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Contact Ster Kinekor: Find below customer service details of Ster Kinekor, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the cinema chain and its services. Reach the Ster Kinekor customer service below for complaints, queries or feedback.

Head Office
Ster-Kinekor Office Park,
185 Katherine Street,
Eastgate Ext.4,

Customer Service
Phone: 0861 MOVIES (668437)
Email: info@sterkinekor.com

About Ster Kinekor
Ster Kinekor customer serviceSter Kinekor is a popular cinema chain in South Africa, operating as a subsidiary of Primedia Group. Founded in the year 1969, the company boasts of some 54 movie complexes that has more than 400 screens and 63,000 seats. Its ‘art house’ movie chain Cine Nouveau operates 5 complexes with 34 screens across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

On the Ster Kinekor website you can search a cinema by times and movie. You can also look for movies by date or upcoming. You can buy a ticket online, print the same and carry to the movie. Tickets can be booked using major credit cards. Besides the website, you can download the mobile phone app to see schedule, upcoming movies and purchase tickets. If you are a frequent movie goer, register for SK Club to earn and redeem points. There is also SK VIP that offers 15 movies a year, personal invitations to exclusive events, among others. For more information or queries on tickets, payment, refund, cancellation, parking, or others, reach the Ster Kinekor customer service.


  1. I had an unsuccessful booking with them, but they took my money regardless. I was informed that I would be refunded within 7 working days, suffice to say such time has long lapsed and still no refund in sight. It baffles me as to why I have to run after them to correct their mistake.

  2. Bayside mall Table view is a dying mall so one should expect a level of customer service to keep it operating. The service and facilities are terrible at this mall and partucularly the ster kinekor are atrocious. I was refused access to their toilets by the manager as i had not purchased tickets yet (while my partner was busy with this) whilst trying to explain this simple situation the manager and security laughed at me and absolutely denied access. The level of disdain and atrocious treatment results in me never going to ster kinekor or bayside mall again. If not for the kids i would not have gone in. However when i did i found the toilets to be dirty, a 20 minute wait for popcorn after placing the order and two of the four seats were broken at the base. NU METRO for the win!

  3. We went to watch Avatar at Ster Kinekor in Polokwane on the 21st of December 2022. They had issues with generators and could not watch Avatar. They offered a voucher but we just passed through Polokwane so I requested a refund instead. The refund still have not happened. Ster Kinekor will not see me again. Absolutely poor services from both Polokwane and Customer Service. I was promised a follow up with the branch manager in Polokwane. I want my money back. I was advised 5 working days. It’s almost being a month. Quick to take your money but when it comes to refunds it take weeks and weeks.

  4. Good day. I went Ster Kinekor Mooirivier Mall 3 pm show on 6 January 2023 Shotgun Wedding. Considerable change to automation. Show started with 20 minutes of trailers etc then 20 minutes of main show before a breakdown lasting at least 15 minutes. What happened – nothing except the lights came on. Is this not taking your automation too far. No apology or comment that the fault was being rectified. One would expect more for R93! You will not see me again.

  5. Extremely disappointed with the experience at Ster-Kinekor Gateway today. Considering the price of tickets and snacks taking the kids out for a treat and receiving poor service and stale popcorn at 11:00am is disappointing. It is safe to say that we will not be going back there.

  6. My wife booked 4 tickets on Monday with Ster Kinekor, but there was a problem, the money went off from her bank account, but we never got any tickets or confirmation. Ever since she has been phoning them to get an email confirming this in order to reverse the money with the bank without luck. I would take caution when booking online with Ster Kinekor .

  7. Came to watch “Puss ‘n boots” 3D on the 11 December 2022..9:30 show. Image was terrible. Asked them to fix it. They couldn’t. So we watch “Strange world”. A movie that is not our choice at all and also not 3D. Technically “stealing” the exuberant 3D price we had to pay. All in all a terrible experience!!

  8. I was very thrilled with Nonhlanhla’s service, she went over and above to make us feel comfortable. She’s very diligent and friendly she’s our employee of the month for November 2022. This was in Eastgate Mall.

  9. One of the main reasons we go to the cinema is to enjoy the experience of the full sound track of the movie .

    Ster Kinekor East rand mall- doesn’t give you this experience. The staff are incompetent in this area. They really do not know what they are doing! Even is you complain- they don’t care! Sad state of what once was a cool place.

  10. I booked tickets online, the total spent was over R500. I did not receive them, and the customer service is frankly atrocious. I left two messages and did not receive any feedback all day.

  11. Be very careful to buy tickets from this company, they do not have a backup plan for load shedding and then they do not refund your monies. Almost 2 weeks now and I still have not received refund.

  12. Today I am very frustrated visiting Sker Kinekor at Bedford Square. I booked 3 tickets online to see Top Gun, 1 being the love seat. When arriving at Ster Kinekor we were told that we have to buy another movie ticket? The love seat only counts for 1 person due to covid – how ridiculous because now my husband can’t sit next to me and has to book another ticket at another seat! Secondly, my son is not allowed to watch the movie because he is under age? Yet we are his parents! ALL the movies are rated 13 which means my son HAS to watch the baby movies which there were only 2 to choose from. At the end of all these missions it costed us over R500 to watch a movie that we didn’t want to watch! And no one is bothered to refund us! My son is now very disappointed, myself and my husband are frustrated! What a waste of a morning and what a waste of money!!

  13. Terrible customer care. No one picks up for over 20 minutes, the instructions are not clearly verbalised, the comments overlap the advertising speech. It’s ridiculous! Expected much better

  14. The movie took 30 minutes to start because of all the ads it is a waste of time, some people have limited time. For such an amazing place I expect it to have better service and let us know what time the actual movie starts so we don’t waste time

  15. Akbar Adam Reply

    The new procedure for booking movies online is horrible. Our tickets were not scanning, Sandton sterkinekor staff were confused on what is happening. They did not direct us to our appropriate cinema and for my family who watched another movie were directed to another cinema when I paid for prestige. Staff need to be made aware as well as the booking confirmations need to be more informative to all parties.

