Contact of Shpock app customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Shpock: Find below customer service details of Shpock, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the classifieds app. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
finderly GmbH (Medieninhaber),
Donau-City-Straße 1
A-1220 Vienna, Austria

Customer Service
Email: [email protected] (general)
Phone: +43 1 934 66 29 (general)
Phone: +43 676 46 84 461 (advertising)

About Shpock
Shpock is a mobile classifieds platform launched in the year 2012. The name is an abbreviation of “shop in your pocket”. The app connects buyers and sellers primarily dealing with second-hand goods. The flea market app is available for Android and iOS platforms. A great alternative to eBay, Shpock boasts of more than 10 million users. Besides second hand goods, users will also find vintage and unique items that are eye-catchy. Buyers will find great bargains from millions of classifieds. The platform is currently used by users in 6 countries – UK, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Italy.

Are you a seller? You can target your audience based on geographical location or a postcode. Publish a listing by giving a title, uploading pictures, setting a price and writing content. Put an asking price to start receiving bids. After a deal has been confirmed you can no longer cancel the deal. Shpock advises meeting in person to exchange both money and item. Both parties can agree on a time and location for the transaction to be completed. Buyers can even opt for paying on delivery or via PayPal.

Buyers will find great deals and bargains on apparel, smartphones, computers, televisions, furniture, cars, bikes, home and garden items, yard stuff, rentals, books, and fashion accessories. On each listing, you will find pictures, owner information, product description and price. You can communicate with a seller by asking questions via chat. To get started register your account on the Shpock platform using email or Facebook. For deleting your account or queries on registration, payment or others, reach the Shpock support via email.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. I joined Shpock about a week ago when l joined they gave me no option to choose a username so I contacted them about 3 times no response. I deleted my account straight away if they can’t look after you, you are already in trouble. I have read all of these comments and can only say STICK TO VINTED they are brilliant. Take care people.

  2. I’m very much disappointed by this app I bought a phone from someone and forced me to do bank transfer which I did, to my surprised this seller blocked me and never responded until now so what hurt me most seeing the same item on the listing and still scamming people why did you an option to add pictures just to let others aware of such barstard In fact please improve your customer service, and again I bought something yesterday and paid through Shpock which they deduct my money and the seller cancel the deal within 24hours but checking my balance it’s still not reflecting please I want my money back, I’m willing to delete my account after receiving my money of yesterday

  3. Hi it’s been nearly a year now since you suspended my account for no reason I have tried to contact you but had no joy and would like to be able to get back on the website but it is very difficult to get hold of someone who can sort this out for me hopefully you might actually try to contact me and we can sort this out

  4. Well i have been on shpock for a while and sold a few item’s but now i have cash in my wallet sent shpock number of emails as my email address has been changed and now i can’t get to my wallet to get my cash out for the items i have sold like others on here no response to emails so im slowly giving up and ready to lose the money and never use them again we all do that and they will disappear maybe shpock should be looking after your customers more better as we are using you well i hope you respond to this and give me my cash

  5. I have been buying and selling things on Shpock for a while now without problems until now! My account was restricted due to “making too many offers on items?” All of which I wanted and was prepared to pay for! This has been over a week now (not the 24-48hr response quoted on the original explanation email) it’s very annoying as my emails sent to Shpock are ignored and I can’t accept offers on the items I am selling now i’ve even tried ringing the contact number but there is no reply

    • Joseph Gerard Ronan Reply

      I’ve had exactly the same issues, that’s the process or procedures of dealing is it not ! They reinstated my account in there own good time with NO reasonable excuse for the 3 weeks suspension. Now I’m trying to purchase (this morning) & they’ve now put a block on my bank payment .

      I assure you, nothing’s wrong with my accounts that’s for sure !

  6. Graham McCormick Reply

    I offered to purchase an item, the seller accepted, but didn’t confirm, then didn’t respond, when I went back on the listing my offer had been removed and I was unable to re-bid, or comment/ask questions.

