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Contact Ster Kinekor: Find below customer service details of Ster Kinekor, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the cinema chain and its services. Reach the Ster Kinekor customer service below for complaints, queries or feedback.

Head Office
Ster-Kinekor Office Park,
185 Katherine Street,
Eastgate Ext.4,

Customer Service
Phone: 0861 MOVIES (668437)
Email: [email protected]

About Ster Kinekor
Ster Kinekor customer serviceSter Kinekor is a popular cinema chain in South Africa, operating as a subsidiary of Primedia Group. Founded in the year 1969, the company boasts of some 54 movie complexes that has more than 400 screens and 63,000 seats. Its ‘art house’ movie chain Cine Nouveau operates 5 complexes with 34 screens across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

On the Ster Kinekor website you can search a cinema by times and movie. You can also look for movies by date or upcoming. You can buy a ticket online, print the same and carry to the movie. Tickets can be booked using major credit cards. Besides the website, you can download the mobile phone app to see schedule, upcoming movies and purchase tickets. If you are a frequent movie goer, register for SK Club to earn and redeem points. There is also SK VIP that offers 15 movies a year, personal invitations to exclusive events, among others. For more information or queries on tickets, payment, refund, cancellation, parking, or others, reach the Ster Kinekor customer service.


  1. Nuraan Ely Reply

    I visited the blue route mall branch on the 11/03/2017 and before entry was stopped and told i cant take my supper in with me, to this i ask why not as i was always allowed to take my food in with me, very annoyed was told that its policy i then request to speak to a manager. Who firstly came out didnt introduce herself didnt hear my side started to tell me about policy, to my surprise i told her it has never been a problem to which the manager Heather Williams replied its policy and who ever allowed me in before was not doing there job right.i was very pissed as like they say if the head of the house dont function neither will the body. your manager need to go for soft skills and while Miss Williams is at it also people skills as i found her very arrogant i ask her name and surname as i was going to lay a complaint and only then did she identify herself as Heather Williams.I will rather travel to Claremont from now as i will now spend my hard earn money where the head of the house is so arrogant. I just cant deal when you dont make profit ask yourself why because people wont tolerate such bullshit. so my question is if i wasnt allowed to take my pizza in why are other people allowed to take there groceries in

  2. I’m sitting in a cinema right now, watching a movie. 10 mins into the main attraction and the lights have still not been turned out. This seems to be a regular occurrence at SK Rosebank.

    Do something about it.

  3. Sonja Joubert Reply

    Membership cards 100048492995 & 100051752039

    On 20 December 2016 we went to Ster Kinekor Vaal Mall to watch Star Wars. When enquiring how much points we had, the attendant said there were 900 points on each card and then she swiped our cards. Since then we watched Assassin’s Creed on 27 December and Monster Trucks on 17 January and our points is still 900 on each card!!!

    How is this possible? We keep on going to the movies but we don’t receive our points for it. What is the use to have the club cards?

    I therefore insist that the points must be loaded onto our cards immediately

  4. I’m absolutely disgusted at the pathetic service from the ster kinekor at The Grove. 1.After booking 4 tickets through the ster kinekor app, I can’t retrieve the tickets from the self service station. The clueless manager working there tells me I didn’t book tickets because otherwise they would print out upon swiping my card used to make the booking. I had to log in to my email account to give her my booking reference numbers before she could assist me. This wasted so much of our time. Then I go to the refreshments counter. Place an order, pay, I get the wrong change. I tell the cashier the change she gave me is incorrect. It took a further 10 minutes of my time to be given the correct change. The popcorn was stale. The aircon in the cinema was not working, so it was hot and stuffy throughout the duration of the movie. It was such a unpleasant and highly frustrating experience. I booked a ticket incorrectly, the manager told me they cant refund me and the customer care line also couldn’t assist. This is completely unacceptable and unprofessional. It’s the third time I’ve gone to the Cinema at The Grove and there has been an issue. What a waste of money!