  16. Very disappointed in the service, was very slow and very unorganised. We missed the first 15 minutes of the movie even though we got there 30 minutes before movie start. The manager was also very rude when we expressed our complaint. It is very expensive to go to the movies you would expect a better experience. Will not go again

  17. What a rip off to pay for gateway prestige and then you have to queue for ages still for popcorn. If ster kinekor are not going to offer the benefit of using the prestige food stand then they need to reduce the prices immediately. Service is shocking all round.

  18. I have just come from cinema at Silver star. Half the customers in the queue were not wearing their masks and i brought it to the attention of a staff member who was not concerned enough to solve the problem. I am shocked at the lack of interest in our safety during this pandemic. I will be reporting it to authorities as some of us citizens are trying our best to beat the pandemic. I will never be returning to to your cinema’s in the future

  19. Camen Johnson Reply

    have a frustrating matter that i need to address.

    On the 9th of Dec 2019 i visited your store in Somerset mall western cape. Being in the restaurant industry and being season time, the promise to take my daughter to watch Frozen 2 was planned well in advance, even calling ahead to find out if thw viewing would be affected by the loadshedding we were experiencing at that time. I was assured the movie times works around the LS schedule provided by Eskom and it would not be affected.

    We purchased 3 3D tickets which costed well over R400. 20 minutes into the movie LOADSHEDDING. The attendants then stood at the top of the stairs and told us it will just be 5mins max as the generators would kick in and start up. 30 mins later we were still waiting and NO sign of an attendant to update us. Eventually another mom had gotten up to find out and had to announce to everyone there is a problem with the generators and the movie will not be coming back on. Then everyone from all theatres gathered around the ticket office as nobody could give us a way forward while having to deal with nagging and upset kids that has just been let down hence the exact reasoning for calling ahead to assure this would not happen. I am not an unreasonable customer being in the industy myself and knowing the countries situation with LS. But by that point i was ready to explode

    The “MANAGER” was just as incompetent as the rest with her attitude, lack of knowledge and the way we as customers were being hamdled by someone representing your store.

    I demanded my money back as i did not get what was paid for and lied too when calling ahead. Being told they dont do that… YOU TOOK MONEY FROM ME TO PROVIDE A SERVICE AND NOT BEING ABLE TO PROVIDE IT, BUT YOU CANT GIVE MY MONEY BACK TO ME.

    Eventually was given 3 complimentary tickets valid for a year. In Jan 2020 after season chaos we then planned another trip to complete our mission and knowing loadshedding has fallen away for the time. Called again a few days in advance to confirm times and using the comps. Was again assured all times are viewing and would have nothing standing in our way. Got there and we get told they closed for the day due to a pipe burst… can you only just imagine my daughters frustration and feeling towards me having broke the promise i made her not once but TWICE. Again i understand life and these things happen.

    I however said i would never return to that store. However i am still stuck with the commentary tickets and once again will never be able to use them due to COVID 19 restrictions before 9th Dec 2020 when it expires. Again life’s situations yes. However i do not feel i should be the one losing out of almost R500 and not being able to use it before.
    If i had been given the money back i gave to watch i wouldve put it aside and just try again later,

    I work hard for my money and dont think i should pay or lose out in this matter.

    I look forward to an explanation of the procedures you follow as well as the next step of how my matter will be handled on your side.

  20. I know from past experience that it is a complete waste of time writing this, because I don’t believe Ster kinrkor cares one iota about customer service.The only reason I’m doing so is because of my experience & frustration today at using your on-line booking service. It is laborious, time-consuming, time-wasting and frustrating. Totally user-unfriendly!

  21. Disgusting service from your call centre agents. Booked tickets payment made. Your system is down I do not receive confirmation of my booking. I call again I receive the ref number. I call now I get told theres an error when I go to the actual cinema my booking will not reflect. What rubbish sort it out. Thank you to Simphwe for trying to assist what about the first two incompetent agents.

  22. Candice Goosen Reply

    Good Day,

    My husband and I went to watch the movie Hustler’s at Ster Kinekor N1 City yesterday the 6th of October. Firstly, I purchased my tickets at the self service machine and it didn’t print. When we asked for assistance, at this point there was no one at the any of the counters, the lady that collects the tickets before entering called someone who then called another person. A lady came to assist, no apology given and asked for my card I purchased the tickets with. After she attempted to assist at the ticket counter, she reprinted my tickets, only to discover that it was ticket I purchased 2 months ago for the Lion King. Once again, no apology. We then came back at the time of the movie and wanted to buy our snacks, we were told that we need to purchase at the self service machine. Since when? If I didn’t have a bank card and only had cash, what then? I am a regular movie viewer and I also pay at the counter. After yet another delay, we are in the process are retrieving our goods, the guy behind the counter (I’m so sorry I did get his name) gave me the incorrect size popcorn (after having in my opinion, too much to say) and when I questioned it, he threw it out and changed it but he too did not apologize.

    My issues did not end there. I selected seats in a row that located between two broken seats that were removed (how is it that you guys never replace these seats, I will never understand), no surprise, my seat was also broken.

    Your staff needs to check themselves as they are really not doing anything worthwhile for your brand by providing the poor customer service as they do.

    Hope to hear some response from anyone.


