Contact of Smashburger customer service (phone, email)

Contact Smashburger: Find below customer service details of Smashburger, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the fast food chain. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Smashburger Servicing LLC
3900 East Mexico Avenue
Suite 1100
Denver, CO 80210
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 303-633-1500 (feedback)
Email: [email protected] (feedback)
Email: [email protected] (rewards)

About Smashburger
Smashburger is an American fast food restaurant chain founded by Rick Schaden and Tom Ryan in 2007. Headquartered at Denver, Colorado, Smashburger operates as a subsidiary of Jollibee Foods Corporation. Currently, it manages close to 370 restaurants. Besides in the US, restaurants are also found in Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Costa Rica. Items sold at the outlets include hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and soft drinks.

To locate a Smashburger restaurant nearest to your address click here. You can search by city, state and zip code or even browse the location directory. Burger items on the menu include triple double, classic smash, bacon avocado club, BBQ/bacon & cheddar, buffalo & blue cheese, and truffle mushroom swiss. You can opt between beef, chicken and turkey. Other items on menu include french fries, sweet potato fries, tots, haystack onions, friend pickles, side salad, chicken strips, BBQ ranch salad, classic cobb salad, fountain drinks, iced tea, shakes, among others.

On the website, you can view the entire menu and even order for pickup. The locations on the website contain the address, directions and operating hours. If you are a regular at Smashburger, register for the SmashClub loyalty programme to earn points on every purchase. Interested in franchise opportunities? Smashburger is expanding its network and is inviting entrepreneurs who want to partner with the company. For more information or queries on locations, menu, online order, or others, reach the Smashburger support.


  1. My mom went to smashburger in the pelham New York yesterday to get us some food. Maybe about around 6:15-pm 7pm. Let’s just say she wasn’t happy with the service provided. There was verbal abuse of workers happening there.

  2. kevin connelly Reply

    Purchased online order from Smashburger in Brick, NJ at 1060 Cedar Bridge Ave. We ordered through a third party which was GRUB HUB. From the time of placing order to receiving it was fairly quick, minus one burger. Called up and was told by the manager Nelly, to get in touch with Grub Hub, and get a refund from them, then call us back to reorder. How can you blame another company for your wrong doing? I asked how to make this right and was told next time you come you’ll receive a free meal voucher, I replied that I was hungry now though, where I was laughed at. After spending about 20 dollars in service fees and tip for driver, I took the trip to the restaurant where I received he wrong burger. I ordered from the beginning, when I asked about the free meal voucher, the manager Nelly told me to just mention this next time and they’ll know…wow. I know nothing will come from this, I only hope the right people see this.

  3. Myself and 2 others were working overnight in Orlando. Hungry for burgers in the morning looked up online for burgers nearby. We saw smash burger open at 1030 am so we went, none of us had ever been to a smashburger store got there about 1050am…we were told we would have to wait because they were late turning grill on. We waited and we liked everything we had. On 11/30/22 we saw that the one on 3162 E colonial dr Orlando was open at 10am. Went there and parked walking toward door at 1005 am then someone in the store went to door and put paper up said closed in front of us. Didn’t say anything to us. We tried calling to find out what time they would open and they would not answer phone. I believe they need a new district manager.

  4. We were at the Smashburger located at 2010 E. Elliot Rd. Tempe, Az. on Thursday December 1,2022. We had a terrible dining experience. The employees were extremely confused about our order. My order they couldn’t figure out how to get my receipt which I never did get after 10 minutes. Finally, I said just forget because there was a line of people behind us growing impatient. There was absolutely no apology whatsoever. When we received our food the Brussel sprouts didn’t have the ranch dressing and the burgers were not very hot. My friend and I decided that we need to cross the off this place until changes are made. The place is overpriced, the servings are definitely smaller and the service or I should say the lack of service is appalling. My friend and I eat out all over the nation and frequent all restaurants from fast food to fine dining. Smashburger was absolutely terrible when 3 people couldn’t figure out how to get my receipt and I didn’t receive my reward points.

  5. Simone Lockley Reply

    On Nov 30 at 1:15 pm my friend and I ordered two smash burgers at DelLago casino location. The server was talking to the cook and told us she’d be right with us “honors.” When she finally finished talking to the cook she asked if we wanted to eat in or get it to go. We stated that we wanted to eat there. When our meal was ready it was bagged up to take out. My friend commented that we asked to eat it there. The server snapped back and said “I’ll get a tray”. The cook commented to the girl “that lady is a douchebag.” My 86 year old friend was appalled. I am registering a complaint. No one should have to put up with this vulgarity or such bad service. I am also going to make a complaint to DelLago casino as well. We will never eat at your establishment again and will never recommend it either. And to top it all off it took 20 minutes to get our food and it was cold. We didn’t dare go back to the counter for fear we’d be insulted again by the cook. Shame on your employees and shame on you.

  6. I went to smashburger in Frisco tx. Food was ok nothing special, the burger was the size of a Jr burger at Burger King and cost 8 dollars then there was oh let’s make it a meal for 550 more, you get a small coke and some crappy haystack onions that had been sitting in a bowl of grease I guess for who knows how long . The girls in the front were so busy on their phones you could have robbed the place and they wouldn’t have known. When I can go to BK or Wendy’s and get the same Happy Meal for 5.00 why would you want to go to such an overcharging place with just a catchy name and people who don’t care if you come in or not.

