Contact of The Arizona Republic customer service

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Contact The Arizona Republic: Find below customer service details of The Arizona Republic and, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Republic Media
200 E. Van Buren Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
United States
Phone: 602-444-4920

Customer Service
Phone: 602-444-1000
Phone: 800-332-6733
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

About The Arizona Republic
The Arizona Republic is a daily broadsheet newspaper owned by the Republic Media. Founded as The Arizona Republican in 1890, the newspaper is is said to have the largest circulation in the state of Arizona, US. It reaches more than 1.1 million Phoenix adults each week. The newspaper content include the Local News, Business/Economy, USA Today, Sports, Arizona Living, Health, Arts/Entertainment, Movie Preview, Food/Dining, Explore Arizona, your Home, Travel, Things To Do and Classified section. You can subscribe to the newspaper by giving a request online or calling the customer service. Bills can be viewed and paid from the user account. The papers are delivered before 5.30am, Saturday and Sunday an exception.

The newspaper also operates an online news portal where readers can catch all the latest and top stories. The sections found on the website include Local, Sports, Things to Do, Business, Travel and Politics. The Opinion section has pieces by various authors. For full digital access to, news and sports apps, you will need to subscribe to a package using a Visa or Mastercard. There are also various packages for print edition. The Archives section offers readers access to past news articles. The Jobs section is the place you need to head if looking for new job oportunities. You can apply for a number of jobs with just a single click.

Looking for events in your city? You can also search for latest movies, the best dining spots, shopping arenas, among others on the Things To Do section. The boasts of close to 60 million page views each month. If you are looking for advertising or promotions, you can target audience through the website or print edition. There are a number of ad solutions available for individuals and companies. Besides web, readers can also catch latest news and events on the official Azcentral mobile app. For more information or queries on subscriptions, payment, cancellation, delivery, careers, or others, reach the The Arizona Republic support.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. Charles Gadinis Reply

    This newspaper for a major market is horrid. First, the sports section never has late scores, so how do papers like the San Diego Union-Tribune, etc. manage to do this? The comics in the “print” paper stink, all kids and animals. Where are the classics like Judge Parker, Funky Winkerbean, Spiderman, and other “serial” comics? Papers across the country put these in their printed paper. And your online comics list is a nightmare to use, often is down and more difficult than ever since you listed comics “A-Z” separately by alphabet instead of in a single list. You should be embarrassed. The only item that goes up with this newspaper is the cost.

  2. Cancelled my subscription today with Jess at customer service. Got a bill today that reflects last month, Nov month with extra charges for premium editions and a 25 service charge!!! No way am I paying a 25.00 service charge for this paper delivered 3 times a week plus 35 xx. Bill came today and if I paid via my bank shows it will arrive on the 29th, great 5 days after it’s due (unbelievable). They give u maybe 2 days to pay bill, it was bad before but with post office slowing things down it is impossible. Will miss paper oh well.

  3. John Reynolds Reply

    No paper today and I continue to ask for digital access, which never occurs. WORST customer service ever. Problem after problem with deliver, billing, you name it. Current customers mean nothing. It”s all about new subscriptions. Pitiful business model.

  4. Lynn Custer Reply

    I have had ongoing delivery issues for about 10 days now and made my 7th call today as to, missed deliveries, lat delivery and delivery into my sidewalk. I have been promised each day it will be resolved ! Doesn’t happen !
    I have been receiving my paper at this address for 18 years and have never had these issues until the last 10 days ! No one seems to care !!!!

  5. Julianne Cerullo Reply

    I have tried many times to get in touch with the billing dept. When I call the two numbers listed it rings once and then disconnects. I’m calling because my bill is 98.75 and I only get the paper delivered on Wed. and Sun.! What’s the deal here? My acct. # AZ0373382. I refuse to pay this bill until I have an explanation of these charges.

  6. I got my Sunday paper today, but there was no TV Guide with the paper. I went to a convenience store to buy another paper, just to get the TV Guide. NO TV Guides!!!!!!! Have you stopped having it? If so, there’s no need for me to get the newspaper anymore. I only use the sports section and the TV Guide. I have steadfastly continued to subscribe to your paper because I understand the loss of subscribers due to all the media available. If you still have the TV Guide, I need one really badly. You can put it in my daily paper for it’s delivery. It would just take too long to sit every day and scan 25+ channels to see what I have to record. Thank you for your trouble.

  7. Cherie Czaplicki Reply

    3 things from a long-time subscriber:
    1. No Benson? I guess the conservative leadership in Indiana got their undies in a twist.
    2. No USA Today? I spent three hours and a term with a chat helper to get USA Today online to no avail. Your “helper” didn’t write in proper English, asked me to explain my issue in a non-English worded sentence. Give people who know other languages their support, no problem. But I speak English and your on-line Chat helper didn’t. So, no help. Still can’t get USA Today.
    3. Cheaping it out is directly the opposite direction you should be going. I doubt whether the Newspapers in Philadelphia, a city now smaller than Phoenix, has it’s readership ignored as you have done in Phoenix.
    In this time, the vast middle class is being ignored by everyone, political, educators, and those like you who supposedly support journalists.
    A very sad time.
    Cherie Czaplicki

  8. Lavern Bjerk Reply

    Hi Az republic paper;

    I do not want and did not want the extra editions added to my renewed subscription on account # AZ5331803

    Please make sure this type of charges do not show up pn my next or any other bills. Thank you. This was a bit sneaky on your part, don’t you think ?

  9. theodore a gold Reply

    I have attempted to speak with someone in billing (ref. question) for about 4 days, calling in the am and pm. waiting in line for 25-35 min.each time. I can’t keep doing this and if you can’t call me at 480/993-3849 on Monday am Nov.11, please cancel my subscription. Whatever action you choose to do is OK with me !!!!

  10. I haven’t been able to get ahold of Arizona Republic by phone about delivery problems. The paper was supposed to start October 17th but I haven’t received a single copy yet. I’ve even talked to the Rep. at Basha’s where I ordered it at & he said I would get it Wednesday, but I didn’t.

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