Contact of SoundCloud customer support (phone, email)

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Contact SoundCloud: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the music sharing platform. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
SoundCloud Ltd
Rheinsberger Str. 76/77
10115 Berlin, Germany

Customer Service
Phone: +49 30 467 247 600 (corporate)
Email: [email protected]

About SoundCloud
SoundCloud is a music sharing platform founded in the year 2007. Founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, the company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The music streaming platform boasts of 175 million active users each month. Registration is free on the website. Once registered, users can save tracks, share tracks, follow artists and build playlists. SoundCloud directly connects creators and fans worldwide.

You can use the upload button to start saving tracks or use the search bar to simply search for artists, bands or tracks. On the homepage, you can explore some of the top trending communities. On each listing, you can find related tracks, playlists, user reviews and the number of likes. If you enjoyed the track, you can use the embed link to share on your favourite social media platform.

There are more than 150 million tracks to explore on the platform. You can upgrade to Go+ for a fully expanded catalog. There are no ads and all tracks are fully accessible to stream and save offline. Subscriptions can be paid using major credit cards and can be managed by signing into your account. SoundCloud apps are also available for Android and iOS. For more information or queries on registration, payment, cancellation, or others, reach the SoundCloud support.

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  1. I have been trying to delete this account forever now they’re telling me that my email is not associated with this account but still yet they are taking money out of my account?

  2. I am very displeased with this company. I did not download SoundCloud and if I did it has not been used on my phone or my husband’s phone. We have been charged $9.99 a month and it has overdrafted my account every month. Which cost another $27 on top of the $9.99. now just trying to get in contact with them they want me to go to answer and pay $29 which they intend to take out of my account today.

  3. Does anyone have the problem of being unable to click on the icon to change the photo on soundcloud? If you are able to fix it can you please tell me how. I’ve followed all the instruction on google and I haven’t missed one, but none of them worked. what do I do?

  4. Nareik_dnb Reply

    Woke up and my account and all my music no longer access able. No email to explain, no contact at all. Just no more account. I spent a lot of time, money and effort making tunes and promoting myself. What is going on soundcloud? Sort ya shit out. Look at all the negative feedback!


  5. How do I refund my unlimited pro subscription? I went on the subscription page and pressed the Edit button but it doesnt show me anything. I want my money back

  6. Sharon Brackner Reply

    I have been trying to get in touch with a REAL person in order to STOP the charges to my credit card.
    Please contact me so these charges will stop. I have not used SoundCloud for at least four YEARS – that’s $720.00 that I have paid SoundCloud for NOTHING!

    Sharon Brackner

  7. Allen Welty-Green Reply

    I was just hit for $144 US to auto renew SoundCloud, which caused my bank account to overdraft. I never authorized auto renewal and I can’t find any way to contact them. I have tried every support link and email address available with no response. This company is unethical and exploitative. I am actively discouraging every musician I know to avoid using them. There are better – and more ethical- options out there.

  8. Hello,

    I am in Canada and playing a playlist published by a friend of mine. I am working from an IPad. When I play the playlist and my screen goes black in power saving mode during a song, when the song is done and I go back to the playlist, the song shows a message saying that the song is not available in Canada. If I keep the screen active, it does not happen. Once the song becomes inactive and “not available” in Canada, the only way I can play it again is by closing the window and opening a new one. Anyone else out there experiencing the same? Also, I just tried creating an account to be able to ask in your help forum, and I got an error message telling me that “that user was denied access” can you tell me why?

  9. I have set up an account for my son, we can’t remember the Login/Password info. We wish to cancel the subscription and there’s no way of contacting Soundcloud for extra help. So I have just cancelled the direct debit with the bank.

  10. I used SoundCloud for 2 months and it recently logged me out and it won’t let me log back in and every time I try it says login error make sure you typed in all the details

    • Me too. I forgot my password, asked for link to reset. No matter how carefully I typed and retyped a new PW, they said “oops. We’re lost”. I paid $144+/- USD for the top of the line subscription, and they’re no help whatsoever. I’m pissed AF.

  11. So soundcloud is a bit stupid if you ask me, I was trying to make a streaming playlist I can link to nightbot, but when I went to add 3am, I cannot listen to it because it’s not available in the United States yet i live in the United States, exactly how much sense does that make? I bet if I were to get a vpn and change it to the UK or somewhere else it would work just fine right?

  12. naomi fields Reply

    It looks like I got booted off of SoundCloud Go. I’ve been paying, I’ve not had any issues, and I logged in this morning to find that my subscription didn’t exist. Every time I try to upgrade back to it I get an error message. I’m pissed.

