick again and that’s pathetic considering that most of the house is furnished from there

  8. Lydia picca Reply

    I went to The Brick located on Oakwood Dr in Niagara Falls Ontario this morning around 10:15 am , no one helped myself or another customer which was ahead of me ,we were both looking for a mattress. The lady ahead of me ended up walking out saying she wasn’t waiting around. As myself and my husband walked around the store finally a male salesperson asked if he could help me. I told him i would like to look at the sealy mattress that is going on sale for 549.00 on the 23rd he replied that they are not given flyers so he could not show me this mattress and there are a lot of sealy mattresses. I told him if i could see it i would order it on line. He again said he did not know which one it was. He then walked away. Terrible customer service. I then went across the parking lot to sleep country and purchased a mattress. Too bad i really like dealing with the brick but obviously your employees couldn’t care less.

    • Donna James Reply

      I have experienced the same thing. Ordered an electric chair & sofa early January, and was told it would be here mid Feb. Went in today only to be told it will now be mid April. I said I would gladly take the floor model. Guess what — he has just sold it to someone else. So I want my money back, but “sorry we don’t do that” What the heck is going on with the Brick. They now have another very unsatisfied customer

  9. Can you explain your warranty policies please? Example: how long do I have to choose another mattress? I was told I have only 1 month by a local store, is this in fact true. Also, I was told that this particular mattress is no longer available, as they change styles every 2 years. We purchased the mattress in 2008.

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