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Head Office
Harald Ponce de Leon
Remscheider Str. 96
42659 Solingen

Email: [email protected]
Phone: nil

About OsCommerce
The way the world does business has changed with the advent of the internet, more so with the coming of secure payment channels, making e-commerce the way of life of millions of people the world over. Right from education to shopping, banking to tickets, entertainment to fashion, everything is now done online. Enabling this ease of online shopping are store management software that enable retailers to hawk their wares online, sell them and get secure payments.

One such software that is growing in popularity as an e-commerce and online store management software programme, is OsCommerce. Released in 2014 by developer Harald Ponce de Leon, it is compatible with all web servers that have PHP and MySQL. A free software, under the General Public License, OsCommerce helps online retail merchants set up an online store which they can host themselves without incurring any cost. It includes a website through which they can transact sales of products and services to any customer the world over and a complete online store solution which has features to adapt for the customer visible section or the store front end, making it appealing and easy to use, as well as a complete backend solution for the online retailer to manage and run his business with functionalities such as marketing, sales, receiving payments, stock and dispatch of goods.

Once OsCommerce is installed, the merchant has total access and control of all the data and the working of the online portal, making him independent to take decisions on modifications and additions. Does that mean that one you download the software; you are on your own? Not in the least. There is a great support group in the form of service providers, developers and the 341,315 merchants who are currently using the software and discussion and helplines are always open for troubleshooting needs. The robustness of the help available is seen from the 1.6 million forum postings that can serve as reference points to the store owners.

The developers of OsCommerce are continuously updating and bringing in new add-ons to customise your online business and to date, over 9,000 free add-ons have been uploaded, making it a flexible software. OsCommerce has also pre tied up with leading payment portals such as Paypal, G2A Pay and Sagepay, bringing to the table their experience and global reach. It also incorporates osc templates which give the user a vast variety of options to choose from for web pages and for responsive design.

If you are new to OsCommerce, head to the website where you can get an overview of the features, see a live website demo or download the software. Also explore the apps marketplace to see the various plugins and modules for content, images, languages, payment, reports and shipping. Found a bug? You can reach the support online and report the same. The GitHub page also shows the recent bug reports and patches. If you are just starting with OsCommerce, you can view the Documentation section to see the server requirements for installation and key topics on customisation and security. OsCommerce also operates a forum that has an active community with more than 1.6 million forum postings. For more information or queries on advertising, bugs, partnership, or others, reach the OsCommerce support.

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