Contact of RAM Couriers customer service (phone, email)

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Contact RAM Couriers: Find below customer service details of RAM Couriers, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the courier company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
27 Wrench Road
Isando, Kempton Park, 1600
South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 0861 726 726
Phone: 011-977-5000
Phone: 012-687-9200
Email: [email protected]

About RAM Couriers
RAM is a South African courier company founded by Nathan Lazarus in 1988. It has grown to become a leading name in the industry, boasting a fleet of close to 1,500 vehicles and staff of 2,800 that work round the clock for speedy delivery. The RAM website claims to have over 1,500 active clients spanning telecom companies, IT and pharmaceutical industry. RAM branches are found in Botswana, Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape, Limpopo, Western Cape and Namibia.

It is now easy to get a quote for any parcel, thanks to the nifty tool on the website. You can pick the origin, destination, and input weight details to get an accurate quote. A booking can also be done at any of RAM offices. For local delivery, RAM offers Same Day, Early Bird (delivery by 9am on next business day) and Next Day (11h and 17h delivery). Distribution services include Express Road XR (delivery within 24-48 hours) and Economy Services (48-72 hours).

RAM is the preferred brand for delivery of goods by e-commerce companies. RAM also dispatches documents and parcels to major destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia and the US. International delivery is made within 2 to 3 working days. Lastly, RAM offers fully integrated Pick & Pack warehousing facilities. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others reach the RAM Couriers customer service.

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  1. Very poor service from RAM. Since last week I’ve been waiting for my parcel, last week they said they have incorrect address, 2 days ago they had incorrect cell number they phoned the person from another area, today they phoned me but they have parcel for another person with my contact number on it. seriously I’m sick and tired of the poor service from RAM.

  2. What a pathetic service , I dont believe this , a big company like RAM is so incompetent , I dont know why Vodacom use their service while there are other courier companies that are reliable and competent compare to this company…I have been waiting for my deliver from last week but I keep on getting sms’s that my parcel has been returned as non delivery , I received a phone call in the wee hours of the morning confirming my delivery , shame I have waited for the whole day no delivery , all my plans are being put on hold due to waiting for the delivery,

    • My parcel arrived by the gate, when I was going out, the driver already left, what kid of service is that? I’m very annoyed and unsatisfied with your service and I will never use this stupid courier company. I want my rain sim card without any stories. RAM is pathetic

  3. I am sick and tired with your poor service. I have been waiting for my parcel since yesterday. Today I called n they telling me that my parcel is not out. It nyt take the whole week to get my parcel. Ram keeps making excuses and asking address.. Telling me they are not on Google map. I have ordered using the same address but when its Ram address is not on Google. You have a bad service I am seriously up to the core with you guys. I am even thinking of canceling my order because of your poor service n your poor drivers

  4. I’m also so disappointed with RAM, their drivers are incompetent. I told the guy that I’m work but if he goes to the house to deliver he will find the kids. He decided to just make a U turn at the gate and leave. Its Thursday today and I have since been waiting for my parcel since Monday.

  5. I’m so disappointed and frustrated with this Ram services and their dispatch company. I ordered a phone two weeks ago. I’m still waiting. They send me messages at 23:45pm at night telling me that they were at my work but they never arrived. I got two missed calls from them and when I tried to call back they just drop the phone. I even changed my delivery address but they still did not pitched up after two days. I’m really sick and tired of these people and I don’t even want the parcel anymore. I’ve never experienced such an incompetent company with it’s staff. I’m done with ram and their services.

  6. I’m so disappointed I also waiting for my parcel it’s almost a week now every time they call me nd asking for the address when I call them back they just switched their phones off

  7. Letlhogonolo Reply

    The service in this company is incompetent. I was supposed to receive my parcel 3days ago, but I still haven’t received. The first day, the drivers came without alerting me and I wasn’t at the house, I was just around my place (to be precisely I was ten minutes walk away from my house),he asked where I am and I told him then he said, he is coming to where I am because I’m not far, he didn’t come, I even went back to the house. I called him when I got to the house, and he said he will come but he never came. Later on, I received a call from one of the agents arranging delivery for the next day. We agreed that the delivery guys will deliver after 2pm. The next day I waited and waited, nobody came, when I called, they said my package is still at the hub, so it wasn’t dispatched today. Okay fine we arranged for the next day. And we agreed that they would call me before (for example an hour before) to let me know that they will be in my area around this time, so that I can make my way to the house. The delivery guy called when he was at the gate, without notifying me that he was coming or anything. I spoke to him and I said I will be at the house in 5min’s time and I would call him when I’m here. I got here and his phone is off. And I have been waiting since.
    The service is bad, it’s like staff is not well trained.