  5. Mr and Mrs T k Garraway Reply

    My husband and i went to the new cinema at Cresta Mall today 10 February 2017 to enquire about getting “over Sixty” cards and not one person in the foyer was interested in helping us. They were busy on their cell phones. We had “over Sixty” cards but was told they are out of date and therefore we wanted to re-apply for new ones. Why is getting these cards so difficult to obtain because we are pensioners and find the movies very expensive and therefore we wanted these cards to give us a discount so going to movies is affordable. Staff at Cresta movies are very unhelpful and disinterested in helping. Please advise where we can get these “over sixty” cards. Thanking you and await your comments.

  6. Justin vieira Reply

    To whom it may concern

    I would like to make a formal complaint towards Brooklyn mall ster kinekor after the absolutely shocking service that was received on the 2nd of February 2017.

    On the above mentioned date myself and four friends went to the Brooklyn ster kinekor to have an enjoyable evening out and watch the 20:00 showing of Split.

    Since we were friends wanting to buy five tickets sitting together we decided that we would like to make use of the employee manned counter in order to ensure that we would be able to sit together and no problems would be incurred. Little to our belief more problems were incurred then one could have expected.

    On wanting to paid for the 5 tickets the employee Letsholo Komane then told us we were not allowed to pay for the 5 tickets individually as we did not explicitly tell him this at the start and thus it was “our problem” and “our fault” and we needed to pay for the ticket with one transaction. On explanation that we were unaware that we needed to explicitly explain to the employee (whose job it is to run the counter and enquire about these types of matters prior to having started the transaction that each individual ticket needed to be paid individually) he took no note of this and became extremely unpleasant. The said employee then told us we need to pay with one card transaction and that it was our fault and that he would not help us further on the matter. We then tried to rationally again explain to the employee we were unaware of this and it was an accident and could the problem please be adjusted and the payment process be restarted so that no further problems would persist. He then started to be disrespectful and belittle us, conducting himself extremely unprofessionally. He became aggressive and each of us were shocked at how one of your employees could talk to a customer like that! On stating that in business one must conduct themselves in such a way that the customer is always right, his response was rudely: “well I don’t work like that”. By this time the couple waiting in line behind us were even shocked at his behaviour!

    Due to this I then requested for the manager who was Edwin Sono. I explained the situation to him, he then spoke to the employee and no better treatment of the situation was taken. The manager was passive and simply looked like he no clue about how to handle the situation. The manager also at no point took responsibility or apologized for his employees conduct and treatment towards a customer and more importantly his conduct towards the three female friends that were present. The employee also at no point apologised.

    Ster kinekor brand is that of “great moments at their greatest”. All I can report is possibly changing that slogan to “terrible moments for you to experience.:

    I will make sure in future instances where a cinema will be used that I will not only avoid Brooklyn ster kinekor but that of the ster kinekor brand as a whole. It was more than disappointing to be treated so unprofessionally by your staff and I will make all my colleagues and friends aware of this, warning them against ever using your cinemas again.

    Justin vieira

  7. Bonny Cooke Reply

    I booked 5 tickets for prestige in Cavendish and the site booked for tonight instead of tomorrow and I had to spend ages on my cell phone to try rectify and then couldn’t rebook using my vitality loyalty cards as they said I had seen the movie.Sandile from helpline called me back and was very helpful and got me correct tickets but I need a refund for tickets that were booked at 8.30pm and I called and logged a complaint at 8.33pm. My ref is WN86PBN and amount for refund to my credit card is R380.pls advise when this will reflect.

  8. Colin Gibson Reply

    On the 11/12/2016 my family and I went to watch “Alone in Berlin” at the Brooklyn Nouveau cinema. During the adverts the volume of the actors speech was too soft to hear. We thought this would improve when the main movie came on but it did not. Two of the gentlemen in the audience went to complain and the projectionist tried to rectify the fault but to no avail. We all got up and walked out 10 minutes into the movie. When we were outside we were not offered Re admission tickets until one of the audience kicked up a fuss. My family were bitterly disappointed as we had driven all the way from our home in Silverlakes to the east of Pretoria missed the movie we were excited to see and waisted most of our precious Sunday including the time it has taken me to complain!! The following are references of our transaction: Re admission vouchers R No. 283479,283480,283481.Purchase: Till BROONMOK02, 2016/12/11 at 10:10 am. I would like to request that Ster Kinekor makes amends in some way over and above 3 re admission vouchers in order to rectify the situation and restore confidence in this cinema as we are regular customers. Thank you for your response.

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