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Contact The Brick: Find below customer service details of The Brick, Canada, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the Canadian retailer. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
16930 114 Avenue NW,
Edmonton, AB T5M 3S2

Customer Service
Phone: 1-888-933-8786 (assembly team)
Phone: 1-866-508-7766 (complaints)
Email: [email protected]

About The Brick
The Brick is a retailer of furniture with more than 230 stores across Canada. Established in the year 1971, The Brick is owned and operated by Leon’s. It not only sells high quality furniture, but also appliances and home electronics. Founded by Bill Comrie, The Brick network includes stores operated by the company and also those operating as franchise. The stores are mostly located around Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Mantioba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and the Northwest Territories. Headquartered at Edmonton, Alberta, The Brick’s subsidiaries include The Brick Mattress Store, The Brick Super Store and The Brick Outlet. Other associate brands include First Oceans, MidNorthern Appliance, and TransGlobal Service.

Locate nearest outlet to your address using the Store Locator on The Brick website. Most stores are open from 9am to 9pm. The details on the website will show you the address along with timings. Additionally, explore the catalog online and know all the products you can find at the stores. Subscribe to newsletter to keep track of new launches, discounts and much more. Enjoy Internet shopping? Head to the estore where you can purchase from a wide range of categories. You can look up for products by keyword, brand or through the categories. The main categories include sofas, chairs, dining sets, beds, TV stands, office furniture, mattresses, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, air conditioners, small appliances, decor and accessories, among others.

Love discounts? The Sale section is just for you. Shoppers will find discounts from 30% to 50% off retail price. You can find tempting deals on sofas, recliners, beds and much more. On each product page, you have detailed description, along with price, specifications and high quality pictures showing the product from different angles. Purchases on the website can be made using Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. There are multiple shipping options revealed during checkout. The cost and timeframe depends on the item and shipping method. If you received a damaged or defective product, reach The Brick support for replacement or cancellation. The return policies vary according to product type. Home electronics come with a seven day return policy.

In any case most products sold at The Brick carry a one-year manufacturer warranty against defects. Additionally, you can also purchase comprehensive warranty plans for extra protection. There are a number of warranties and protection plans for appliances, electronics, and furniture. You can get more details under the Warranties section. If you need financing for purchasing your favourite mattress or sofa sectional, The Brick allows you to apply for exclusive financing for same. And after delivery, if you need help with installation or assembly, The Brick will send their authorised and license professionals for same. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, financing, warranty, shipping, career, or others, reach The Brick support.

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  1. Gillian Hart Reply

    The Brick is the WORST company I’ve ever dealt with. My mother purchased a fridge that was in stock and it was to be delivered and set up 3 days later. It was delivered but the delivery guys had been running late so they said they didn’t have the right equipment to install – they arranged to come back the next day. They didn’t show and the store now says it’ll be another two days of the fridge sitting in my mom’s living room. When you call the store you get the run around and no one calls you back. I will never shop the Brick again and will tell everyone to stay away. Their customer service is deplorable!

  2. We brought a sectional sofa last year (June 12th, 2021) and got an extended warranty for 5 years. The sectional sofa got ripped accidentally few days back. The Brick refused to our claim of accidental damage. We paid a lot of sum for the warranty ($379.99) and still they deny to cover us for the damages. We have been a loyal customer of The Brick since last 12 years and bought a lot of furniture. The way they are treating us is so unfair and disappointing. They should give us a replacement furniture which we are entitled to.

  3. After a five year warranty that I never used was due I reclaimed my money as part of the contract only for them to tell me it was only an in store credit, which I said fine too. I picked out a sofa table and they said it wasn’t in stock. It would take two months to get in. After two months they said it wasn’t in and needed another two months so I reluctantly agreed. This happened four more times. Here it is 8 months later and they give me the run around every time I call and tell me I can just cancel the order and loose me money.

  4. Worst company ever. I’ve been dealing with them regarding cheap damaged furniture they delivered. The salesperson lied about the quality of the furniture and now after requesting a refund it’s been denied with no reason given. The damaged furniture is sitting in my room, partly boxed up and I haven’t been able to reach a live person. Like WTF, what kind of business is this?!?!

  5. They provided a water damaged mattress, which I had to fight to get replaced. Now they have eaten up my credit of $178, which they have me in writing that I had with the Brick. How can a company be so unethical?

  6. I have been dealing with the Brick as we bought a mattress from them. Few weeks into it, massive sagging in the middle. They replaced it. Now, same thing is happing. Long story short, they declined the warranty coverage to fix it. Not really an explanation. Tried emailing the sales person – MY EMAIL HAS BEEN BLOCKED BY THEM.

  7. Worst experience ever. Damaged dining table, chairs and bed and delivery men damaged my brand new oak stairs case. Denying my claim because we signed no property damage before we noticed my hardwood staircase damaged. Ops manager calls to deny the claim saying nothing we can do. Stay away from this company.

  8. The Brick is the last place I will ever purchase anything! 1 yr I am still waiting for a $5000 stove. They were happy to take my money but now after a year I still have nothing! No one follows up and no one cares.