  8. I’m also waiting for my parcel its almost 2 weeks every time I call they give me the same old story that I’ll receive my parcel the following to no avail.

  9. I agree this company is very incompetent, I can relate to all the above clients complaints.
    I was due to receive a parcel since 2 weeks ago, even single day my parcel is out for delivery but no delivery the one day my neighbor tells me the courier came and parked as if he’s leaving by my gate, hooted once and left, the courier didn’t even call me.
    On another day, the courier by the name of Lucky ,calls me but and say he’s outside, I went outside there was no one, he calls again, when I finally answer he says he’s in Reiger Park, and asking for my name I told him, but the name of the person, the address of which he was at is completely different to mine, all the while he’s giving me attitude, he was disrespectful, and lacked any customer care relations skills
    I then called the customer care line, a Lady by the name of Randy , what a rude, nonchalant, and generally disrespectful individual, she wasn’t even concerned with my concerns, or to even address them.
    Utterly dissatisfied customer!

  10. I am very disappointed in this service, I was to receive a package on Thursday before Easter and was home hole day, I received a call but it rang literally once so I could not pick up, then my tracking says they send me a email asking for an alternate number which I never received, no further communication was made with me, I call the service provider that I am to receive the package from, they contacted ram jus to find out that according to them I received sms and emails and ph calls to get in contact with me, but I never reclined 1 of those communications, I have been changing my days to accommodate the delivery as each time I hear something different from the service provider when they call ram, but still no delivery done,
    This is by far a pathetic service and should really be reported

  11. Samantha Singh Reply

    Questionable service from RAM, awaiting delivery from Vodacom. My son needs his data service urgently for online studies but RAM continuously failing to deliver causing much stress. Call Centre agents extremely unhelpful. Only an sms received with no driver contact number. I never received one call from driver. My tracking number is A06374777. I hope and pray delivery is successful today. This would be the 3rd unsuccessful if not delivered today.

  12. Bradley Quirk Reply

    Absolutely pathetic. 5 unsuccessful deliveries, not one phone call, email or sms received. When contacted their excuse is they ran out of time. I will not be using Vodacom online services if this useless courier company remains their delivery service. I still have not received my parcel.

  13. My parcel was out on delivery on Friday, waited the whole day for them. only to read unsuccessful delivery and yet they never pitched. When I called they told me the drivers ran out of time because they close at 5pm I will get my parcel on Monday. Today is Monday, tracking said out on delivery at 9am now it’s 1709. I’m still waiting… When am I getting my delivery… they don’t respond to emails.. This is frustrating. If only there was a way to sue them.they have highly inconvenienced me and have cost me as well… Don’t even consider them… The worst courier service I have ever used. I have a minus review on them

  14. D du Plessis Reply

    I received a call at 13:32 to ask if I am at the school, which is my delivery address, I confirmed and told the guy to come in at the school gate, I am at the school, at 13:42 and 13:43 I missed 2 calls as I was on the landline – I returned the call at 13:45 just to be told they left as I did not answer – I asked him why did he not come in why call me again and then leave after I told him I am waiting for him, he told me he will be back in 5 minutes – at 14:00 still no one I phoned again at 14:02 he did not bother to answer the phone. I left at 14:05 to go home, after I waited for 35 min for them for nothing – bad customer service!!!

  15. I’m very disappointed with the service that I got from Ram Couriers.My parcel from Vodacom was supposed to be delivered on Friday 24 July 2020.
    At 17:17 a guy phoned that he was at vodacom he’s coming I have my ID and proof of residence ready.
    At 17:31 he deliberately missed call me and I responded by calling him and he said he was just nearby coming but there was traffic along the way.
    I waited until I called him about 4 times after that his phone was on voicemail.
    The last call I made was at 18:17. To my surprise in the morning when I tried to track the parcel the last message from Ram at 20:27 UNSUCCESSFUL DELIVERY IN DURBAN-Unavailable -Home-Contact Not Available.
    I don’t even know why do you LIE about this.
    Hoping that on Monday this parcel will be delivered to me because I saw that you don’t work over the weekend.

