Contact of Pilot Flying J customer service

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Contact Pilot Flying J: Find below customer service details of Pilot Flying J, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the chain of travel centers and its services. Reach the Pilot Flying J customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Pilot Travel Centers LLC
5508 Lonas Drive
Knoxville, TN 37909
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-562-6210
Phone: 1-877-866-7378
Phone: 1-800-562-6210
Email: [email protected]

About Pilot Flying J
pilot travel centersPilot Flying J is a leading chain of travel centers located along interstates in the US, catering mostly to professional drivers and motorists. Founded as Pilot Travel Centers in 1994, Pilot Flying J operates over 650 travel centers in the US and Canada. To locate a store nearest to your address click here. Most stores sell gas, diesel, convenience store goods and fast food. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, the company employs some 26,000 associates. In 2015, Forbes ranked Pilot Flying J #8 among America’s Largest Private Companies.

Boasting of hundreds of trucks and more than 1,500 drivers, Pilot Flying J even delivers fuel directly to travellers nationwide. Guests also enjoy other amenities such as WiFi, prime parking at more than 300 locations nationwide, a CAT Certified Scale, public laundry facilities, ATM machines, shower facilities, restrooms, game rooms, payphones, truck washes, among others. At PJ Fresh Marketplace, guests get high-quality meals and on-the-go food options. The menu includes salads, fruits, grills, pizzas and beverages.

Register for the myRewards loyalty programme to receive points and credits every time you purchase fuel or or other products/services from any of Pilot Flying J locations. The points can be redeemed for food, WiFi and showers. For more information or queries on locations, payment, refund, lost and found items, parking, or others, reach the Pilot Flying J customer service.

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  1. Ron Francis jr Reply

    As if the job of an over the road truck driver isn’t hard enough sometimes. I stop at store #478 in Leavenworth, IN. this morning for a shower. Got assigned shower #4 The towels were rust and grease stained. The shower had so much black mold everywhere I almost threw up. The walls were so filthy I actually thought it would be cleaner and more sanitary to take a shower with the water hose at the fuel island. Seriously Pilot/Flying J. Not all of us drivers are 3rd world, turbin wearing, Sandle wearing, pajama bottom, flip flop wearing, filthy slobs. This was one of the worst showers I’ve come across. I wish I could post pictures.

  2. Your stop at Winona ms. Off of I-55 today has been removed from my frequent stops after 10 years. It has been in steady decline for a year but today it hit rock bottom
    1. Coffee machines in disarray
    2. 10 ways to have medium or light roast 0 dark
    3. Icee machine was down
    4. Fountain drink machine was down
    5 ice machine was down
    6. The entire store was filthy
    7. The bathrooms was equivalent to a ports Jon
    No one even seemed to care!!

    Guess I will have to make plans for the loves truck stop an hour south

  3. Your pilot in rocker Montana will be facing a federal law suit. They are not familiar with the Americans with disabilities act. I went to enter and the man behind the counter asked if I had a mask. I replied I cannot wear a mask . He told me I had to because of the mask mandate the county has imposed. I informed him that the county cannot override federal law. He called the police. I’m a trucker who has no where to use the bathroom now or anything to eat this thanksgiving evening. I called the manager Carrie who also informed me that the county can override federal law. I recorded that conversation to present in court. As your name is on the signs out front I will also be including corporate in my lawsuit. Very unprofessional and very sad that you refuse service to the very people that supply your businesses. Without us you have no business!!

  4. I just wanted to take the time to tell you what an amazing team member you have in the Lufkin, Texas store. I stop in your store each morning Monday- Friday, around 3 a.m., and I am greeted with a smile and treated with the utmost respect and kindness by a young man name Matt. He always goes above and beyond as an employee, even when he is swamped with customers and doing his daily duties. I have also noticed that he shows the same kindness with ALL his customers!
    I spent MANY years in management for convenient stores and as a General Manager for a major fast food restaurant chain and if I would have had employees like Matt I would have never left that field.
    Thank you for employing such a great young man!!

