Contact of Telkom Customer Service in South Africa

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Contact Telkom: Find below customer service details of Telkom in South Africa, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Telkom mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid  subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers links and information on Telkom products.

Telkom Head Office
Telkom Towers North,
152 Proes Street, Pretoria
Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 311 5750

Telkom Customer Service
Phone: dial 10210 or 0800 11 5357
Phone: 10217 (business customers)
Phone: +27 12 678 5580 (complaints)
Phone: 0800 124 000 (report fraud)

Telkom Direct Store
Click here to locate a Telkom Direct store nearest to your street. You can visit a local store to subscribe to new services or to pay your past or current bills.

View / Pay Bill
Click here to view or pay your Telkom bills online. You must register before accessing this service. Payments can be made by major credit cards, or through debit order, ATMs, at bank, Telkom Direct Shop, and at any post office.

About Telkom
telkom-safricaTelkom was founded in the year 1991. It is a leading telecommunications company in South Africa providing voice, data, broadband and internet services. Telkom operates in over 32 African countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and Tanzania. The fixed-line segment is Telkom’s largest business. Telkom’s South African subsidiaries include Trudon and Swiftnet. The government of South Africa owns about 40% of Telkom.

Telkom offers voice, data, mobile, hosting and broadband services. For fixed line rental, Telkom has plans such as Direct-A-Call, Fixed Line Look Alike (FLLA), ISDN and MyRing. For calling plans there is doChat, HomeFree, Phone Cards, Silver Line Packages, SpeedCall, Surf AnyTime, Telkom CLOSER and WorldCall. The basic devices through which the services are rendered are Apollo S121, Easitouch 200, G-TEL 100, Tanzanite 110, VTECH SD50, Azurite D16T, Colombo Twin, Motorola C601, Ultimate Slim D105 and more.

For prepaid and postpaid connections, there is 8ta. Visit for more details. For broadband there is ADSL, WiMAX, Dial-Up, GPRS or 3G plans. Telkom Internet has merged with ‘do Broadband’ to provide fast and easy access to internet services. Plans include do Internet Bundles, Telkom Internet AllAccess Capped Plans and AllAccess Uncapped Plans.

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  1. Telkom has got to be one of the worst service providers. My line has been down since Friday last week. No assistance; no direction. Been to their stores in Gateway and LaLucia 7times in the last 5days. Router test done. The call Centre techicians call and drop. Very frustrating!!!!!

  2. Melinda grobbelaar Reply

    I’m not in arrears. Since the epidemic my installment increased with 50 percent. I was laid off at work but kept on paying my R650. I didn’t pay the sudden increase of R300 plus. I paid cash my contract fee as for there was no more money in the bank. I send several emails and they respond everytime with only how to make payments. Now they cut my connection and I’m not in arrears. I do not have transport to go in to their offices. What can I do. Phoning no answer at all. I’m almost 60 cannot walk. Why do I have to go through this trouble if I’m not at fault.

  3. Michael Paul Reply

    In January we had sold our home and cancelled our Telkom line as we were moving to a complex where Telkom lines were not available. The only thing that we wanted to keep was our email address for various reasons. Our account was in credit and we requested we keep our email address thinking they would use the same account. This was not to be, a new account was opened for the email account and the Telkom account which was in credit was never transferred to the new account. Interest was charge on the email line yet we earned no interest on the account which was in credit. I phoned, which was a waste of time as the account was never sorted out. Went to Galleria where there is a branch hoping to get someone to see sense. The lines were so long and no exceptions for pensioners despite the fact I have problems with my legs, you wait in the queue regardless. Tried again, still no luck and on the third visit I was offered a chair and after an hour we saw a rep. Chap seemed very efficient but guess what I received an account for the email address and nothing for the credit account. Very frustrating to say the least. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE SORT OUT THE ACCOUNTS ASAP?

  4. Jonathan Gerson Reply

    Good day, trust you are well. I would like to know why am I being billed for something that I don’t have. I took out a wifi ADSL Telkom contract online and the agent said it will be installed but no technicians was at place for installation but yet I see a bill to go off 1st July 2020. Please look into this matter and get back to me as soon as possible

  5. Tholakele Ndlovu Reply

    Hi, I really don’t know what do I need to do, I had telkom contract years back, I settled my account, after a year telkom told me I owe them, I tried to fight it but I failed I had to pay them, it’s more than 4 years now, I need to buy a house, banks tells me that I owe telkom I called and explain to the banks that I have fully payed telkom, they say I must ask for settlement letter, now telkom says they can’t give me settlement letter because I owe outstanding of last year, that last contract it was a land line, i called them when i move asking them to cancel the account, they did cancel and i had to pay what ever amount they charged me, it kills me now because it seems like I will owe telkom the the rest of my life, I can’t buy a house for my family now cos telkom claims that I owe, and even if I try to fight the always win because they simply blacklist my name. Please if there is someone out there who can assist me I will really appreciate it coz I am renting now with a family of 6, I can afford to buy my own place but telkom is blocking me.

  6. hayley arkeldien Reply

    On the 14th April I applied for home AdSL. On with with April 2020 I received sms to pay deposit fee before services can be installed. On the 27th April the deposit fee was paidVia EFT. I started following up on confirmation of deposit etc. and when services can be expected. After daily calls, going from New services to billing department each an every time the consultant is escalating my matter. I am so tired of this process now. All I want to find out is when I can expect the installation for my children to do their school lessons via zoom classes Etc, My son is in matric and i am so stressed out about his visual classroom activities he has to do. Can some competent person at telkom just ggive a definite progress on my matter.

