Contact of Telkom Customer Service in South Africa

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Contact Telkom: Find below customer service details of Telkom in South Africa, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Telkom mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid  subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers links and information on Telkom products.

Telkom Head Office
Telkom Towers North,
152 Proes Street, Pretoria
Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 311 5750

Telkom Customer Service
Phone: dial 10210 or 0800 11 5357
Phone: 10217 (business customers)
Phone: +27 12 678 5580 (complaints)
Phone: 0800 124 000 (report fraud)

Telkom Direct Store
Click here to locate a Telkom Direct store nearest to your street. You can visit a local store to subscribe to new services or to pay your past or current bills.

View / Pay Bill
Click here to view or pay your Telkom bills online. You must register before accessing this service. Payments can be made by major credit cards, or through debit order, ATMs, at bank, Telkom Direct Shop, and at any post office.

About Telkom
telkom-safricaTelkom was founded in the year 1991. It is a leading telecommunications company in South Africa providing voice, data, broadband and internet services. Telkom operates in over 32 African countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and Tanzania. The fixed-line segment is Telkom’s largest business. Telkom’s South African subsidiaries include Trudon and Swiftnet. The government of South Africa owns about 40% of Telkom.

Telkom offers voice, data, mobile, hosting and broadband services. For fixed line rental, Telkom has plans such as Direct-A-Call, Fixed Line Look Alike (FLLA), ISDN and MyRing. For calling plans there is doChat, HomeFree, Phone Cards, Silver Line Packages, SpeedCall, Surf AnyTime, Telkom CLOSER and WorldCall. The basic devices through which the services are rendered are Apollo S121, Easitouch 200, G-TEL 100, Tanzanite 110, VTECH SD50, Azurite D16T, Colombo Twin, Motorola C601, Ultimate Slim D105 and more.

For prepaid and postpaid connections, there is 8ta. Visit for more details. For broadband there is ADSL, WiMAX, Dial-Up, GPRS or 3G plans. Telkom Internet has merged with ‘do Broadband’ to provide fast and easy access to internet services. Plans include do Internet Bundles, Telkom Internet AllAccess Capped Plans and AllAccess Uncapped Plans.

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  1. For weeks I tried to cancel my landline (ADSL) line. My WiFi was cancelled end October but my line is still available. I do not even has an instrument. I only used this line for WiFi. Telkom personel seemed not to be interested to help me. They phoned me back twice, after I asked them to answer me by email . But they keep on phoning me. We have trouble with cellular phoning here. I have to cancel my ADSL line before 1st of December. I stopped my dt order at my bank, I hope that Telkom will contact me when they do not receive their money. I sent emails to all the departments but not a word from Telkom

  2. I was contacted by a TELKOM person and advised that as the overhead lines in our area were to be removed, the ADSL internet service supplied to me would be discontinued. A wireless (LTE) alternative was offered which I agreed to on condition that not more than 20GB per month would be supplied in order to fit into my personal cost budget.
    This arrangement worked for approximately 4 months and my service was suspended in the last 2 months of this time. TELKOM confirmed that I had used up my 20GB before the month-end and I purchased a top-up of R99 in the second month.
    I was then confronted with a bill of R1600 the following month which I reluctantly paid in order to continue the service. The following moths this charge increased and I am now told that I owe TELKOM over R6500.
    I have not used anything like this amount of data which I told them I didn’t want in the first place.
    Dispite a number of telephone calls I have not been able to talk to anyone in TELKOM who has the authority to give a sensibile response. The continual answer is that the matter would be “escalated” .
    I have now transferred he who issue to ICASA by way of a dispute.
    I am now in the process of cancelling all contact with TELKOM and cannot wait to get away from this bankrupt organisation.

  3. Edward Hill Reply

    I purchased a Telkom LTE package more than a month ago. At that time I requested to cancel my Telkom ADSL. The cancellation date was to be 30 days hence ie 13/09/20. On checking, the ADSL service has not been cancelled. So I presume I am expected to pay for both LTE and ADSL!! I have tried 10210/ Telkom shops/ various emails to Telkom but no-one seems interested or cares. Telkom must change its attitude towards customers or risk the same fate as SOE’s.
    I should have taken the advice of my peers and avoided Telkom due to their poor service.