  5. Ronnie Hutton Reply

    I would like to make a complaint on your store in Odessa Texas. This store has to be one of the worst with customer service . It is 3:27 a.m. and The employees have nothing for a driver to eat I’m meaning warmed up in the cases that you all have for drivers to get food no even a biscuits, no breakfast burritos know nothing h*** there’s not even a cold sandwich to warm up. I guess I’ll start Stopping at the T/A’s and petros again , And you guys are also price gouging the truck drivers during the time of Colvin 19 your stuff as dam near doubled It’s ridiculous maybe all the drivers will boycott this place after the election.

  6. At the Pilot on Baptist Rd. in Monument Colorado, Sybil and many other associates were wearing their masks on their chins, not even trying to protect others. I will try other truck stops to see if they are more concerned about me.

  7. Charles Rock Reply

    Let me call this exactly what it is a bunch of trash! Out here on the highways a driver don’t get any respect nowadays especially from the truckstops they have all their prices inside their stores marked up where can’t afford to buy I drive for a company who buys all their fuel from pilots and flying j and the drivers can’t lay down and rest because the owners don’t have enough money so they want to wake you up in the middle of your 10 hour break because their bullshit reserved parking space isn’t marked very well at the very back of their parking lot. I guess charging drivers 15 dollars a night to park is how the owner bought a billion dollar NFl football team the parking prices will probably double when football season starts because of the COVID-19. If I was fortunate enough to own a trucking company I wouldn’t buy 1 cent worth of fuel at a place who charged to take a break.

  8. Katie Smith Reply

    I was just at the Flying J On Chestnut Expressway in Springfield, MO. It was the worst I have ever been treated as a consumer. First, they accused me of stealing. Then, when I overlooked it and asked where the medication was located, the employee, Kim, just stared at me like I wasn’t speaking to her. It was awful. If I didn’t need to get medication at that moment, I would have left without making a purchase. I will never goto a flying J again and if the owner of that store knew how bad his 3rd shift employees were, they would all be fired asap!

  9. Patrick F Egan Reply

    There is currently a mandate on wearing masks inside of any public building in San Antonio, Texas. At your Pilot Flying J on I-10 at Foster Road they are not complying. I saw multiple people over and over and over again coming in and doing business without wearing a mask and nobody telling them anything. There is currently a $1,000 fine for a company that doesn’t do this, I think it might be per person, and it’s also very unsafe for the people that care about their health. You should really be doing something about it.

  10. James K. Woodle Reply

    Store #608, Ehrenberg AZ: We stopped for fuel at your station twice during the week of March 1-7, 2020 on a trip from Rancho Mirage CA to Scottsdale AZ and return. Both stops were near disasters and involved having to change pumps a total. Of 3 times in order to find one that was operable. Major problem was key pads that were unreadable due wear. Contact with office was impossible, and though screen indicated assistance was in route, it never arrived. Further, receipt once fueling was finally completed never appeared. Basically, your pumping stations were poorly maintained, and though your prices were attractive, they weren’t worth the frustration experienced.

  11. Jerry coble Reply

    I’m at the store 729. All bathrooms and showers are completely down. Lady manager told another customer to go pee behind a tree.. if all facilities are not working why hasn’t store managers brought in portable johns

  12. Teresa Moore Reply

    Stopped at Pilot in Winona Ms. This place is disgusting. Stopped to fuel and reserved parking and bathrooms, RESTAURANT, and entire store was filthy. Then went in the next morning, bathrooms were still filthy and entrance door windows were still not cleaned nothing had been cleaned. Noticed a guy on golf cart on the first night, back up to the woods just sitting there and trash all over grounds. He never picked up one peice of trash. The employees here are lazy and rude. Will never return to this store. I hope corporate takes action this is inexcusable!

  13. Beverly Shick Reply

    We stopped at your truck stop on I-80 Exit 215. The gas prices were though the roof so we only put in $15 worth. Decided to get something to eat. The parking lot was in bad shape. Grass and weeds were out of control. Went inside and immediately smelled an odor. Unsure what it was. The place looked really run down. Only 2 customers there. We sat down, the waitress came over immediately. Menus were only a page printed on both sides. Prices outrageous for the area. Got a drink. I could not order food!!!
    Could only imagine what the kitchen looked like…. I told the waitress I’m not ordering from this place..