  23. Juanita Botes Reply

    What a shitty service…. please dont subscribe to any Ster-Kinekor club membership or subscriptions. They take your money and cant even pick up a phone when you call them. I have send emails ,made calls and left messages and still I have no answers. Watch out people they don’t know how a phone works but they sure knows how a debit order works. Your going to pay for something you never had and you can not use in anyway…

  24. Wesley Seroot Reply

    I am so angry and disappointed at Sterland PTA CBD. I took my daughter there yesterday to watch The Lion King in 3D. We even bought our tickets at 1pm for the 14:30 show. Turned out the cinema was too full and me and my daughter had to stand around waiting for seats to become available. Already 30mins into the movie, we managed to get seats next to each other. I asked the staff outside can they please assist someone is sitting on our seats and I was told that they don’t allocate seat numbers there. Only other cinemas. That is a big problem. I wasted my money, time and my daughter missed 30 mins of the movie / experience. Im never one to complain, but this was not good man. My daughter even asked me don’t they want coloured people there. She is only 6 and this is what you people made her think. All because of bad management. You suck big time Sterland / Ster kinikor. Never again.

  25. Shawn McCarthy Reply

    I just had a terrible experience at your movie theatre, my brother and I went to see how to train your dragon hidden world. We paid for 3D tickets and then were told due to power issues we would have to wait, almost 20 minutes later we were told we could go inside. However, there was no one at the tills to sell us popcorn or beverages. Another 10 minutes later we finally got in only to discover the film was not only not 3D but also froze 2 times throughout the screening and jumped two key moments in the story. The service and experience were honestly terrible and we are not looking forward to ever visiting Musgrave movies again.

  26. We had a very bad experience at South Gate Mall. The movie was suppose to start at 5:15 but started at 5:45 we did not complain we waited. When the movie started the lights were on. We went and asked the staff if they can switch off the lights. We were told that lights will be shortly switched off and after 10 minutes they were still on. We went back and inquired as to why were the lights still on and we we now told that they had a problem with the lights and they were still working on them. At that time no one came to address us in relation to the incident that they were experiencing.
    Few minutes after that the Screen and lights went off, we went back again to inquire only to find that they were not even aware that the screen went off. We were so frustrated because no one was addressing us in all this incidents we were the ones who had to go and inquire.
    The movie then started with the marketing, we went to ask if they can skip the marketing and go straight to the movie since it was cut. we were advised that the person who is responsible for managing the movie had already left and we had to wait another 30 minutes before the movie can start. We were so frustrated and asked for our refunds back.
    I personally think the manager was not properly trained because instead of taking the blame she was busy pointing fingers at her staff.

  27. My husband booked for Peppermint in the Prestige Theatre at Vaal Mall on Sunday morning, 28 Oct 2018, 09h30. We were the only two people who watched the movie until the about 30 min into the movie. Two people walked in with alcohol. They were very loud while we tried to watch the movie. They were also chatting on the cell phone. It is like they came to socialise and not watch the movie. After a few minutes I could not deal with it anymore and went out to ask one of the Ster Kinekor employees to speak to them. A man spoke to them in a very polite way but they still continued to make a noise and also looked back at us. We went to the Prestige Theatre to enjoy ourselves and we were not in the mood to deal with this. When you have to get up to complain you miss out on the movie. My question is why didn’t the Ster Kinekor employees not managed and monitored the noisy people. We watch 3 to 4 movies on a monthly basis, Ster Kinekor will certainly loose us as customers because they are not dealing with rude customers who spoil the experience for other customers.

  28. Hi,
    Today Sat 11th August, my husband and I decided to go watch Mission Impossible for the 20h30 show at Centurion. I googled on-line and saw that the movie was showing at 20h30 so at 19h45, we left from home. We get to Ster Kinekor at 20h20 to book the movie to be told that there is a “technical problem” with the movie and it’s not showing. By this time there were no other options seeing that it was close to 20h30….
    Why couldn’t this info have been posted on your website? We drove all the way there, had to pay for parking only to be told that the movie is not showing. The staff at the Centurion branch were also really not apologetic at all…..
    The customer service and experience was so disappointing!
    Please contact me if you need more details.
    Gwen Francis

  29. Appalling management skills and attitude by Dorkas (Manager, Cinema Nouveau Rosebank). It took her 30 minutes (with attitude, rolling of eyes, slow service, etc.) to process a refund for incorrectly priced tickets only for the very same tickets at the very same price to be processed once more by her!!! On inquiry why the error was not rectified and why the same tickets re-issued she blamed it on the ‘system’. So as not to miss the film which was about to start we left the matter as it was and approached her after the film. Her attitude was negative, was again told it was a ‘system error’, there was nothing she coujld do, etc.
    This is not the service one expects from Ster Kinekor, let alone a Manager.
    We await your communication.
    (23/06/2018 – 18h00 show)

  30. T. Padayachee Reply

    Good day,

    After waiting more than 7 minutes on the customer care number just to be told by your agent Taamie that I’m in the incorrect queue I must call back. I asked him to transfer to the correct department but instead the call got cut off!!

    The customer care number to “speak to a consultant” is “unavailable” and there’s an option to leave a message which I wonder if anyone will even bother to call back.

    I tried for more than 30 minutes to book online yesterday afternoon but they system was faulty as usual. The payment took forever to go through, more than 15 minutes and when I tried to re-book online, it said my Edgars club card was invalid.

    Instead I went to Ster-kinekor at N1 City Mall in Goodwood Cape Town and tried to book again only inline at the kiosk and again it didn’t want to accept my Edgars club card, I then booked the tickets and paid full price only to check my bank statement today to see, I’ve been charged twice for the same movie. R54.00 @13.28 when I tried to do the online booking and the again R98.00 at the movie house at N1 City Goodwood about 15H00. (I booked two tickets only)

    Once you confirm receipt of my email, I will send you a copy of my bank statement reflecting both payments for the movie Blockers on 01 May 2018.

