Contact Pick n Pay: Find below customer service details of Pick n Pay in South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the retailer. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
101 Rosmead Avenue
Cape Town 7708
South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 0800 11 22 88 (store related)
Phone: 0860 30 30 30 (online shopping)
Email: [email protected]

About Pick n Pay
Pick n Pay is a South African retailer that was founded in the year 1967. The supermarket chain has its headquarters at Kenilworth, Cape Town and employs more than 50,000 across the country. Store types include Pick n Pay Supermarkets, Pick n Pay Family, Pick n Pay Clothing, Pick n Pay Hyper, Pick n Pay Express, Pick n Pay Mini Market and Pick n Pay Pharmacy. The brand is also found in Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

You can locate a Pick n Pay store nearest to you address here. You can filter stores by department or services such as courier, insurance, money transfer etc. If you enjoy shopping online, Pick n Pay operates an e-commerce channel where you can purchase products using major credit cards. Product categories you will find include Bakery, Beverages, Deli Meats, Dry Groceries, Fresh Food, Fruits & Vegetables, Frozen Food, Cleaning Accessories, Medicines, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Housewares, Toys, Home Appliances, Clothing, Smartphones, Computers, Electronic Accessories and Stationery. There is a ‘Specials’ section on the website where you can track what items you can get on bargain.

Points can be earned at all Pick n Pay supermarkets, hypermarkets, and family stores. You need to become a Smart Shopper member to earn and redeem points and enjoy other benefits. Pick n Pay will refund goods if shoppers are not be satisfied with the quality. Perishable items cannot be returned. Note that all refunds will be processed within 7 business days. For more information or queries on store locations, refund, cancellation, returns, or others, reach the Pick n Pay customer service.


  1. madan kumar magan dayall Reply

    Pick n Pay Lifestyle Centre in Centurion has a problem with their fish slicing machine. The unit has not been working for over 6 months. Whenever we buy fresh fish the counter hand cleans the fish but the slices are uneven We have complained to the management at the fish counter but he says he can do nothing about it. This is very poor service at this store.

  2. Pick and Pay Steeledale has no customer service or goods as per advertised. I have been at this branch for 3 weeks and there is no stock and yet they are advertising for goods they cannot provide to the customers!! This is a wastage of my time and fuel to keep checking if they have store. This service is disgusting!

  3. Riana Rosenbaum Reply

    Dear Customer Service Manager

    I recently purchased some clothing items under your Soft label and was delighted to find that the track suit pants in the size Small fitted me perfectly while the matching top, also in size Small, had sleeves long enough for my unusually long arms and moreover, fits so snuggly. The fabric is terrific.

    However, as soon as I got home to wear the items I realised that I far prefer for the fluffy outside of the fabric to be against my skin and I promptly turned the track suit bottom inside out and have worn it like that ever since my purchase! It is much warmer with the outside texture of the fabric worn on the inside. Otherwise I am impressed with the styling for this range you have added to your clothing section. I am a very regular customer in your clothing departments and rarely walk out of the clothing section without having purchased an item.

    Kind regards
    Riana Rosenbaum

  4. Margaret Burger Reply

    I am at Hypermarket by the Sea, Durban. If the store is open until 7.00 pm surely there should be sufficient tills to service customers at a reasonable speed. 4 large shop tills open before 6.00pm. Queues are long. I will make sure not to shop at Hyper after 5.30 in future. I get caught each time. Really frustrating to take so long this time of day.

  5. I want to say a Very Big Thank You to Pick n Pay for giving us such an awesome and friendly
    Store Manager at Pick n Pay Baywest, Port Elizabeth.
    Zandi is an exceptionally wonderful and sweet lady. She respects the customer, is very kind and courteous. Now, Whenever I shop at Baywest, I am very happy. Whether it’s early in the morning or late in the evening, no matter what time of day, if Zandi sees you she will definitely greet with a sweet smile and a pleasant ‘hello’.
    Thank you Pick n Pay for sending Zandi to BayWest Pick n Pay in Port Elizabeth. We the customers really appreciate her kindness and efficiency but, most of all we appreciate Zandi because of her sweet, kind and pleasant nature. I wish Zandi well in her position here at Baywest Port Elizabeth and pray that she will excel achieve great success in her career in the Pick n Pay Group.

