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Contact SheIN: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Rm 19c Lockhart Ctr 301-307
Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: nil

About SheIn
SheIn is a Chinese online clothing retailer launched in 2008. The website features trending styles, designs and patterns for young women and teens. SheIn has an in-house production and quality check team checking the standards of items. The clothing retailer currently ships to over 80 countries. It also operates separate websites to cater to shoppers in US, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy and the Middle East. The websites are operated by SheIn Group Ltd. The website is available in multiple languages, with the option of price being listed in USD, EUR, INR, GBP, SGD, AUD and JPY.

Fashionistas can explore the What’s New and Trends section on the website to see fresh and contemporary designs. The Sale section has those items that you can get on fabulous prices. Product categories found on the website include tshirts, tops, bodysuits, shorts, skirts, pants, jeans, blouses, swimwear, men’s clothing, dresses, shoes, flats, boots, slippers, sneakers, sunglasses, belts, hats, and scarves.

Each product listing contains description, size guide and price. There are also high quality pictures accompanying the products giving closer view. Payment for purchases can be made using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. The shipping options and timeframe is revealed during checkout. Standard shipping within the US takes 6-8 days. The processing of orders takes 3-7 business days. A confirmation email will be sent with details of tracking and others.

After receiving the item, if you are not fully satisfied, you can return the same within 60 days for a full refund. The items must be returned in its original condition. All returns will be processed within 7 days upon receipt of package. Regular shoppers can register for the SheIN Bonus Point loyalty program to earn and redeem points. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping, or others, reach the SheIN support.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. I ordered nov 28 I never received any confirmation of my order but they now have charged my card twice.i have not been able to reach anyone.all the numbers on website are disconnected and I have sent numerous emails.i have put a stop on my credit card.never order here

  2. Roseann Rosario Reply

    I placed several orders and received 2. When I tracked where my order 940551089543391632572 was it said delivered to front door signed for on November 22, 2019 but I didn’t sign for it and haven’t received it. They charged me for clothes I didnt receive. And there’s no way to talk to a human being to ask for assistance.

  3. I ordered something in October which said that it will arrive on November 6th and it arrived at my city on the 3rd but was sent back. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been calling and emailing them hoping for my clothes because I spent quite a bit on it.

  4. First of all you should teach some manners to the people who are handling the customer care services ….. they dont know how to talk from the customer i think you people dont have any maners how to talk with your customers i am very dissapointed from shein ……i am sorry? second thing my all orders are delayed and i have paid for all the orders then also i dont got my orders till now if you are not comfortable its ok give me my money or my orders….. this is my last mail or contact …….

  5. hardeep kaur Reply

    I really do not understand how they are managing the business because there is no way to contact the company directly . I placed an order after the expected delivery date my order still shows in transit at same place from last 5 days. I order my clothes because I am. Going on vacation but if it would be Received by that time there is no point to order anything from this company. Really bad experience. And poor costumer service.

  6. I ordered 2 items 10 days ago. And I still haven’t received it. I’m waiting for my order to be delivered. When I track my order it shows “wrongly sorted” since 4 days. When would I get my parcel?

  7. Mrs S M Lewis Reply

    I want to return a dress but I have not got a returns label how do I get it please. I have gone through the return process but no label to return it. Please let me know how to print this ASAP thank you

  8. Payal Khurana Reply

    My order number XHZ80541. I ordered 8 days back & haven’t received my order. My order shows that it has been shipped. That’s it.
    Please do something about it. Your phone numbers don’t exist.

  9. It is SUCH as shame that the returns system is utterly shambolic. The dress I ordered was lovely but I needed size up. Easy you would think to just reorder and do this .. NO such luck with Shein .. I gave them a second chance after last years fiasco.
    I would strongly advice you unless you’re 100% sure it will fit dont buy it from here .