  9. After reading all these comments, I should have read them first before purchasing the TV. If I had known the reputation of Brick I may not have bought anything. I hope brick can resolve my problem with the unfair sale of a setup charge. We are seniors and should not have been taken advantage of. Let hope there are still honest people left who will make it right.

  10. We went to the Brick in Kelowna location to purchase sofa after putting all our pennies together we finally could effort to buy something for our family. After purchasing salesperson pushed us to buy their (worthless) warranty with all the confidence he gave us we went on and purchased it.
    After one year calling them for a small repair they pushed us back and forth many time from this agent to other and to the manager, long story short after speaking to the manager he said you can go ahead and do whatever you want to. “Go ahead and complain to anyone you want”, he said. Very professional. If I was the owner I would fire him on spot. Theses guys don’t realize what one unhappy customer can dp.

  11. Just lost my business. I purchased a new stove just after Christmas, I was giving the options to piyup at the store on jan1 , I chose delivery, so he told me Jan 9 th was earliest time the could do the delivery. I was fine with that. The 9 th came and no stove no phone call. Went to the store on Barton st in Hamilton where I purchased it. Customer service basically blew me off and said won’t be in till the end of Jan now. They did not offer to make me a happy customer one bit. More less seem liked they did not care that they inconvenience me and total lack of professionalism

  12. Feel exhausted. Arm chair was broken for just after 8 months of purchase. Awaiting for almost 3 weeks to have someone to call back and fix it, still no one handle!!! Fridge was out of order too. Why a fridge fails to function well within just 4 years. Should we still have confident to purchase from you again.

  13. I bought sofa in 2018 and I have protection plan also. Now my sofa frame was broken . So I was fitting with them last four months. Still my problem was not resolved. For warranty claim they make so many excuses. Even insurance company also is not helpful.

    • Same here and the customer service is the worst I have ever come across. Employees are rude too. They keep saying someone will call but no body will ever call you!!! They run you around like an idiots until your warranty is ran out and too bad for you and also they’re all liars and con artists!!! So exhausted to deal with this company, stay away.

  14. I bought two Lyla night tables and both of them were damaged in the joints and exposed wood. It took me 4 days to report the damages because my son who not feeling well and had to attend to him. Sela person opens a case and waited for 2 weeks for a response but we didn’t hear from the brick, the we went to the Sarcee trail store and talked to a woman who identified as the manager and she didn’t have any respect for us as we are customers. According to her any manufacturing cosmetic damages are not covered by the brick warranty, whether you like it or not you have to stuck with the damaged product and they are keeping the money. As per her, only structure damages are covered by them and no cosmetic will cover, therefore I have a question, why are we paying our hard earn money for their un-supported products?

  15. What a nightmare it’s been for us shopping at the Brick Surrey Central. We bought a mattress from them and we were told we can try it for 90 day and bring it back if we don’t like it. Story changed when we came to return the mattress.
    Now we are stuck with a mattress that we can’t sleep on. I will never shop at The Brick again.

  16. What a nightmare week I have had dealing with the most unprofessional people at the Brick. First they mispresent their product to make a sale and when the product that arrives is NOT what you are expecting they want 20% restocking fees to take it back. I ask them why 20% restocking fees they say because I opened up the box…. I say — then tell me how do I know the preciseness of the product without opening up the box (I don’t have X-ray vision) they point me to their return policy…. Freaking Hilarious….

    Well I had enough dealing with the Hunt Club Brick Ottawa location especially with the rudest person I have come across (BTW, her name is Ash, she definitely needs a course in customer service). I contacted Brick on facebook, also went online to speak with their agents and also opened up a dispute case with my credit company. I kept on escalating my complaint until I found a compassionate human being (Thank you Diane) who understood the situation and created a CRM customer return order for me in the system with NO restocking fee…. I finally returned the chairs couple of days and got my 100% money back…. Never ever I will shop at the Brick again and will ensure that everyone in my community is aware of the unprofessionalism shown by the Hunt Club Brick Ottawa location…. Brick will promise you everything to make a sale, but man o man — their after sale support sucks…. I think their business policy is to use intimidation and rudeness once the sale is made…. Stay away from the Brick folks and spend your hard earned money elsewhere where you are treated with respect….I lodged my complaint with corporate office last week, I am still waiting for them to call me and tell me what their action plan is to ensure that customers are treated with respect throughout the whole process especially after the sale is made and the product is delivered.

  17. Tim haines Reply

    Where to even begin. Went to the brick to buy a dryer. Mine kicked and needed a cheap quick replacement as we were selling our house anyways. Bought a maytag for $600 or so. Good to go delivered few days later. Immediately upon delivery turn it on and it sounds like death. It’s vibrating, rattling, squeeling, screaming, shaking and so on. It literally moved about 3 inches from where it was put. Screws broke on the front. It was special.

    Go to the brick and literally show them a video and they went wow pick another dryer and we will work it out. Found one similar price range. was told 3 weeks due to covid. Whatever, annoying but fair enough. Apparently the sales guy calculated the credit wrong and it showed I owed them $4. Four dollars!!!!. So they never put order in after few weeks. Than it got pushed back than pushed back again. We are now in late August and this all happened early July. I had enough I demanded another unit delivered ASAP. They found one to he delivered on Monday which is today so 2 working days. Well, here we are. Dryer shows up the delivery guy refuses to make the swap because it looks like I tampered with it. You know what whatever, call the store they know about it. Well the store says okay don’t do the swap. YOU KNOW ITS BROKEN WHY DID YOU STOP DELIVERY???!!!