    • Tracey Holmes Reply

      Does anybody from Telekom actually respond to these complaints on this portal.
      I am at a loss and very disappointed with Telekom fiber. Everytime I agree to upgrade based on the sales lady/gentleman and promises that we will not experience lag etc. My bundle is uncapped with a 20meg line. I my speed just gets worse and worse as time goes by and especially the last week of the month regardless of what data we have used during the month. Our router is outdated and really its just not a pleasure. I think its time to move on.

  7. Nadia Smith Reply

    The signal in my area (Centurion) is so bad that we can’t get work done. I would like to stop my debit order so that I can rather use that money to pay for internet from a provider that works. Please provide me with the contact details of someone in charge of accounts at Telkom. It has been an impossible task to get anyone from any other department other than sales… No surprises there.

  8. We don’t have LANDLINE or ADSL service since early Feb 2020. I reported it several times. Went to telkom store where they told me they can not help me because it is a business line. Call the call center again and they told me there was no fault logged. I get my account every month but still no service from telkom!! Who can solve this for me please.

  9. I have tried to lodge a dispute on my telkom bill since the 5/1/2020, which still has not been resolved. Telkom is billing me for a service I never requested, never signed for and now is demanding me to pay. I am a pensioner, have over the past 28 years being loyal by paying my bill monthly, now I am being forced to pay for a service they migrated me to and will not allow me to downgrade or change my package to an affordable service. I am nothing but disgusted by the manner my query has been handled, incompetant staff and will cancel my contract with with your company with immediate effect.

  10. Dumisile Chibi Reply

    There is no network coverage where I’m staying it started on August . I contacted Telkom and the lady who helped me thought it was my phone coz she kept on telling me what to do on my phone which was already done, surprisingly I was contacted by someone from Telkom who was offering me another data package I told her that even if I wanted to take it, it useless for me because I’m struggling with network coverage. the lady checked for my details on the system and told me that it shows that where I’m staying there is no network coverage but she couldn’t help me instead she told me that the branch where I bought my phone they were supposed to set network coverage for me.

    I’m thinking long and hard and I’m considering to terminate my contract with Telkom.

  11. Basil lanka Reply

    I am experiencing extremely poor service on my emergency business line . Who can I talk too. I failed with nearly everyone. I need someone on the top.

    • I canceled my business contract on the web interface and wrote with a letter clearly stating that am cancling my contract. to get VVM DEBT COLLECTORS sending me a demand payment of a contract that i clearly cancelled. i want this account to be closed. i followed all the steps to do this, to have them still billing me and cheek to send me to VVM DEBT COLLECTORS demanding payment for a service i dont even use. to all customers out there, dont use Telkom for your business. there are so many services that is better than Telkom, am going to get our whole family to cancel there service with telkom. we run a IT company and i will advice all our customers to move over to a better service than what telkom has to offer. there nothing great about this business telkom – service is none to nothing.

    • I have been going through comments about service at Telkom and I found them very disappointing. Seemingly from management no one cares about the customers. I am concern if does it really help to comment because the problem I am experiencing has been highlighted before. I hope Telkom Management can look into developing a system that will be of value to customers and give call centre managers authority to resolve queries effectively

  12. Clifford Joseph Reply

    Your inattention to the needs of the customer in this current landscape will lead to your demise.
    The fault on my ADSL line started in October 2018, with a temporary resolution on my landline only taking place on 22 June 2019. Simply said, I was without internet Service and telephone service since October 2018.
    When the Telephone line was temporarily restored on 22 June 2019, I requested Musa in the Sales Department to reinstate my internet facility. This was the SMS I received on 24 June 2019:
    Telkom ADSL 031207xxxx (ref 287ANK220519) restored. Reply to this SMS within 24 hours with NO if service is still faulty else with YES.
    I had been on the line 10210 and 10213 continuously on 01 July 2019 and again today 02 July 2019. I even escalated the matter to Management with no positive outcome. I even paid my bill for May/June 2019 as I knew that Telkom will make that an excuse to not assist me, and that was exactly what had happened.
    Absolutely no “care” at all. Telkom takes an inside-out approach to customers.
    I want nothing to do with Telkom going forward.

    • Ramsey Hendricks Reply

      I’ve been reporting faults on my landline(cancelled in 2019) online and telephonically with Telkom since Jan/Feb 2019,where I paid my account in full each and every month without any service rendered in return. I got real fed up and decided to cancel my landline( which monthly rental fees increased without notification) online,only to discover that the online process was ineffective. I went to my closest branch, in Hermanus in July 2019, only to be told that no such online cancellation activity was registered. He went ahead and cancelled my subscription in-store while I was waiting patiently and explained my last payment for July 2019 which I will receive in August 2019,which I paid in full. A few months later, during this past week, I’ve drawn my free credit report, found myself in a state of shock and disbelief, only to find that I’m in default with Telkom and that they have reported me at the Credit Bureau as blacklisted, without any written correspondence, email sms or any other form of communication to inform me. They have failed me!!! I need help please

  13. Mosibudi Maenetja Reply

    Telkom night surfer bundle problems, data errors as it wasn’t working, instead finished all my day Data off. There was no notification of some sort with the problem. I had over 10Gig of night surfer but never moved a bit, I realized when I had the sms to notify me that I was out of bundle. I would like my bundle to be replaced as it was the system error that caused this problem.

  14. Mpho CaltonMothipa Reply

    Good day, I’ve ordered a router and sim and was deliverd today but the sim card is not working and I don’t know what to do because is my first time using Telkom. May I please get help.

  15. Sara Ebrahim Reply

    I upgraded my contract at the Alberton branch 23/05/2019, when I got home, I saw that the cell phone had a spot on the screen. I took it back the same day and I was accused of making that spot on the phone. An extremely ridiculous accusation!!!.do you honestly think that I would deliberately damage my own belongings!!! If this is what it boils down too, then I am not obligated to honour my loyalty to you. There are many service providers that would be willing to provide me with better.
    I am not surprised that customers have lost their loyalty towards you.