    • I ordered serval items paid for them no order as came it as been three weeks where is my orders and why I have not had them no reply been writing to you over a week no reply I paid should of had my items by now

  10. This is the worst company to deal with when it comes to customer service. There is legitimately NO customer service phone number so if you want to resolve any issues at all you MUST go through the automated system which is of no use. Not only does the customer service suck, but they also take forever to actually deliver your items. Stay away from this company, you’re better off spending your money else where.

  11. Preeti Bhonsle Reply

    I placed an order on 5th of sept, the estimated delivery time was 7-8 business days and till now i didn’t receive any order. Moreover, it is showing that consignee was not at home and they didn’t drop any card so that i can pick my order.

  12. I need to speak to customer service but can’t find the number for “customer service”! What is the “customer service phone number”? Please!

  13. I placed an order only one came.Trying to find a customer service number unsucessfully.I need hell.It shouldn’t be this kind of hard.HELP.There should be some return information.Is it possi bhai le for this information to be given to me.

  14. I ordered 3 dresses for the first time, place a request for return 2 dresses because of bad stuff . So their pick up agent arrives and gave me only 1 dress acknowledgement slip , so i have only gave him 1 dress. Now after speaking to CC they said no one will come again , so you have to do self return to our Mumbai address.

    That means After placing an order with payment on shein , we have to stop all our work and do these things only. Also without using dress you have to pay courier charges as well as the pick up agent charges. So if the dress costs you Rs 800 then after return they will only refund approx Rs 600. Which again we don’t know when will I receive that refund.

    What a great service from so called BIG BRAND SHEIN.

    I need my money back anyway.

  15. My order is delayed
    There is no proper checking system
    It’s showing stuck in some sorting center since 15th August’19
    You don’t have a proper customer care no , ur machine messages r not really helping me. Kindly look into it asap

  16. Ranvir singh Reply

    My order no. Is HBP73267
    Order was placed 12 days back but till time order not received. Tracking shows transit delay from last 8 days.
    This was first shoping on shein. Very bad experience.

  17. I made two orders on the same day. I also made two returns on the same day. For the first order, return ID 8266296, I returned 11 items. For the second order, return ID 822992, I returned 9 items in the same box, yet online it says I only returned 8 items. Also, the return package was said to have sent on 7/26, yet I haven’t received a refund in my bank account. Please reply as soon as possible!

    • Such poor standard delivery service. People pay in advance in a hope that they will receive the parcel in time but you guys are so pathetic that you don’t even provide a complete shipping detail. Such bad experience that never gonna order anything ever from this site

  18. I placed a order July 26th and still haven’t received my ordered nor heard anything on the behalf of it.When I placed my order it said I should receive it within 6 days but there’s no sign of my order

  19. Tanya Sharma Reply

    Hey! I just want to change the address. I left the house in which I was living and now I’m at new place. Can you please help me out. I don’t want to deliver my items at old address.

  20. I should have read these comments before ordering my stuffs.?I ordered two dresses 2 weeks ago and I have not received it yet without any updates about the delivery.very bad standard shipping.

    • I order a lot of accessories. And while most have arrived intact and I am happy with the clothes I have also had 2 separate pieces arrive broken because they were carelessly packed. Both times the items (both were rings) were smashed in with everything else in had ordered and therefore were obviously damaged beyond repair.
      Might I suggest packing accessories in boxes instead if stuffing them in with the clothing items. This would then allow them to arrive intact.
      My second complaint is that again twice I have ordered accessories that did not arrive. The order was incomplete and I got neither a refund nor compensation. Despite talking to customer care the first time, I still did not receive a refund or compensation of any kind. Both times these items were earrings. I also got no apology or explanation from your clearly inept and clueless call centre employee who made me repeat myself several times like broken record, till I lost my patience and then nothing came of it.
      Very very bad customer service and very unprofessional.

    First off, their shipment is very slow. And when the products arrive, they are of very poor quality and without a detailed list of items and their prices.
    Second, Even though they advertise free returns in the US , they will not allow you to return anything, simply refusing to : a/ respond to your email requests for returns, and b/ recognize online you have purchased any items from them online. They leave no traces of your online purchase whatsoever.