    SO I leave work because God forbid they answer the phone there and when they do they keep telling me the manager is too busy. Get there I want to Simon, he was the manager that helped me before, it’s 1240 he starts at 1230 he hasn’t arrived yet. Speak to the women manager. Never in my life have I spoken to a more. Ignorant, condensending manager in my life. She literally told me it’s not her problem and not her sale and won’t help me as she clapped her hands at me and stared at me. I asked what kind of customer service is this? Her response was the kind that can’t help you with this problem. They agreed the dryer should have been delivered but nobody told the driver the correct information. I said this is “fn” unreal and she said to bad.

    Furious as all hell I wait for Simon who waked in 25 minutes late. Caught him at the door. I start telling me and I am.clearly beyond frustrated now. He says you know what I just got here I don’t need to be approached right when I walk in the door and I am being a bad customer. I swear that was almost it. I had to breath deep and calm down. I gave it back to him and he goes if I can deal with it today I’ll try if not another day maybe tomorrow but I was preventing him from getting to his office and said he doesn’t appreciate me keeping him when he just got here. I said you are 25 minutes late!!! Get here on time and I wouldn’t have caught you at the door.

    I still don’t know what is happening with the dryer. Apparently they can’t call distribution and get it delivered so it could be any day if ever now.

    Never in my life will I ever buy anything from the Brick. Ever!. They could be selling a $20 000 couch for $1 and I would step foot on their property again. DISGUSTING

  18. Wrote a post on here about buying a tv with an extended warranty. Just found out that they can’t fix my tv so now I get a credit for what is left on my warranty towards a new tv. So now I am stuck with a credit to a store that I will never use again. Dont get the extended warranty for a tv it is a cash grab by the brick and sales person who gets a commission on it. I feel so ripped off by a store that says it Canadian but doesn’t mind ripping off Canadians. So get a tv from Best Buy they replace the tv with the extended warranty

  19. Bought a 60” lg 4k tv got the 5 extended warranty. Was told by salesman that they would replace my tv if anything went wrong with picture. Now that I have some dead pixels tried to call king and state who handles the extended warranty but waited on hold for 30 min got through then hit hung up on. Then Went on to there site and was reading that if they have to replace something they can replace it with a cheaper version of your tv then the one you have and you know they are not going to replace with the same model or newer as it is cheaper to replace with a different brand so if you paid $2000 you will probably get a $500 tv. Don’t buy tv’s or anything electronic from the brick but if it goes wrong you will get the cheaper version as I am sure they want to do it as cheaply as possible

  20. Denise Mayea Reply

    I have had a lousy experience with The Brick located at Dundas west of Winston Churchill in Mississauga. The delivery guys did not properly install my dryer the 1st time, on Sep 5, 2021 — they did not install the leveling legs. These were inside the dryer. The manual, which was also in the dryer, said these had to be installed. If installing these appliances is their job, wouldn’t they know this????

    Now, it took numerous times to finally reach customer service on the phone at this store. It appears no one is there to answer the phones. Two times when I did get through, I asked to speak to a manager. Of course, no one called me back. Another time, when I called again, I asked to speak to the manager. I was told that they were busy with the tent sale and the manager was helping with getting things ready for the sales. I was livid!! The sales people were quick to take my money, but forget dealing with problems that a person has once you get their money. These calls that I made were all on Sep 5.

    I called again on Sep 7 ( Sep 6 was a holiday). I eventually spoke with a person named Preet. She told me that the delivery guys told their boss they couldn’t do this because my floor wasn’t even. Preet said I’d have to take a picture of my floor and send it to her. I was even angrier at this point. I said I would also send a photo of these leveling legs still in the baggie, and photos from the manual saying they had to be installed and how to do this. She said this wasn’t necessary, only the picture of the floor was required. I told her I would send the photo of the leveling legs and instructions from the manual as well as the photo of my laundry room floor.

    Another issue was with the vent kit. It was too short. They put my old 1 back on, but I was not impressed. If you sell vent kits, you should carry more than 1 size. I spoke to 3 friends living in semis and townhouses like me. The set up of their laundry room is the same as mine. The vent kit the delivery guys brought wouldn’t fit in their laundry rooms either. Why would you not carry the proper equipment??

    Another problem, was that the delivery guys said my outlet on the wall for the dryer wouldn’t work. They couldn’t plug it in. I called the electrician. They were trying to plug it in the wrong way. If these guys deliver appliances as part of their jobs, why did they not know how to plug this in properly??? I called in an electrian. He told me they were not plugging it in properly. He was nice and only charged me $20, not for the full service call.

    Now, when I did speak to Preet, she did put through a credit for the $20 plus tax which I paid the electrician. She said she would put through a credit for the vent kit once it was returned to the store.

