Contact of Opodo customer service (phone, address)

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Contact Opodo: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the travel company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Opodo Ltd,
Waterfront building,
Hammersmith Embankment,
Chancellor’s Road, W69RU London, UK

Customer Service
Phone: 0044 800 368 3866

About Opodo
Opodo is a European travel portal that has been in business since 2002. Through the Opodo platform, visitors can purchase airline tickets, hotels and book holiday packages. You have access to over 500 airlines and 1 million hotels in 225 countries. Opodo also separate websites for key regions in Europe, including UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.

For booking flights, you can select the date, origin, destination and filter the best from the search results. You can narrow down results by airline, price, schedule, among other options. You also have the Top Offers section to know what is the discounted and best. You can club your flight and hotel for better savings. Download the Opodo smartphone app to do book your flight or hotel while on the move. You can also view and manage your booking by signing in to your account. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, discounts, or others reach the Opodo customer service.

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  1. I booked a flight with opodo flying from Newcastle to alicante. The airline was Ryanair. They took my money from my bank and didn’t send me any details at all. I’ve tried now for 3 weeks to get in touch and at some point in the conversation with either the robot or calling they ask for my reference number, which of course I don’t have so it’s a brick wall every inch of the way

  2. Simon Butler Reply

    Avoid opodo at all costs. I am not sure if they actually exist or provide anything.
    Paid for car hire which didn’t exist. Uncontactable through any number.
    I will use a reputable company in future

  3. Be very careful before you book anything with Opodo as they cannot be contacted neither by email nor by phone. Total scam. I am waiting for my refund since 2 years now and nothing received. Not recommended

  4. Ahmed Raza Aslam Reply

    Worst customer service ever! Report them and don’t use them ever. Can’t get hold of them. No contact number no email nothing. Sending wrong info out that we can’t change.

  5. I have used OPODO twice in the last week. The first time I booked a flight for my nephew and they put my name at the passenger flying, rather than his. The airline wouldn’t let him on the flight. We booked another flight that had a stop off in Gatwick. When he went to get the connecting flight on to Mexico, the airline said the flight left @ 5AM rather than @ 11.30 and that they had informed all passengers. Neither my nephew nor I received any such notification. He now hasn’t been able to get his second attempted flight. And we CANNOT get in touch with them. I’m trying via the OPODO app using their ‘chatbox’ but they keep saying I have an estimated wait time of (for example) 40 mins…then when that time comes up, they ask me to enter my booking reference again, which I do, and then they give me a new estimated wait time of even longer!!! What is going on with this company?

  6. I used Opodo 1st time booking one way from CDG Paris to Beirut by Lufthansa on 14/7/21. I used on line payment by my debit card from CBD UAE. One week later, my bank informed me that UAE Dirhams 243.93 were withdrawn from my account for Opodo Prime without my approval. I do not need the Prime.
    I need you to return back the amount to my account. I sent you 2 reminders by e-mail without reply.

  7. Alejandra K Reply

    I have tried without success to get a simple email from OPODO to confirm the cancellation of my flight. First time I tried was 2 weeks ago, they said they’ll call me back in 72 hours max, but nothing happened. Then I called 3 more times and every time, after making me wait for around 15 minutes (paying number of course), they always told me the same: that they would contact their email department and in 1 hour or less, I should get the confirmation for the cancellation, but again, NOTHING!!!! It is outrageous and extremely disappointing. I absolutely need the cancellation email to be able to contact my insurance and get a refund.
    My booking ref: 7296221348
    Reservation code: NPQGHH (Swiss Airline – Geneve – Mallorca A/R)

  8. Mr Mohamed Issa Reply

    Late 2019, I had booked 4 return flight tickets by Gulf Airline through the online travel agent Opodo, the flight was cancelled as a result of covid-19, I asked Opodo for a refund. Opodo requested that from the Gulf Air lines.
    After months, I had contacted the Gulf Air to urge them to speed up my refund, they sent me an email confirming that they had refunded me, but they sent the refund to my travel agent Opodo in Nov 2020, not to me.
    Opodo has my refund money for more than 7 months now, but failed to transfer it to my bank account. Every time I ring Opodo, I get a recorded message telling me that “my case was processed successfully, and the refund will be in my bank account in 3-7 working days”, all this in vain.
    I could not find a good way to reach a human person at Opodo UK to speak to, all their telephone lines are either unobtainable or have answerphone machines or robot assistance machines which are not programmed for a case like mine.
    I sent Opodo a recorded letter to their office in Hammersmith – London, but the Royal Mail returned it with a note “addressee gone away”. I sent another recorded letter to other address of Opodo, I still wait for a reply before I osculate me case.