    • It’s been over a month now that I haven’t received the parcel. The customer service is quite pathetic and disappointing. I can’t even raise a ticket now. And there’s no customer care number. How do you expect me to track the order?

      Order ID: YKL74564 and CLK72789

      I need to know when will I be receiving this parcel.

  22. Kartika Narula Reply

    I ordered a dress, returned it because of bad stuff the ordered two t-shirts did the sam back now ordered a dress in 7 days It has only shown shipped. I don’t need the dress after my trip. Very poor delivery service. I need my money back anyway. Such a bad experience.

  23. They send me the wrong pair of shoes but when I looked at my order it said it hadn’t been delivered. So I asked why I got these shoes and if I’m still getting my shoes but they said I’m not till i return the ones they sent me. And so I asked for a refund for the shoes, atleast one pair (cause i ordered 2) and they said After I file a claim. Basically you guys made a mistake and now I have to do extra work to fix it, I’m leaving the country for vacation very soon so having to deal with this situation is making it more stressful especially because they wont even send me my clothes until I either file a claim or return them

  24. Very slow standard shipping. Since it’s so slow I’ll be returning the items since I won’t need them “after” my trip! I’m definitely not satisfied with this site right now.

  25. Justice McCain Reply

    Why does it take you guys so long to respond to people? Everyone is on this forum wants to know what is going on with their order, including me. I emailed you guys and I would greatly appreciate a response back ASAP.

  26. Monserrat Casas Reply

    I am trying to return an Item but my order history is empty and I can’t print out the receipt. I am very frustrated with the chat service because it is not helpful at all. Please contact me soon. I have all of my email recites and confirmations.

  27. Katie Flanagan Reply

    I returned a large order worth £49.55 because of poor quality and 3 weeks later and still not got my money back! I’m getting very concerned and very annoyed will never use this company again!!!

  28. The chat customer reps are very rude and disrespectful aside from having no knowledge of their job. I asked why they cannot process my payment using the card and the first rep told me to wait 24hrs and after that i reached out again an the 2nd rep asked for a pic of my card and ID and I sent and she told me to wait 24hrs again and i am still chatting she left the conversation without saying anything. Very rude!

  29. Trying to contact Shein for a returns label but for some strange reason the website does not recognise my email address so no orders recorded! Spent over £100 so need this sorted out ASAP

  30. I ordered two dresses & returned both, it’s been a wk & I still haven’t heard anything? Can anyone assure me that I will get my full refund & how long is it likely to take?

  31. Yall customer service is really bad like yall mess up my package I’ve been waiting for my package what you said delivered but it hasn’t delivered so I’m going to need my money back

  32. Hi. I purchased an item recently and unfortunately I haven’t received it. It says on tracking that it was delivered but it did not. I tried calling your customer service number but it keeps hanging up on me. I don’t usually order online but I gave your company a shot yet I was frustrated.

  33. Hello! I’m from Europe and I want to return my order. But I don’t know how I have to do that. Apparently it isn’t the same as in the US. So how can I return it? Because I’m really not happy with the package that I received. It would be nice if I could return it too.

  34. This Site is awful at sending you clothes back fast even if you paid for express shipping. I do not recommend anyone to order from here if you want the clothes back within a week or 2 because the shipping is very slow. I paid for express shipping last week and still haven’t received my stuff I am pissed.

  35. Gladys Sanchez Reply

    I need to return some items and don’t know how to get a return receipt. I have tried to contact you all via email thru your return process but it keeps taking me to the same place and won’t let me get a return receipt to print out!

  36. Mara Jones Reply

    I just placed an order this morning and my bank called me and notified me that i was charged twice by yalls companie for the same amount from two different facility. I do not care if yall have more than one shipping place! I want to know why i was charged the full amount twice! If this issue cant be solved i will no longer shop with yall! So glad i did not spend more money with yall!