    Felt sorry for her….she apologized and said she was sorry if she offended us.. By all means she did NOTHING wrong. It was the condition of the establishment. We left her a tip and left.

    We have been in many other Flying J’s and none of them are in that bad of shape. We will never set foot in that building again. #700

  14. I’m so very upset I’m at the Flying J in Phoenix AZ off of 67th ave & the I-10 I was just thrown out of my Handicap Spot by the Security Guard he was a complete ass i have my placard & handicap I parked in a handicap spot bobtail & because I did not have a trailer on me I was told to move or get thrown off property. I will be calling my Lawyer & the local news station about this & will follow this through till the end this is not ok to do to anyone that is handicapped and I was in my truck in sleeper birth. When I asked for his name he refused to give it to me,,

  15. leo conklin Reply

    I’m at you location in checotah ok … no one in line for a shower it was 11:40 PM at night no one was taking care of the showers I finally went out to my truck to leave got notified at 12:25 that my shower was ready as I’m starting my truck to go I sat there for over 35 minutes . Nobody doing anything at this location. I have never ever had anything Bad to say about the flying J but this location needs to be shut down or re staffed ….
    Leo conklin

  16. Jordan Plant Reply

    Dear Corporate,
    Please look at all the reviews on google maps for PENN 80 store number 555. Located at 1460 N Ridge Rd, Milton, PA 17847. Its website is FlyingJ should remove its name from this location. I cannot believe they are meeting whatever standards you require for your stores. The only good thing is the amount of parking but even that has car sized pot holes. Again, please review google map reviews from truckers and you will read what I and others have seen first hand!

  17. Store# 644 is the worst I even been in, the bathroom was not clean toilet paper all over the floor, sinks was dirty. The showers had soap scum all over them, shower hadn’t clean. I feel if the staff do not want to do there job then they shouldn’t be working here.

  18. Gail Wilson Reply

    I just wanted to give praise to Pilot 4562. I am from Tampa, Florida and we recently took a trip up north. On our return I unknowingly left my cell phone in the store. On return home we searched everywhere thinking it was in the car. It was not, a few days later my daughter received a phone call from my phone from the employees of the store saying they had the phone. Long story short, they went to the trouble of mailing my phone back to me, something they definitely didn’t have to do! It’s nice to know there are still honest people in this world. Thank you so much for your integrity and the effort you went through to send my phone back! I give this store 5 stars!

  19. I was at you store off I-26, in Bowman SC.
    This employee had a blue shirt on, I believe her name was Dorthery.
    This was the most rude, ill mannered, and disrespectful woman that I have ever seen. I am spending my money here, there was no cause for this. I wanted to see what her problem was.
    So I stood there for about 20 minutes just to see if I was the only one having a problem. Well, I was not. If a white person came to the counter, this woman was mean. If a black person came to the counter, she was as nice as she could be.
    Now check your check your cameras and see for yourself. I assure you I want be back ! And i will pass this on to all my Facebook friends and all the company’s in this area.
    This is 100% wrong!!

  20. Bring back my old flying j app. We drive an rv cross country and your new app does not tell me what stations have services that apply to my needs.

  21. Thomas Hankins Reply

    It is amazing to me that a company as big as you folks are can’t keep half and half for your coffee. I am in your Candor NC store at least twice a day everyday for coffee and they are forever running out of half and half. Poor management

  22. Jennifer Switzer-Clark Reply

    I used to work at store 322 for many years and left on my own accord. I still shop at Pilot because I care about the employees as well as the store.

  23. BobbyHawthorne Reply

    I was in your store in Springfield MO last week and I am there every week there was a driver in there who was parked in front of the scale he was cursing and degrading your employees. The manager came up and was as nice as could be but the driver kept cursing her and refused to move. Then he threatened her telling he was going to get her fired olive this store. The employees are friendly- always nice- they take pride in the store and it’s always clean. This store manager needs to be promoted to train your other stores she is great. I normally don’t write but thought your company should know about this lady. Her name is Kelly and her ladies that work there are just like her. They know is by name and treat us with respect and kindness. The guys from CTI truly appreciate this group and wanted you to know that.

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