Contact of Rotita (shopping) customer service

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Contact Rotita: Find below customer service details of Rotita, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers an overview of the shopping portal and its services. Reach the Rotita customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Rotita Head Office
1248 Lane, Jingang Road,
PuDong District, Shanghai

Rotita Customer Service
Phone: 001-909-2810551

About Rotita
rotitaRotita is a fashion clothing website that was launched in the year 2005. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, the company sells dresses, tops, jackets, tees, sweaters, coats, shorts, skirts, pants, swimwears, men’s apparel, shoes, bags, jewelry and lingeries. Rotita also runs regular discounts and offers.

Rotita assures shoppers lowest factory prices and products that are sourced from premium manufacturers. The company uses UPS, Fedex, DHL, EMS, among others to ship worldwide.

As for the payment, the website accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Wire transfer is also an accepted mode of payment. If you have a change of mind, note that you can cancel your order within 12 hours of purchase for a full refund. All confirmed orders are dispatched within 1-4 business days. You can track the status of your order online.

There is a size chart to assist shoppers looking for dresses with perfect fitting. As for returns, customers enjoy a 30-Day Return Policy. Items must be returned in original and unused condition. Only 60% of the full amount would be refunded. For more information or queries on payment, refund or cancellation, reach the Rotita customer service.

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  1. This company is horrible and even when you return items that you have paid the shipping for they deduct a fee for each item returned. You never receive your information on time. I placed an order back in September and as of the end of Oct I just received the merchandise. The merchandise is poorly made and everything looks the same. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Matter of fact I plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They will definitely take your order and your funds but it takes for every for your refund and they don’t have any clear details as to how to receive or return your items. So, you spend money returning their product and they charge you a restocking fee of $7.99 for each item. RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COMPANY. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Do NOT order from this site! I spend $600 on an order and they scammed me! The first shipment had 17 items. I returned 15 items ALL IN THE SAME Box and they only refunded me for 7. I spoke to someone on their chatting serviceAnd told them they didn’t refund 8 of the items that were in the box and they didn’t respond. After a few minutes I asked if they were going to help me and the person flat out responded, “no”. I took a picture to prove it. I was so shocked. I spoke with someone else on FB messenger and now they are ignoring my messages even though it shows that my messages have been seen. I ordered so much because I wasn’t sure how their clothes would fit and didn’t think I was going to be scammed on the return. Now, I don’t know who to reach out to in order to get my refund since this is a company overseas. Don’t make the same mistake as me!!

  3. Ordered a two piece swimsuit for my wife, it was a little too small! This was 2 years ago, called several numbers, either didn’t pick up the phone or the person didn’t know what I was talking about! A bad situation like this gets around pretty fast! Will never order again, don’t need more bullshit in my life! Screw me over once, thats it!

  4. I almost ordered over $200 worth of blouses to get the $30 discount. I was trying to contact someone to find out about their return policy before I placed my order.
    When I Googled the contact number for Rotita, I see it is a Chinese company with no phone number to contact. Not a good sign! And all these negative comments prove that it is not a good company to do business with. So glad I checked before ordering! I will learn to always look for reviews before ordering from unknown companies!

    • I am so disappointed. Ordered 2 bathing suits that are cute but didn’t fit. I have tried to obtain return info with no luck. After reading all the negative comments, I can see that the attempt is hopeless. I will never use this company again and would definitely advise others to steer clear of it. Lastly, reading on the return requirements you only get a 60% refund . . . what a joke!

  5. I am trying to find out where my refund is. I returned the dress and it states it was received in NJ at the post office. The address given to me from Rotita does not come up as a valid address when I try to research my refund.

    • Good Evening, I order a really “Hot” dress from Rotita I was giving a delivery date June 22, 2019. Needless to say I was emailed two days later with a message stating that I had order an hot item, and delivery would be delayed. I order the dress for a wedding and prayed that this dress would arrive on time. The wedding was June 29, 2019, I received the dress on 2nd of July 2019 3 days after the wedding. So I decided to just return the dress. There was no return label. After reading over 30 comments about this company I just decided to keep the cheaply made dress. I will never use this company again and I will never recommend Rotita to anyone ! I will research if I can file a claim with BBB.

  6. I wish I had researched this company. Like everyone else I lost out because the company would never give me any return info to send the merchandise back. I mailed it back to the original address and was told by PayPal my case was denied because I didn’t mail the items to the correct addresse how can I do this when I don’t have the correct address I thought PayPal would have benefited me but they seem to be on the company’s side. I don’t understand how your are supposed to return something if you can’t obtain a address to return it. Also the Rotita representative would always tell me I needed desktop to create a return label which I didn’t understand why a label couldn’t be emailed to me. The guy gave me info to type in my computer and he got into my computer system when I realized this I shut it off. The whole transaction seemed fishy to me. I’m out of 173.00 because I didn’t allow him to access my computer to print a return label. BUYERS BEWARE.