  4. Estelle Kleinhans Reply

    I have never been one to turn to complaints department but today I am so disgusted and disappointed by the service received that I need bring this to your attention.. I entered into the Huawei wifi deal at the end of February. Absolutely everything was taken care of in store and I was most impressed with the service received. I managed to use the wifi for the fist couple of months but for the last three months, the lights came on and then immediately the one turned red and stayed red. At first I thought somehow the data was finished. Left until the 1st of the following month to check again only to find problem still exist. Today I took the unit to the Telkom Store in The Grove Shopping Mall in Equestria, Pretoria. The worst service ever received with an attitude that I cannot even begin to explain. I explained what was happening to the consultant. She opened up the unit and immediately accused me of changing the sim card. I tried to tell her that it is only me and my husband in our house and that the sim is the way it was installed inside their shop. I was told immediately, impossible. Thus leaving me or my husband as the ones who changed it. I once again said that this was the way it was installed in the shop and that neither me nor my husband has touched the unit. Why on earth would I take it back if I had tampered with the unit? Didn’t ask the question but came up in my mind. My husband who heard that I was being accused, NOT ASKED, came closer to the counter just to say that he doesn’t even use the wifi and that we didn’t change anything. He was just trying to support me. The next moment the lady behind the counter instructed him to stay away and to take a seat. He said that he is just at the counter in support of his wife who is being accused of changing a sim card whilst we have never opened up the unit since purchased on the last day of February 2020. The next moment she speaks in her language to call a male staff member asking him to help my husband to leave the shop. The aggressive way we were treated is still fresh in my mind. My husband told the male staff member not to touch him to which the staff member responded, ‘are you threatening me’. Obviously not a threat but a fact. My husband left then left the shop. My sim card was fitted into the blue sim holder that fits around the sim, I was asked to check if I can connect and the unit now is working. All this fuss about a sim not properly fitted and which obviously manage to came loose so no proper contact was made. This is our last contract with Telkom as well as our last visit to Telkom the Grove. The attitude in this country stinks and as a pensioner, I have to live my life here. I will never ever recommend Telkom again to family and friends.

  5. Thembi Mlangeni Reply

    I phoned Telkom several times to close my landline number talking to more than 5 people over the phone. I have been to your 2 branches twice Southgate and Maponya Mall to be told that your systems are down. I was quoted the total amount that I owe which I paid and phoned you using my cell number and today you have audacity to come & bill me again for this landline 011 933 1575. Your 2 consultants sent your department 2 emails to immediately close this account.

    Worse part is that I last used the phone in March since it was faulty and I called you to report it without any help. Your consultant also confirmed that and advised that investigation will be done and reimbursement done. Please retrieve all my calls that I made to you all this time requesting you to close this landline. I used my cellphone which I paid for. My cell number is 083 365 6569 which I used to call you.

    The last straw was when I called and one of your consultants answered the call only to tell me that she cannot help me because she has not signed in and could not transfer me either.

    Your statement which I received for the 1st time since I had this phone does not have your contact email. How is that convenient for a Big company like yours. Does the CEO know about this?

  6. Anthony Martin Reply

    We as older citizens are suffering badly due to incompetent service delivery from Telkom. The company is only 29 yrs old, and yet the older Post Office service was better in all the divisions it covered. Our line was running for 2 days only. I have an adsl backup on my line for internet, pay the service every month, but has no access to the service. I am just as fed up as any one else paying for services that cant be sourced due to incompetent infrastructure. Telkom SA has failed, and I know that the time has arrived for the Minister of Telecoms to shut it down. Send out tenders to international companies revamp and put up a sustainable Telecoms grid that will keep us connected locally and overseas.

  7. Good day. I have been trying to change my debit order info for the past two weeks. There seem ample areas to get new contracts and business, but almost nothing to do enquiry on current accounts. Can one of your consultants please contact me to rectify this matter.
    CH Viljoen

  8. Telkom is seriously becoming the worst service provider, i will never ever recommend it to anyone. I tried to call their call center today but never went through.

  9. Your uplifting of the suspended WiFi line leaves much to be desired after one has paid up the account. It takes forever for it to come back. Please improve your system. It’s too outdated. Benchmark from MultiChoice in terms of the automatic uplifting of suspension of services.

  10. I bought airtime for R60.00 on the 12 of August 2020, then after I tried to buy a Mo’nice data of I received a sms confirming that my airtime was deducted for purchasing a 4G mo’nice data. But the data I bought was never allocated to me.

    I called the call center to try and solve the error, and the first lady I spoke to was NOLWAZI SIBIYA. She promised me that my query will be solved in the next 2 to 24 hour turn around time, of which I waited 48 hours to call again. Following day on the 13th August 2020, I spoke to SISANDA MAKHUBALO who advised me that the query was escalated and she will do a follow up with her Team Leader “NOMANDLA” and I will receive feedback in the next 48 hours but I was never been contacted or sent any communication regarding my complain. On the 15th of August 2020 I called again and spoke to an agent named VUYOLWETHU MATHE who advised me the very same thing I was told by SISANDA & she promised me that she will take it up with NOLWAZI and her team leader which I was told that its NOMANDLA again. My query was never solved still. On the 17th of August 2020 I spoke to BABALWA who told me that she will send them an email to find out on my query and she will get back to me as soon as they respond, still there was no respond on that.
    Today I spoke to Evelyn who placed me on hold for 24 minutes until the call got cut of & I tried to call again and there was a lady who I didn’t catch her name but she was very rude and didn’t want to listen or give me time to speak. I was very irate by the services I did receive from TELKOM, I’m a very loyal and friendly customer to them but the service was very bad.

    My query has not been solved up to today & my R60.00 is gone now

  11. Please can someone with some knowledge of how accounts work and a pleasant disposition, contract me regarding Telkom’s inability to send accounts every month and then cut off my service because I haven’t paid something I didn’t know I had to pay.

  12. Telkom service is poor. The billing department always makes a mistake and am charge for this. Can anyone help. Will never recommend telkom to anyone. As their billing are always incorrect fine.

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