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Contact RockAuto: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
RockAuto, LLC
6418 Normandy Lane
Suite 100
Madison, WI 53719
Phone: 1-608-661-1376

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]

About RockAuto
RockAuto is a family-owned auto parts company founded in 1999. Headquartered at Madison, Wisconsin, US, the company deals with a wide range of auto parts that can be ordered for delivery throughout the country. RockAuto partners with hundreds of manufacturers that deals with parts like brake pads, shock absorbers, bumpers, mirrors, door handles and carpets, steering gears, CV axles and complete transmissions. RockAuto has no stores and operates fully online. All parts are sold for affordable rates.

To search for a part or tool, you can use the search on the homepage. You can enter vehicle year, make, model and part number to begin a search. You can also see the list of manufacturers and shop by year and category. The big names you will find include American Motors, Audi, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, RAM, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Explore the Promotions section to find hot discounts and manufacturer rebates. When purchasing on RockAuto, you can see detailed description and specifications of each product. Purchases on the website can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. If you want to use a gift certificate or store credit, you can select the option from the drop down during checkout.

RockAuto’s website claims it ships all over the world. Customers can see the shipping options for their location during checkout. The company ships using FedEx, DHL, USPS, and Canada Post. Most orders ship within one business day. To check order status, you can input email address or order number on the website to get details.

After receiving an item, if you are not happy with the product, you can return same within 30 days for a full refund. You can request a return on the Order Status & Returns page. Shipping charges are not refundable. Note that the item must be its original condition with manufacturer’s packaging. Also, manufacturer warranties are listed on the Warranties page. You can check if your warranty is still valid and see the term for which the product can be repaired or replaced. The warranties vary according to product type and manufacturer. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, warranty, or others, reach the RockAuto support.

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  1. Martino Carvana Reply

    Rock auto’s customer service or customer support does not have a direct email or inbox to support their products fully that really sucks. I purchased a radiator and water pump to do some general maintenance on my 97 Tahoe Chevrolet SUV. Come to find out the product that I brought from rock auto the radiator DENSO was the maker of this product it was built with a oil coolant system for my transmission which leaked antifreeze into my transmission and I cannot get anyone from rock auto to email me back on this problem my transmission is ruinedIt’s taking a little under a month for the antifreeze to kill my transmission never leaked all at once transmission went to crap I hope this helps someone think twice about buying parts from rock auto

  2. Cathy Vaughn Reply

    As a family owned business one would think that, as owners, you would be more involved and take into consideration all the bad comments about your company. Rock Auto seems to have a bad reputation with returns, customer service and sending wrong parts. The cost of your parts are good. That’s why you have so much business. As a consumer it it isn’t worth purchasing items from you when you can’t talk to a person. Plus the fact your on line service sucks just as much. As others, I’ve had a bad experience with Rock Auto in returning items. I won’t be buying from them again due to the fact that your an
    “ON LINE BUSINESS” ONLY. People will learn and word will get around business will go down!

  3. I am based in UK.I own an American car.To get parts for my car here is not only expensive but sometimes scarce so getting part from RockAuto works out much more cheaper even with shipping cost.The only downside is there’s no option to contact RockAuto if one wants to ask anything regarding any part or other issues.There is no phone or email contact which is shame really.You can only contact with your recent order but again here you cannot ask any thing you want to mention.The only answers are the ones they listed from which you have to pick.As long as your order has resulted right there is no problem but if something has gone wrong it is not straight forward to resolve the matter.In my case getting parts previously has been without much problem but recently it is not.The part I bought from them only about five weeks ago was faulty.I only found out this when I had installed the part just after a month as I could not do it early due to family circumstances.Anyway I went through their recent order inquiry system in which they gave me option of getting a replacement part for which I have to pay in full including shipping and once received I can send back the faulty part for which they will refund in full but only half shipping cost as it is over month.This is not really fair but did complain at this point.Even if I wanted to there is no way as you cannot contact them.Any way I ordered the replacement one.This one was scheduled to be received on 13th July but sadly did not receive so I hoped to receive it next day.No again it did not so I went to their order status inquiry for which their answer was to wait further few weeks until July 31st.Meanwhile I complained to FedEx regarding the parcel delivery not received.Only after my inquiry they told me my parcel had been damaged or destroyed.!! Why the hell they couldn’t let me know??? If I had not complained I would still be waiting for ever.So much from dodgey courier company!! I wanted to complain to RockAuto regarding this so that they could dispatch the replacement straight away but no there is no way to do this as you can’t contact them.As such they want me to wait few weeks before deciding to send me another one.They may still be hopping me to receive the damned destroyed part!!! What a nightmare!!!

  4. Same as other issuers I had a very bad experience with their customer center, it’s incredible their capacity to avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes, back of forth for a part that they sent wrong, I the meantime I ordered exactly the same part again and this second time I received the right one so I sent pictures of both very different parts with the same bag to prove them that they actually sent the wrong one, but they keep on looking for excuses not to return the part and the shipping money!!