  7. Linda kjelstrom Reply

    Wow I was going to order a blouse I just saw, but after reading all the problems no way.thank you for your comments. Too bad you cannot get these issues solved for customers.

  8. Debbie Cook Reply

    I ordered a dress in early December 2018 which arrived just before Christmas. I wasn’t totally satisfied with it as it was very poor quality and looked like nothing like it did on the model! This was returned on 9th January 2019 along with copy letter and confirmation of the PayPal payment I had made. To date (28th January 2019) I have received no REFUND or any communication from the Company. I sent a chasing email to them last week and again heard nothing. I think they hope you will give up and go away but I’m afraid they’ve picked on the wrong ‘cookie’. I will continue to chase them. I am within my rights to a refund. Just frustrating. They will be named and shamed. Shouldn’t be able to trade as they are just taking advantage of peoples genuine sincerity.

    Debbie – NE Lincs

    • I ordered a swimsuit from you and recieved the wrong one. I took a snapshot of order including order number. I have tried many times to contact you regarding this situation. Everytime I try your site tells me I am entering the wrong order number, I’m looking at the pic I took with order number. I would like this taken care of. I recieved no return label. This is your mistake you should be sending me a return label and pay for return. I have gone to several sites with many complaints about you. Please fix this problem. I have done everything I can.

  9. Janice Taylor Reply

    I am leaving this comment in anticipation that I will receive a reply as a previous email was rejected. I have just received a top which is nothing like the photo and is far too big despite my giving the UK size. There is no invoice or information on returns and I would be grateful if someone would have the courtesy to let me have this information. The package was pushed through my mail box and when I contacted the courier company they informed me that Rotita did not require a signature. This is disgusting. I should have checked the garment first and then signed, which is the policy with most reputable companies.

    I await a reply.

    Mrs Janice Taylor

  10. margaret moore Reply

    Trying to return my dress. No information in package as how this should be done. Customer service number does not work. Highly recommend this company be reported as I will do with the BBB. All comments in previous messages from frustrated customers hit the nail on the head. Terrible, terrible experience!

  11. Mary Player Reply

    I will never use this company again. Wish I had read this before hand. I placed a rather large order…..2 months ago
    They are dribbling in in April. I ordered a swimsuit a month before I placed my larger order. Check my account and it says I have no orders. WTF!?!?!? AND the quality is just like you would expect from China. Very poor material. I am thinking each item will only be good for ONE wear and wash.
    VERY DISAPPOINTING. Also impossible to contact…..I ended up here somehow. BAD BUSINESS.

    • Christine Schlichte Reply

      After reading all of these negative comments, it all adds up. I’ve been trying to figure out how to return a bathing suit I bought, but there is no cust. serv # or return address for unwanted items. Ridiculous! I tried to do a live chat, and that wasn’t functioning at all! Guess I’m stuck with my suit, and I won’t be seeing that $32.00 again! This company is definitely not trustworthy or even professional. No surprise it’s a Chinese company! Time to unsubscribe!!! VERY BAD BUSINESS!!

  12. I also have ordered a top from this company on February 24th 2018 and have not received it yet, they have taken my money! This is bull! My order number is ww1802242329576280. Somebody please contact me and let me know where my top is or refund my money!!

  13. Beverly and Shannon jackdon Reply

    I have not received there rest of my orders. I have several pieces that I have not gotten. Send me the rest of my order or refund me my money back.

  14. I have seen your tops on the computer and wish to order some, however I am unsure how to go about doing it on line. My question is – can I order over the phone and where would I be speaking to?
    I await your reply in anticipation.

  15. Kris Harris Reply

    The worst situation ever! I believe Rotita took $65.35 from me and ran off!!! They quickly charged my credit card! I get an email asking me to confirm shipping address through a ticket process. I try to reply…I hit the reply and I get “invalid email”. I try all day to reach Rotita through this “ticket” system they set up. No success!!! Okay you sent me the damn email which means that is my email numbnuts!!! I am reporting this company and have started investigation procedures as of this date!!!

  16. Can someone please email me information needed to return a dress. Ticket number is T56 25849131 from 6 February 2018. I have not heard anything back since my initial enquiry about returning a dress

  17. Sandra Doucet Reply

    I ordered a sweater and noticed that the money was taken off my visa on December 31st but didn’t receive my sweater yet. Could u please send it to me or reimburse me my money. Thank you

    • Next time I will do my research before ordering online. This company is a joke. All my items are trash quality and I can’t get any information to return the merchandise. I filed a complaint with my credit card and they are investigating and refunding me.