  13. I was just doing taxes and found out sound cloud has been charging me for go+ . $9.99 a month for all of 2018 although it has not worked on my phone. When I log into my account today it says i don’t have go+ and give me a link to sign up. I just called my credit card company and they are going to refund every one of the charges.

  14. Soundcloud has chargered me twice in one day since I’ve triend to unsubscribe from it today. I’m very mad I had 40$ in my account now I have just over 7$ Also why does SoundCloud charge me 15.81$ monthly for that I could have the family plan. Music is way to expensive. I want my money back ASAP

  15. Anthony Sanchez Reply

    I signed up for soundcloud pro a month ago so I can monetize my music which by the way I was qualified and it’s been a month and I haven’t gotten paid still so I would like to know why is that please

  16. My Soundcloud was hacked & the primary email & password has been changed, There is no way of me accessing my account & I can prove Its Mine As I Subscribed To The Pro Upgrade Via My Bank Card

  17. It seems like Sound Cloud doesn’t want to talk to it’s customers. The website tries very hard to distance itself from those who pay.

    I received an email about a billing issue. The website has a button to change the credit card info, but it won’t accept it once I enter the change.
    I’ve tried to submit a help ticket, but that web page doesn’t work either.
    There’s no way to contact anyone for help. They seem so out of touch with the average person.

  18. Hello I would like to cancel my subscription and wondering if I can get a refund for December and January . I was charged $14.14 each for both months. Just want my refund

  19. I am having a terrible time with Sound Cloud. I cannot successfully upload any thing at all no matter what I do. It starts then when it goes some distance towards upload it stops and re-starts. I am having a similar problem trying to contact the help community as it constantly bogs down in a circle asking me to cotinuously log in then accept terms of use etc. Your system is not working well at least on my computer,

  20. Amir Walker Reply

    I have payed for the SoundCloud plus but my music is not getting plays on the app. I was under the impression that sound cloud plus gives you more plays and will distribute your music throughout the app and get plays. Only paid for the plus so that my songs I post can get promoted throughout the app and that’s not happening. The as said that SoundCloud plus will get you more promotion and more plays as the public listen to their SoundCloud

  21. Jared Lohman Reply

    Recently signed back into my soundcloud account to find my
    Playlist locked, when I made it public I still wasn’t able to access any songs from that playlist. Please help.

  22. My card is being charged every month. I am unable to get into my account with soundcloud I have tried my emails with google as well as facebook account. And I am not successful.
    If someone can please help with this problem.

  23. So I noticed that one of the songs i uploaded was Copyrighted. I was wondering if you can remove it from my “tracks” page as I understand the copyright, I was wondering if you could remove it from it. I won’t upload it ever again and I’ll try to not upload anything that is copyrighted without their permission.

    • Frances Farrare Reply

      I have been unsuccessful with accessing my Sound Cloud account to cancel my subscription. Sound Cloud has been charging my bank account $9.99 monthly. I believe cancelled my subscription after the free trial period. How do I contact Sound Cloud?

  24. Clay Hollingsworth Reply

    Hello. I am reaching out because I am having difficulty figuring out why my latest two albums arent showing up in my tracks tab. Thus, I am getting no playback on them. I released them with a separate record label(Elliptic Audio Research), but was allowed to repost them 90 days later on my own page, but the tracks still arent showing up in my tracks tab, but do show up on my spotlight. Still, the only play Im getting is from super old tracks. I need my new music to get out there. How is this done? Thanks

  25. Matthew Richards Reply

    I didn’t know that automatic payments were a part of this and I don’t want to renew my subscription, but you charged me earlier today. You have no customer support to speak of, and that is unacceptable. I just want to get the money back for the year of subscription that I never wanted and you won’t let me do that.

  26. I am a soundcloud pro subscriber and meet eligible requirements for monetization option but when i try to edit my tracks and turn on monetization their is no monetization tab for me only i can see three tabs (1)Basic Info (2)Metadata and (3)Permission why am i still not given the option.Kindly take a notice.

  27. Tiarra Zipperer Reply

    I have been trying to cancel my free subscription for some time now. I am not able to cancel this through the website or through the app. So I need SOMEBODY to do it for since I cannot do it myself. And next time,can you guys list the real price for a free-30 day. Because instead charging me 9.99 once,you guys charged me twice within 2 days??

  28. Brian Barnes Reply

    When I listen to my own tracks on my MacBook, they are played at a higher speed (sounds like chipmunks). I’ve listened to my tracks on other devices, and they play normally. I changed from Chrome browser to Safari to see if this would help, and the tracks still play faster than normal. I opened an incognito window (Chrome) and the tracks still played fast on my computer. When I listen to any other tracks that are not mine, they play normally. HELP!!!!

  29. i paid upfront for a premium account and yesterday i noticed my account has disappeared. I did not receive a strike or warning for copyright, it was deleted completely out of the blue with no explanation. I have tried to contact customer service with no luck. This is very disappointing.