    PS ever since Ster-Kinekor changed/ upgraded their website it’s become an absolute nightmare to book tickets on line… its absolutely ridiculous that in 2018 that patrons are still expected to wait in long queues to physically book movie tickets…

    You should seriously re-look at how difficult and frustrating it is to book on line, actually ask one of your agents to book online and test the system.

    In the past prior to 2017 it was delightful to use your online booking system… now it’s just ridiculous and painful experience!!!

    I trust my concern/ complaint will not fall on deaf ears. Wait to hear from you soonest.

    Thank you

  31. Booked on behalf of a person for three tickets to SK Watercrest Mall. Paid with my debit card (money taken off immediately)
    Person could not make it to Watercrest and asked to cancel.
    Went in to get refund. Wall of animosity. One skinny idiot kept asking why, why why… like he was a robot.
    Told the Manager I want my refund in cash as I have experienced their “refund” before where the money never returns to your account. I gave up the last time as too much phoning and been directed back and forth.
    And again three (3) days later my money is still not back in my account????????
    I am waiting and this time I will fight all the way.

    I want a response – WHY I am not as per law entitled to have my refund in the manner I want. Eg Cash. As Cash has already been taken out my account? Who is refunding me the interest lost on the waiting time?

  32. Becky Khabele Reply

    Ster kinekor Broklyn has deducted 3 x R80 for a movie that I watched on the 3rd of March. They say there was insufficient funds in my account, Question is how did they issue a ticket which was paid for by card if there were insufficient funds. Now they blame the bank but keep taking money. Watch out for Cinema at Brooklyn very unprofessional and they keep promising to call me but don’t. Waiting…

  33. Anuta Scholtz Reply

    Place: Ster-Kinekor Somerset West Mall
    Date: Tuesday 10 April 2018, 10h30
    Description of incident:

    Problem 1:
    When attempting to purchase our tickets I discovered that I had misplaced my club member cards. I approached the only person on duty at the bookings counter. A young woman. She was most unfriendly, didn’t want to help me, didn’t make eye contact. She said that she couldn’t help me to replace the cards. She pointed at an empty station and indicated that a “he” should do it. She never once tried to be helpful. Said she could only issue new cards and not re-issue lost cards. She got busy with something else and I wandered off to find someone to help. I confronted a young man wearing a hair net and asked him if he could help. He went off to find the cards and then handed them over to the young lady who began processing the cards. She never once mentioned that there would be any costs involved. On receipt of the cards I asked her to book two seats for Theatre 2 (Black Panther). She did that and the sale was put through on my credit card. This woman shouldn’t be allowed to work with the public. She is a disgrace to the service industry!
    Today, 11 April, on checking my bank accounts I find that two payments went through: R 82.50 (presumably for the issue of the tickets, although I can’t know for certain because this was never pointed out) and R98.00 for the tickets.

    Problem 2:
    When the trailers began we noticed that the image was very dark, almost like night scenes. It continued that way. My husband left the theatre to request that the problem be addressed. Somewhere he found a young man who at first insisted that that is what it should look like! My husband finally convinced him that it wasn’t right and that the light bulb on the projector was probably malfunctioning. The main feature had already started when the young man found us in the theatre and explained that they were waiting for the technician and would address the problem as soon as possible. The feature ran its full length without any improvement. It was most disappointing not being able to see the film as it should be. The strain to my eyesight was such that I was left with a headache afterwards.
    On exiting the theatre I asked to see the manager – who happened to be in the foyer. He was speaking to a woman, also an employee. We explained the problem as he was very off-hand about it. Didn’t apologise, didn’t seem to know anything about the problem and didn’t undertake to reimburse us or issue complementary tickets which would have been a good response in terms of public relations. He said he would do something about the problem. I demanded that it be done right away, not whenever…

    In all, the repeated lack of service and bad attitude was enough to have anyone leave with a bad taste in the mouth. I trust that this complaint will reach the right people and that action will be taken against these employees.

    What I need: A full refund of the entire amount of both the cards and the tickets. The first because of misrepresentation and the latter because we couldn’t see the film we had paid to see.

    • Rumalan Moodley Reply

      On the 5 May 2019 at 3pm my family and i went to watch Avengers End Game in 3D at Ster Kinekor Cine 1 Liberty Midlands Mall Pietermaritzburg. The quality of the picture left much to be desired. I changed glasses with my wife then daughter thinking that my glasses was in some weird way ‘FAULTY’ but this was not so. The picture quality left much to be desired. Lighting was poor and picture was vague. This was the worst quality movie we ever saw. I kept on removing my glasses to try and refocus. After the movie we spoke to friends who also watched the movie and they also agreed with my views.

      I have watched 3D and 4D movies at Pavillion and Gateway and had no such problems. IS THERE A PROBLEM AT STER KINEKOR LIBERTY MALL?

      Looking forward to response.