  37. Marcia Davis Reply

    I returned several pieces of clothing and have not received credit for them on my credit card. Please let me know
    how to get my money back on the returned items.
    I have purchased 100s of dollars worth of clothing and will not do business with you in the future if this is not resolved.

  38. Your delivary service is VERY SLOWW…it takes more than 2 weeks to deliver so its very inconveint. It makes us unsatisfied to shop with you again.
    I experienced it twice. I still haven’t received my parcel which I ordered in January. GOOD JOB SHEIN

  39. I paid extra to have my stuff delivered in 2-4 business days so it would be here before Valentine’s Day and it’s not going to be here for two weeks

  40. Pauline McIntosh Reply

    Hi, l am awaiting an order and l went into view when it would be here and l accidentally pressed on it has been delivered, but l haven’t received my order yet, will it still be delivered. Thanks Pauline.

    • Hello Paulina I did the exact same thing today and I am worried as I may not receive my order and it was quite expensive please could you let me know ASAP if you still received your order

  41. Barbara.austin Reply

    I keep putting in my zip code BH192LY n you won’t except it I’ve tried all different combinations but no joy n I want my jumpsuits can you help I’ve left my order open for you to see

    • I have purchased some items and today I accidentally clicked on been delivered because it didn’t say weather it would cancel my order will I still get my order or will I need to reorder it ?

  42. I would like to order a coat #SKU 171020081 / hooded Fluffy Teddy Coat. one size US$30.00 Please help me place this order! I need to talk to someone to help me understand your policy / phone number for contact ? Thank You! Linda. Please let me know if I need to reorder. Thank You!

  43. Help! I was trying to print the return label and the screen flipped back to home so I can’t get the label or address for returning my order and I can’t redo the process (start over) as there is no option to do so. What do I do now? I can’t even find a way to contact anyone and the options for contact don’t include my issue.

  44. I’ve been waiting for my refund for a while now after wrong item was Delivered to me please help Mrs Bone ‘ I’ve put a note in with the Returned item and I have proof of delivery

  45. Ephrame Muane Reply

    Hi it is the first time to buy from shein and they cancel my orders I dont know why I use agift card and I dont know how to get my orders or my money back, let me know please thanks a lot

  46. I have been trying to secure a refund for 2 items I ordered before Christmas. My order number is CHB43208. These items haven’t uploaded to my account, even after all this time – 11 December – yet all I want to do is get a return label to send these clothes back. I am fed-up of waiting on a reply.

  47. Aashu yadav Reply

    Dont shop from Shein. Shein is very poor site. There found poor quality product. When you return your product then it is not sure that you will get your money back not. I purchased something from here before 2months n till today i didnt get my money back. This is really very embarrassing. I will suggest that do not shop from here.

  48. Karen smith Reply

    Very annoyed I cannot contact by phone… My parcel has been sent back due to house number not being added on at shein end + waited too long for parcel now. How can you help me with this?

  49. Julie St Claire Reply

    Good afternoon I tried to place an order but it will not take my credit information. Please let me know why this occur. I ready lile the items I choose, but it will not allowed me to place the order, please reply back with this matter.

  50. Ana Ramirez Reply

    I placed an order on December 4, 2018. I paid for expressed shipping which was 2-4 business days and I want to know if my order will come to my address 214 Faxon Ave. San Francisco CA 94112 in the U.S. by Wednesday 12th of December. I need it by then. It is urgent.

    • Carlethea R Harris Reply

      Same here. I thought it was me, I have items that needs to be returned. Tried following the instructions on “Find my order” It’s saying, I have a empty cart. So I can’t scan the items I want to return.
      If this store is in the US why isn’t there a 1-800 # to reach. Emails not being answered. Already leery about ordering stuff on line as it is. Shein sure did an awesome job convincing me. I am right, time to lock up the cage again.

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