    I guess the photos I sent her were reviewed by the delivery guys’ boss and they agreed to send the delivery guys out again to properly install the dryer by putting on the leveling legs. I told Preet that I would give the vent kit back to the delivery guys when they finished installing the leveling legs. This was done on Sep 10. I took a photo of 1 of the delivery guys holding the vent kit to verify I returned it. I have not received the credit invoice for the $29.99 plus tax yet. I sent an email to Preet asking for this credit info on Friday, Sep 10 along with the photo of the delivery guy holding the vent kit. I sent another email on Sun, Sep 12. I sent another email to Preet today, Sep 13. I have also tried 3 times in the past 2 hours to reach her by phone, but no one is answering the phone — again.

    The customer service you provide at The Brick is beyond terrible!!! All of this could have been avoided if first — you hired delivery people that knew how to properly install appliance. This includes putting the legs on and knowing how to plug it in. Second, if the sales guy would have asked where my vent in the wall was in relation to my dryer, he could have said your vent kit won’t fit. One size does not fit all. This problem could have totally avoided.

    I will not buy anything else from your store.


  21. Vernelle B Reply

    Worst experience ever. They didn’t deliver one product and the product that was reliever, a freezer doesn’t work, I initially asked they would bring me a new one; they said you gotta call the warranty I had the product for 5 hrs why would I do that. I asked for a refund and I asked them to come pick up the product, nothing. Best believe I will get my money back.

  22. I had a delivery today between 8-11 am Sunday August 22 . When I purchased this bedroom sets the salesman told me they would assemble it for me and take away the garbage which is the boxes the items came in. When the delivery guys came they just put everything in the room and left, so I stop them and asked if they were going to assemble it and one said that they were not from the store , so they don’t assemble I have to call the store because they work with the warehouse. I called the store to be hung up on without saying anything, so I call back and this girl like she was in a fight with her man ; no respect or customer service at all. When I asked her why did she hung up the phone on me she said she said hello and didn’t hear anything.( They are not even honest too) I told her what had happened and she said that they never assemble for their customer when I tried to correct her on that she would give me a chance to talk and want to tell me that I was yelling at her. The audacity of some people. She said that she was going to asked the salesperson because she doesn’t know why he would tell me falls information and just put me on hold and came back and said that the salesman said he never said that they would assemble the bedroom sets. I call him and he said he never told me that. Do not go to the bricks store they are very dishonest especially at the heartland store. I am going to the store to get my money back and the can come and get their furniture. 0% customer service, 0% respect, and 0% communication skills.

  23. Outrageous how we are being treated after purchasing a couch within 3 days and he foam basically fell apart, the store will not honour the warranty I paid for even after the service guy said yes it’s under warranty and needs to be fixed, this place has got to be the worst furniture company never ever will I buy from them again, we just renovated our bedroom and needed a complete bedroom set but after being treated the way we have I purchased our $4000 bedroom set elsewhere.

  24. Terrible terrible service. Got a washer and drier, first they deliver the wrong product but I only find out at the installation appointment. Then they bring the right stuff but don’t know that they had to install them, had to insist. it Then they find out they don’t have the right tool and have to come back. They made and left a huge mess behind, didn’t say if or when they’d be back to finish the job. Several appointments required for a simple install, they don’t know what they’re doing, zero customer service. What a terrible place to spend money at.

  25. I am so disappointed with the way I was treated by two separate associates at the brick in Edmonton’s south common location. I have spent approximately $10,000.00 at the Brick this year alone. I contacted the store today to ask about weather a piece of furniture was in stock so I could come and purchase it today. I was told that I would be transferred to an associate in sale and that they could help me. They hung up on me so I called back and was told the same thing. When the same lady came back to the phone I asked her if she would mind looking tin the computer to see if it was available, that I had the sku number. She told me that she had many more important calls than mine and wondered if she could take my phone number instead. My husband drove to the location. We wanted to buy a buffet table to go with our newly purchased table and chairs that was well over $1500.00. When we arrived there was a 30% off sticker. My husband wasn’t greeted when he went there so he took a photo of the 30% off sticker and the sku number to track someone down as he wanted to buy it and pay cash right then and there. They told him that the sticker was old and wouldn’t be honored. He showed them the picture and after over 45 minutes of negotiating they finally honored the price that hey had it marked for.
    It is a shame and saddens me to say that we bought the matching piece because it goes with our set but we will never be shopping with the Brick again due to the horrible service we got. Between us and our families we have bought new beds, couches, sectionals, fridges and stoves, televisions, dyson vacuums and full dinning room sets. You have just lost ALOT of business due to the horrific customer service.

  26. I am speechless, I got tricked and cheated by sales person here when buying furniture. He tricked me to apply for a Desjardins visa card when I tried to pay cash, and he pushed me to sign all the papers as it was store closing hour, so I did not realize he actually put my purchase on finance, so there is 21% interest charge, while I have plenty of cash in bank.

  27. I ordered appliances only to have them delayed due to Covid—- 100% fine and okay with that. However, I was a tad bit upset when I booked off work because I was not told that it was going to be delayed. On my invoice and I was told that the delivery would be that specific date. When nobody texted/called or showed up I gave them a call, OBVIOUSLY no one would answer the phone because why would they want to talk to an upset customer. I then FINALLY reached my salesperson Kevin who works at the Hunt Club Location here in Ottawa who claimed it was MY FAULT and when I explained to him it is his job to inform his clients/customers of the delay/change of shipment he didn’t listen and says that it’s not his fault. I’ve asked to be reminded for the next delay if there is any only for him to do the EXACT SAME THING. I then decided to call him AGAIN only for him to now ignore and hang up on my calls. I asked how The Brick or the Company would compensate for the what we had to go through as customers only following their rules and remind you we just want our appliances that we spent thousands of dollars in. I will NEVER shop at this horrible store EVER again. I’ve never had such terrible service. I highly don’t recommend Kevin to those living in Ottawa at the Hunt Club location.

