Contact of PHLPost customer service (phone, email)

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Contact PHLPost: Find below customer service details of Philippine Postal Corporation, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the postal company and its services. Reach the PHLPost customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

PHLPost Head Office
Philippine Postal Corporation,
Central Post Office,
Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila
Phone: (02) 527-8327

PHLPost Customer Service
Phone: (02)854-5467 / (02)854-4613 (Express Mail)
Phone: (02)854-5257 / (02)854-0086 (Air Mail)
Email: [email protected] (Express Mail)
Email: [email protected] (corporate)

About Philippine Postal Corporation
phlpost-logoPhilippine Postal Corporation, also known as PHLPost, is the national postal service in Philippines, launched in the year 1837. Headquartered in Manila, the state-owned company was popular as Philpost till 2011. The PHLPost network includes close to 1,400 post offices. The provinces span Cebu, Negros Occidental, Pangasinan, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Iloilo, Batangas, Pampanga, Rizal, and Quezon, to name a few. On the website, you can search a post office by province or zip code.

Besides a friendly location finder, you also have tools to track and trace a package or get rates for a particular package/parcel. PHLPost’s range of products include Mail Services, Logistics, Warehousing, Retail Services, and Postal Payment. Under Mail Services, you have International Express Mail Service, Domestic Express Mail Service, Express Pouch, Ordinary Mail, Priority Mail, Registered Mail, Air Parcel Post, Surface Parcel Post, Insured Parcel Post, Direct Mail, Collect-on-Delivery Service (COD) and Fax Mail Service. The logistics and warehousing covers freight forwarding/delivery and warehousing services. For more information or queries on post office locations, parcel tracking, delivery time, international shipping, or others, reach the PHLPost customer service.

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  1. Barry Hill Reply

    On 16 March 2020 Bais City post office accepted 6 parcels wished to send overseas…once I had paid i was told there would be a delay in onward transmission. After 2 weeks I queried why the tracking system showed no movement only to be told nothing would be forwarded due to the lockdown; I was also told this situation was known when I posted tem but they did not warn me. So I asked for my parcels to be returned and for my payments to be refunded…instead teh itms were forwarded to Dumaguete so I could not have or proceed with a refund and since then the items have sat in manila….the formal reply from the post office manager is “tell the people they have to wait” The senior management seem to have absolutely no interest in resolving any problems that they can blame on the virus.. It is entirely possible to process mail using PPE and sensible precautions for the service to function…But they requires intelligence and motivation…both sadly lacking. maybe my parcels will arrive at their destinations before 2024…

  2. Deona Ronao Reply

    Hi i have a parcel with a tracking number EP986825191US and since august 8 its been already in the manila central mail office of exchange when will you forwarded my package to my destination it is a priority mail so it supossed to be delivered i been trying to call your number but no one pick up.Thank you!

    • my package has arrived in Manila on August 27 2020 I have been tracking it every day and showing no movement. Yesterday I called the post office here in Mandaue Cebu I gave my tracking number to the lady who answered the phone all she could say was it being held by customs. As I explained to her that it is not held by customs. Because according to the status it has been returned by customs after half an hour later. She just wouldn’t listen to me I kept repeating it to her please ma’am read it properly that it has been returned by customs. Customs is not holding the package. But still I got nowhere with her I felt like I was talking to a five year old kid. Very frustrating indeed.

  3. To Whom It May Concern:

    I’m inquiring as to the status of inbound international mail particularly mail sent from the U.S.A. for delivery within the Philippines.

    Are inbound U.S. mail back on normal delivery in the Philippines or are still on hold?

    I went to our local post office in Cavite to inquire but was told that they haven’t received any incoming U.S. mail for delivery.

    I also queried with the U.S. IRS website and was informed that my mail was sent out on 24 April 2020.

    I’m hopeful that someone at PhlPost could shed some light or answer to my question…. or at least direct me to the correct agency or person.

  4. Dr, John Thomas Doulette Reply

    I reside in Imus Cavite Local Philpost telephone number not in service. Emails go unanawered. Trying to gather information regarding processing/sending outgoing letters international mail to USA. Can anyone help?

  5. Hi. I would like to seek your help and advise how we can follow-up your two (2) provincial offices in Laguna.

    We are expecting a response from Bay, Laguna and Pila, Laguna regarding an important letter sent by DARAB to them in November 2019.

    Please let me know any contact person, email & telephone/mobile line you of these provincial offices so I can check status?

    I also wish to send a private message to you hence appreciate if you can provide your email address.

    Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you.

  6. Chardlie Pascua Reply

    Good Day!

