Contact of Telkom Customer Service in South Africa

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Contact Telkom: Find below customer service details of Telkom in South Africa, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Telkom mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid  subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers links and information on Telkom products.

Telkom Head Office
Telkom Towers North,
152 Proes Street, Pretoria
Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 311 5750

Telkom Customer Service
Phone: dial 10210 or 0800 11 5357
Phone: 10217 (business customers)
Phone: +27 12 678 5580 (complaints)
Phone: 0800 124 000 (report fraud)

Telkom Direct Store
Click here to locate a Telkom Direct store nearest to your street. You can visit a local store to subscribe to new services or to pay your past or current bills.

View / Pay Bill
Click here to view or pay your Telkom bills online. You must register before accessing this service. Payments can be made by major credit cards, or through debit order, ATMs, at bank, Telkom Direct Shop, and at any post office.

About Telkom
telkom-safricaTelkom was founded in the year 1991. It is a leading telecommunications company in South Africa providing voice, data, broadband and internet services. Telkom operates in over 32 African countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and Tanzania. The fixed-line segment is Telkom’s largest business. Telkom’s South African subsidiaries include Trudon and Swiftnet. The government of South Africa owns about 40% of Telkom.

Telkom offers voice, data, mobile, hosting and broadband services. For fixed line rental, Telkom has plans such as Direct-A-Call, Fixed Line Look Alike (FLLA), ISDN and MyRing. For calling plans there is doChat, HomeFree, Phone Cards, Silver Line Packages, SpeedCall, Surf AnyTime, Telkom CLOSER and WorldCall. The basic devices through which the services are rendered are Apollo S121, Easitouch 200, G-TEL 100, Tanzanite 110, VTECH SD50, Azurite D16T, Colombo Twin, Motorola C601, Ultimate Slim D105 and more.

For prepaid and postpaid connections, there is 8ta. Visit for more details. For broadband there is ADSL, WiMAX, Dial-Up, GPRS or 3G plans. Telkom Internet has merged with ‘do Broadband’ to provide fast and easy access to internet services. Plans include do Internet Bundles, Telkom Internet AllAccess Capped Plans and AllAccess Uncapped Plans.

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  1. I cancelled my landline with the adsl connected to this line the 1st of May 2017, I requested a full transfer to Pretoria with my adsl line as I am using a telkom internet address. The new line was a problem instead I received a Pretoria number 012 640-4279 contact no with a sim card ON THE 5TH OF JUNE 2017. I was in contact with Telkom several times after I received my new number all my emails was cleared when the internet was connected.

    I also had phone calls from Telkom as they had a problem with the 011 fix line to cancel it.
    I kept on requesting why my bills are so high as I am only keeping the number for my internet connection.
    Yesterday I was told that I am still paying for the 011 number as well since 2017, I want my credit back.

  2. Getting so irritated wanting to know why is the connection so bad in Regents Park. Keep on saying busy connecting, no service and internet not working. Have the same problem with my telephone that the reception is so bad.

  3. I have a huge problem, i have a two year contract with telkom for a monthly fee of R334.00 but every month i get billed more that R500 for last month they deducted R1800.00 on my bank account, i have sent emails tried calling but no assistance today on the 23rd Sep they deducted R3900.00 i dont know what to do, i just need assistance with cancellation and my money back.

  4. Telkom been a very disappointing company. They do not care about their customer hence all the complaints. I have a simple issue that they refuse to resolve and then they charge me for their issue. Best taking they public and all social media platforms making sure people are aware what they doing. Will take these issue withe ICASA as well. Ever since Sipho took over this company everything went wrong. All proof will be provided, calls made were recorded. Call center staff working for outsourcing company WNS have the same attitude.

  5. I’m on the telkom 24 month lte contract. I was promised speeds of 10 mbps. I cant get these speeds reason being over crowded towers. I’m having problems streaming especially friday, saturday and sunday. The lte signal keeps freezing and going off. I’m paying R849.00 per month and putting up with nonsense from telkoms poor infrastructure.

    • I have an old 24 month 20mb contract which comes to an end during November. I was tempted to change to the new R199/mth 40mb deal, but this month was presented with an extra cost of R 5,000 (on one day) for data which I could not have used. The same thing happened last year when I was erroneously charged a nonsense amount of some R6,000. That matter was sorted out only after refering the problem (not challenge) to ICASA.
      Our signal is continually below strength and intermittent which affects downloading and connection. TELKOM seems not to be interested in providing the service advertised and acting in a professional manner. We will migrate to another private company that is able to perform as claimed and which is more contactable.

  6. Your services are very poor ,i signed up for R199 contract and now i’ve been sent an invoice of more than R500 which i did not sign up for and the contract i cancelled it along time ago but am still being sent invoices for payment after i asked the contract to be cancelled and the person i spoke to assured me that the contract was cancelled only to find out later that the contract is still active and i must for more than i signed up for.

  7. Telkom does not care about customer service at all. They simply could not be bothered and it’s rather unfortunate. I have been waiting for my upgrade to get processed for weeks now, I call into the Sales department and they cannot locate my order. No one is interested in assisting and the staff is all rude. I will be cancelling my contract with immediacy. Pathetic brand!


  9. It has been 5 month of not being able to access the internet, but have been billed each month for a data contract that I cannot access. I have sent 26 mails and 4 call center phone calls and 2 visits to the local offices and they still cant help me.

  10. Good day, Telkom is dishonest and send me a bill of R645 for my monthly 500mb data. I don’t even receive the data. They deducted the amount from my bank account. I don’t have a contract with Telkom and is on a month to month payment. Can somebody from Telkom please get in contact with me.