    • I too has similar concern with same location. I bought a new washing machine, was sent a refurbished with a water line in the drum water still in the pump..this is fraudulent paying for new and receiving refurbished. I contacted from day one and they have done nothing. This washing machine is less than a year old, it never worked right from the beginning. I have gotten no feedback from them. I went down there phoned finally, contacted BBB this machine I can’t even get it to work. I bought my washing machine from Brick – Ottawa West 565 HUNT CLUB Rd, W Ottawa Ontario K2G 5W5.

  28. Very very unhappy customer from Prince George British Columbia. I ordered a couch from you guys and with only a half a day’s notice you phoned me and said that you were delivering my couch the next day. You told me that it had to be delivered in the morning and that you could not deliver it in the evening. Which really sucks because I work day shift. Then I am told buy an automated message that evening after I was granted the impossible and got my work rearranged, that now you were delivering my couch in the evening not the morning. Your store was already closed so I could not phone you back to say hey that doesn’t work. So I had to wait until you opened at 10 in the morning to call you. You tell me that there’s nothing you can do because you don’t make the schedule Vancouver does. The store was not understanding that I have a job to go to and they we’re just expecting me to figure something out. I told them I had no coverage to relieve me at work and so it was impossible. They just kept telling me that they were sorry nothing could be done about it.

    I asked them how the external delivery company was going to be paid and they told me I had to pay them out of MY pocket, then go down to the store on MY own time with the invoice and then they will give me my money back. No this is ridiculous. I told them so now you’re just assuming that I have the money to pay for this external delivery company and they told me that their general manager said that’s how it would have to go and there is nothing they can do about it. I told the girl you cannot just assume that your customers are available at your convenience and you cannot just assume that your customers have the money to pay for fixing your messes. If they had just agreed to deliver the couch in the evening all of this would have been avoided. But they told me no it could not be delivered in the evening and caused this whole problem and are putting it on my shoulders to fix it. The girl I was talking to on the phone hung up on me because I was mad that I have to Shell out $100 out of my pocket to pay for an external delivery company to bring my couch. I will be getting the $100 back supposedly, but what if I don’t have the $100 to put out? They’re basically saying that’s not my problem. So yeah I’m very unhappy with this company.

  29. Frank Graziano Reply

    What started as a very smooth transaction, from online purchase to distribution to local store to arriving early, turned out to be a very frustrating experience with Store manager David at crossroads location. I had purchased 6 chairs ( 2 per box ) except for one chair that was not in box but wrapped separately. Each required assembly. I drove home and began to assemble only to Notice that one outside of box did not have hardware. I drove all the way back to the store and asked for hardware. I was vehemently upset. The manager had the audacity to ask me to go home and get a package of the hardware to see if they could match if not they would order. I asked for them to take one screw from floor model and match. Why should I again be inconvenienced when I paid in full for what was supposed to be a complete product. Now I admit that I was not happy and vocalize accordingly. But you David as a Store manager have no right to raise your voice and tone and roll your eyes to a paying customer who went out of his way because of an error on the Brick. I personally will never shop here again at the very least this location.

  30. I purchased furniture in January 2021. I received the goods damaged. I was instructed to take pictures and send within 48 hours to the claims email. I did as instructed. 8 emails, 5 months later and 15-20 messages and NO RESPONSE. How can a business operate this way. I have been a long standing client. Extremely disappointed.

  31. I ordered a table and it came broken, they change it for me after 3 days on the phone and the second table was also broken. I call again their customer service which is rude and they change the delivery time. I can do only mornings cause i am working I said. When i ask for the manager first the person said he is away and then cuts the phone. It has been a month and am still waiting for this issue to be resolved.

  32. I have no words. All the staff is incompetent and hungry for commission. No one including management can help. If u get something here don’t bother with warranty, the one company where is doesn’t matter if you have it or not. Worst company to ever exist take your business elsewhere. No one here cares.

  33. Bought a brand new (supposedly) washer and dryer but when i tried, it was leaking, i called brick, they said to call GE which i did provided them with invoice and serial#. I was told by GE that it was previously registered to another person already. So i paid for a brand new items but got an old one? Its been over 2 month and nothing been done both GE and the brick. Total ripped off. The brick has the worst customer service in the WORLD!

  34. They have the worst delivery service and they are not on time I have purchased for six months and still didn’t receive my furniture ,and it will be the last time purchasing from the brick.

  35. Feedback on experience.
    Agent name is Lucille D!
    Orillia Branch Ontario

    She will help you find the perfect item at the best possible price! In our case, it was a living room chair that offered quality, comfort, and support to my daughter who has back pain! Lucille greeted us just inside the store entrance ready to serve us with a friendly smile!
    She took a real genuine interest in us, and our needs. She was fun to interact with! She seemed so relaxed and comfortable around people! She had a wonderful sense of humor, and she was personable and professional on all levels! She was a good listener, never pushy, giving us lots of space and time to decide yet kept an eye and ear toward us just in case we had a question or two as we browsed. We found her very good at her job on many levels, deeply honest about product quality that would be so meaningful and important to a customer!