  34. I am very disappointed with Ster kinekor Maponya Mall, We bought our tickets nicely and our movie was to start at 14h30pm Acrimony, at 14h15pm me and my mom where at the line to purchase snacks, the lines were long but and the people serving us tried hard to push the line but it didn’t help much, as they where only using 2 tills. We entered the Cinema at 15h10pm after waiting for almost 40mins at the line, when me and my mom entered the cinema, to be seated we realised there were people already sitting in our seats according to the receipt we had, we asked ppl to move as they were in our seats as per our tickets, they refused we couldn’t find space for 2 ppl, I decided to go back out to ask for assistance, when I went out nobody was there to offer assistance, the cleaning lady who was checking out tickets, showed me a guy wearing one of the Ster -Kinekor T-shirts to help us, they guy tried going back in with me and saw also that it was packed and he also couldn’t find any seats for us, said the seats are not marked and ppl just sit wherever they want. He went out showed me the Manager Queen Hlongwane, I will never forget this woman, she is the reason I will never go back to Ster Kinekor Maponya mall, instead of assisting, or finding a solution and apologising for the inconvenience she said there’s is nothing she can do, she is also swamped. By that time there were also other ppl coming back complaining about not finding seats for the very same movie, she avoided us and continued checking tickets for others and ignored us, when I asked for her name, she then asked for a lady who was standing in the queue to have her ticket checked for her number, as that woman will be her witness, that she couldn’t do anything to resolved my query of not finding seats, A MANAGER saying that was really appalling and disappointing, instead of finding a solution, she said “What do you want a refund?” I said to her I came here for entertainment instead I am faced with this,I bought tickets for a movie I have to watch standing up? she turned away from me and continued speaking to other customers. The guy who initially assisted me came up with a solution,said he will stop and start the movie again, he’s only asking for the manager to send someone inn to explain to ppl to seat accordingly and make space, which was done, that’s how I got to see the movie. I am still very disappointed, I went to Southgate mall Ster-kinekor on Friday to watch Black Panther and got the best service ever, non of the nonsense I experienced today. My WORD I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO STER KINEKOR MAPONYA MALL EVER… mad for days….

    • I got a call from Olga who stated that she is the Ops manager. I must say I was very impressed by her professionalism as she she seemed sincere in her apology regarding the inconvenience that was caused and also offered to for me and my mother to come back at Ster Kinekor Maponya so she can also apologise to her as well. She made no excuses for the incident and further mentioned that Ster Kinekor has provided training to all their stuff to ensure that they are able to resolve and handle such situations.

      Earlier on today before I got a call from Olga, I was contacted by Sinna who said she is the manager at Ster Kinekor Maponya and wanted to know what happened. Told her what her what happened and her response to me was that ‘I should note that there are other complaints from other customers regarding the incident of the movie being restarted and that I myself also witnessed that Queen was swamped on that day as they were short staffed. She apologised for the seating arrangement issue and said that its an ongoing problem they have and reiterated that she has had other complaints from clients about the movie being restarted.

      I would like to thank Olga for her Sincere call to me, she did make me feel like a value customer and did not try to excuse anything. Sinna I agree with you that it was packed at the cinema and as per your request I am writing a compliment for the response I go for my complaint, I understand that restarting the movie caused even more complaints for you,I think it could have been avoided, I hope when I do return to Maponya mall Ster kinekor I won’t have the same experience and hoping the seat issue would be resolved accordingly.

  35. Khanya Komako Reply

    I was completely disgusted at the Ster Kinekor in Arcadia, Pretoria. Shortly after the premier of Black Panther I bought a ticket on the 4th of March 2018.

    At 09h00 in the morning to avoid lines later in the afternoon. I got there and the staff was still packing the goodies. I asked if they were open yet because I was the only customer in line. The lady packing them said yes and called another employee. I waited for about five minutes and asked again if they were open and whether I could get serviced and she told me not to rush her and be patient in a hostile tone but eventually, I bought my ticket.

    When time came to watch the movie the cinema was overflowing with customers to watch Black Panther. When I got inside the cinema, it was poorly maintained. The right arm rest was broken and the screen was almost completely cut at the upper left corner. I tolerated this insult and watched the movie. After 45 minutes to an hour the screen went blank but the sound was still active. I waited in my seat for the screen to come back on but later on the sound went as well. I still waited until the movie was up again and so it came back. This, however, was short-lived and the screen went blank again. After five minutes of shouting in the cinema the screen went up again and I finished the movie.

    Once out of the cinema I went to get a complimentary ticket that was available for everyone watching the Black Panther movie of that time slot. When I arrived at the counter the woman signing them off left and I followed her and I told her I have a complaint about the movie. She told me the complimentary tickets are finished. I accepted it and asked for a refund. She told me I am not getting a refund because I did not receive the complimentary tickets that were then finished. I asked to speak to her manager and she told me I won’t see her manager and said rudely in front of all the customers in vernacular “Ha teng!” (They aren’t there). I followed her back to the counter that she ran off to and I said to her I don’t want to fight with her, all I want is an agreement reached between the manager and I. She said to me I should not speak to her in such a way and that she is also human. I got irritated and left.

    The next day I called Ster Kinekor Customer Line and they told me to send an email that will be taken up with regional office. I sent an email and left them a message on their Facebook page and they still have not gotten back to me and today is the 28th of March. I sent these complaints 24 days ago and still have gotten nothing. I used to love SK but what is wrong with these people?

  36. I am absolutely disappointed with the horrific service that my partner and I received at Sterkinekor at Newtown Junction.

    We waited for approximately 1hour and 15 minutes simply to book tickets, due to their being only one cashier at hand.
    Thereafter, by the time we were attended to the movie was already running for 30 minutes.

    Unfortunately, we had left due to this great inconvenience but there were many others just like us who were waiting unbearably long.

    I have many pictures to justify and to serve as evident and I’m actually considering sharing my experience on many social media platforms.

    Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

  37. Shaz Simons Reply

    I’m not even sure if anyone bothers to read or reply or even apologize to any of these emails. We went to watch Black Panther tonight at Eikestad Mall. I’ve booked tickets online. Firstly, the lady at the ticket box was half lying on the desk, she’s clearly had a long day. Then there was only TWO ladies helping at the refreshments. This took forever, so we missed a bit of the movie. When we finally got into the cinema, someone else was in our seats. I had booked 3 seats, myself and my kids. After it was clear these people would not move, and I did not want to make a scene to spoil the movie for the other viewers I left to find someone that can assist. Needless to say there was no management!! We drove from Franschhoek, for a pop corn and a creme soda! They didn’t even have coke! We were offered a refund, but that is not the point, those people who sat in our seats won as they got to watch this movie (that we have missed 20 minutes of anyway because of no staff!!). I am not happy and I will take this further.