  30. Dear SoundCloud Pro Team.

    On the 26th September 2018 we received email from you stating that you
    received Activate Radio payment for Yearly Pro Unlimited plan. Please
    rectify that mistake because we never had agreement or sign the contract
    that we will purchase the product yearly. We only made this purchase for
    once off last year as a result of testing the account. The subscription
    that shows we did subscribe is an error we never did that. We are still in
    the process to finalize if we will renew the product or not.

    To resolve the problem, I would appreciate your effort to communicate with
    Mrs Althea Farmer as soon as possible and resolve the payment that
    SoundCloud Pro processes without her acknowledgement.

    We look forward to your reply and a resolution to our problem. I will wait
    till the 15th October 2018 before seeking third-party assistance. Please
    contact us at the above addresses or check the below details or other

    Your plan: Yearly Pro Unlimited plan
    Price: 99 EUR
    Paid for until: 26 September 2019

    You’ll find the receipt for your purchase here:



    26 September 2018 Order ID: 9de6ce78c18d11e894010a580a90cf38

    for ACTIVATE! Radio ([email protected])


    SoundCloud Ltd.

    Rheinsberger Str. 76/77

    10115 Berlin


    Bill to:

    Althea Farmer

    Siyashesha Leadership Incubator

    177 Main road

    Cape Town 7945

    South Africa

    Description Price


    365 days Yearly Pro Unlimited plan 99 EUR


    Amount Paid: 99 EUR

  31. Hello,
    I recently upgraded my plan and am displeased to see that when I visit my bangonmedia soundcloud, my tracks are not visible – there is a message that says “something went wrong”. I use this as a teaching platform and have paid for the service – can you please let me know when this will be resolved?

  32. Annette James Reply

    I am getting charged for my account after I canceled my subscription. I need a refund. I emailed and called 347-986-6607 to tell me they are not taking calls or responding to emails. Where is your customer service?

  33. Deirdre Kempson Reply

    I also had a free trial on Go Soundcloud well over a year ago which I cancelled before the month was up as it was not what I thought it was and now find you have deducted payments with my credit card details for both July and August OF THIS YEAR. I want a refund for both these deductions and my credit card details deleted from your system. A company as big as you are must not conduct business in this fashion.

  34. Lucy Pepper Reply


    My name is Lucy Pepper and my username is aflyontheriver. I purchased Soundcloud Go and have not been able to save music for offline listening or have ad free listening. I love you guys but am not paying $72 to still listen to ads. Please fix this or reach out and help me fix this. Thanks!


  35. I already have Soundcloud Pro for my company dotdotdot records, I was just billed $55, but to go with Soundcloud Pro Unlimited is $89. I want to go to Unlimited, but only be charged the difference of $34. How do I do this upgrade and only pay the difference?

  36. Hello,

    I have a quick question. I just uploaded an album on July 8th. I am now considering moving to Soundcloud Pro to get stats on individual users who are playing my songs.

    If I upgrade now, will I be able to see who has played my tracks the past 3 weeks or is it only for future plays?

    Kind regards,
    Joey Pass

  37. Is there some way to set a kill date\time on a podcast? Can there be a general setting that would apply to all of my audio files? Such as delete this file 6 hours after posting? I need to ensure that we are not disseminating dated content.

  38. marc paradis Reply

    I have uploaded music files to my Pro account, made them public, and enabled downloads. However, when someone wants to download they have to enter an account name and password. Can this be bypassed?

  39. Jean-Marc Theodorowicz Reply

    I had a free trial on SoundCloud and cancelled a few days later.
    I see that you still charged my card last month.
    I need to be issued a refund.
    Thank you

    With so many subscribers, why don’t you have a direct contact line?

    • Did you ever get refunded? I’m having the same problem.

      I signed up for your 30 day free trial (Go+) a month ago. I canceled about two weeks after it started so that I would not be charged for my second month. Two days ago I saw that my account was charged $9.99 on the day the free trial (That I know I CANCELED) would have ended.

      Regardless, if there was a problem in cancelling I see on your site that for the first time you upgrade, you have a 30 day chance to receive a refund after you are first charged if you cancel.

      “Each SoundCloud account is allowed one money back guarantee period for Pro/Pro Unlimited subscriptions.For this 30 day money back guarantee, we will charge your account right away for the Pro/Pro Unlimited subscription but you will receive your money back automatically if you cancel within the first 30 days.”

      I cancelled again today, and I’m hoping it actually canceled this time. I would really appreciate a refund because it has only been two days since I was charged for my subscription (which I was unaware was going to charge).

      Thanks for reviewing my concern. Please get back to me soon:)

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