    • We order a sectional which was in back order because of covid which we understand. Once it was available it was delivered but there were imperfections on it. We ask for replacement to be done. The second one came with dents and threads loosened as well so we needed it replaced again. The third delivery came and driver who inspected told me it was damaged so we had to wait again. The fourth one came and they left it boxed up in our living room without removing old one. They said old one will be removed in 2-3 days once they have the time. They said someone forgot to do removal order so now we have 2 sectional in our space. I’ve spend 4 days off waiting for the deliveries. Terrible service.

  36. Kemrol Joseph Reply

    I am very disappointed with the service at the brick store at 8701 L ‘Aacdie boul in Montreal. I went to the store on the 02nd oct, 2020 to pick up a Tyler storage bench – crow – 44, Which was not in stock at the moment, the sales person Mathew said that I could put a down payment to reserve the item, and when the item is back in stock I will be given a call to come pick up the item and pay the balance owing. The item was 179$ so I paid 100 down and the balance was to be paid when I pick up the item. Which they were supposed to have on November 24th, 2020. Today is March 20th 2021 and I haven’t heard anything back from them so I decided to call to follow up on the item. I explained to the girl on the phone That I came to the store to order the item which was not in stock, I’ve paid a deposit to reserve the item and I was supposed to receive a call to come pick up the item when it was back in stock and pay the balance in which she replied that because the item was not paid in full I did not receive a call. So then I ask how am I supposed to know the item is in stock you guys said I was going to receive a call when it’s back in stock. She then replied that since the order is not paid in full it pushes aside, after going back and forth a couple of times, I then started to grow frustrated and demanded my money back which she then replied if I want my money back come to the store to get it not once mentioning that I could come pay the balance and pick up the item or that the item is in stock. When I shop at Leon’s the always delivers on their promises, if the call and you not they will leave a message and still call again if you didn’t reply in a timely manor. How do you guys expect for people to do business with you guys when you guys can’t give a simple call back or at act like you care.

  37. I will not buy anything from this store again. They lied about assembling the couch we ordered as a Xmas present for an elderly relative, even after I specifically asked if that service was included with the delivery fee. We were more than willing to make alternative arrangements for that work. They wasted our time, money, and burdened our aunt, who is receiving chemo and cannot do it herself. Disgusting customer service.

  38. Rasem Naser Reply

    The worst sales people I ever met, the Brick Mississauga.

    A week ago from now, I received a phone call from your warehouses, who assured me that the entire order will be delivered on the specified date, 25 March, with the exception of the freezer! I asked him to confirm that all other items will be received on the specified date, March 25, 2021, with the exception of the freezer. Your warehouse employee assured me that all the items will arrive on time, and accordingly I sold all my current equipment.

    Three days ago, March 9th, my wife received a phone call from Nazia, the salesperson, who told her that the fridge also is not arriving on time!!

    I contacted her, she told me so bluntly, I could wait or pick another one. My response to her was with the level of her solemnity, that if I did not get a practical solution to this problem, I would have to cancel the entire order. She told me there are no solutions! I told her that she is leaving me with no alternatives and closes the doors in my face, thus I I want to speak to her supervisor, she told me that he is not available at that day, but she may forward my message to him. I asked her to suggest to him that I accept to receive a temporary refrigerator, regardless of the size or condition until I get my ordered one because we cant survive without that. This is my suggestion, and if you supervisor has better than that, let him return to me Otherwise.

    During the past two days, Nazia ignored my calls and only sent a text message that her manager is working on a solution, also she added that she on her off day and she is not willing to receive calls on her day off, although during the purchase process she attended to the office to receive the down payment!! In any case, yesterday, from your side, I received a call from Nab, presented himself as the general sales manager, and he repeated the same thing that Nazia said, first I could wait, secondly, that I could choose another refrigerator and pay the difference.

    My response to him was clear, that it cannot be logical to offer me the problem as a solution. Waiting is my problem, and he tells me to wait !!! Likewise, he cannot offer me what I own, as if he offers me my right of selecting another item, this right will not be a grant from anyone !!

    And before the conclusion of my conversation with him, I showed him my great displeasure with his manner and his lack of respect for clients and underestimating their problems that he does not offer anything he owns to compensate for the damage that occurred to me because of a collection of lies that your employees made to until they got the money and then left me to wrestle with my fate !!