    I have screen grabs to prove the above. Utterly disappointed

  7. I bought children’s cloth from this seller Sunrays H on the 5th of feb, which I paid through PayPal which this seller confirmed and said he/she would post the items. This seller sent me a fake tracking no which was suppose to be delivered to me on the 8th of feb. I didn’t receive anything, tried tracking the post and found out it was an amazon returns and not a post to me, Called Royal Mail customer service to confirm and which they confirmed it was amazon track returns and not a post to me. I reached out back to the seller but all to no avail, left him/her several messages but got no reply in return. The seller has been ignoring my message but I have gone through their listing and saw they are still responding to people’s messages for different items. I reported the matter to Shpock but nothing has been done, neither have I gotten any response from Shpock. Please I need my money back if I can’t get what I paid for. I need you people to sort this out cos this is fraud. And if Shpock can’t do anything about it to protect victims like us from such sellers, then it’s obvious Shpock promotes fraud and wouldn’t be using this App again. This app doesn’t even have customer service no you can reach with complain after leaving several messages to Shpock but still no reply. This App needs to be reported.

  8. Cannot upload the photos to sell on my site I have mailed schpock and not had any progress
    It’s been 6wks now can anyone help me or are there any other people who are having the same problems? I’m seriously considering closing my account

  9. Account restricted. Unsure why. No response to emails. Despite several requests. Getting emails that people want to buy. Unable to respond.

    I have a lot of items to sell due to downsizing. Very frustrating.

  10. I brought a pandora Bracelet 3 weeks ago with charms of a lady named Alicia in the CT9 Area. I did a bank transfer and she said she’d received payment and would send it that same day. After a week no item arrived so I contacted her several times and she made excuses of why she hadn’t sent it. After another week I contacted her and she answered a couple of messages now she just ignores me. This is my 4th Email with no reply. Its these sort of people that give the site a bad name

  11. Spock needs to upgrade their protection for buyers against fraudulent sellers. Several buyers have been defrauded on many occasions by some dishonest sellers in agonising situations, when they fail to honour their obligation to send purchased items from these buyers after receiving payment. Spock seems not to much to punish these individuals which is really discrediting them massively.I’ve personally been a sad victim of this online crime on Scpock’s trading platform on a number occasions where they never cared to inflict needed retribution to such perpetuators. I believe, soon this poor service on their part will arrest the attention of the media and other necessary regulatory bodies to force them to look more seriously into this. I really feel sad for these victimised individuals. I hope Spock will act sooner that later before they get encountered with any volcanic backlash looming on the horizon.

  12. My account has been restricted since Monday and I replied back to their email and it’s stated my account will be activated in 48hr but it has not. I’ve sent so many emails since then and no one is replying back. Can’t even find a UK telephone number either, it’s getting frustrated as I can’t reply to any offer I’m getting.

  13. I bought an item from a seller called Nikita T
    She offer me an iPhone x max for £570 and we both agree on I paying half payment then she will post it to me when I receive the item then I should make the balance payment so that I can trust her she said and I did transfer £300to this seller 19th Friday since then I have not got nothing from her and she is not responding to any of my messages as well this is my first time on Shpock this is a bad experience for me I have sent many email to customers services no response from them as well I guess that I why this kind of people get away with such things because the customer service are rubbish

  14. After a customer made an offer my account disappeared. Thought I’d been scammed but not the case. I have had to search for him and send questions on his selling site to get him to come to me. However all my other sales have disappeared. Sent 3 emails to shpock and they said they will get back when not busy.. This hasn’t happened. Shocking service. Seems like they spend more time on advertising than trying to help customers. Very disheartened

  15. Hi. I am a plumber and as simple as it seems the majority of my work comes through shpock! However my account has been restricted for no reason what so ever, and despite my MANY emails, it is still not sorted, in fact the only reply I have had is to say they are too busy! Busy doing what I ask as by the look of the comments on here, certainly not dealing with their customers that’s for sure! I am looking for anyone who is willing to work with me on taking these matters further as I have waited long enough now and can not afford to keep losing work whilst this company sits around doing nothing! Please reply to this if you feel the same.

