Contact of SkyCable customer service

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Contact SkyCable : Find below customer service details of SkyCable in Philippines. Besides contact details, the page provides information on the company’s products and services. Reach the SkyCable customer service below for complaints, questions or feedback.

SkyCable Head Office
6th Floor ELJ Communications Center,
Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

SkyCable Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 381 0000 (Metro Manila)
Phone:  (046) 484 4701 (Cavite)
Phone: (049) 534 1555 (Laguna)
Phone: (02) 520 8560 (San Pedro)
Phone: (044) 693 5877 (Bulacan)

About SkyCable
skySkyCable began operations in the year 1990. It is today a leading cable TV provider in the Philippines. SkyCable is credited to have been the first to introduce prepaid cable TV service in the country in 2006. Further, in 2008, SkyBroadband, which was fastest broadband internet was launched. Today, the company has over 500,000 subscribers across all small and big cities.

Registered as Sky Cable Corporation, the company has caught the attention of the public with its offerings that include SkyCable, SkyBroadband, SkyMobi and Sky On Demand. People can subscribe for a single service or could look for bundles that come with good bargains. The website showcases the various packages, prices and features.

SkyCable users can have access to over 190 channels and can even pause, record and rewind TV. As for broadband, with speeds of up to 200mbps, you can watch your favourite TV shows without streaming. If you dint know, SkyBroadband plans come with a free wifi modem that can be installed at your premises. And there is mobile internet for those looking for high speed internet on their smartphones. Sky On Demand lets subscribers catch their favourite line-up of live TV channels, movies and shows on their television, computer or smartphone. It has a huge library of local movies and TV shows. To know the schedules of a channel on a specified date, browse the website. You can also view your Sky account and bills by logging in on the website.

Sky has offices across all major cities in Metro Manila, Mindanao, North Luzon, South Luzon and Visayas. For more details on the services, billing, subscriptions, payment or others, speak to a SkyCable customer service representative today.


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  1. Ariel P. Buenaventura Reply

    This is to inform your office about my Sky Cable Acct.# 612013357, that since April, 2020 to date was not in all functioning. I’ve been calling the customer hotline # 381-0000 but to no avail & just a voice recording. Wherein it just accumulate monthly bill which is not in use. I would like to request a prompt action to repair or visit the area & a stop billing for the meantime that its not yet fully repaired. Please give preferential & prompt action on this matter. Thank you & hoping for an early reply to my email account.

  2. lenny mallillin Reply

    How can I change the account name of our Cable and Internet Plan.. I just want to transfer i into my name because the current account name is no longer with us anymore.. she’s been away for year.. and we just want to get direct mails and letters from sky.. please reply or email me as soon as you read my comment. thank you.

  3. May I know if anybody from your Office can still attend to my request for a technician for my SKYCABLE condition connection? The SKYSERVES notice for confirmation of the delivery of the service has been confirmed twice by me prior to the service delivery. It is scheduled today, January 13, 2020 between 10AM – 12NN. It’s 2:00 PM already and I haven’t receive any information from your office if the technician will still be coming. Based on your SKYSERVES message the technician/s will attend to my request today. I called your hotline (3381-0000) already but nobody is answering despite of my one hour waiting time just to hear from you. If this is system generated message may I know if I will still keep on waiting today for a service? In case ‘til what time? Please let me know. You may reach me through my registered telephone number or email address in your system. Thank you.

  4. Catherine Saplala Reply

    Finally, I was not frustrated nor angered by skycable’s hotline, that I often refer it as a coldline or simply deadline.
    Two good souls of customer service 381-0000 by the names of JK LantIng and Mex lavoriza, returned my calls re:’digibox complete conk out…freezed upon loading, then total black out. Our digibox has been with us for almost 2 decades, and perhaps it’s so old, it gave up. These diligent and responsIve staff are an asset to Sky cable Corp. THANKS:-)

  5. I am calling 3810000 and as instructed by the answering machine either I press 1 if I have with me my account number or 2 if I don’t have it with me. Either way you press 1 or 2 it is not being registered and you will be again returned to the answering machine. I have my Skycable concierge and no one is answering either. I have been doing this for the last few days and I cannot communicate with a sane human being.


    I have been calling your 381-0000 hotline, but no help provide us. It is just an answering machine taking our calls but no customer service assistant help with my issues about your service, It was just a busy line.

  7. I have been calling your office for so many times but the ones picking up doesn’t even seem to hear me on the other end… I don’t know if this is just a strategy so you won’t need to hear any more complaints from customers. I have tried using 3 different phones, all but with the same result… You have the WORST SERVICE ever!!!!!

