Contact of Thailand Immigration support (phone, email)

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Contact Thailand Immigration Bureau : Find below customer service details of Immigration Bureau, Thailand, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the government agency.

Head Office
Immigration Bureau
507 Soi Suan Plu Sathorn
Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Customer Service
Phone: 1178
Phone: 0-2287-3101 to 10
Email: [email protected] (Police Clearance Certificate)

About Immigration Bureau
The Immigration Bureau in Thailand is responsible for visas and immigration, besides preventing anti-terrorism activities and checking customs and border security. First created in the year 1927, the Immigration Bureau is responsible to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand. All foreign citizens wishing to enter the tourist country is required to obtain a visa from a Thai Embassy or nearest Consulate-General.

Nationals of some countries can enter Thailand for 15-30 days without a visa. The list includes Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, UK and US. Nationals of certain countries may apply for visa upon arrival in Thailand. Such travellers cannot exceed 15 days of stay. You can see the immigration checkpoints on the website to know where you can get visa on arrival. Popular checkpoints consist of the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Muang International Airport, Chiangmai International Airport and Phuket International Airport.

The various visa types include tourist visa, non-immigrant visa, marriage visa, retirement visa, business visa and permanent resident visa. The tourist visa can either be of multiple or single entry type. To qualify for a permanent resident visa, you must have stayed in the country for 3 years, or have been married to a Thai for 5 years, among other requirements. For visa or immigration, you will need a passport, visa application form duly filled out, details of itinerary and visa fee. You can submit an application by mail or in person.

Highly-skilled professionals can make use of the Smart Visa, a program that gives applicants visa with validity of up to 4 years. To submit an application directly to an embassy or consulate, you can visit the link here to locate one in your city. Visit the Download section on the website to download application forms for visas, request for residence in the Kingdom, new passport and lost or stolen passport. For more information or queries on applications, consulate locations, visa status, fee, or others, reach the Immigration Bureau support.

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  1. Edwin McCready Reply

    I am wondering if the regulations might be changed to accept bank statements for a period of months to show various pensions and Social Security payments to a person’s account in lieu of the requirement for consulates to certify these payments. After all, bank statements are a legal document and can be easily verified. Considering that Denmark, US, UK, and Australians are affected by their consulates refusal to issue these starting in 2019,. Many very long time retirees may not have the 800,000 to deposit in a Thai Bank, who have not been a burden on Thailand may be forced to go to either Cambodia and Vietnam in their old age and forced to abandon their friends and family in Thailand. I think Immigration should explain this requirement and consider changing it to help those who wish to retire in Thailand. Please accept bank statement or create a way that these documents will be considered acceptable. Thank you.. I love Thailand and would like to retire here.
    Edwin McCready

  2. Christopher Reply

    I have been residing in Thailand for 2 1/2 years and I’m concerned about income verification. I receive over $2,200 monthly but,I am unable to secure an account with a Thai bank because, I am told, I don’t have a work permit. I can provide US bank statements confirming my income or, US income tax verification. Also, I understand that Thai income requirements are either 800,000 in a Thai bank or 65,000 Baht income per month. Am I able to combine monthly income and bank funds to obtain these basic requirements? Your attention and response are greatly appreciated. Thank You, Christopher

  3. Dear Sir/Madam, we are two seniors (age 70 and 74) from Czech Republic, now on a low budget vacation in Ko Samet. We just now realized that our return flight tickets date exceed the “30 days no visa” by 4 days. We made an unfortunate mistake buying the tickets and now we would like to ask what to do. Is there any way for us to avoid the fee or lower the fee for the surplus days? We are leaving on February 15; 03:30 on Emirates Flight.
    Thank you for your advice,

  4. Johan Erasmus Reply

    Thailand Immigration,

    To whom it may concern,

    I am presently issued with a Ed Visa to be extended in March of 2019 for an additional 90 days, whilst being an undergraduate at a tertiary institution in Bangkok.

    I received an alarming notice from the University stating that an amount of 9000 Baht must be payed to the University, over and above the amount of 1900 Baht for Immigration Ed Visa extension, not later then the 10 February 2019.

    I respectfully like to inquire directly from Thai Immigration what the requirements are, including the financial monies due in order to be complaint for a 90 day extension.

    Thanking you in advance


    Mr Erasmus

  5. Income verification for retirement visas. Can money that is deposited into a Thai bank of over B 65,000 each month be verified by a bank book or letter from the Thai bank? I ask since Embassy letters will no longer being given by several Embassies.

  6. Martin Savage Reply

    I am a UK national living in Ubon Ratchathani. To renew my UK passport I need a letter from Thai Immigration to confirm my address. I do 90 day reports at Ubon office.
    When I visited Ubon office to ask for a letter confirming my address they said ‘cannot’. I need that letter in order to renew my passport before my next visa renewal. Doesn’t matter what the letter says, I just need an official letter showing my name and address.

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