  18. Marion Roche Reply

    Your return policy is very bad. There is no return paperwork in the package as is standard procedure. Instead you have a very difficult system for returning items Your after care service has made me very angry and I will not buy from you in future and I will tell all my friends not to buy from you
    Marion Roche

  19. Shannon Johnson Reply

    I ordered three tops in the month of December 2017. Today is January 10 I still have not received any three of the tops. I am beginning to think that this company is a scam.

  20. I ordered a
    Christmas sweater on December 7, 2017 and I have not received my order. Cannot get through on phone. Invoice No. 1712081109459518. I never got a tracking number. Please contact me concerning my order ASAP.

  21. Linda Johnson Reply

    I ordered a blouse 3 weeks ago. I have not received my order as of yet. Please send my order or refund my money. I did not receive a tracking number. Please contact me concerning my order.

  22. Claudia M. Reply

    I am trying to return my order because the fit was too small, but I cannot get back into ‘my account’ to get the order ticket. No Customer Service? Never had this much trouble with any other company. I need to speak with someone!!! Will never purchase from them again.

  23. Kathleen Durbin Reply

    I am getting a little bit upset and very angry with your company. Firstly I can’t get into my account as something is wrong with my password and when I ask it to reset the password it just won’t do that either. Therefore I am really stuck trying to get in. I wrote to you asking for a returns label because the item below has a stain In the (pleat) right down the front of the blouse. It is actually in the making of the blouse.

    I like the blouse but I am bitterly disappointed with the way I am being treated. I see on Facebook that there are other people who are not very pleased with you. If you want proof of this stain then you will have to let me know how I can send a photograph of it which I have taken.

    Please put this right by either sending the ‘return label’ or a full refund.

    Order No.: W1710040517256937

  24. Mary A. Spence Reply

    My outfit is too small, I called the number on the package but it wouldn’t even dial. The phone number on the package has too many numbers.

  25. Brandy Brasfield Reply

    I placed a order on 9/23/17, order # WW1709230205561247, paid for expedited shipping $8.85. It’s been 11 days, and its still saying processing. I have sent 3 tickets in with no response, as well as I have called “customer service” 2 times with no response.

  26. Can’t figure out how to request a ticket to return 2 cardigans. Site will not let me set up an account or accept my email address. From all of the comments I am getting the feeling this is a scam. Will not be ordering again. Take care of this issue as soon as possible.

  27. joyce Brown Reply

    I have been trying to contact customer service for days, I been on the computer looking for a phone number, this is so frustrating, the item that was sent to me was the wrong size, I want to use this item for a wedding on the first of October, well that won’t happen, please response. I have been trying to reach someone to send this item back, i love the web site, but i cannot see myself shopping here again, I just want to return this item and get my money back.I am very disappointed.

  28. Ritasue Charlestein Reply

    What terrible comments.
    I ordered a bathing suit many weeks ago, but have no idea where it is, why it hasn’t been delivered, and what to do. I am traveling abroad in 2 weeks, and need the bathing suit. I thought it would have been here by now. I had no idea that you don’t make good on any of your commitments of deliveries. My order number is 1709082051439586
    Please let me know when, exactly, this will be delivered. I can’t wait much longer. If it is not here in a week, I want a refund, and to cancel the order. I have no possibility of calling shanghai to deal with this. This is most frustrating.

  29. I have received an item of clothing with which I wish to return. I would most appreciate it if you could email me with details of how to do this please. Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you. Mrs A Sully.

  30. My order was delivered by USPS and I guess it was stolen out of my mailbox because I never received it. Trying to get to customer service is like pulling teeth. I just want to alert them in case someone tries to swap it and have it sent to a different address. GEEZZZ!!!!!!!!

  31. Geneva Sampiere Reply

    This is the worst company I have dealt with I am trying to return a item and can not get a address to send it back in my area Have email them several times and got know response

  32. I recently ordered a top from Rotita. Not only was it way too small, but it was not even the right print. Have been trying to return it but even after submitting the Ticket #754281854 successfully, I have had no response. The customer phone number is a foreign one, probably China as that is where top came from. I will NEVER order from them again and will tell everyone I can that they cannot be trusted!

  33. I am still waiting for a response from your company regarding returning the goods I purchased from you. They were all significantly too small and despite repeated attempts to get a response from you I am unable to do so.
    I get the total run around from pre service as there is no way to contact post service as the ticket system doesn’t work as it refuses to recognise my order number and will not accept an email with out it.

  34. I ordered a deep purple chifon dress because I have a wedding coming up,I have been waiting for three weeks but I have seen my parcel. If possible just refund me my money I regret ordering from this website.
    Iam running out of time.I should have ordered from fashion mia.