  16. Loot Grossmann Reply

    For the past 35 years I have a landline installed at my residence in Benoni. For a very long time my account had a credit balance. Telkom then came with a special offer i.e. to install or upgrade my line to 10 MBPS at a very special price. At their office in town they informed me that I cannot have 10 MBPS but they could give me 5 MBPS which could be upgraded to 10 MBPS as soon it becomes possible. I have signed this contract. Then all of a sudden a Telkom technician arrived at my house. He explained to me that Telkom cannot even provide me with a 1 MBPS line because the box is approx. 5 km from my house. I said to him that I am not prepared to pay for 5 MBPS if I cannot even get 1 MBPS. He said to me that I don’t need to do anything because he will inform Telkom about this issue. Afterwards I got a phone call from somebody who wanted to deliver a modem to me. He was at my previous address and there is nobody to accept the modem. I said to him that Telkom has moved my line from the previous address to my new address. This guy was not prepared to deliver this modem to my new address and that was it.

    In the meantime Telkom has charged me for a lot of things. Eventually I was so fed up with Telkom that I have reported them to the Beeld. Beeld said to me that they will take this issue up with Telkom but I must not be positive about it. Today more than one year later and despite the fact that I sent them a statement with each payment, the account is still not fixed. They charge me with interest for late payment and every now and then they cut my line. When they connect my line again they charge me with a reconnection fee etc. I now ignore them. and I have stopped sending them more of my statements. If the Telkom staff don’t know how to reverse something which they have never supplied, it is not my problem. The last thing I will do is to send another letter to Beeld to inform them that my problem has to date not been solved. I have also asked my son not to pay the Telkom account should anything happen to me.

    Should you have an idea how to solve this problem then please advise me.

  17. Karen Hauf Reply

    My land line is down again!!!!! For more than a year I’ve probably had no more than a months service!!! Yet I pay full service fees! I am 71 no neighbors to whom I can turn for [email protected] I’m so sick and tired of “reporting” it and going through queues of customers! Sick and tired!

  18. Oom Willie Reply

    I am a pensioner and can no longer afford a Telkom landline plus internet. Therefore, I visited Telkom’s service centre in Mokopane, and a lady behind the counter processed a cancellation for which I subsequently received an e-mail from Telkom on 2nd January, confirming the cancellation request and informing me of a “request number for service to be cancelled”, namely my landline telephone number followed by 1:26322199. After that, I did not use my telephone again, nor did I use their internet facility. On 4 January, expecting a final account, I paid R400. However, I received an account showing a balance of R771.53 which I duly paid on 31 January. Nevertheless, on 10 February I received a further invoice, this time for R447.57 which I have not yet paid. Instead of paying, I have been phoning Telkom’s service line repeatedly without success. I need Telkom to cut off my landline, reverse all outstanding balances that I am ostensibly owing to them, and to explain to me a reconciliation of my account as I suspect that Telkom owes me, not the other way around. Maybe I’m expecting too much!

  19. Paulos Mokwena Reply

    I’ve got a problem wifi network, before i took a contract with telkom I’ve ask if there is a network of telkom in my area they’ve said the network is there but there is none, i could not do my online assignments, my area is Soshanguve Block T Pretoria.
    Could someone assist me with this problem.

  20. Christopher Reply

    Dear Telkom Credit Managers,

    Kindly be informed that I had checked my Transunion and Compuscan Credit reports the past two weeks. To my surprise in that report I had discovered that I owe Telkom R1 753.00 of which I was not aware. I then called your Telkom Head office to ascertain such an debt amount. I was told that I do not have any outstanding balance to the amount of R1, 753.00 by Telkom Head office, But then why have you listed me to credit regulators for this amount if I do not owe you.

    I have requested Telkom to clear this amount with TransUnion and Compuscan since I do not owe them anything. Up until today, Telkom has not taken any action to correct this matter.
    I have no option but to refer the matter to my attorneys since you are not willing to clear my credit report over this amount. this has a serious bearing on my credit score. Maybe you will understand the attorneys’ language since you do not understand mine.


  21. This account was cancelled on 11 March 2018. But until today we receive statements for this account and we can also not get any new accounts with anyone as Telkom reported us for not paying from March 2018 (when the account was closed.

  22. Telkom is utterly useless, I am so fed up with their lack of service. I paid my Telkom bill at a Pick n Pay as I was informed by Telkom staff at the branch in Ilanga Mall Nelspruit that they are unable to accept payments at the Telkom store. After my account was paid my line was cut, I phoned the customer service department and was informed that it is an automated service and my payment is not reflecting on their system as yet. It takes apparently up to 48 hours for their payments to reflect from Pick n Pay. It has been 48 hours and my line is still not working. Everytime I contact the (lack of) customer service I get the same soppy story. Why is my line not working then if is automated? And why is there a Telkom store if you are not able to make your payments their?

  23. I am not even yet a client of Telkom – merely applied for ADSL at my home and I find their customer service absolutely pathetic. How many phone calls later, and I am still no closer to resolving my query.

    “Ordered” a product at the beginning of January already – Technician was sent out to install the ADSL. When he arrived, he informed me he was not able to install, due to the telephone line being faulty, and that another Telkom pole needed to be installed on my property. He undertook to “log” this on the same day so that the relevant people could sort this out. Two weeks later, when following up regarding this, when I eventually was able to speak to someone at Telkom, I was told the aforesaid was never logged. The line was installed (pole erected) – today I call to follow up regarding when technician would be calling to install and I am told that “the order was never submitted”!!! How on earth can this be, when the Technician originally came to my property, with all of the equipment to install. When I asked to speak to a Manager, I was told “you will have to wait, as all the Managers are in a meeting”. Pathetic service – actually you cannot even call it “service” because there is not service!!!!!!!!!