  16. Ithabeleng Reply

    Ram was supposed to deliver my rain sim card on Wednesday. Today its Saturday and still nothing from them. Their help center is useless as the whole company. I keep sending emails and being referred to people who never come back to me. And their call center is apparently always jammed. This is disgusting service and we honestly deserve better as consumers

  17. Poor service indeed!!! I was supposed to have received my parcel yesterday (27 May 2020) but was told that there was nobody home which is a blatant lie because I was home for the entire day!

    To date I have not yet received my parcel!!! I was not even contacted to by your company to keep me updated about any developments of the delivery of my parcel!

    I was promised to have my parcel by the 27th and today is a day later and I still have not yet received it!

    I request that you investigate the matter and give me feedback at your earliest convenience.

  18. Anna-Marie De Villiers Reply

    I’m not happy with the service. Should have got my parcel on Monday 5th May. I must have it before 8pm today still. This is very poor service not exceptable. I phone how many times yesterday and today no one answer. What F***. I just want my parcel.

  19. I sent 4 parcels from Vredenburg to Midrand. 1 of the parcels was marked fragile because it included a stoneware dinner service. Upon opening the parcel the recipient discovered that most of the items were broken. I contacted ram customer service and was provided with an email address to which I was requested to sent photographs of the broken items.

    I complied with the request and until thusfar have not been contacted via email or mobile. I am not happy and will follow up further.

  20. This company is horrible at delivery… This is the 2nd time I ordered a package from Vodacom and my package was returned back to the depo.. . I get sent a massage to call them or my package will be cancelled… .. I’m going to report this to Vodacom’s head office… If the driver cannot find my address why can’t they call me and ask for directions… Is RAM so unprofessional… This is unbelievable… How is a business run like that… I get a sms on a Sunday telling me to call them but on a Sunday they are closed… Very disappointed at RAM delivery system I will log in my complain directly with Vodacom

  21. Worst courier ever. Incompetent drivers, I waited for my parcel from foschini they never came to my workplace to deliver and claimed that I did not pick the phone. Very poor seevice Im not sure if I will receive the parcel.

  22. Poor service. I have been waiting for 2 days. When I go onto parcel tracking it says customer not available. It is to my house. I haven’t left my house in those two days. So where has the driver been going?

  23. Johann Kroon Reply

    It is rather pathetic…

    I have a parcel that had to be delivered on 22 November 2019. When the driver arrived, I went outside to collect my parcel. He asked me for access to my premises. Unfortunately, we have a strict security policy, that no one may enter the premises unless it is staff, or escorted by security guards, or escorted by the directors of the company.

    The driver arrogantly told me that he cannot deliver my parcel, he needs access to the premises. So with my refusal, he refused to give me my parcel. When I contacted Head Office, extremely unhelpful, and also the online chat. So here we are, me without my parcel, and RAM that will loose more and more clients.

  24. Monique Swanepoel Reply

    WOW, what a fiasco…
    I am so very dissapointed with RAM Couriers.
    I am supposed to get my Vodacom router from RAM… On 6 November 2019, I got a phone call from RAM asking me where to deliver my package. So I gave my work address since, like most of us, I work during the day and it would be stupid to deliver to my home address. So the guy tells me it’s all good, the router will be delivered on 7 November 2019.
    On 8 November 2019, I phoned and asked where the package is as the website now stated that I were phoned on 7 November 2019 and my phone was off – which is a total LIE as I don’t have any missed calls. I got told that they cannot change my address, that I should change the address at Vodacom and then they can deliver. SO WHY WERE I NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS WHEN I WERE PHONED ON 6 NOVEMBER? So I phoned Vodacom on 8 November 2019, and changed the address. After a lot of calling on Monday 11 November 2019, it was confirmed that RAM has the correct address and also the correct contact number for me as apparently now RAM did not have the correct phone number. Wonder how they phoned me on 6 November 2019 then????
    So today, 12 November 2019, I check the website, just to see no movement on my parcel…. So when I phone, I am told that Vodacom should now send an email to release the package.
    So now, I have been without internet for more than a week, and by the looks of the incompetence of RAM Couriers, I will not have internet this weekend as well…

