Contact of Skechers customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Skechers: Find below customer service details of Skechers in the US and worldwide, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Skechers USA, Inc
228 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-746-3411 (US)
Phone: 1-855-759-7463 (Skechers Direct)
Email: [email protected] (Skechers Direct)

International Support
Phone: 1800 875 275 (Australia)
Phone: 400-900-2311 (China)
Phone: +33 (0)1 44 55 31 31 (France)
Phone: 0180 – 6 407 220 (Germany)
Phone: 01707 624 772 (India)
Phone: +39 039 9633700 (Italy)
Phone: +45 75 10 19 80 (Netherlands)
Phone: +34 91 781 55 40 (Portugal)
Phone: +7 (495) 777-777-1 (Russia)

About Skechers
Skechers is a global brand offering sports and casual footwear. Founded by Robert Greenberg in 1992, the company has its headquarters at Manhattan Beach, California and employs more than 9,200 around the world. Skechers designs, markets and sells more than 3,000 styles of footwear for men, women and children. The firm has operations in more than 160 countries directly and through its subsidiaries. Skechers currently operates some 2,300 stores worldwide. Skechers products can be purchased online and at retail outlets across Australia, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, South Africa Brazil, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, India, US and UK. You can visit the link here to locate a store nearest to your address.

When shopping online, you can filter products by size, color, price and brand. You will find shoes for sports, work, casuals, among others. Besides footwear, Skechers also manufactures and sells t-shirts, socks, bags, hats and accessories. Payment for purchases online can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Shipping options are seen during checkout. As for returns, customers can return unused items for full refund within 45 days of purchase. If you are a regular shopper, you can register for the Skechers Elite loyalty program. You can earn points every time you make a purchase. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Skechers customer service.

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  1. We did a 15 day trip to Kathmandu, Bhutan, & few other place including the tigers nest in Bhutan what a journey up unbelievable every day my wife and I wore just two pair each one for walking all the tracks & the other pair for going out @ night time i would highly recommend sketchers to any one traveling not one complaint they really did the job thank you again you guys plus we got them always from D F O Brisbane airport which we find all the staff friendly & helpful

  2. I bought a pair of Sketchers Gowalk shoes on 29th December 2018.
    Within 3 months,the rear flap of the left shoe became loose.When I walk 4 steps,the left shoe slips off.
    I showed the shoes at three Sketchers outlet in Mumbai and they all said that the shoes are faulty. They cannot be repaired.
    Customer Care are unwilling to accept their fault and are saying that the fault is with my left foot- without looking at the shoes or my feet.
    Please let me know what I should do.

  3. Customer service:
    Time: 3pm (11/5/2019)
    Location: Sketchers Retail, Malaysia

    My friend and I went into the store, looking to buy a pair of shoes. Once we entered, we were greeted not with a welcome but the loud cackling laughter of the staff who were busy gossiping away, totally oblivious of the fact that there were customers in the store. All the customers were busy looking for their own things, trying out sizes that were closest to their size because the staff were too engrossed with their own stories about them sleeping on their beds. When we tried to get their attention, they ignored us and when we insisted that they come to serve us, they got annoyed and stared pushing each other to come and handle our requests!! Their attitudes were rotten to the core and they began giving us excuses saying that they had emails to tend to.

    Since when is this my problem? If they have emails to tend to, should they be doing that when customers are asking to be served? Should I have to wait till they are done resting or emailing their urgent matters to HQ before I can actually make a purchase? Is this the sort of attitude in staff that Skechers condone and encourage among the staff?

    I am a loyal customer of Skechers and this is the first time in my life that I am being treated this way. As a paying customer (and my friend did purchase a pair of shoes in that store, despite the crappy attitude of the staff), I am very disappointed and utterly displeased with Skechers Vivacity.

    Please ensure that your staff are properly trained, or employ people who actually want to work instead of giving your brand a bad name and customer experience. Also, kindly ensure that your store has a manager present to monitor staff at all times, as we were informed that the manager was away at the time and we cannot talk to the person in charge. Really? That is how you manage a store? I am definitely not impressed.

  4. Rosemary Roberts Reply

    Hi there, I love skechers, I bought a pair last year, stretchy purple so comfortable. But they are already tearing at the side coming apart from the sole. My shoes (good ones) usually last me years). I would like to hear from you. Thanks `

  5. Margaret Gatti Reply

    It took a month for the care service to realise my item was lost and only when I pointed this out to them. The chats and emails were numerous. I was not offered a replacement only told to reorder again! It was most unsatisfactory and frustrating. No one answered the 08 number shown on my docket so I was unable to make personal contact.

  6. Margaret Gatti Reply

    If you look through numerous emails and chats you will see I waited a month when through utter frustration I told your care team that it was LOST and they agreed. Any other company I have dealt with replaced my items without delay unlike Sketchers who wanted me to order again. I am not happy with the response I got.

  7. Nishank Aggarwal Reply

    This is to bring to your notice that a pair of Blue Skechers GoTherm 360 was bought on 08-Jul-18 from V3S East Centre Mall, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi store(Proof of bill attached) vide System Reference number CM/1881/18 and Product code 190211086488(Product pictures attached)

    I would like to highlight the extremely poor quality of the product bought as both the shoes have been torn and the side net has come off within a couple of months of use only.
    As the shoe is used only for morning walk purpose, there is no way that a shoe of such a high cost(MRP: 9999 INR) and of such a reputed brand as of Skechers can be damaged so bad and rendered irreparable. Such horrendous products are not provided by even the cheapest of brands.