  24. Good day

    I have been trying rather unsuccessfully for a year now to cancel my land line 012 661 8403 on two occasions I received a call from your call centre to say it had been cancelled, and guess what I am now receiving letters of demand for monies up to and including this month, I will not pay any money over until I get the correct amount at the time of cancellation, it is through no fault of mine that my online request ( the only way to contact Telkom in this regard) was either just ignored or file 13″d. So please for the final time send me a proper account up to the time the service was cancelled DO NOT send me any more inflated bills for a service I do not use. Telkom is the worst company to deal with get your act together TELKOM

  25. Reported a fault on 20 December (No26198005). Queried it on I think 24 December. Your consultant, after asking me I dont know how many questions, said she would chase it up. Phoned again today and I refused to amswer the questions of the Consultant saying I will only give her the fault number. I cannot see the reason for all these stupid questions when all I want to know is what is happening about my fault. Requested to speak to her manager who is supposedly busy on another call. I wonder when the manager will call, if ever. In your advert you boast about being a leading telecommunications company. The complaints I have read seem to say differently. I have generally had very good service from Telkom but in recent times it sems to be getting worse and worse. I have been with Telkom for some 45/50 years and am seriously considering cancelling the service and relying on my cellphone alone, the service of which also seems to be deteriorating. Still waiting for the call from your manager. Phoned back at 9-57am – all of a sudden they cant hear me and i must dial 10210 for some or other reason. Well done Telkom. Still no call from the Manager. Obviously one of the people who receive a bonus for the “excellent” work he/she does. No option but to wait for something to happen. Good service Telkom

  26. moosa Peer Reply

    Telkom staff on 10210 are unhelpful D-LINK DWR-720/W FLLA WI-FI,TMB.
    Calls are dropped or being told to go to the Telkom shop is not service.
    Please remove your device which was delivered on 19/12/2018.
    This is less than 7 days and within the time frame of returns due to dissatisfaction with a product and after sales service..

  27. Portia Msomi Reply

    I regret taking this contract, I was called by the Telkom agent promoting the router special. I took the offer, I have no coverage I am told I must wait for 72hrs and because I have opened the box they cannot cancel the contract. I gave the correct address and the address shows on the POD slip. They are waiting for 72hrs to check what on the recordings because the address I gave is on the POD. They have the incorrect address on the system. I spoke to 2 coloured ladies who are rude and inpatient. Telkom’s complaints landline number does not work / exist.

  28. James Cooks Reply

    I am shocked with the non existing service. I give you a 0 for your service. I want to challenge you to contact me on 082 566 6636 to hear my grievances. I got a file with at least 15 e-mails asking to cancel my service of telephone 016 971 2503. I visit the Vaal Mall 5 times and they scanned the cancellation forms sending it to good know to where. The service was cancelled the 2 July 2018 and I got a notice from Telkom to confirm. You send me a warning that I will be black listed. I then paid just to prevent this of happening. Telkom keep on sending me bills account no. 336081594. I have never experience such poor or non existing service in my whole life. SHOCKING. I will hand this over to my Attorney and hope he can help to solve this irritating affair.

  29. Mitsi Strydom Reply

    Telkom is quick to take you money and give you no service but when you end you service you don’t get you deposit back, they don’t communicate. ignore you flat and pass the ball to the next uneducated TELKOM employee!! great telkom USLESS!!!

  30. Account No 639902250452

    I took up the internet contract with Telkom. I experienced problems from the beginning. I kept on reporting until such time tired to pay for the services I don’t enjoy until I decided to cancel their contract in February 2018.Up to now I’m receiving that contract keeps haunting me.This morning I got a call that I have been handed over for the account of R3000 that I have not paid. I’m so frustrated with this kind of treatment; Telkom is a big company and its unthinkable that it can treat its customers like this. To be black listed is trauma especially if its not your own making. If any body has an advice what to do, please let me know.

  31. Augustinah Reply

    Last year Black Friday i took a contract on line, the transaction of the contract was finalised telephonically. During my telephone conversation with the consulted i indicated clearly that the cellphone to have a spend limit, since the phone will be used by one of kids.

    In September I receive my sttatement to pay over spend limit of R500-00. i then visited my nearest telkom branch. the consulted informe me that my contract did not have limit spend, and for end of October i have to pay an over spend of R450-00. I paid R200-00 in December 2017 for the new cotract, to date the amount is still not reflecting on my account.

    I went to Telkom branch requesting a copy of my contract, i was told it will be email to me, till to date. i have not received.


  32. Joachim Lubbe Reply

    After reading all the above complaints in connection with Telkom’s client service, I’m “glad” to see it’s not only me that get no response from Telkom on e-mails I have sent to them for the past 18 months to the following addresses: [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected]

    Not one aknowledgement of receipt and the addresses [email protected] and [email protected] are mostly out of action, presumably full and unable to receive any messages. Why?

    I have also visited the Telkom stores at Menlyn and Woodlands shopping centres several times to try and sort out the issue, to no avail. When they hear my problem their system is down, sorry we can not help, but call 081 180 maybe they can help if their system is running, which bring me back to square one.

    I have been given case numbers since April 2017 every time I call the number 081 180, but 18 months down the line Telkom has not finalised the cancellation of the Smart Broadband Wireless contract I have cancelled in May 2017 and still sends me invoices for the sim card which was also cancelled 6 months ago after they, Telkom had erroneously not cancelled it with the contract in May 2017.