    I would like to complain your Mandaluyong Branch due to the services and disrespectful action towards my time and effort. I have decided to call first to have a proper advise and guidelines checking on my Calamity Loan Cheque Status. As advised through phone call my check is in delivered status and probably to receive it today. If i will not be able to receive it, im advised to come over at 3PM today to have my cheque.

    I went to Mandaluyong Office where i called and got an advised before 3PM. When i have arrived, i was advised to go in counter 2 and check. When o spoke someone from counter number 2, i was just advised to sit on the side and wait for “Angel”. After a couple of minutes i tried to clarify until what time ill be waiting to set my expectations but i was just advised to just side on the side and wait again.

    After waiting so long, it has come to the point that they want me to wait until “Angel” the mail delivery man to come back considering that i kept on telling them that i’m currently working and i just dropped by as advised by them. Then they advised me to come over early in the morning instead or go back today by 4PM or 5PM.

    Considering the current situation we are having with now and avoidance of spreading the virus, we never want to go out and stay home as necessary. With this practices and treatment, it shows that they dont even care about our safety and the safety of the people in the office by advising people to go back and forth considering we travel from home going to the office.

    Hoping for your action on this matter as people should not be given a wrong advise or guide that requires them travelling, spending money for transportation, time and effort that can be used to other essential tasks for the day.

    Thank you,

  7. Hello, I’ve been trying to contact your service hotline but it seems not working. Anyway, I still didn’t receive my parcel nor any further updates of my parcel after march 15, the last update of it and Its been more than 2 months now. Please find a way to have it delivered ASAP as i’ve waited for too long already. I am actually losing my patience for this matter. Thank you

  8. Shellanie Cuizon Reply

    Good day! Please advise when will I get my package. The tracking number is CH085885910US. It’s been in the country since December last year. It was sent as priority mail but it’s been more than a month now and I haven’t received it yet. I’ve sent multiple emails to ‘[email protected]’ but i have not received any response at all. Thank you.

  9. Melody Tonacao Reply

    Hello I am a recipient of a parcel bearing a tracking number EJ248426570AU. It says that it is attempted delivered but I didn’t received any call or text on that day. I need a follow up on this as I need that parcel asap. We paid Express payment for that so it will arrive on me the shortest possible time. Thanks

  10. Lourdes Jane Dy Reply


    I just wanna ask regarding my parcel from South Korea.
    tracking number: EG257560688KR
    It is said on the tracker that my parcel was sent to PHZONE7 yesterday, December 7, 2019 at 4:30pm, and it was said that there was an unsuccessful delivery for the reason that invoice was missing.

    What is the meaning of this?
    How can I get my parcel?
    When will it be delivered to me?

    Hope you can answer my query because it is very important to me. thanks.

  11. salvacion kippenberger Reply

    Hi. I just want to know regarding the Parcel that I send to my brother from Australia it content documents the tracking number EJ245806260AU . it shows that in transit Enroute to delivery untill now they havent received the parcel . Im been calling the customer service hotline unfortunately no one to talk too and no one answerd my call.please kindly to send me an update.its really important that my brother received the parcel

  12. I would just like to ask when will my parcel be delivered? It was enroute to the delivery office in Las Piñas on the 27th of August,2019 from US and until now i still have not received it. My tracking number is CH075410653US. Please give me feedback about my package. Thank you.

  13. Dianne balanay Reply

    Hi! I would like to follow-up my package for I haven’t received it yet. Bearing the tracking number ES267437495KR, it was arrived in Manila last August 06, 2019 but until now there is no movement in its status still it was in PHZONE7 last August 07, 2019 as my latest update. It was not delivered in my local Philpost address when I went it there. I called your customer service hotline but nobody answered the phone. Please advise me when will I received it. Hoping for you response regarding this matter.
    Thank you!

  14. Cheryl Lou Reply

    What happened to my parcel why is that the postal is very slow in Philippines comparing to some other countries .. I paid for 16 days delivery from Australia to Philippines but until now it doesn’t come to the receiver yet. It’s just says ” in transit” every time I check and the phone number is incorrect. How long the parcel needs to examine. I sent it 8th of July and arrived to Philippines July 13. But until now no movement yet. Who is in charge and who is responsible for the postal services in Philippines. How long does it take to arrive to its destination. It is Terrible and very slow.Disgusting! ?

  15. Rowena Oracion Reply

    Hi! I would like to follow-up my package for I haven’t received it yet. Bearing the tracking number ED71440315IN, it was arrived in Manila last June 12, 2019 but until now there is no movement in its status still it was in PHZONE7 last june 17, 2019 as my latest update. It was not delivered in my local Philpost address when I went it there. I called your customer service hotline but nobody answered the phone. Please advise me when will I received it. Hoping for you response regarding this matter.
    Thank you!