  39. I recently purchased a mattress and box spring, couch, coffee, end tables and a comforter set. When the delivery drivers arrived they were rude, unprofessional and arguing with me as to why they couldn’t deliver my furniture through the front door of my apartment building. I kept repeating to the drivers that all deliveries are to be made at the back door. Well then the attitude set in from one of the drivers where he rolled his eyes and said begrudgingly “well then I guess I’ll have to pull the truck around to the back”. Little did they know that my caretaker heard the entire standoff as he lives right by the front door. Once they pulled the truck around to the back and began placing my furniture in my suite, the driver who gave me the most attitude continued with his unprofessional conduct. Seconds after my caretaker came to my suite and told the movers that deliveries are made at the back no if ands or buts. After they were done I began placing the legs on the couch and noticed damage on the bottom of the couch, a huge tear. While I was setting up the bed I noticed damage to the box spring, a huge tear. The comforter set was absolutely nothing that I had ordered while I was in store. I contacted the management who took care of my order and I was told that there’s nothing that can be done about the bedding set. Waste of money right there. The coffee and end tables set I had to put together myself. Not once was I told that there’s two hundred pieces of hardware and no tools were included. Absolutely mislead on that purchase. The mattress is absolutely too soft and all I was told to let my body get used to it for three weeks before they would do anything about it. Well I certainly have pain day and night from the mattress since day one. It’s now been almost a week and a half and nothing has changed. The couch is a three seater and the center cushion is sunken in and I can hear the springs are shot. By no means am I an obese person nor do I rarely sit in the center of the couch. All of these purchases were made at the Brick store located on Regent Ave. I was told that they would swap my mattress but I would have to pay more and wait twenty one days from purchase date. Really? For everything that I have endured from the Brick? From incompetent management? The delivery drivers? The unprofessional staff? I have to pay extra?

  40. I bought a tv on February 12 at Fredericton store….told to pick it up in one week….following Friday I called to pick it up and told it was on a truck somewhere between missasaga Ont and Dartmouth ns…..would be in wed. ..called on wed. Still no tv. The store called me on Monday during a storm that it was in….so I said I will come in tomorrow morning to pick it up…..Tuesday morning drove 40 minutes and got to the store at 10:05 only to find out I could not get it until after 11 . This is the worst customer service I have ever received…..your service is right in the toilet. I went somewhere else and got one. I see nothing but bad reports. A month passed by and still no tv but I sure get billed on my credit card for a product you could not produce and the salesman did not have courtesy enough to even call.

  41. I also am not pleased with The Brick. I paid for a mattress pad and mattress set from the Kingston ,Ontario store. The mattress was delivered minus the pad, my friend that was present did not realize the pad should have been included. I arranged a 2nd delivery date (taking time off work ) , the delivery did not happen and I was not contacted at all. I finally reached the store the next day and was told that the delivery truck could not find my house(same house as the first delivery). The store obviously knew the pad was not delivered the first time.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to follow this up with the Brick at that time due to a health emergency that took me a year to recover to a functioning level.
    The Brick in Kingston, Ontario is now saying that they will not refund or deliver the mattress pad that I already for.

    Cheri G

  42. There is obviously a consistent issue with delivery and customer service pertaining to the “brick”. I have had the same experience as all the previous posters wherein there are false promises for delivery and then an absolute blackout when trying to obtain a follow up conversation. We are in a situation where we purchased the most premium washer/dryer available due to to promised delivery date. I called to confirm and the promised date was reconfirmed. When we did not receive our paid for product I waited another week before calling to follow up. Considering these trying times I have a small tolerance for anomalies however i also expect an honest answer from a company of this size. I was told it would be delivered in about a month. It has now been more then 1-1/2 months past our promised delivery date and after multiply messages I have yet to be contacted.
    ….with due respect to retail and the consumer what are my choices…it seems that if I do not receive a response tomorrow during the working day that I may have to begin legal action
    Why this is ever necessary I do not know. Basic customer service should be a standard and communication is the least a company should uphold.
    Viewing all of the previous posts and having conversations with people in my circle they all have an experience outlining the same details. False promises and then an irresponsible ethic for follow up or even basic communication.
    We are at a point wherein our washer and dryer have broken before the last date we expected to see the new extravagant replacements. It is 1-1/2 months where we are hand washing our clothes. Yes first world problems but a sure sign of a horrible business.
    I made decisions countering the advice of those that have experienced the absolute disregard for the customer and all I can say is that “listen before you leap”.
    I’m expecting a call tomorrow for the multiple messages I left last week but otherwise I suppose legal is the answer.

  43. Surrey central Brick is the worst place I have ever in my life bought things from . We have had nothing but problems since we ordered in June 2020. I understand that there are delays because of Covid but when your told something is in stock and then suddenly it’s 4 months that’s not acceptable! Or lazy delivery drivers that say ur couch can’t fit in the doorway, when it does ! Or when u finally get yet another delivery and they damage your couch and then are told we have to wait another month to get it after we had already waited 1.5 months ! My newest issue we bought a queen bed and the side of it dipped 1 1/2 inch so I submitted a form for the warranty and the email said we would hear back within 5-7 days … in the mean time we said clearly their not going to do anything so we bought yet another bed from this horrible store , paid for delivery of it and then just last week 2 months after submitting the warranty I hear from the brick saying we were approved … great we got approved for the bed we don’t need anymore . So she says we have 30 days to come pick out a new one . My husband calls her back to get some info and she preceded to tell him we weren’t approved ! Then he calls again and she says I’ll call you back. Then she calls again and says my mistake you were approved. So tonight my husband goes in there and low and behold they don’t even carry the piece of crap bed they sold us in June . So we need to pick out a different one . So the guy shows him something similar and proceeds to tell him we need to pay the difference, as well pay another delivery fee and pay for these people to pick up the other mattress! I’m already into this bed for $1300 bucks and we’re not shelling out another penny for this !