    How Telkom can keep an account and debit order open for a contract that was cancelled in May 2017, just to keep on billing the client for the sim card (Which was not used since May 2017) which they, Telkom did not cancel, baffles my mind. In my book this is a transgression of the PFMA and could be seen as fraud.

    Even the fact that my bank with my permission, returns the Telkom invoice every month, does not ring a bell with Telkom, and no one in Telkom ask the question, why does our client refuse to pay, or even better call the client to find out why.

    I rest my case!

  33. Leigh Watson Reply

    Why is it so hard for telkom consultants to help their clients?? ive been fighting to cancel my contract with should not be such a complicated matter but for some reason it is! ive already done it online and was contacted once, unfortunately i missed the call but when calling back they stated that they already closed the case after calling me 3 times, where i only received 1 call!! ive been in store more times than i can count to be told its not their problem and a consultant will contact me, its now been 3 weeks. im unable to process the cancellation online as it says it has already been processed. Someone needs to contact me urrgently!!!! all i want is for the F##### contract to be cancelled!!!

  34. I m very much disappointed by the way Telkom is treating me ,My business is dead from the 10th of October the line is not working I reported a fault I was told the cables were stolen and they are not going to replace them as such I have to order a look alike wireless phone. I was promised to get it delivered within 7days ,On follow ups now is around 21days what the hell. The worst part I called the customers complain number which is 012 678 5580 is not even processing it just disconnect it seems like its done for formality .I m a loyal customer for many years but this kind of treatment is not fair at all .They have already issued an invoice whereas I was not getting the service .I appeal to the management to attend to this matter.

  35. I have cancelled my service with Telkom in March 2nd, 2018 and am still receiving accounts despite sending all the cancellation documents plus correspondence with various staff members. Are there ANY qualified people working in your accounts department to sort out this mess

  36. Telkom offers the most atrocious service ever. They deducted money from my account via debit order and suddenly it all stopped with a reason that my bank returned the debit order. How on earth would my bank do that if there is money in my account and why would I bother calling them if indeed I had not made provision. From there it has been a struggle to re-instate the debit order despite having paid before the 5th as advised by their agents. Despite all the assurances by the call center agents the problem still persists. A call to their call center is an absolute nightmare. One holds on forever only for the call to be cut off in the end. To say I am frustrated by their service would be an understatement.

  37. Ernest Dimba Reply

    I’m frustrated and very very angry with Telkom employees. I ordered one wireless modem and two delivered. I called several times and every one I spoke to said the matter will be escalated soon. To my amazement todate nothing has happened and Telkom is charging for services that I have not used to date. The two WiFi modems are still unopened. Telkom must employ people who have brains. I’m so disappointed with the bunch of clowns at Telkom. Can someone with better brains resolve the matter with immediate effect
    Allen Ernest Dimba

  38. Elrico Septoe Reply

    Telkom is pathetic with there aftersales customer service.I have been struggling for the past 2 weeks to get a multi-sim number removed from my account to upgrade to an uncapped package.

    Ive visited the store and made calls myself to there customer service centre with no luck.

    I am searching for better services online to resolve my wifi connection and close my account with Telkom permanently.

  39. I called Telkom for a fixed line look alike about three weeks ago, the lady informed me that it will be delivered within 7-14 working days. Understandable. However after three weeks, I still have not received any follow up, details, information, invoice not anything. Will it be delivered, will it not? I am unsure because there is no communication. Did she even order it for me? I was given a reference number: 244445891A and that was all. The line is the only thing I need to get my business up and running, but thanks to the uncertainty I have no idea how much longer will it take.

  40. wessel bentley Reply

    This is total bullshit, I cannot get hold of any body, my new phone was sold to me by your staff on a special, promised to deliver with in 7 to 10 working days, two sales people I told, tell the COURIER service TO CONTACT ME 24HRS BEFORE and 1HR before delivery, what now? I have a contact for WIFI with you
    My no 0724431919 ,I do not want to talk to a machine, PHONE ME
    OR must I stop my current stop order to get your attention!

  41. Luis Freitas Reply

    I have been charged ZAR 796.00 on your ref. TEK500299032T180, this being for my internet access. I have left South Africa 3 months ago and I’m still being charged.

    I also have requested 3 months ago for the cancellation of the service to no avail.

    Will you please cancel the service immediately?

    Thanking you for your prompt attention.

  42. I am so frustrated with Telkom that it is not even funny. The consultants that work there are ALL a bunch of idiots in my personal opinion. Everyone simply passes the blame to the next person without helping. As soon as they don’t understand anything, they pass the blame onto someone else or another dept. They profess to be the leading telecommunications service provider in the country, yet they can’t afford to call their customers back. every time you speak to someone, they somehow drop the call before they can even get to the reference number for the call.

    • Willie Smit Reply

      The line of stories are all the same. Heartbreaking to read as a longterm loyal customer of Telkom and unfortunately I had now the same experience as the rest here. I moved from ADSL to Vumatel fibre and was positive to stay with Telkom as ISP because I wanted to keep my e-mail address. So I selected a Telkom offering with Vumatel. I received my router and installed. Aftyer a week I cancelled ADSL online. After a month I received a call to confirm the ADSL cancellation. That evening I could not log onto the email server and 10210 reset my password. Since that day I LOST ALL MY PREVIOUS EMAILS AND FOLDERS. I had aabout 20 calls to 10213 1nd 10210 because nobody can spot the problem and give me messages of I do not have an email, or my account does not reflect fibre, etc. BUT my BILL SHOWS THAT I HAVE EVERYTHING!!. I get the feeling that the support people dpoes not have a clue of what is going on. The last promise today was that a senior technicican will phone me back – I am waiting from 12h00 till now . I want to know how can the change from ADSL to fibre affect emails at all – it is just a different vehicle to the server. Your technical people are not able to explain to me that. I WANT MY EMAILS back. Can you respond quickly please

  43. David Aldendorff Reply

    I visited your branch today to cancel my telephone service only to be told the service did not exist as it was cancelled in January. Not true I only cancelled the ADSL line and have been using the telephone up until now. I am moving away from Jeffreys Bay from end March and would appreciate your confirmation that the service will be cancelled as from 31st March, 2018.