  16. Eniola PEREZ Reply

    I bought a bike from one Joseph S. on Shpock and he advise I pay him through PayPal which I was glad to use as a medium of exchange. He promised a delivery to my county without extra charges.
    Days later he contacted and said he could not get a courier van to bring it down to me in Luton, Bedfordshire and solicited for £15 delivery cost which I paid him instantly cos my trainer advised me to get my bike ready for the next class. Since then he’s not been responding to my conversations asking him to provide the pickup address and postcode so that I can come to London and pick it up myself.
    I have reported this case on Shpock and I have not gotten any response from Shpock either.
    Is Shpock promoting scam and fraudulent people too?

  17. David warwick Reply

    Sent from my iPadc
    Can somebody please tell me why my add has been cancelled twice/ I had an add on your site for Bulldog puppies I followed all the rules , I paid you £20.99 pence to bump my add up . The add was duplicated by you for some reason / then a week later you canceled it Your explanation
    was I did not follow your guidelines.
    I replaced the ad again paying £20.99to bump it up and once again today you cancel the ad that is 42 pound I have lost in the matter of three weeks I want my money back you’re ripping me off When I pay the money to bump it up you duplicate the ad not me can someone please get back to me this is my second email I have sent you it is impossible to contact you I have tried phoning

  18. Hello I’m just wondering what is happening with my account restrictions it’s been since November last year and I’ve now just had a message asking me to pay for a premium membership thinking that my account restriction had been lifted I’ve now been charged for this premium account but I’m still not able to buy or sell anything can someone please get back to me ASAP regards Emma Morris

  19. This is another messaged left as you still have not replied to my last one. This Lady seller Elle Lennon has sold me some perfume for £17 on the 24th April and I have still not received the item. I have left her numerous messages and she is ignoring me. I need you people to sort this out or I will contact the police. This is fraud. Regards Teresa Treuge

  20. Gillian Latham Reply

    I have just sold a item on sphock and I am a new seller the item has been sold an sent but the payment is pending why can’t I receive the payment of PayPal??????

  21. Been blocked a few times for people trying to mug me off and told them where to go. Where I live in east London people seem to want something for nothing its unbelievable I end up giving stuff to charity rather than sell them to free loaders. Trying to contact them now to complain about feedback that was left by an idiot and it shouldn’t have done. Trying to contact them is near on impossible. It’s a crap website where things stay on for months without selling a thing. Waste of time.

  22. I have sold a perfectly working washing machine.. I have never had a issue with it.. until the buyer takes it home and informs me that water was coming out.. I did advice that the hose she be placed firmly into the overflow pipe,( I think that’s what it’s called) also to make sure that nothing is in the door ie a sock or other small items.. what do I do about this

  23. david morey Reply

    I can understand when someone clicks on making a purchase on your site you take it that the item is sold but Three Times I have been let down by your members who not only fail to turn up as arranged but fail to acknowledge why ? and this is most annoying especially as I have rearranged my day to suit the buyers saying they calling at such a time and fail to do so is much a time wasting episode that I am very inclined to stop selling my items on your site as we sellers are given the run around as the buyers do not abide by the purchasing rules you laid out.
    I feel they should be warned by your company that this is a serious business and not to taken as a joke and made to compensate you or get delisted. I cannot make a realistic comment on your review site unless it shows 5 stars to show others they should beware of these idiots who are making it even harder work for the majority of us genuine sellers.

  24. I need to speak to someone who can help me . I bought an item from a seller, the item i bought was a vivian westwood handbag. The listing of the item was sold as a genuine vivian westwood , but when i received the item its a copy & not a genuine one as described in the sellers listing . This breaches all terms & conditions . I have asked the seller for a full refund, in which she miss sold this item as genuine when its not. She is adamant that this is a genuine item & will not refund my money . It is now time shpock sorted this out on my behalf & due to copywriters this seller should not be able to get away with selling fake items & selling them as genuine ones.