  44. David Sutherland Reply

    So me and my wife bought a sectional sofa and coffee table in November at the brick in penticton.We were told it would take 2 -3 weeks. After that time had passed we had to go into the store to find out that our sofa would e ready in sections starting on December 30th for 2 of them, and potentially end of February or March for the other 2. Neither my salesperson or store manager would inform me of this. When confronted about the delay and lack of communication, the store manager tried to bill me for 2 separate delivers and asked me if I knew about “f**king Covid”. Absolutely appaled and their so called customer service. They need to inform and treat customers significantly better. Even during Covid I’ve ordered things from other furniture stores and had it delivered in less than half that time.

  45. Karle Sarault Reply

    HI, I purchased a sectional sofa on September 19th 2020 and to this day have not heard back from the salesperson. My friend and his wife purchased the same sectional on the same day and have received their order in full in December. I was told by his sale agent that he went in the system and made sure the items where designated to his clients and this is why they had received their sectional before I even got mine.

    I called last week to speak to someone and still no call back. Very frustrated customer and even more frustrated that the employees at the brick don’t care about their clients only the money they make on the sales they do. I have made many purchases at the brick before but this experience has closed my willingness to purchase from the brick ever again. I thinks it’s a bad thing that you cannot speak to head office and no way of contacting anyone that could help me received my purchase. Next action for me is calling better business bureau and issuing a formal complaint in order for others to think twice before buying from the brick.

    Very frustrated and unsatisfied client.

  46. I was delivered a bedroom set for my daughter with the burrow of 8 drawers completely in pieces in the box. I sent a lot of pictures to the store. I made my purchase November 28 2020. I had the set delivered Jan 5th 2021. I was told the delivery for the exchange would happen on January 22nd. I didnt get a call from the brick for the time ( 3 hours bracket ) they would be coming. so i called the store back ( Boisbriand quebec ) to be told there is no delivery. I was misinformed. The woman was so impolite and really sounds like she hates her job. Its really unfortunate to be treated this way.

  47. Anne Goguen Reply

    We purchased a recliner sofa and recliner chair from the Brick, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. in August 2020. The delivery came in October, 2020. The chair was defective and the seat area dropped through the chair in 4 days after delivery. We contacted the store and they agreed to order a new chair. AFTER MANY DELIVERY DATE CHANGES AND PHONE CALLS WE MADE TO THEM…we are still waiting for delivery this Jan. 16th, 2021 .The chair has been in the store since Jan 4th…. but they say they only deliver where we live… 35 mikes away . on Fridays and their truck was full so they would not deliver it the following Friday. They then promised it on Jan 15th, Friday… AND….. it did not arrive ..after we stayed home all day waiting I called them at 4pm… their truck broke down … no phone call, nothing !!!!! . Obviously customers time and jobs are not as important as the Bricks!!! We still do not have the replacement chair today!!! This is the worst customer service we have ever had…. sure take your money ..all smiley !!!! We will not be buying anything from The Brick in the future …. poor customer service and totally unconcerned for the customers they took the money from..once they have your money …well you are on your own …. in hoping you get the product! Our rating for the Brick is ZERO… poor service , poor products, poor management

  48. We ordered a sofa set on sale in October which was in stock, then got an email a couple of weeks later saying there was a delay because of CoVid (I guess CoVid is the excuse for everything now) so it would be December 4th. Now it’s delayed to February!!! What are you people doing, no phone calls, just an email, no offer to change it to another set in stock, nothing, not even an offer to refund our money. We did see another set we liked at Leon’s that we could have had delivered in 3 days back then, there’s 5 other furniture stores I’m sure would love to sell us a sofa before January. We will not be shopping with the Brick again and that’s pathetic considering that most of the house is furnished from there

  49. Lydia picca Reply

    I went to The Brick located on Oakwood Dr in Niagara Falls Ontario this morning around 10:15 am , no one helped myself or another customer which was ahead of me ,we were both looking for a mattress. The lady ahead of me ended up walking out saying she wasn’t waiting around. As myself and my husband walked around the store finally a male salesperson asked if he could help me. I told him i would like to look at the sealy mattress that is going on sale for 549.00 on the 23rd he replied that they are not given flyers so he could not show me this mattress and there are a lot of sealy mattresses. I told him if i could see it i would order it on line. He again said he did not know which one it was. He then walked away. Terrible customer service. I then went across the parking lot to sleep country and purchased a mattress. Too bad i really like dealing with the brick but obviously your employees couldn’t care less.

    • Donna James Reply

      I have experienced the same thing. Ordered an electric chair & sofa early January, and was told it would be here mid Feb. Went in today only to be told it will now be mid April. I said I would gladly take the floor model. Guess what — he has just sold it to someone else. So I want my money back, but “sorry we don’t do that” What the heck is going on with the Brick. They now have another very unsatisfied customer

  50. Can you explain your warranty policies please? Example: how long do I have to choose another mattress? I was told I have only 1 month by a local store, is this in fact true. Also, I was told that this particular mattress is no longer available, as they change styles every 2 years. We purchased the mattress in 2008.

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