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Find below the customer service details of Peacock TV. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the streaming service.

Head Office
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York City, New York,
10112, United States

Customer Service
Web: Help
Email: [email protected]

About Peacock TV

There is no dearth for video streaming services. Joining the ever-growing list of streaming service providers is Peacock TV. Launched in the year 2020, the platform is owned and managed by New York-based NBCUniversal. The archive of classic and new NBC properties, such as The Office, Law & Order, and Bravo reality shows are drawing a large number of viewers to Peacock TV. Besides these hits, users can also stream original programming, including some enticing reboots. As of July 2020, the platform had close to 10 million users. NBC is expecting an audience of 35 million users by the year 2024. The basic service is free and is supported by advertising, which sets it apart from HBO Max, and Disney+. Peacock has been promoted by Comcast to the Internet-only customers who are registered on Flex. Peacock TV currently carries content that is associated with Bravo, NBC, Telemundo, USA Network and Syfy.

The basic and free version of the Peacock TV will allow you to watch a number of shows and movies, but of course with some caveats. The free version will not give access to all the content, and you will have to bear through the ads as well. You can watch Jurassic Park trilogies or The Matrix, and you can also watch some of the starting episodes of originals, but if you want to go any further, you will have to upgrade. This is where Peacock Premium comes into the scene. The paid version of the app is available with a subscription of $4.99 per month. If you are just trying it out, you are in for a treat. The first seven days of premium are available in the free trial. With Peacock TV, you will have access to a huge archive of some of the most loved shows and movies, which is what NBCUniversal hopes will draw in the audience. The library includes 30 Rock, Law & Order, Parks & Recreation, Friday Night Lights, and Leave It to Beaver. The originals are being rolled out slowly, and dramas like The Capture and Brave New World are already on it.

For an ad-free experience, you will have to shell out $9.99 each month. The app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox and Roku. If you have a query on payment, refund or cancellation, you can navigate to the Help section of the website. For issues that are not listed on the help page, you can contact the support team via the contact form on the website.

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  1. John chavez Reply

    Peacock customer service is a joke, more like what customer service? I want to know why the world cup on peacock is only available in spanish? The US is an English speaking country and yet peacock offered no English alternative only spanish.. Ridiculous

  2. Peacock has a great variety of good shows. However, their customer service is horrid. I’ve been trying for 3 days to get back on, but they tell me I’ve never been a subscriber. Funny since they take out money every month from my bank account. They list a phone number that just rings and rings, no answer. I’ve got nowhere with the “helpers” on line. I’m so frustrated with them and their lack of concern. Somehow they blocked me out and I cant get in, but they never miss taking my payments. The worst customer service ever!

  3. Been a faithful family watching DOOL for years. Now peacock streaming is another $9.99 to be able to watch with no ads. How much NBC do you think a family needs to pay for TV? The worst is there is NO customer service.

    • How did you get a hold of them I can’t find an email or a phone number?.
      Supposedly there is two accounts under my name and I only have one so I don’t understand

  4. This is ridiculous, I signed up and paid for the premium plan, I was charged and now it says I don’t have it. There is no way to contact anyone. I finally would a technical support page and it wants me to pay a 1$ refundable fee to help me.

  5. I have watched days of our lives from the beginning. Now retired and it’s the one thing I look forward to. How much news can one person watch in a day. Hope your peacock goes to roost and you fail big time. Do you ever think of who watches these shows. Younger generation can have and use the technology. I have none. FURIOUS

  6. We pay, and we pay, and we pay, and we pay, and we pay, and your company makes it exceedingly difficult to send you feedback about customer dissatisfaction.

    Has your network ever heard of picture-in-picture technology? It’s not new and you should look into it, as you bombard us with long-running unwanted advertising during the last race of the year. What is wrong with you people??? Seriously, what is wrong with you people? You’re not here to serve customers, you’re here to serve your own financial gluttony.

  7. I have been exchanging emails with peacock customer service since July 21st 2022 because my shows will not load. Not one but all of the content will not load. I have done all of the trouble shooting steps several times over with no change. Going back and forth with these emails with customer service is a joke. Customer service email me and requested my phone number and when it would be convenient for them to call I replied with the information but it’s been two days no call, no email. I am following quite a few shows and I really love the content that peacock offers but as of today I am very discouraged. And forget about the customer service bot. They say you can speak with a real customer service agent but really it’s only computer generated blah blah blah blah blah. So now I’m getting information on contacting NBC Universal to find out how I can possibly speak to a live agent to resolve my problem. Thanks for nothing Peacock CS.