  7. I visited the smashburger in gateway mall in Brooklyn. I had a cashier and she and a coworker was talking and using all the absence language. The staff was very unprofessional and even the cook into the conversation with the little girls upfront and the burgers were burnt. Something terrible was done in front of me and the owners need to know.

  8. The worst experience I suffered from Smarshburge North Brunswick New Jersey. My APP showed it’s completed at 18:56. When I arrived, they said they didn’t receive my orders. I left my number and they told me they would call me later. When I came back in 30 minutes, they said your order was canceled . The company will refund you in 3-5 business days. I asked for please leave a paper to me show you did not give me food and cancel my order. I can tell corporate how to deal with it. They didn’t do anything, just told me bye-bye! The worst store, the worst service, the worst manager! They should close the store. They don’t know how to be good to the customers.

  9. Ordered online from Smashburger in Thornton, CO. Order was wrong, and parts were missing. Plus, the large tots I ordered were only half size. I’m not even sure how that could’ve gone unnoticed! $3 for 8 tots. What a joke. I don’t understand how lazy your staff has to be to mess up that bad.

  10. I would never go to smash burger again. The wait was 15 mins just for three people which is ridiculous. I wasn’t feeling ok in the establishment and I fully made it aware to an employee and asked for a cup of water because I was weak and she quickly denied me. After the long wait on line I fully got to the register where the general manger was taking my order I even asked her, she told me no then quickly changed her mind and gave me a cold bottle of water. Now I feel as so the policy of no water cups should be void when it comes down to certain situations. Such as a customer informing you about a temporary illness. I called the store today to speak to the manger but ended up speaking to the same lady who gave me bottle of water, come to find out she’s the general manger she informed me that they use to give out water cups but people took advantage of that which caused them to “loose money”. Which is understandable but to a point. I would never spend money where customers aren’t treated the correct way.

  11. I was treated very rudely by the Manager at Smashburger in Chicago on foster Ave An employee stepped on ketchup packet and squirted it accidentally on 3 customers. I brought to attention of that staff person involved. He did not apologize and ignored the customers involved. The Manager comes out and was rude upfront and saying Don’t yell at my staff. I did not yell at the staff person involved. I don’t think the Manager approached the situation in the appropriate manner. I think apologizing to the customers first would have been the best way to go. I felt horrible when I left the store and have no reason to ever go back.

  12. My husband and I went to Smash burger Centennial store in Lasvegas on January 15 at 11:00 there was plenty of staff and the restaurant was not at all busy. The food was good and we were waited on promptly. However the majority of tables were dirty, the drink station was dirty, floors looked like they were mopped with filthy mop and water, plus fries and such on the floor. They need a new manager!

  13. Overcharged in Lodi N.J. last evening. Why? Ordered a Smash burger , Black bean burger , 1 large smash fries and 2 shakes. Was charged for single Smash burger and make it a meal so for 1 burger with fries $17.00 WTH! Total for order $32.25. Food was good and so was service but not $32.25 worth.

  14. Toni Shuler Reply

    We want a Smash Burger restaurant here in Evans Georgia. Home of the Masters Golf Course ?. Washington Road is a Restaurant Hive. Please consider coming to our town.

  15. After reading all of these complaints, I too had a bad experience and will never go back again! I can get a burger from Wendy’s or 5 Guys. I don’t need a manager who could care less. Treating me like shit, that’s why I have a job!

  16. Jackie Mitler Reply

    Hello, I would like to put in a complaint with smash burger about Store #1479, 49 Tarrytown Road , White Plains, NY. I placed my order @ 2:29 PM yesterday Sunday after the lunch hour rush, there were no other people in line to order and after waiting over 20 minutes, when I inquired about my order, I was told there were 4 people ahead of me and it would take another 20 minutes or so. The guy that inquired about my order was rude, not even apologizing for the delay or offering anything for the inconvenience. The cashier refunding my money was the only one that was courteous. There wasn’t a manager or anyone in charge at this location. I am very disappointed and will not go to that smashburger again. Curious to see if anyone reads these complaints and do anything about them.

  17. Marie Bonds Reply

    I would like to put in a complaint with smash burger in North Brunswick, NJ.
    The restaurant wasn’t even crowded and I had to wait like 15 or 20 minutes for an order of fries. The smash burger wasn’t that great, because I just had 1 at Meno Park Mall in Edison, NJ which was better, I feel the older people do a much better job than the younger people who really don’t want to be there. They could have offered me some free fries for waiting so long.

    • I recently visited a Smashburger in the Bronx NY. After seeing a picture of your wings, I placed an order. I received my wings, but only the leg part no flat part. I questioned my order and was told this is the only part of the wing they sold. The picture on the menu showed both parts. This may sound petty to you but I am partial to flats. I wanted to get my money back but I was in a rush. Not only was this not what I wanted, but they were dry and really tasteless.

  18. jackie gyimesi Reply

    My grandsons asked to go to Smashburger and since we were in the Ocean Township, NJ vicinity we went to that restaurant. I must truthfully tell you that for me it was the first time and I surely was disappointed. The burgers were thin but the french fries were in large quantity and we spent paid $36.45 for that laybe it’s just that location but certainly I was not impressed. Sorry

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