  38. Karin Greenberg Reply

    Booked to see ‘3 billboards…’ movie on 23rd/2/2018 at Blue Route Tokai. Was suppose to start at 8, we advised staff at 8.15 that it had not started and then waited until 8.35 to be told that they did not have the authority or code to access the movie and the person that did was unavailable. So besides waiting 30 minutes sitting in the theatre, R10 parking plus the driving there and back and a total waste of a Friday night we still then had to wait in a long queue to get a refund. This is the second time something similar has happened and it is totally unacceptable and a disgrace that a business should be run this way. It was pretty full and left all of us very unhappy and a total waste of a night and time. Do feel that compensation should be given and an apology. Please sort this put so it does not happen again.

  39. Johan van Wyk Reply

    Customer service at Ster Kinekor Tygervalley are pathetic & not up to standard. We are frequent patrons ( every Friday ) for the past nineteen years. The past Friday afternoon 14:30 we were not greeted at the scanning point as the Staff Member was more interested to continue her conversation her fellow staff member in other languages than the business language English !
    The same happened at the snacks counter a quick hi, but then the three ladies continued their conversation in once again not in the business language English this is completely rude towards us the patron/s.

  40. Beverley Cantor Reply

    On Saturday evening we visited the Cinema Nouveau at Rosebank. This is not the first time that I have found the service per se to be in adequate and the presence of the manager non existent (with regard to assisting a staff member to use the computer to assist a patron in accessing seats), or with an attitude. There was one person on duty serving refreshments – the queue was spilling out into the passage and patrons were trickling in up 10 minutes after the show had started clearly having waited for their popcorn and the like. I asked to see the manager and was made to wait for more than 10 minutes till eventually with a “no show” we went in to see the movie. Your manager obviously has no idea of the duties of a manager (which is not sitting in an office nowhere to be seen and expecting to be paid at the end of the month for being there) and it was up to her to be present to manage the situation and oversee and step in if necessary to assist the person behind the counter.

  41. This was literally the worst. Me and my boyfriend went to see the movie Jumanji at first the guy gave us the wrong change next we were waiting 20 minutes for our pop corn. The worst was the lightning of the movie it was so dark we couldn’t even see on the screen so my boyfriend went out to let them know but they did nothing during the movie my boyfriend fell asleep he said that he can’t watch a movie like that.. I was and still is very disappointed cause we wasted R185 on a movie..

  42. Victor Chow Reply

    We hereby complaint a very poor service we got tonight at Ster-kinekor Eastgate.

    We have bought a Prestige tickets for a couple couch for Star Wars, in Cinema 2, seat number D1-D2, for the 20:00 show.

    When we arrive at the seat, we found out that the D2 seat was broken, which cannot be tilt backward. We complaint to the manager on site, he has made a brief try to fit it and he cannot make it. Then he informed us that there is nothing he can do. After the movie, which we cannot seat comfortably, as we need to try fit two people into one seat to put the leg on the leg panel, with the D2 seat which failed to decline backward, we have our back constraint and feel bad. We spoke to the mange on shift, his name is Mr Prince Mphange. He informed us that the seat was broken and he have ordered to repair, but it was not repaired.

    We are not happy that by knowing the seat was broken, and the staff does not inform us up front, and we don’t expect to be treated like that for a Prestige type of service.

    We demand on either refund or two-complimentary tickets, but he informed us that although he feels sorry, but he cannot agree to that. He advice us to complaint on line. We asked him to give us an email address, he just told us to look at the Ster-kinekor web site. We went onto the site, there is no link for complaint nor any such contact address was given, therefore we have come to the Ster-kinekor facebook to raise complaint.

    this is an extremely poor service for the standard such as Prestige…

  43. My fiancè and I just went to go see justice league at your cavendish square branch.. we paid R170 per ticket for your new “D-box” seats which was supposed to vibrate or move.. but to our surprise absolutely nothing happened throughout the entire movie.. I feel that we were robbed by paying so much for an experience that never happened.. i look forward to a response from someone..

  44. Good Day,

    My husband and I as well as two friends watched Thor at Gateway Commercial this past Friday 03/11/17 the 8pm screening and seats C1-2 and B1-2 at Cinema 18.

    Sadly, the excellent movie could not be enjoyed due to the unacceptable screening quality. Watching a You-Tube video would have been more pleasant.

    During the entire duration the screen kept freezing and “buffering” is the best way to describe it. It left all the unfortunate patrons beyond frustrated.

    Tickets are not cheap and it was beyond disappointing to have had to spend hard earned money to watch the movie in such an unsatisfactory manner.

    Beyond disappointed Ster-Kinekor. Please improve your equipment if need be.

  45. Your new website is impossible to use! this is the 3rd time in a month that I just give up. Please consider making it more user friendly like the old site.
    I would like to 1) choose the cinema, 2)see what is playing, 3)info about my choice of movie, check times and book, without having to click here, there and everywhere which ends up taking one off the page. Soooo frustrating

  46. Wendy Pretorius Reply

    Please explain why you would have 3 people servicing the food counter on a Sunday/public holiday who are disinterested in their job. More than 30 minutes to wait – no boxes, slushes not made, no popcorn. SHOCKING service. I see no reason why my children should miss their movie because of lack of service. The only service you offer. And it’s not the first time Eastgate Ster-Kinekor.

  47. Shocking service at Cresta branch. Staff absolutely clueless and management non existent. After 20 minutes in queue for popcorn and drinks, assistant diverted some of us to a new queue which was supposedly open. Nobody served the new queue. Ten mins later I asked to see the manager, gave her our movie and popcorn tickets and walked out. I hope she enjoyed the show. We won’t be back.