  5. I ordered the part from you guys two weeks ago FedEx said they delivered it Unfortunately they did not I cannot get ahold of anybody in your customer service to have my money refunded I paid $12 and change for delivery and $3 in change with a part and I got nothing and I’m slightly pissed off.

  6. Sean o'Neill Reply

    I have an order that is en-route, the shipping company FEDEX wont deliver to the address that I provided. Fedex sent me a notification. They will not let me change the shipping address to a street number ,it has to be done by Rock Auto,. I can not get a hold of anyone at Rock Auto to request them to make the change. The shipping address was accepted by Rock Auto

  7. Darius Tambasco Reply

    I like your prices for the most past. Sometimes I can find items cheaper. My concern is the shipping charges. I tried to order a bunch of small gaskets around $40 not bad but the shipping was more than the gaskets. Why can’t shipping be corrected. It’s not the consumers fault that you stock items all over the country.


  8. Laurie Brown Reply

    I think Rock Auto is a top supplier of automotive parts.
    I live in Canada and the shipping costs are always reasonable.
    Recently I ordered a timing belt kit and water pump. The gasket was missing in the box. Someone at Rock knew that; I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived the next day by FedEx. It was only worth less than a dollar, but they paid shipping of $9.99.
    I really appreciated that. Also they give you a choice of economical, regular and premium parts. The premium parts are the best you can buy.
    Finally the parts always fit.
    Thank you for your exemplary service.
    Go Auto: Go Rock

  9. Kelsea Romes Reply

    I just started on my jeep after ordering the parts I ordered about 3 months ago. They arrived on time. That’s not my problem. My problem is.. is that I just opened the box Yes yes my mistake for taking so long. But however if I was to open the box on time and was able to ship the wrong parts back. WRONG AS IN THE PART INSIDE THE BOX WASNT EVEN THE RIGHT PART. DIFFERENT BRAND ALTOGETHER. Well orderd what to be the right one I need I hope the correct part and brand come this time.

  10. Cory Simmons Reply

    Why is your customer service so bad?
    I ordered a head gasket set & a set of head bolts for a 1990 Miata. Box arrived & was crushed with no packing materials. Head bolts were missing & there was a crease in the gasket set.
    I’m buying everything from amazon from now on.

    • Harry E Knapp Reply

      Be aware if you have any problems with your part you cannot talk to anybody. they have is automated service.
      They sent me the wrong part I returned it now I’m out shipping costs. First time I ordered from them and it’s going to be the last time.

  11. wayne D Schultz Reply

    Trying to get information or customer service is next to impossible. Not a place to go if you have any questions at all. An absolutely tail chase. Time you cannot get back.

  12. Rebecca Trimm Reply

    Can’t get anyone to answer my
    Emails about a part I bought that was over 400.00
    I might as well have opened the door and threw it out
    I am a single mother of 8 and have yet to hear back from anyone ty so much for ignoring me

  13. Your parts are great, your prices are great but your catalog site needs help. Just my opinion. Thanks for listening.

    Martin F

  14. Need to know if my part #21009427 comes with the fuel line retainer??? I am ordering a fuel filter/pressure regulator from Rockauto, can some one please let me know if it’s included

  15. Jose Perez Reply

    I purhased a pair of headlights for my 2004 GMC Canyon back in Januay 8th. I installed them and they both had a loose amber lense inside which rattled. I submited a request for replacements and i got them but the left side had the same deffect. I had it exchanged again and the replaement is also deffective. The website won’t allow another RGA request. I have one good right headlight and one bad left headlight still not installed. I need help returning this

  16. Timothy Hall Reply

    I attempted to purchase a rear lower bumper cover for my 2016 Nissan Murano. The part was reasonably priced at $79, but the truck shipping cost was $169. I want to know if one, I could pick up item at wharehouse or two, have it shipped Fed Ex in as much as the part only weighs about 20 pounds max.

  17. Ronald W Filipiak Reply

    2 years ago I purchased new strut/coil springs for my 2005 GMC Envoy. I installed them without incident, however it did seem as though they lowered the front end of my car somewhat. Over time, the front seems to be dropping some. When I compared the old to the new ( before I installed them ) yours struts were actually longer than the OEM’S. I expected the front end to come up–it actually went down. Since then have installed struts on 2 more GMC autos and they did not sink. I started to measure other Envoys and my front end is about 2″+ lower than the cars I measured. Did I order the wrong parts? Were the springs faulty? Or what?
    The part I got was Monroe 322 171314.
    I would really appreciate some input on this issue. The car doesn’t look like other GMC Envoys.
    Your order# 50272296


  18. don’t know if i’m doing the right thing. my question is i did not receive my discount on my order. i had two discounts to apply they should on original invoice order #98986115. yet i was charged at my bank original cost of $111.00. i;m a very good customer

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