  8. Not happy – there is no customer service except Robo Chat – can’t watch Indy without Premium ? Not what I was told when I signed on for the Olympics

  9. What is the customer service number for Peacock that actually works. Have an account problem and can’t seem to talk to anyone. I need a live person. Help support website is a big joke. Can anyone help with a working number? Exhausted from trying.

  10. Why in the world did you cancel ordinary joe just when it was getting so good? So very disappointed…watched the last episode and tried to check when it would be on again…canceled.

  11. Peacock board cast of the NFL playoffs is by far the WORST. There is barely any crowd nose, you feel like your watching a video rather then feeling like your at the game. Worst thing is their board casting the Super Bowl.

  12. Where is episode 2 Season 6 of This is Us? It should be available on Wednesday (24hrs) after airing live in Tuesday. It’s Thursday and still not available. Wonder why I am paying for this app.

  13. You guys are the classic bait and switch. I signed up and quickly found that what was advertised as free was
    only available as pay-to-view. I suppose I should have known better, but I thought it worth the trouble to find

  14. When I heard Premier League matches not carried on NBCSN/NBC would stream on Peacock, I jumped at the Premium yearly. I so regret doing that. EPL streams at 30fps (actually a shade under) as does every other live sports and it is hard to watch. No clarity with blurring of the action. The Norte Dame opener (not available on NBC), was a joke. My eyes are still hurting.

    Because of the inferior picture quality (compare soccer on ESPN+ and Paramount +) I tried to cancel and get a refund. HA! Who was I kidding? I had a justified reason for a prorated refund, but the no refund policy is firm. So I’m stuck.

    With NBCSN shuttering at the end of the month, Peacock would be more of a destination for EPL and live sports. If it tries the 30fps for NASCAR in July, they’ll drive away even more race fans.

    BEWARE: Don’t buy the yearly Premium until you’re sure they’ve upgraded to 60fps. I’ve already canceled any renewal and I won’t come back until the PQ is on par with ESPN+ and Paramount+ for live sports. Thank you.

  15. Kathleen G Reply

    Today I went through the process to upgrade from Peacock Free to Peacock Premium on my Roku TV. I definitely chose Premium. It upgraded my account to Peacock Premium Plus, which I most definitely did not chose. I clicked change plans since it had me at the wrong plan. Now I an subscribed to both and will be charged $15 instead of $5. Been trying to fix this all night and even enlisted the help of a tech savy relative. There is no way to fix it. No way to call. No email. On line chat is a bot of no help. Contacting my credit card company to resolve it! What a nightmare.

  16. Why do I have to paid to see Sunday night football on peacock when I can watch it on the NFL app. I think it’s wrong to charge someone to watch something they can watch for free somewhere else.

  17. James Chasser Reply

    We paid $49.99 for premium and tried to watch Man United game today. No luck, were told to pay for premium!! Customer Service is a joke. Talked to them yesterday and were told we had premium through July, 2022 because we paid for it. Still can’t watch it. This really sucks.

  18. I cancelled Peacock. The commentators talking about the Olympics are horrible. Tell them to talk about sports & not who or what they think they know. Nobody cares!!!

  19. MH Bleigh-Cory Reply


    Since I found the show “We Are Lady Parts” on Peacock Premium, my husband and I have watched the 1st season 4 times so far (I just started watching the 1st season again tonight).

    The show is absolutely brilliant. Witty, catchy writing, AMAZING characters, equally amazing actors portraying those characters, and culturally fresh and interesting commentary on these women’s lives! Damn! We want more!!!

    Please, please, please, renew the show for a longer 2nd, 3rd, even 4th season! Everything about this series is excellent and fascinating, and we go back and forth about which character we love most… one day it’s Momtaz, another day it’s Bizma, Amina, or Ayesha, and always, always Saira!! (the scene where she recites the poem “SPEAK” is incredibly touching and gripping and I can’t stop watching it).

    You’ve got something unforgettable in this show – please stay mindful of that and give it the chance it deserves. People will find it and love it… they just need time to do so.

    (I pay for a Premium subscription through iTunes)

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