  8. Ronald Drioane Reply

    Such Poor service from your “hotline”. My cable is a mess. Many channels are black. Channels that I know I am subscribed to say I am not a subscriber.

    I have tried to call your hotline for service. When prompted to select 1 or 2 I do and it repeats the prompt. When I try again the system hangs up on me. Poor service is pushing me to change providers

  9. Suzzynette Canete Reply

    Your hotline is useless. Nobody is answering. I keep on calling for how many times now but still unsuccessfull. I believe sky is a sister company of ABS-CBN i hope you dont grab down the name of ABS CBN just because of your poor service. I hope my sky broadband internet will be back soon even though you dont want to be disturbed by your affected customer with your poor service

  10. Marc Anthony M. Advincula Reply

    I would like to commend Mr. Ronnie Miranda for a job well done. He has been very consistent in attending to my calls & queries since day 1 in all of my transactions with Sky Cable. He always made sure that all my requests were met & addressed accordingly even beyond his duty hours. His effort was remarkably outstanding. I hope there will be more employees like him. He is truly an individual worthy of emulation. i greatly admire & applaud his enthusiasm & perseverance in handling customers’ concerns & in his dedication in his work. Kudos & more power to him. Thank you very much once again Mr. Ronnie Miranda. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  11. I am from Lucena City and I am not a subscriber of Skycable but time and time again, I am being reminded to pay my bill. Pls double check your subscribers account number. I am not Ms. Tenorio, the person you keep on reminding to pay. Stop pestering me. Be responsible enough to check your customers profile and make right the wrong entries.I made several attempt to call your office, no one seemed there. Shit!!!

  12. Bella San Jose Reply

    Your system of reminding payment for the due date via cellphone advisory is enough. I am a good paying subscriber and is always updated with my payments. However, for 2 consecutive months now, your new system of posting reminders for due date on the TV screen is IRRITATING AND INSULTING !!! Your reminder is blocking the program that we are watching. Istorbo sa screen !!! This is a very poor treatment to your good paying subscribers and to all your customers !!!!

  13. Romeo A. Icasiano Reply

    I am calling 3810000 and as instructed by the answering machine either I press 1 if I have with me my account number or 2 if I don’t have it with me. Either way you press 1 or 2 it is not being registered and you will be again returned to the answering machine. I have my Skycable concierge and no one is answering either. I have been doing this for the last few days and I cannot communicate with a sane human being.

  14. I cant understand how 3810000 became a hotline. I dialed it and keyed-in my account number and had to listen to the recordings over and over again for about 45 mins. It angered me even more because 1. even though my account was current, there was no service in my cable tv; 2. I had to use my mobile phone that time and was incurring celphone expenses. The recording even reminded me that my conversation with the call center agent was to be recorded for utmost quality service, but the conversation never happened and I cant believe that it was for quality service when they made me listen to the same messages for almost 10 times. HOw I wish Sky never acquired Destiny. We were much much much better off with the LATTER!!!!!

  15. Enrique Diola Reply

    I suggest you monitor your SM Cebu office. I was there this afternoon to simply ask a question. (My home broadband was not working the whole day today.) In your office, there were five counters. Four were for “service” or “bills” related queries; one was for new business. I was 8th in line – more on that later.

    Since the line was hardly moving, I decided to ask the “new business” guy about the lack of service, i.e. whether it was system-wide (because of heavy traffic considering that it was Chinese New Year) or whether it was only for my area, or my house. Instead of trying to help me, he just shrugged his shoulders and told me that it was a “service matter”. He could not even offer any simple help, a call perhaps, or even a number he could give me to call, if he was not up to it. At that time, it must be noted, he was not entertaining any customer.

    Anyway, since I was 8th in line, as I said, I thought I’d just wait it out. More than half an hour later, your 4 counters were able to serve only TWO customers. And that includes the one that was already being served when I got there! Talk about inefficiency, if not incompetence.

    I have been dealing with your A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue office. That office is cramped, but the work flow is fast – much faster than at SM, which has wider desks and more room. Even the guard as A.S. Fortuna is very helpful, particularly in using the payments machine.

    Thank you.

  16. Your helpline is useless, customer service is non-existent, and program directory is all over the place!

    I have called for days feom 1 minute to 20 minutes waitinf and nobody bothers to pick up the phone! I have decided to cut my subscription out of frustration

  17. Alicia Palma Reply

    Skycable.. i have been calling your office, manila and laguna offices for more than 30 mins now but to no avail. Your voice recording only said to press designated nos.but nothing happened. How ca we contact your customer service rep to discuss our problems with your services? We are now thinking of transfering to a new provider because of your incompetent service.

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