  25. By far the worst service from a courier company. Lying and deceiving staff.
    Today my parcel had to be delivered I received a call from RAM @ 9.44 am to say that the driver is at my company with the deliver and once I got to reception area it was a no show ( not even a trace that they signed in at the company security)…… no driver or parcel still after 3 hours.
    Even worst I have called the RAM company and spoken to 3 different consultants all putting me on hold to contact the driver only to have my call disconnected after a 1 minute of holding. Also still no consultant has called me back even after me complaining that the calls get disconnected when they put me on hold.
    Can you tell me who is lying the drivers or the consultants.
    PATHETIC SERVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Dirk Kotze Reply

    Good day RAM. I had such bad service from RAM that I cancelled my contract with Vodacom. Hopefully more customers will do this so that large companies like Vodacom will come to the conclusion that to use RAM is causing their companies harm. My waybill number is K1779586.
    My parcel have been with RAM for longer than a week and when I phoned they suddenly realised that my address was apparently incorrect, but is wasn’t. This change in address will cause a delay of another week before delivery can be made. So I cancelled this contract, I will not allow RAM to hold me to ransom. With service like this you will not be in business for very long. Just go and have a look on Hello Peter and see how many complaints there are about your service. I am predicting that you will be out of business very soon. You better shape up. Your employees are arrogant and don’t care about your customers.

  27. Carine van s3 Reply

    Good day

    Bad courier
    We are not always at home to get our package why do the courier service phone you
    I am waiting for my order
    Please I have tried to call you but I have not received any response regarding the order
    How long must we wait fora order

  28. Hi, I have never seen such high level of incompetency. I have been calling your offices from yesterday and not even a single agent was able to assist me. The first agent I spoke to advised me that she will get the driver to call me back of which he haven’t from yesterday. I call back today and I was told to hold on for the driver and the call get disconnect a minute later. I call the third time and the lady cut the call when I ask for progress of my order. IS THIS YOUR CULTURE? I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND YOUR SERVICES TO ANYMORE. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!.

  29. The worst courier company I had to deal with.
    I waited for a very important document. I’ be called numerous times during the day to track my document since I could not track my parcel online. Every time I phoned I was given a different time. I’ve needed the document by 17:00 today where the driver said he will only be here after 17:00. It is now 18:30 and still no courier. Pathetic !!!!!

    • This is by far the most pathetic and incompetent company I have ever come across on every level. I have had 4 contracts from Vodacom delivered by this company on 4 different occasions. EVERY TIME they only arrived after 18:30pm…. even thou they state delivery is between 8am-5pm. Which means I got to sit at work for more that 2 and a half hours!!!!! If you try phoning customer care your call gets dropped after about a minute…. and every time you speak to someone else, so your problem is not resolved at all. This is utterly shocking and very unprofessional service to say the least!! I truly hope someone catches a wake up SOON and turns this company around. Vodacom will loose me as a customer due to the lack of service from Ram!! I will also be telling everyone I come in contact with to not do business with your company! I will also go on all social media platforms informing people. I expect a reply by close of business today or else I will go ahead with before said statement.

  30. Nonkululeko Reply

    My reference number K1235851

    I am very livid… Your delivery guys have no customer service whatsoever. I have been waiting for a package since last week Thursday after a contract deal with Vodacom. And still today I haven’t received my package, and I have been calling like a mad person to find out about when are they going to deliver. All your agents kept on telling me that the package will be delivered on Friday 28th, on Friday after 3pm i call to find out how far are they with my delivery and they told me that the delivery boys came to my house and they didn’t find me and called me and no one answered. So I’m here wondering when did they come because I was home the whole day never went out and I had two alternative numbers for them to call me on but they didn’t. So clearly it shows that delivery boys never came to my house and they lied about it and I was left calling your agents to find why ain’t I receiving my package and explained everything to Chris and told him that I had to travel today but now I can’t because of your lying team and if that wasn’t bad enough I had to reschedule everything since last week Thursday and I had to inconvenience a lot of people because of your poor service delivery and customer service. Your delivery boys never showed up and lied about coming here so what does that say about your company??!!!!!! I’m mad about the service I got i spent my money calling over and over again and no one bothering to call me back. Inconveniencing other people because I had their phones written as alternatives having them on me all the time and no one called. I’ve never in my whole life ever been seen such disrespect and lying from one company and I need those delivery boys to apologize from inconveniencing me and people around me and lying about coming to deliver and not finding me which is the most hugest lie ever. They’re are people who don’t work and would do anything to get a job clearly in their case they’re trying even to not keep their jobs.

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