  44. C S McArthur Reply

    I cancelled my landline and ADSL in January and am still receiving an account. Cannot get in touch with anyone in writing to sort the problem out. Telkom customer Service is an oxymoron!

  45. Dear Sir or Madam

    On numerous occasions this year I have logged the same two faults pertaining to the internet at my home. Telkom is the service provider. I use a Telkom router.

    Despite Telkom informing me by sms that each “report was restored”, this is patently false. The faults have not be resolved.

    It is a misrepresentation to assert that there has been a restoration. This is disturbing. It is indefensible.

    Twice in February 2018 a technician attended at my home. I then received the reports mentioned above. The technicians did not fix the faults.

    The faults are:
    • very slow internet;
    • intermittent connection via wifi.

    I am supposed to have a 4Mbps line. Last night I did a speed test on the Telkom web site. The speed was 0.75 Mbps.

    When downloading from the internet via the Xbox, it takes hours (literally). Whilst playing online on the Xbox, there is a delay. The internet speed is pathetic.

    After logging the faults, I have been furnished with the following Telkom reference numbers this year:
    • 317CRK200118
    • 86CRK040218
    • 186CRK040218
    • 169CRK090218
    • 749CRK160218
    • 1072396
    • 1075182

    I have spoken to no less than 10 consultants at the pinnacle call centre pertaining to the 2 faults.

    Remarkably, I am charged full fees for a defective service. No credits have been given. Telkom thus charges for providing a faulty service.

    Last week I emailed Telkom via its website, the email reads as follows:
    “I have spoken to Telkom more than 8 times in the past 10 days. It has not resolved the faults despite sending me smses and recording on its system that the faults have been resolved. My home internet is exceptionally slow and the wifi connection is poor. It keeps dropping. I am using a Telkom router. A technician attended at my home and unplugged the telephone lines and failed to plug them back in, so I had no fixed line usage. He was clueless. Please do not insult me by sending someone of that calibre. The faults have been reported again and again, Telkom clearly does not intend fixing the problems. My latest references are 186CRK040218 and 1072396. I am not credited for the faults.”

    I have been assured by a number of the pinnacle call centre operators that the faults will be fixed.

    If Telkom has no interest in resolving the faults, it should tell me. I shall then take the appropriate steps.

    If Telkom cannot fix the faults, it should also tell me. I shall then cancel the services.

    If I do not receive a meaningful response by 16h00 on Tuesday 20 February 2018, I intend reporting Telkom to the relevant Ombud.

  46. L. Hitchcock Reply

    I am awaiting a credit for a service which was non existent from 10 October – the day THE STORM hit Durban until 18 November when the service was restored.
    You will notice from the account that there was no usage during that period 031 459 0618.
    Please tell me why one should pay for a non existent service.
    Reference number 21764934 refers and on the day the credit was first requested, I was told it would be processed within 7 day. That was more than a month ago.
    BUT you have been happily debiting my bank acccount each month.

  47. I would like to congratulate you on the services rendered by Mr. Alex Baloi ( Glenwood Rd depot). He was very helpful and informative. He persevered where others gave up. Thank you so much, Alex.

  48. Ghane Gordon Reply

    On the 11th of May 2017, I visited the Telkom Irene Mall branch after reviewing a special Telkom had, on a flyer.

    The special said R899 per month, unlimited internet, 100mb/s including 5500Gig free movie streaming per month.

    The consultant who assisted me went by the name of Bryan (who is now at the Menlyn branch in Pretoria). Bryan explained to me what the package consisted of and went online into the Telkom platform which showed the area in which I stayed LTE coverage for the product. The coverage concluded a rating of 92%. 

    My address: Harbor Road 126, Leisure Bay Estate, Erasmuspark, Pretoria.

    On the 11th I completed all forms and on the 12th of May 2017, I visited the branch to pick up the router.

    When I returned home I installed the router. With limited knowledge, I noticed the download speed was very slow. On the 13th I download an internet speed tester app which showed:

    Download: 3.29Mbps

    Later during the evening, the tester showed: Download: 0.24Mbps.

    On the 14th I contacted Bryan via WhatsApp and informed him it was unacceptable and provided screenshots confirming my complaint (attached herein).

    Bryan asked me to perform another speed test the evening at 20:00 which I did but the speed remained the same.

    The following day I took the router back to the branch and met with Bryan who performed a test to see whether the device was working correctly (which it did).

    I asked Bryan if they don’t perhaps have a sort of signal booster. Bryan informed me they use to give a signal booster with the package but the boosters were finished. When asked how much such a booster will cost, Bryan informed me R2000.00. I was not happy with his reply and asked him to have a look for a booster because why should I pay for one if it is in actual fact part of the package. 

    After Bryan spoke with his manager, and another person by phone, Bryan went to the store in the rear of the branch and picked a booster. The booster was eventually given to me free of charge. However, the booster did not work when I returned home.

    After several other attempts contacting Bryan for assistance as the internet even went off completely, Bryan informed me he submitted the issues to their complaints department – this was not the case.

    Since June 2017, not one debit order went off my personal account. Even when I queried this, I had no response from Telkom.

    On the 10th of August 2017, my girl friend went to the branch at Irene and explained to them the internet was not working at all. The lady then informed my girl friend the package I signed up for in a legal document did not exist anymore and was only 50Gig a month. My girl friend was furious as we were not informed and it is in breach of contract, not to mention fraud.