  48. I went to N1 city theater and was treated so rudely by the staff. My family came to visit from the free state and I thought I would treat them to a nice day out at the movies. What a big mistake!!!

    The queues took forever, there was serious under staffing! I approached the girl at the popcorn kiosk asking her if there is no manager on duty to help the popcorn queue as all the patrons in that line were missing their movie including myself and my whole family (My family and I were 9 altogether, so the tickets were not cheap to stand and miss half the movie).

    But what made me upset was the response I received from the girl at the popcorn counter! she started yelling at me in front of all the patrons saying “what should she do, they are all busy and that I should just stand and wait and that she’s also tired”. Firstly, I’m a customer, you don’t speak to a customer rudely, and definitely by not yelling in front of everyone!!!

    I was so humiliated at this shocking behavior. when I asked for her name she lied to me and refused to give me her name. When I asked for a manager or person of seniority she said there isn’t one.

    I sent a complaint regarding this before, as my family and I paid for tickets for a movie we missed and our evening was ruined, but received no response! I want this sorted and someone to call me back! there is no customer obsession here.

    my contact details are 0791 081 812

  49. My wife and I attended the film “Johnny is nie dood nie” two hours ago on 12 05 2017 at the Brooklyn Commercial Cinema complex. We were seated at A1 and 2 in theatre no 9- the 17:45 show.
    WE are regular filmgoers at Brooklyn although we tend to visit the Nouveau more often.
    The reason for this letter is the following:
    1. The “down” escalator has been out of action for several weeks and is extemely uncomfortable if not unsafe because the top and bottom risers are of a different height to the rest. This in my opinion constitutes a contravention of the National Building Regulations (NBR);
    In the Gents’ toilets the hand driers have not worked for months; one handwash basin is blocked, another’s tap does not work and there is no facility to dry one’s hands;
    In the Ladies’ toilets I was informed by my wife that one wc was blocked with a mass of paper and there was a most unpleasant smell from another cubicle;
    In the theatre, the courtesy lights were only switched on when the commercials began showing. Until then, it was so dark that we could not even see where our row of seats was – othe patrons were using their cellphones to find their seats.
    At the end of the film the courtesy lights were switched off long before the audience had left, leaving us to find our way in the dark – my wife will be 80yrs of age next month – I am sure that this is also in contravention of the NBR. It is as if the management element at this complex needs some urgent client-directed re-orientation…..
    I spoke to a person inside the control cubicle and mentioned our concern but he only shrugged……..

    South Africa may be on the brink of “Junk Status” but there is no reason for its cinemas to be managed as if they have junk status.

    My contact numbers are: 012-804-3084 / 082-65-77-246

  50. I had a very bad experience at the Gateway Ster Kinekor Movie Theatre on Saturday 29/04/17. I attended the 5pm show for “Fast 8” with friends and family. We had all purchased popcorn combos individually, we had to buy our popcorn combos at a separate pay-point and then go stand in another kiosk line for the popcorn, after waiting in the line for more then 15 minutes I decided to go get a refund as I was missing my movie as it had already started so I asked a staff member for a refund they said I needed to ask the manager on duty, my friend had already purchased his popcorn and asked me to hold it for him as he had to use the toilet, I finally located the manager on duty and asked him for my refund, he asked me why I wanted the refund I replied that the line was too long and that I am missing my movie as it already had started, he then asked me why do I have the popcorn in my hand and if I had paid for it, I told him its my friends popcorn and he already had purchased it and asked had me to hold it for him while he went to the toilet, this manager now refuse to refund my money, I pleaded with him but he started to become agitated and angry and he started raising his voice at me as if I was a little child. Obviously my receipt proves that I purchased the combo and all I wanted was my refund but he could not seem to understand this and his suspicious behaviour suggested that he did not trust me.
    I insisted that I wanted my money now, he then started to intimidate and harrass me as he is a big sized muscular person, he then proceeded to take my receipt and threw it on the floor and started yelling and shouting at me in front of all the people which was very embarrassing for me, some of my friends had filmed this incident with their cell phones while he was shouting at me. He said that he will never help me for the refund etc. I asked the other employees for his name and they lied to me saying his name is Adam when his real name is Deon, all the black employees did not want to help me further, they lied again and said he is the only manager at the theatre. I did not know what to do so I started to look around for an indian or white employee to help and assist me, I found an indian employee and he advised me to go downstairs to the ticketing booth area and speak to another manager, Nasreen. I had already missed my movie by now so I finally located Nasreen after some time, I explained to Nasreen what had happened to me, she then proceeded to do my combo refund and reimburse my cash. I did not get to see the movie with my family and friends instead I went back home all stressed out and disappointed.
    I believe strongly that I was a victim of racism in the manner that I was treated by Deon, I want the camera footage to be looked at by senior managers to see how badly I was treated by Deon. He had intimidated and harassed me in front of all the patrons, I have witnesses who contest to what happened to me and the theatre camera footage will reveal how badly I was treated as a customer. I want this issue resolved asap and Deon has to be reprimanded or dismissed from his job. I intend on perusing this matter further by opening a charge against Deon for Intimidation and Harassment. I will seek my lawyers consultation as to how I can get justice from this incident. I was told by managers Nazarene, Lal and Nozi that I can come in on Monday morning and view the footage as the camera controller is off and she will return on Monday morning. Please advise what time on Monday 01/05/17 I can come by to view the footage. Deon is an absolutely rude and biased person, who knows how many other patrons he has disrespected. I intend on alerting the media(TV and Newspapers) and going on social media as well to express my disappointment about Ster Kinekor and how rudely their staff treats us patrons. What happened to me is inexcusable and unacceptable and nobody should endure this especially when its the weekend and we come there to relax and enjoy a movie but instead get harassed and intimated by racist staff. What makes this more annoying is that all the black employees refused to help me they just stare and laugh at me. That’s unacceptable!!

