Contact of Rain, South Africa customer service

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Find below the customer service details of Rain, South Africa. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the telecom company.

Head Office
392 Main Road,
Bryanston 2191,
South Africa

Phone: 081 610 1000
Email: [email protected]

About Rain
Rain is the latest and fastest growing network provider of South Africa. The data-only network operator began in the year 2019 with headquarters located at Johannesburg. They have made networking and internet access reach a major milestone in South Africa by introducing the 5G network. Rain has started providing 5G network to most of the metropolitan areas of South Africa and are making an effort to reach out to many by expanding their coverage area. Apart from being the first network provider to introduce 5G in the country, they have also made available unlimited data plans at a highly affordable price especially in a scenario where other telecom operators charge high and hence contributing to the economic growth and development of South Africa.

New customers can shop for a 4G or 5G plan right on the website. The mobile SIM cards can be ordered at store or online. If the latter, the delivery can take anywhere between 3 to 4 working days. Additionally, you can activate SIM by choosing a plan and entering SIM code. You can check coverage in your location before choosing to join Rain. Purchases online can be made using major debit or credit cards. Existing users can sign into their account on web or app to upgrade their plan, view/download bills and set payment details. Users can also control the speed of the network and find the best location for optimal signal through the app.

Rain offers a range of plans for 4G as well as 5G connection. Their 4G monthly plan costing R250 gives access to unlimited and high speed data throughout the month except on peak hours has gained utmost popularity. Apart from it, an additional one gigabyte would cost an individual a sum of R50 which has no specific validity period to expire unlike the other telecom operators. At rain, you basically spend on only what you have actually used and prices are nearly three times lower than the other providers. They have routers that can provide you the fastest internet at the comfort of your house with their free delivery service . You can now stream or download like never before with Rain. The only drawback is that it is yet to expand coverage to cover larger population. Rain is driven by a sense of purpose to provide low cost data to the needy and does not merely focus on increasing it’s own worth economically.

Availing Rain requires basic identification proof such as a valid ID or passport stating South African nationality, the proof of address like a telephone or Municipality bill, and the individual themselves need to be present to RICA. You can do these online or by visiting a Rain store. Once RICA is completed, your Rain SIM or router is activated within a span of 2 hours. If you have queries on activation, purchase, troubleshooting or others, you can explore the Support section on the website. Additionally, you can reach out to the Rain customer service via phone or email for assistance.

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend rain for any one, the worse service provider ever. When I first join rain I was assured that there is no contract and I can leave anytime, but now after 6 months of using it I can’t leave, even when I don’t use the router they still charge me. I have sent couple of emails requesting them to fetch their router but no luck, and now I’m forced to pay for it even when I don’t have money because my debt keeps going up.

  2. Sianne Lucas Reply

    I have had so much issues with the Rain services and the device says connected but no internet. How is this possible. I tried rebooting several times since yesterday no connection. I need this to be corrected immediately. I am not a happy client.

  3. I have had so much issues with the Rain services and the device says connected but no internet. How is this possible. I tried rebooting several times and this thing is just a peace of rubbish. I need this to be corrected or I will get another service provider to assist and I will insist that you pay me back for the inconvenience caused. I am not a happy client.

  4. I used rain for Jan 2022 then called to cancel. I have been waiting for someone to come collect the device for 3 months. I have sent numerous emails because the phone line plays music for days and days and no-one answers.

  5. I am not happy at all,I’ve been calling the customer service line for a week now with no reply but music for more that 30 minutes until I give up . I’ve set countless e-mails and messages on the application but still no reply, I have no internet because you failed to debit the money on the agreed date till now Why do I have to suffer like this before I get your attention?
    This is really no good customer care.

  6. I would not recommend this network to anyone I know. The connection sucks I have now spent over 15 minutes trying to watch an episode of a series and the damn thing is still on 7 minutes because every 30 seconds it buffers. They are quick to disconnect you when you miss a payment by a day but the service is just shit. My neighbour upgraded to 5G to check if it will change the connectivity issue and it’s been 3 months on that package yet they complain more than we do. Definitely looking into switching my provider and so should you.

  7. I was disconnected from rain few months ago. I have never been using it for a while now. I didn’t even do the debit transaction …it decided to take 960 from my account. Without any warning I didn’t choose the recurring type.

  8. My dad subscribed to rain, he received his device after payment. Since day one he struggled to get some assistance. After several calls to the contact centre still no proper solution, the person notified my dad he will be there today between 9 am and 5pm he did not even notify that they will not come through. Is this how rain assists their clients with such a poor after service.

  9. I was disconnected from Rain for a month. The due amount was R480, came back to pay the R480 a few weeks after and the amount changed to R900?! Suhaifa a CeC in the Rain company decides that I am lying and was connected and should pay the amount without any further hesitation. Ive been with Rain for a while there was a never a instance where they connected me or anyone I know when there is an amount due. They disconnect the services immediately.

  10. I’m experiencing a very bad service from rain. I recently relocated out of South Africa and as a result discontinued my contract last month. But they have debited me again for this month. I’ve sent emails upon emails and they are not minding me. Meanwhile on the very day that I was cancelling they sent me emails asking me why I’m cancelling the contract. They even called. I’ve sent 4 emails to date and no response.

  11. If have just started using Rain 5g, and am extremely satisfied with the efficiency and attitudes of all of the staff with whom I have been in contact.

    All of the Rain support staff have been most helpful and friendly, and it has taken me only a couple of days to see that becoming a Rain customer was a very good decision.

    I look forward to many years of association with your fine organization

  12. Please can this be addressed – I was disconnected from my Rain account, my debit card expired. I have now been debited for R500.00 – I do believe you advertise no contracts – please reverse this payment and cancel this “so called contract” or please could I have a human being contact, most frustrating dealing with this company,

    • I order the 5G for 499,99. Many delays with the delivery, had been calling and calling about a month from my purchase being made. They sent someone a courier from ccd couriers, he was very arrogant about the situation wasn’t helping us at all he was fast to drive off with out order and later that day we got an sms saying my Sim had been successfully activated. I have no router no Sim, I called for a refund been waiting for call back they never call back. I’m waiting for a non-existent refund why do you guys lack such customer services.

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