  6. On Thursday I visited your Maponya Mall outlet, Firstly queues were too long, less cashiers, Till points cubicles are falling apart, conveyor belt at times never work, Arlam Bells that indicate which till to go to are completely in state of disrepair that is according to the Cashiers, Secondly the trolley wheels are broken, baskets are filthy you cannot even carry it around, the vegetables are not fresh, it runs across other outlets including Dobsonville Mall, the gouda cheese that I bought was off colour and very stall
    I personally think that Pick and Pay is ignoring us for one simple reason, because we’re Black Consumers and we are generally ignorant about consumer rights
    I am disappointed, we are not getting the same deal as customers

  7. Gerda Pieterse Reply

    Pick n Pay Meerensee

    This franchise should be investigated.

    After the December holidays everything was suddenly a quarter more expensive: mushrooms that are always R21, cheaper even in town, are now suddenly R25. Meat idem ditto.

    Specials are not honoured at the till – you have to fight for it. For some ‘Savings” that product will not be available on that day. Today it was Clover cheese on special: but only Parmelat and Lancewood cheddar on the shelf. Last week a set of pans was on special, the man in front of me had bought a set. He demanded the printed price when a different price was rung up. The manager was called – he eventually got the discounted price, but when we said we’ would also be interested in a set at that price, the manager actually sprinted to the shelf and took all the pans off.

    The Smart shopper card: The kiosks are almost always off-line and cannot be used. I was told to use the App instead. Apparently this doesn’t work either. The recent discount (buy R500 and get R50 off) I loaded to my card from the app. We shopped and the the discount did not reflect. The manager said I should have asked for it at the till, but he’ll organize a refund. We then had to have ALL our groceries (R800 worth, including frozen goods) unpacked, handled and rechecked at the cigarette counter (of all places!)! The groceries were returned in a trolley without the bags – we demanded that it should go back in the packets we paid for. We were then told we should have loaded the discount at the kiosk, but here is a R50 note (cash) It took two hours.

    The Smart shopper card is a farce – rather let discounts reflect on the item

    Pricing on the shelves is haphazard and often incorrect.

    Shopping at this branch is a disaster – you first have to find items – no plan there – it is like a treasure hunt; then you have dodge the packers who will run you over with their trolleys; floor staff stand around fiddling with their cell phones or talking to each other, blocking the aisles

    The tills are always understaffed and long queues that don’t move are the norm. The staff have no idea what the “next shopper please” bar means. My partner actually got reprimanded for using it!

    Cashiers are often rude and don’t acknowledge a shopper parting with their hard earned cash.

    For a lesson in good customer service, please go across the road to Spar, where the staff is friendly, service is quick and supervisors are always at hand.

    We would like to have feedback on this issue

  8. Good day
    Can you please look into the management of Pick n Pay, Meerensee, Richards Bay. We have the following problems :
    Some items are just not available – Oast so Easy – Regular not available for months
    Fresh cream – the last week – nothing on shelves
    Various spices not available.
    Sprite zero cans (single) and half litre bottles not available.
    Service inadequate – only 3 tills open on Saturday and Sunday mornings – lines at tills are far too long and managers are not helpful. One tells a customer that if she’s not happy, she must go shop somewhere else.
    This is a complaint by NOT only myself. If you do a survey at this shop you will find that most customers are unhappy!

    Please assist soonest.

  9. Andrew Chipwende Reply

    On three ocassions, I have bought rotten sausages at PnP kabulonga, Woodlands and Makeni shops, within ended up feeding to my dogs.

    I will report case to health authorities should I have another such experience

  10. As my Pick n Pay store is located nearby we tend to support it. However as I went in today to buy avo’s and bananas I could not believe the prices. R19.95 per avo and R17.99 p/kg for bananas. This is crazy . I’m not sure if it’s a mistake or what but the prices are just too much.

  11. Rehana Davids Reply

    Hi , I live in Australia and wanted to know if I can buy groceries online for family living in Cape Town. If you have the facility to do this I would love to know what I need to do so I can start buying online. Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated

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