Contact of Super Mario (game) support

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Find below the customer service details of Super Mario game. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the franchise.

Nintendo of America
4600 150th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-255-3700 (customer support)
Phone: 425-882-2040 (corporate main)
Web: Support

About Super Mario
Developed by Nintendo in the year 1985, Super Mario is one of the most popular games of all time. The game was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and it eventually left a mark in the gaming world by becoming the third best-selling video game series. As of today, more than 330 million Super Mario games have been sold worldwide. The Super Mario is a part of a much bigger Mario Franchise, which comprises multiple genres and media such as movies, television, print, and other merchandise. As far as the number of Super Mario games launched to date is concerned, the number is unclear. However, Nintendo does launch a new Super Mario game with every new gaming console. Many non-Nintendo Super Mario games have been launched as well. The character “Mario” eventually became popular among the gaming genre that it made an appearance in multiple other games such as Call of Duty, Metal gear solid, and Legend of Zelda. The character of Mario first appeared in a game called Donkey Kong in the year 1981. Luigi, the character of Mario’s brother, appeared in the Super Mario Game itself. Koji Kondo composed the music and other sound effects for Super Mario. The sound effects for Super Mario Brothers are one of the widely recognized video game themes globally.

The game revolves around Mario, an Italian plumber whose mission is to save a princess named Princess Peach from the clutches of her evil captor called Bowser. The brothers travel distances to reach Princess Peach, and along the way, they vanquish minor enemies and tackle obstacles while jumping across platforms. The entire game is set in the Mushroom universe, and the characters jump on the boxes to power up. Mario and Luigi defeat their enemies by jumping on them. Any horizontal collision with the enemies will end up damaging the player in the game. There are many enemies that the brothers have to face throughout the game. Enemies such as Koopa Troopers, the tortoises, Spiny (another version of Koopa Trooper), and the Pakkun flower. The premise of the entire game is that the Super Mario brother can or cannot land on their enemies, depending on the enemy type. There are many power-ups in the game, including Mushrooms, Flowers, Wing Hats, and Stars. Different power-ups help the character in different ways. For example, Stars make the character invincible for a short period, and the wing that helps it fly.

You will get a new Super Mario game with every new version of Nintendo you purchase. One can log on to the website to purchase the game. Other than this, the games are available on all leading e-commerce portals. However, the games purchased from the Nintendo websites are authentic. Nintendo has a dedicated customer service portal, and they are always happy to help with all the queries. You can easily contact them via their official website or a phone.

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