    The lady then lodged a complaint and informed my girl friend she would receive a response within 7 working days. On Monday the 11th of September 2017 my girl friend returned to Irene Mall, Telkom branch, to inquire why she has not received a reply from Telkom. My girl friend was informed “we don’t know why” and the lady lodged a second complaint onto the Telkom system. But, the lady then informed my girl friend, Telkom sent a reply to the SIM card inside the router (my girl friend queried this and asked how it was possible for someone to know if Telkom sent it to the router SIM) – no response.

    Since Friday the 8th of September 2017 the internet has been off. Now Telkom says the account is in arrears, but when asked why we have not received any invoice or notice, or a response to two complaints. No response.

    It is clear from my understanding the contract I signed with Telkom was under false pretensions, fraudulent and the special already stopped – that is why they didn’t want to initially give me a booster, but rather have me pay R2000.00 for a free item.

    Today is the 10th of October 2017 – NO RESPONSE

    And please, email me, don’t call from unknown numbers as by LAW I do not have to answer unknown numbers.

    Put it on PAPER!

  49. Jos Verschoor Reply

    to whom it may concern,

    I would like you to look into my adsl connection, as I pay a considerable amount every month but am not getting what I am paying for.

    I have over the period that I am connected as an adsl user from Telkom with a request to check the speed of my connection.
    Whilst I have nothing but praise for the assistance I get from the call centre, I fear that it is out of there control.

    I have also been in touch with my Service Provider, MWEB, and they keep on referring me to Telkom. It appears that there is only a reserve, as they call it, of 2% on the ADSL line, and that is measured during the day.
    In the evening between +- 20H00 and 24H00 as well as on public holidays, I have virtually no internet connection of any considerable speed, whilst I pay for 4Mb.

    I am of the opinion that during these times that there are to may subscribers online, which has a major effect.

    I therefore would like to request for you to look in/at my connection and the total load of the line providing me with the feed.

    For the amount of money that I’m paying monthly, I am not getting what I am paying for.

    When I do a speed test it all appears to be correct, but as I said, during the times I referred to above, it is dismal.

    Kind Regards J.P. Verschoor

  50. Dr. Tholimpilo S. Masango Reply

    I have sent many e-mails and called Telkom Accounts regarding my case when I was put down for an upgrade of ADSL to R484.82 but have been informed that my bill was R747.84 and this was after some credits but why? I do not even get my bills since August 2016.The consultant who suggested that I upgrade is Ms Manekie Govender who did not tell me that there were other hidden charges involved.I have consulted the Consumer Commission on this issue and they agree with me that there has been a violation of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 28 April 2008.My name is Dr T.S. Masango, ID:5405045032089 and my Telephone Number:(033)3866131,residential address:348 Boreas Circle, Oribi Village, Oribi, Pietermaritzburg, 3201.I need Telkom to send me my monthly bills regulary/monthly to either my residential or postal address:P O BOX 1593, Pietermaritzburg, 3200 and 2)I would appreciate it if you cannot keep up the contract charges, which had also been confirmed by the Sales Department to be indeed R484.82 and not R747.82, to revert to my old contract of R399.00. I have been a loyal Telkom customer since 2004 and have never been treated so badly.

  51. Norman.H.Symonds. Reply

    Please be advised that the Telkom service in the Waterfall KZN ( Internet ) is the worst in the whole world I am sure.Not a day goes buy that there is not a problem.I have had to deal with the poor service now for about Four years end in site.I get the feeling that the people you employ don’t know what they are doing hence the poor service.If you are doing your best please note it’s not good enough.

  52. Louis Taljaard Reply

    There is no Customer service at you Telkom shop (MALL @ REDS). I went in there to get information. The lady that was sitting there had no inclination to help me. She told a co worker (Not a consultant) to give me a brochure. If this is the help that you can expect from Telkom, you will lose your customers.

  53. D. da Silva Reply

    Good morning, I would like to bring to your attention that 2 twice money has been taken off my account which refer to Telkom. I reversed them on both occasions and I was given a number 031 3632106 Telkom head office who instructed this company to do the debit orders. I will not pay any monies as my small Telkom account is in credit balance. The reference used is Telkom 5007407115 . Please can you guys look into this as I also had to cancel a payment previously for Telkommob150074073201. Please assist me urgently. Kindest regards. Dorethea J Da Silva

  54. Rohida Landsberg Reply

    I am fed-up with Telkom

    Reported a fault on 19.09.2016 and still sitting with NO service despite calling the near useless Customer Care Service two to three times everyday -and each time repeating my details on the promise of escalation of my query – and nothing materialises.

    What good is a call centre – No info is available in terms of senior personnel who may be able to assist- it seems as if the TELKOM technicians are one man bands on their own mission…not answerable to anybody…come and go as they please…

    So everyday I am at the mercy of Telkom Call Centre and some obscure technician and some obscure progress report that never materialises..

    And I am supposed to pay for a service I am not receiving – Further all the inconvenience and added expense

    How ridiculous!!!!!

  55. Andre Avondo Reply

    I’ve been trying for months to contact on 10210 to change my Telkom account guess what you cant get hold of them. I found a 0800 number on the website guess what you cant get hold of them.

  56. Suzette Delport Reply

    I would like to lay a complain about the services for the Alberton Telkom shop in Alberton city. We applied for a upgrade the end of February 2016 for the Samsung note 5. Every time we go there to collect the phone sorry still no stock!!!!!!!!! How long does it take to get stock????????