    • Meera Raichura Reply

      So what did Shpock do about this, as the same thing has happen to me regarding a Amazon tablet. I think it’s distressing and frustrating. You pay for a product, get told it’s a 8 inch, 32gb Amazon kid tablet. You receive it 3 weeks late, only to learn you’ve overly paid for a 7 inch, 12gb tablet. How can shpock help?

  25. Mrs l.a.ifield. ifield Reply

    I’ve been leaving my email so you can tell me why you have blocked Me?I’ve been selling my things and have had good reviews. Only one person who was not correct in what he was selling.

  26. Theresa Lambell Reply

    What a shock. After making two payments to promote ads my account is all of a sudden restricted. Had 3 emails back.We’re looking into it they say. Yeah right of course you are. Do it now or I will report you!

  27. I have been enjoying Shpock for some years now until I was scammed,I live in Germany. I reached a deal with this who lives in another city and I transferred the money through my bank, he confirmed the transfer and promised to send the package but he didn’t. I have been trying to reach him but all to no avail, I tried retrieving the money back but was too late. Please how can I get back my money or the package i paid for. I think Shpock should step up their security to protect their users because if they can’t guarantee my safety then it doesn’t make sense using it. I have led my complaint but still no reply from Shpock. Some advice please.

  28. I have been waiting for a response via email since 21st December. My account has been restricted for asking you to look into someone else who had not responded to me! I have sent a number of emails and not one person has replied from customer service!! I am now not able to reply to other interested in my items.

  29. My account/Profile page is un-responsive. I can’t reply to or delete any messages. I can’t even accept an offer made by someone who is interested in buying an item I am selling. The website won’t let me do anything. Most e-mails I send to shpock either don’t get through to them. I have received a message back saying that their “inbox” is full and they will get back to me a.s.a.p. I have had this problem since the beginning of December 2018 and I’m growing impatient with their lack of response. Can you please help me? Many thanks. MARK.

  30. What an appalling app, they blatantly let counterfeit items be sold on the site. They have no customer care in place. The whole set up is amateur with no follow up if a customer doesn’t pay – even if the sale is legally binding. A company operating from Austria with no advertised telephone number, what a joke.

  31. Phillip Oldroyd Reply

    My account got banned after this woman didn’t meet me, she then blamed me. I sent her the £3 item for free by post and still have my account banned, I cannot get into it at all and I have loads of offers on one of my other items.

    Its stupid that I cannot contact you. Please get in touch with me I have been trying to get your attention for weeks now.


  32. I recently changed phones, same email etc my shpock a/c won’t transfer over. have closed down old phone etc if possible could you please update my account. Many thanks. June

  33. Barry Edge Reply

    Hi there, I have only just joined Shpock and have received a not very pleasant review from a very unpleasant person. I agreed to buy a pond vac from a seller in Preston 20miles away and agreed a price and a time to view it. When I arrived to see the item he was not there but his wife and children were. She phoned him to let him know and she told me he would be about 30to45 minutes could I wait. I explained that I had another appointment and I would have to go and forget the deal, she then closed the door and left me standing there. When I got home I wrote a polite review explain that it was a 40mile round trip and he should have been there and therefore I could not give him a good rating. He found this unacceptable and left me a rather rude review which I am surprised was published. I am 76 and most certainly not used to such lies, he never even met me!! Can it be removed please. Regards

  34. I am unable to connect with Shpock. There are five messages on my site and I am unable to access them. I have checked my wireless connection no problem there.

  35. Hello my account has now been restricted for weeks after I have been scammed. I have no idea why and I have sent my mail details several times. Can you please advise why.

    I look forward to a prompt response.


  36. Hi I seem to have a problem with my sphock it has been shutting down on me while browsing a lot and now it says that I can no longer be found when trying to login and will not let me use? Can you please help me.
    Many thanks. Gail

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