    I demand a full refund of the value of the product or at least exchange of the same.

    Skechers is one of the leading manufacturers and seller of shoes globally, a product of such low quality is highly unacceptable. This tarnishes the image of the company and the products it sells. Hence, I believe that appropriate steps are taken at the earliest and any one of the remedies is taken to rectify the issue

  8. Steve Bush Reply

    I had my Sketchers Sneakers for a few months then the dole came off them and of course I do not have a receipt they were size us 11.5 color code ccrd They fit well and were comfortable but already i can no longer use them … They were the steel toed ones I cannot by anymore if they rip apart so fast??? What can be done ? Is this normal for them ?

  9. Lesley McCafferty Reply

    I recently purchased another pair of Skechers (from Gomes in Albany Western Australia) while on holidays as I was very happy with my previous pairs. When I was in the store the shoes seemed a little different in size but we (shop assistant and me) checked the size which was the same as the ones I was wearing so I just put it down to being new and cooler weather. However after wearing them it became quite apparent they had been incorrectly marked so I phoned the head office and was told that providing I had my docket I could exchange them even though they had been worn. When I tried to exchange my shoes at Skechers Joondalup they said they were unable to help me and I could take them back to Albany (600 km away) or contact the customer care department. As this is a manufacturing error and nothing to do with the sales or service I would like an exchange or refund.

  10. Recently purchased sketchers shoes (150) from facebook site only to be scammed. Later found out you had been notified of site and did nothing to close it down. So now there a lot of youre customers out of pocked of there hard earned money.

  11. Harry Busch Reply

    Hello my name is Harry.
    I am writing to provide you with a gift. My gift is in fact taking the time to make a customer complaint. Some 4 weeks age I purchased a pair of Go walk 4 khaki from you store at Harbour Town on the Gold Coast of Australia. During the sale I was told a number of features and benefits of the shoe that was not met.
    I returned to the store on the 20th of this month and on presenting myself to the store Manager Jasmine, I was told there was nothing that could be done to assist me. Not happy with that explanation I asked that my complaint be elevated.Jasmine spoke to an Area Manager by the name of Jo, who I understand told Jasmine she (Jo) would call me.It is now 4 days and not word from JO.
    As an experienced retailer I find this level of service appalling. I have made a number of purchases for my wife from your stores in the past and knowing your status in the retail industry I certainly expected better.

  12. Manoj Karmyal Reply

    I am a huge fan of nike, my friend suggested me to try Sketchers so I bought the shoes from V3S Mall Laxmi Nager Delhi 92 worth 6000 on May 2018 on August 2018 its got hole both side. Next time when I went to buy the slipper in reliance footprint sales man showed me a pair of slipper of Sketchers i refuse to buy because Of my past experience of shoes. just want to inform you please improve the quality. Proud to say I will move to Nike again.

  13. Frank Collins Reply

    I love my Skechers flip flops. I have 3 pairs, 2 memory foam and one relaxed fit, however, they have all started falling apart. I live on a boat and am disabled so I do not walk much. The memory foam ones tops are coming loose fron the sole causing the toe strap to come loose. The relaxed fit side strape are seperating from the sides. The bottome look new and hardly have any wear. I used to wear Sperry flip flops, however, they become very slippery in just a few monthe. I find that Skechers bottoms are great and non slip on my boat deck. Has there been a change in manufacturing ? My wife has 4 pairs of the slip on type shoe and no problems with them. I am a flip flop guy and am sad to have to throw or Gorilla glue my Skechers back together. I can supply pictures if you would like

  14. Joseph Marino Reply

    I usually buy Haviana thongs but recently purchasesd a pair of skechers thongs in Bali while on holidays and l must say they are the best pair of thongs l have ever bought. It’s so good to spend money a believe its the best purchase one could make. Thanks for a great product

  15. V Sparrius Reply

    Skechers are the only shoes I wear. Fantastic shoes but not so the shop nearest to me, namely the Menlyn branch in Pretoria. Their stock is very low and service leaves much to desired. This was not the case in their previous shop, before they moved to the new space. On Friday they did not have ANY black ladies shoe in number five in the Go Walk 3 design. Previously the attendants would offer to order n specific shoe if not available in the shop. That does not happen any more. It is much easier to order Skechers from Amazon, seeing that I know which design and size I need. And that is exactly what I did!
    Verona Sparrius

  16. Hello

    My name is Frank. I am writing to you to advise on one of your products, long black colored sporting tights purchased at your Skechers store along the strip in Vegas.

    My daughter is ranked no: 1 in Australian for her age group in Olympic Weightlifting. She earned a third place in the 2017, Junior Commonwealth Oceania Games on the Gold Coast.

    She was looking for a brand, she could consistently train with that doesn’t deteriorate. Just some feedback for your L&D department the stitching area or the material used in this area needs to be stronger or more durable. The stitching in this area has faded and caused the material to rip.

    Usable data: purchased in Dec 2017, commenced training Jan 15 2018, 4 days a week using both skechers pair twice a week. It is now May 2018 and we have to throw them away, if you need photographic evidence for your L&D, please feel free to write back and I’ll forward you the relevant photographs or we can send them to you for product review.

    Again just information to help with product development no refund required.



  17. Prerna Rathore Reply

    This is to inform u, that I purchased a pair of shoes from of your outlet at fun republic mall, Lucknow dated 6th May 2017.I found a defect at the upper surface as a pin hole. I’m not happy with the product it seems to be a manufacturing defect and quality of material. Please do the needful to replace the product and to enhance the trust of the (future) customer .
    Please take this content as a feedback and review of the product.

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