  11. My problem started on May 20121 , the billing department need to do they job, I cant afford to be paying for something i didn’t even use. My line got suspended, no body couldn’t even explain to me why that was. Secondly my invoice for June its very high. The support consultants are not well trained…you will explain your problem then they will tell to hold while they are looking at your statement…then they will hang up just like that.

  12. Good day…just want to ask something, why is that you change data prices at anytime without even notifying your customers. You can’t tell me that I can now only buy data with only 2 days duration. Let me tell you this your data is becoming expensive, I thought it’s a reliable source of network but no, I’m done…

  13. Telkom after sales service is absolutely pathetic, I keep getting charged penalties for unpaid debits yet on my side the bank statements show they have went through , when asking for help from the accounts and billing department it’s like u speaking to a brick wall and the consultants at store are even worse they dont even know thier own products or policies and procedures

    • I am seriously considering cancelling all my contracts with telkom just on the basis of very bad service delivery and after sales service, telkom has become so hard to communicate…u cant even go to store to speak directly to anyone for help..

  14. I have been paying for services that was sold to me falsely. When I contacted the call centre the consultant is telling me I am wrong when I explain to her my deals with them. Instead of her fixing their problem she kept on blaming me and telling me I am wrong. I am paying 275 for my second contract that is supposed to have 40GB she is saying this number only received 800MB who in the world can pay so much for such? She can’t listen to me she is rude and I am not happy with the untrained consultants they have.

  15. Telkom sales and billing department has the worst service ever!!! I’ve applied on 27 May 2020 for a Covid 19 Home Premium Lite 20mbs ADSL line – R599 x6 months and R799 x 18 months. On 28 May 2020 the line was activated, I phoned Telkom sales to confirm that the correct package was activated, the lady confirmed it. At the end of June I’ve received my 1st statement and that’s were the issues started. The lady who did my application did not activate the package that I’ve requested AND she did not merge my account BUT she just added another ADSL and line which resulted in me having TWO accounts. I’ve logged numerous incidents (and by that I mean every 2 to 3 weeks to get this rectified). When you log your incident, they tell you that the investigation will take 72 hours and once done they will phone you – WHATEVER- it’s just resolved or rejected with NO REASON!!! No one in sales or billing can tell me on which package I’m on – I’m being billed for 2 accounts – the funny part (I’m not laughing about it, I’m seriously bleeped off about this) is that I have one house with 2 ADSL lines coming into it – then they say but that is not possible!!!! You can phone and explain this to them, to no avail! They just tell they can see it’s not your fault, they will log an incident and escalate it…to their supervisor and to the lady who did my application! I don’t think that she and the others read their mail!!! I’ve being charged double for a year now (8 days short). OH and don’t think that when you speak to a consultant and ask to speak to their supervisor , it will happen!!! They are full of excuses as to why he can’t speak to you right now!!!! I’ve been double billed to this date (they owe me money for nearly 12 months). They just want your money BUT can’t do their work which they get paid for!!!! I’m canceling my ADSL at Telkom tomorrow – I’m fed up with their incompetence!

  16. When we want to log a complaint they promise to call you back but this never happens. I have been to the bluff branch twice and my wife as also been there about four time since we have taken out a contract with Telkom. You get told the complaint has been captured and someone will call you soon this never happens, so you call again and again and your airtime and data is going down and still no resolve.

    • Prof Lourie Reply

      Dear Caty and other complainants
      I am confronted with the exact problem – no compliance to what was agreed to. My strongest frustration though is that one cannot reach the consultants – numerous calls, numerous sms – to numbers reflected on the invoice. Even visiting one of the Telkom outlets in malls like Brooklyn, Menlyn or the Grove – results in nothing – they don’t handle account problems/enquiries. The problem is getting worse: I have enquired about an alternative package with a private company – excellent service to date – but I cannot go into contract with them, as TELKOM needs to release my line (I already have fibre in place). For me to get out of the contract, I will have to pay the remaining period of the contract – another year! Who is willing to do that – although I am tempted. Maybe we should do the toi-toi thing in front of the TELKOM head offices – since that’s the only time when people get heard (hopefully not hurt).

  17. We have been without wifi and land line for 2 weeks now! Fault report reference 21CWK030521 on 2 May 2021. Tech came out to 56 Beach Road Strand on 3 May 2021 – informed us cables were stolen and even the pole with the Telkom “box”. Telkom would be in contact. Received numerous SMS messages up until 9 May 2021 e.g. Telkom busy investigating, Telkom seeing to the problem, Telkom will attend to the problem. It is now the 14th of May 2021 and still nothing is done! We contacted the call centre today just to be informed that the case is closed (which means the problem is resolved). The agent logged another fault and yes another report reference 31CWK140521. Still no service at all but we are paying for a contract.

  18. I’ve been treated badly by customer service I paid every month my contract on time and they debited after they told me to pay it manually so they owed me a I just had to pay the difference the following month and I did and a few days later they switched my fone off an say I’m in arrears. How can I be when they owed me.

  19. No matter how happy or sad i get, I’ll never associate myself with telkom ever in my life and I’ll never encourage or advise anyone to part with telkom. It’s truly nothing but the most frustrating company I’ve came across. The only thing they are good at is penalties, they penalize people within a minute but fail to give back the service they deserve. I’m sick and tired of trying to get hold of their consultants without success, even if I get one i never get my problems solved and I’m always penalized for things I don’t even understand how they came to their conclusion.

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