  57. Mrs. Lilian Rossi Reply

    Hi I would like to know how to go about claiming my monthly rental back from Telkom for my ADSL line. It has not been repaired after numerous calls to Telekom for the past month. Have had to buy data just to be able to carry on with important work requirements and that has now exceeded R2000 already. Please advise how to claim or who to contact regarding this issue. Thank you

  58. I am a new customer who is currently awaiting installation. I have received a confirmed booking which was rescheduled 5 times…
    And guess what I am still waiting ….
    Service levels are terrible

  59. Susan Matthews Reply

    Call centre agents need more training with regards to the products and services they should be assisting with….I am currently on the line for almost 3 hours and have been transferred from department to department and not 1 person can assist!!!!The last agent i spoke to advised me to call the number i did initially call……says she can’t assist.Total frustration!!!!!!

  60. We are having a nightmare with the service delivery of Telkom.On Friday 15 January I contacted the 10210 in order to report my internet was not working.Whilst the Telkom Agent was assisting me the the call was cut on there side.On the 18 January 2016 contacted the 10210 number for assistance on this day we were cut off again. You are forced to wait for at least 15 minutes to be attended too and when attended to by Telkom the agent cuts you off. On the 19 January 2016 we made contact with 10210 who informed that a Senior Technician will contact me. On the 20 a Senior Technician contacted me and attempted to help. He thereafter informed me that he would send a is going one week with no internet we are a orphan home. On 25 January a technician was sent he was totally unhelpful he spent about 3o minutes .He thereafter requested we contact 10210.He left we contacted 10210 the Telkom Agent contacted the technician and sent him back to us. He returned and attempted to fix. He contacted 10210 .He could not rectify the situation we were contacted by 10210 and informed that a Senior Technician will contact us. Please help

  61. Gillian Reding Reply

    Your service regarding the ordering and installation of package 2mag line 10gigs MBPS needs attention.

    I did not expect to be involved in the actual installation of the package guided by a technician on the end of a phone.

    I did not expect to have to change my land line number which has been in use for the last 9 years.

    I did not expect overseas calls made from this new number to be blocked. This is a major inconvenience to me.

    I did not expect the recorded voice that informed me outgoing overseas calls were blocked from this number to then give me an incorrect number to ring ie 10219 instead of the correct one 102109.

    Once I had worked out the correct number, I did not expect to be told there was nothing anyone there could do. I was advised to go to the nearest Telkom store and ‘sign a paper’.

    And, by the way, placing this order by phone took 1 hour and 40 minutes, holding on for 15 and 20 minute
    gaps of silence while the person did ‘searches’. First I was told there was no signal in my area and I would have to wait for ‘a natural signal” (?) and when I refuted this, and it was located, I was then told to hold while the order was processed. This last ‘wait’ ran into 40 minutes and I hung up. I was phoned back on my cell phone nearly two hours later to confirm the order had been placed.

    Glossy catalogues advertising your products are all well and good, but customer service in terms of how all the facets of the product delivery come together purposefully and smoothly must surely be the overall aim. As of now, I think it needs attention and a rethink all round.

  62. Telkom is really a bad service provider. They expect payment every month. Me as a loyal client never pay late always than the billing amount must be happy when there is every month almost a week where there is no WIFI and lines is down. I am running a security business Landline and internet is important. Again as from Saturday 5/12/15 no landline nor WIFI. I cannot even phone telkom everything is dead. To be honest telkom is useless they must rather take off their false adverts on tv and radio

  63. Najmie Fredericks Reply

    Good day.

    I have a land-line installed at my residence in Kenwyn. Recently I had my 2Mbps line upgraded to a 4Mbps line hoping this would improve my connectivity but this has not helped. I have logged numerous calls to 10210 but I have had no joy in getting my issue resolved. I have done line speed test and get upload speeds of below 1Mbps and it pings at between 450 & 709ms.

    I log calls regularly and a Technician attended to my problem yesterday and the best he could get was 0.88Mbps. I am at the end of my tether as I get the impression that nothing is being done to permanently address the problem.

    Recently, I was even offered a 10Mbps line by a Telkom Consultant which I declined because I could not even get my 2Mbps to be stable.

    Please advise me as to what my next step should be?

  64. I have applied for mobile contract with Telkom few months ago, only to find out that they made a mistake on my bank details, I went back to find out why debit order is not going through. I am now owing them with their mistake. need help

  65. In the beginning of 2015 I applied for an ADSL line. After a long period Telkom installed it. During the rating I have rated the duration of service delivery as very low. A consultant of Telkom phoned me to ask very the reason of the low rating. After I have explained it to her and raised my concern that I now want to apply for an upgrade from 2mb to 4 the consultant assured me that it will only take three days. Three months later, four visits to the Telkom office in my area, I am still waiting for the three day process. What is the reason for the poor service delivery?

  66. Poor service assistance from Telkom. Battle for 2 months to get my ADSL router installed. Phone many times to 10210 no answer. Cant get hold of a technician. Password and User number was wrong. Cannot install router.

  67. Hi there
    I did receive a scam notice on my cellphone of coca cola winnings and the number 0218367782 are being used
    I would like to report this number as being fraud / scam / money theft


  68. Estcourt no longer has an office so it is utterly naive for anyone here to get some alterations done.I WANT TELKOM TO IMMEDIATELY STOP ANY DSL SERVICES WHICH WAS SUPPLIED IN THE PAST TO ME.

  69. We are a NPO Organisation loosing R2000 a day because of Telkom. Reported the faulty line 9 days ago without any response ???? ….what can i say ????…
    pathetic to say the least

  70. Shaun Jeffries Reply

    Good day …..

    My name is Shaun Jeffries & I would like to do some research / inquire with regards to an account that has been paid long time but it seem that Telkom keep on sending sms to state that the account has never been paid . I do however believe that you can resolve this matter if you can contact me with immediate effect.

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