    Please note – This incident had occurred on Saturday 29th April 2017, between 5:15pm to 5:45pm, the camera footage to be pulled will be the extreme left side of the kiosk when facing the popcorn kiosk, Deon the manager was standing outside the kiosk on the left side when I approached him for the refund.

    Dissatisfied Patron (Customer)


  51. Yesterday I went to Ster kinekor in Blue Route Mall – Tokai and waiting in a queue since 16:00 for the 17:00 movie Fast 8. I asked one of the people on duty if there were still tickets available for the movie and he said yes there was. After standing in the queue for more than 30 minutes I was told that the system is off line and I should go and stand in the self service queue which was extremely long. By the time I got there the machines were also offline and not printing any tickets. I had to wait for the staff on duty to restart the system once again. At this time it was already 17:30 and I was then told that the movie is now sold out. My partner already bought popcorn and cooldrink and here we had no tickets. Management was not very helpful and simply just said its not his problem. The manager at this store – Christopher sent us from pillar to post and wasted one and a half hours of our time. He has no people skills and definitely no management skills. I will never go to that branch again as I have never experience such bad service. He really needs to go back to training or find another job.

  52. My husband and I are massive Disney fans, and have been especially looking forward to seeing Beauty and the Beast. We decided to book for the morning show on Monday 17 April at cinema prestige. We have seen all the adverts about how “prestige” is the way to make an experience great, and so we thought we would splurge and pay the extra for the “better” experience. We were looking forward to a little special service and a good movie.

    We went to cinema prestige in Cresta and were totally disappointed. First of all the staff would not help us. I had to eventually go into the service room at the back to find someone willing to take our cappuccino order and help us with our tickets. The lady begrudgingly came out to help and was not very friendly about it. Your staff did not seem to care and were quite rude. It seemed to be an inconvenience to them to help us. Please note that this was the 11:40am show, and there were not that many people in the prestige lounge. It was not extremely busy, yet your staff still could not find the time to help us.

    We ordered two cappuccinos to be brought to us half way through the movie. They never came. We paid R50 for coffee we never received, and after the show, the staff were too busy to help us.

    I am completely shocked by the level of service received, as well as the attitude of the staff. You should not market this as a premium experience if you are not willing to make it so. This is the first and last time I pay extra to see a movie in a “premium” setting. It would have been a better experience in the “normal” theatre.

  53. I bought tickets online to watch Fast and Furious 8 @17h00 that required me to book seats for my boyfriend and myself, on Friday the 14th of April. On Saturday the 15th of April we only arrived at the cinema to struggle with printing our tickets out at self service terminal, we had to queue for popcorn for over 30minutes because their capturing system was malfunctioning and on top of that we had to sit on the floor because the cinema was full and there kids under the age of 10 occupying most of the seats. I paid full price to sit on the stairway and have people walk passed me every other minute. I want my money back…

  54. Brent Adams Reply

    Good Day,

    I would like to share my bad service experience received on Tuesday 04.04.2017 for the 12h30 show LEGO BATMAN MOVIE.

    As a father working shifts and long hours throughout all holidays and just came out of a night shift this morning I had planned in advance to spoil my 6 year old son with a movie and playing games at Wonderland at N1 City Cape Town. We had no problems with the long queues and all which we both expected, however the lack of eye contact and simple gestures from the assistants at the treats counter was very dissapointing. Unfortunately I didn’t get a receipt for the kiddies combo purchase for reference to a name. Nevertheless it was my turn to be served by a young coloured lady upon calling out “next please” with eye contact at this pointing time.

    Upon placing my order she got distracted by another female colleague saying the previous customer isn’t finnish yet. During this time i was immediately ignored with no apology and not even asking me if she may continue with her colleague’s customer. I stood there for another 5-10 minutes observing how busy it was and the staff just talking over each other rushing to get through the long queues of customers. We arrived early for the movie knowing that it is school holidays and to avoid the rush and getting our tickets and treats. At this pointing time I didn’t wanted to make any fuss for 2 reasons merely, because my son was with me and I didn’t had the energy to put up a fight for service.

    When we entered Cinema 4 for our slot we got to our seats and realised that the chairs was too low and deep for my son to sit on. I immediately went outside and i asked a young man Barron for one of your support pillows, but nothing was available. I was told he will try and get me one and he never managed to find me one. I decided for my son to sit on his back pack for a higher support and this was for the entire duration of the movie sadly to say. The question I have, when Ster-Kenikor playing kiddies movies why not use one of your cinemas with seats that children can look over without elevation or extra pillows needed for support, poor planning and bad management on your part Sterkinekor!

    As a family we love going to Blue route Mall Ster-Kenikor and has never experienced this kind of lack and poor service. I walked away feeling unimpressed and that i didn’t get any value for my money due to this experience and although my son enjoyed the boys day out with me. Kindly note this is my second attempt to get a response from Sterkinekor and hopefully i will get some response regarding this on this attempt. First reference number CAS-53429-Z6N7C4 automatic response received on 04/04/17.

    Should you have further enquiry about this please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Many Thanks

  55. C Masemene Reply

    Can something be done about Ster Kinekor in Sterland Pretoria. I went there last night(2017-04-03)after a year or so, and I was horrified! The service is very poor. At some point I needed to go to the rest room and it was a horrific experience!! The stench is unbearable! You can’t eat for hours after you’ve been there! There are no toilet papers. Instead they put boxes on the floor filled with toilet paper that has been unrolled, and you have to stick your hand in there to grab a few sheets of paper before you go inside the cubicle. Is it because that place is visited predominantly by black people that things are the way they are there? Please do something about it, because it’s not doing any good to your reputation as a franchise.

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