  16. I mailed a package from the US, Tracking number: CH06989628US on May 24, 2019. I have tracked the package as far as the Manila Central Post Office where it is shown “In Transit” June 1, 2019. The date is now June 11, 2019. Why does it take so long to deliver packages in the Philippines? I suggest the Philippine Postal Inspector Services get involved, investigate the system to find who is handling packages after they leave the Central Post Office, prosecute thieves, and jail them. The Postal Service in the Philippines is a disgrace that does not speak well for the Philippine National Government.

  17. Can i ask where is my package now?
    No more update since May 9, it says processed through facility and in transit to the destination..
    Here’s my tracking # CH068045600US

    Please give me an update, thank you

    • Did you hear anything ??? My tracking number is also a CJ ending in US..

      the Postmaster in Dumaguete told me that the contract for mail distribution, TransPac airline or something, expired about the first week of may. No contract is now in place so, duh, no delivery… Do NOT ask why the service did not renew the contract BEFORE it expired. Remember this is the Philippines…

  18. Hi, I just want to know if where is the package that I sent to my husband. The tracking number is EE 196331957CA, it was supposed to be delivered 7 days after I sent it not until now My husband dorsmt receive it yet. I’m trying to call your customer service hotline but unfortunately got no one to talk to, the calls goes directly to your voice mail. Can somebody response to this please. I spent so much money to send those package. Thank you.

  19. Karenn Alagad Obut Reply

    Good day? I just want to ask regarding my parcel. I haven’t received my package yet. The tracking is # CD317411476JP it’s almost a month since it was sent from Japan. Please give me an update when will I receive it. Thank you

  20. I sent a small package to my mother in Pampanga on February 23 from US as a registered mail. Last tracking, it was processed on March 8 in a facility in the Philippines and is in transit to its destination . Today is March 21st already and my mother hasn’t received the package yet. I hoped you can help me locate the package.
    Tracking number is RE097690663US.
    I hoped that my case and others who are inquiring has been resolved since I don’t see replies from Phil Post that these concerns were addressed.

  21. I am a postal store in the United States. I sent parcel to a very poor family in December 2018 of which I can see arrived in the Philippines however it did not arrive to its destination. I am so confused!! I spent money to get this there and it appears it is sitting somewhere at your facility. I sent this package about 4 months ago now and can easily see it stopped at your facility. I need an update asap and I need this package to get to the family it was intended for.

    I have a tracker on the package as well as video footage regarding this package and its contents.


    I can easily see on my end what is going on. I need someone to tell me why the package did not get to the family it was intended for.

  22. My order from ZAFUL were already at PhilPost as it was shown in my tracker. The last update was on Jan 24, but until now it has not been updated. I hope to receive it asap. Kindly check its status please. Tracking Number is RU302467880NL

    Thank you!

  23. Corina Green Reply

    Hello, I sent a package to my nephew in Cebu City on Dec. 17,2018 and when i track it, the package arrived in Manila on January 3, 2019 but until now the package is not deliver yet. Please forward the package in Cebu and do not put on hold. Package number CH058449478US.

    Thank you

  24. Leslie Seradilla Reply


    My package from US arrived in the Philippines on December 6, 2018 and the status is still in custom for examination. How long is it take to examine a small package there? Are you guys still planning to release it or its gone? Here is my tracking # CH055682411US. I already request here in the US to investigate.

  25. Jonalyn Albero Reply

    Hello, I just want to inquire where is the parcel from Hong Kong and when is the earliest possible day it will be delivered. It was already in the Philippines since August 6, 2018 and received at Philippine Post Office last August 9, 2018, but still no delivery of the item and no movement in its status. Hoping for your response regarding this matter. Tracking Number: LP014010060HK. Thank you

  26. Hannah Villacencio Reply


    I haven’t received my package yet. Tracking # CJ163547524US it’s almost 2 weeks in MNL CENTRAL MAIL EXCHANGE CTR AIR (May 25, 2018). My colleague from Davao already received his package. Please advise when will I receive it. Thank you

  27. Katherine Villabeza Reply

    Hi. Would like to ask where is the package from Netherlands. Already in the Philippines Delivery office on April 20, 2018 but it’s still not delivered to my address. I was trying to call customer service as well but no one’s answering the phone. Kindly update the status of tracking #: RP017416325NL. Thanks!

  28. Katherine Delos Reyes Reply

    Good Day. I just want to ask where is the package from US. It was already in the Philippines since October 7, 2017 and arrived at Philippines post office on October 12, 2017. but until now no package is coming. It should be deliver at my address given. Please kindly give me feedback on where is the package right now. Tracking number: CX280388057US. Thank you.

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