  35. Melissa Henley Reply

    I have not received my order yet and it has been over a month. Please contact me as soon as possible and provide me with the shipping information.

  36. This is the worst company to deal with. It took forever to get my swimsuit and then it was huge. I have tried to speak to someone at 1 909 281 0551. The person that answers speaks poor english and she hung up on me. Leaving messages does not help. I did receive an e mail asking if I wanted to keep the item and get 40% off my next order. I replied no thank you just want to return this item. This has been going on since April. Does anyone have any ideas how to get in touch with this co.?

    • Nancy and Jan Fyten Reply

      I returned a $100.00 plus order in April 2019 and have received no refund. I called their phone it rang, but wouldn’t go through. Not five minutes later they called back and INSISTED I sit at my computer and give out information to them as this is the ONLY way they could refund my money!! Did not do it, of course. I am reporting them to BBB immediately. Do not purchase anything from them.

  37. Your instructions stated that if you want to return the goods, please contact customer service for designated shipping address. Otherwise the return is not accepted and received. I would like to return an item and I need the designated shipping address.

  38. Maria Cruz Reply

    I have not received my order to the us. My email with order number has disappeared. Please contact me. It has been a month now and I haven’t heard a thing. Poor customer service. Please contact me!

  39. Sue Vivone Reply

    After trying to place an order 6 times on your website I give up. I hope none of the orders went through because I charged them to credit cards each time.

  40. Rotita is the worst company I have ever seen! Ordered two bathing suits over a month ago have been waiting for a tracking # they have not sent it to me,I have emailed them several times and called The God dam so called number three times and haven’t heard from anyone. I promise you word will get around about this company it really sucks!!!

  41. Ruby Ms Buchanan Reply

    Ruby Buchanan

    My order received today and I have to return it because it is too small. I did use the size chart compatible to UK size and the merchandise sent to me is far too small. I would like to exchange the order for UK size 20 to 22 to be precise.

    Date of the second order is 17 April 2017 I would like the order to be exchanged for the aforementioned UK size Please.

    Returning an order seems rather complicated, therefore, I am returning the merchandise to your UK’s agent with a tracking number from my local post office.

  42. Stephanie Waite Reply

    It appears that my purchase Invoice no. W1703081743181818 Tracking no. RH366749225CN has been shipped to China instead of Australia. Would you please rectify the error and contact me.
    I thank you for your attention.
    Stephanie Waite.

  43. I need to talk to someone about this order-W1703122120308267. This sweater has a long unraveled thread coming out of one of the sleeves. This sweater is much shorter than what appears on model and also the pockets are too high. I don’t understand the policy that I have to pay to return a defective item. This extra long unraveled thread clearly is a defect.

  44. The items I’ve ordered were of very low/cheap quality. They look very different from their website’s photos.
    Another deception is the “free shipping” thing. Their courier collected 30HK$ upon delivery.

  45. Irena Fick Reply

    I would like to return the goods I ordered. They are unsuitable and not as they were described.
    It should be easy to return goods bought online, for whatever reason, with minimal costs and with a full refund.
    I am appalled at your customer service.

  46. Annette Johnson Reply

    I never received my order and I called the customer service number and no one ever answered. I’m reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau. I am also calling my lawyer to get my refund. This company is not professional and I’ve read bad reviews about this company saying no one can ever contact you nor there is no return address. I paid $102.00 for 4 blouises and $49.00 for a Jean coat.

  47. Rainey j Whitef Reply

    I ordered a sweater 11-11-16 have not received my item yet give me my money back please I’ve only have read bad reviews will never order any thing else from from you guys again

  48. I placed an order today! Within 5 minutes I tried to cancel it! Rotita charged over 600 to my card! I only ordered a few items they processed 13 items! I have been trying to get them to contact me and cancel my order! I need that money to finish shopping for other gifts! I contacted my bank yet they had already taken money! Please help if you can direct me. I have texted, emailed, tried calling yet number is not valid. I want to get this money returned to me. I don’t want any items now because I don’t trust them. Any info appreciated. Thank you

    • Bonnie Nadeau Reply

      Wow! I wish I had seen these comments before ordering anything from these posers. I am encountering the problems everyone else is having. I’m pretty darn sure that my refund is gone, gone, gone.

  49. Please contact me about my order because am running out of patience and might cancel my order, why haven’t I receivedon’t my order up till now since October 4th? I got a call that one of the dress wasn’t ready and I also got a message that is been shipped like 5 days ago but still haven’t arrived why?

  50. Paula squibbs Reply

    Please contact me with the whereabouts of my order. I may need to cancel order if it doesn’t arrive within next few days. Please reply ASAP

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