    Who knows how to get hold of Opodo

    • Was your issue resolved? My refund is also pending with Opodo since May-2020.
      I can’t get hold of them, all I get is recorded message. It is frustrating and annoying that it is taking more than a year for refund to process

  9. I booked through Opodo to fly with BA and the flight was cancelled by the airline.
    Opodo sent me a refund, but one third less than the ticket cost. I contacted them and they said BA had set the amount. I contacted BA and they said that they had refunded the full amount.
    This led to a series of calls to both Opodo and BA and I am still fighting.
    I contacted the CAA and they told me that I should receive a full refund.
    I am looking at ways to raise a complaint with the European Aviation Authorities against Opodo.
    I did this with another airline after a ten hour delay and won, so I will do it again.

    My advice.
    Go to the Aviation Authorities. It is the only way you will get satisfaction.

    I will never use Opodo again. They are a bunch of CON ARTISTS and are committing regular fraud to run this business.

    • Hi nick sorry to hear of your ongoing problems with Opodo.
      I also have an outstanding case 12 months now for a flight from London to Bangkok the keep saying they are waiting fir the airline to pay and now the tell me there has been a voucher issued which I don’t want it didn’t request. I have looked into taking them to the small claims court but would also complain to the aviation authorities if you have the address so upset it’s untrue
      Kind regards

    • My flight to Lagos from London was cancelled. When the time to fly was resumed, I contacted Turkish Airlines who told me that Opodo would be responsible for re-booking me back.I kept contacting Opodo and Turkish from 10th June to rebook me for 3rd July 2021 to no avail. I kept on the telephone for hours, passing me from customer service to another and promising me it would be actioned before the travel date to no avail. All phone calls to them were recorded and several emails to them proved abortive.
      I called and left a message for the Manager to call me, I was promised he would call within 48 hrs. I have the name of the Opodo customer guy I spoke to. The Manager never returned my call up till today.
      I called them every other day from June to July 2nd, they were still informing me they were waiting for Turkish Airlines As at 3rd July, there was no feedback from Opodo and Turkish Airlines, I had to buy and pay for another ticket to fly me back.
      After arriving at my destination, I now received an email on Wednesday 7th July at 17:48 that they are working on my request for a refund. What an Agent?
      I am now officially complaining about the treatment and stress I went through in order to get me rebooked for the flight that was cancelled by them.

  10. I am basically a victim of fraud. The price of my flight went up 65 Euros between the beginning and end of entering the information for my credit card. Use of the card is “Kostenlos”. This is the second time I’ve had a problem with Opodo. The first time, after booking, I got back a message saying that the airline (really!) had nearly doubled the cost of the flight and I’d better grab the higher price before it goes up any more. I closed the browser and found the same flight at the lower price still being offered. That’s bait and switch.
    I find no customer service Email from Opodo, so I’ll have complain to the consumer protection authorities.
    No more business from me!

  11. Mohamed Hatem Reply

    Your Customer support need to be enhanced
    1-lack of communication between different airlines.
    2-knowing less policy for different airlines & even though your site Contain a selection for different airlines in same roundtrip flight
    3-poor support from customer service although the service was paid.
    Customer is always right so you should getting better by their feedback

  12. Aidan morgan Wilcox Reply

    My booking reference 3612292298 Newcastle-Alicante 8th August. We booked through Ryanair but we received details from Opodo. Flight FR 4080 seats 22b and 22c. One bag in hold. We accepted and paid £208.92 for this flight.
    Then we received an e-mail from Ryanair with exactly the same flight details and seat numbers. Reservation FPVEGY
    for £189.77 which also has been paid. I have tried to make contact with Ryanair but not helpful. This last charge has been notified to our credit card company as an error.
    Please can you look into this matter for us as we are not revceiving any feedback. We don’t understand how two different bookings and charges can be made for the same clients on the same flight. Please advise as soon as possible. A refund would be appreciated.

  13. Very bad customer service. I try to contact by phone since two days because of a cancellation matter and I am forced to stay in a waiting line of 20 minutes and more. Both the German telephone number and the “Rest of the World”. No chance!

  14. Elisabeth Duckeck Reply

    Dear Madam, dear Sir,
    I am trying since two days to cancel the flight of my daughter and stay in a waiting line of 20 minutes and more. I live in Greece and have to pay expensive for these calls without reaching anybody.

    As the cancellation is a matter of refunding request from a cancelled flight by Condor it is most important for me to receive a cancellation confirmation.

    The booking number is 3564093589, the flight was booked on Aikaterini Maniadi for Sunday June 17th and return Sunday June 24th, 2018.

    As the inbound flight has been delayed by more than 24 hours and I already have contacted Condor for compensation refund I contacted TUIfly for the return flight. They told me that I have to contact Opodo for the cancellation of the flight.

    Please cancel the flight for June 24th 2018 from HAJ to HER, flight number X3 4106. The booking number you sent me is UV39V9.

    It is an imposition to let your customers wait on the phone if they are forced to call your “rest of the world” number for such inquiries.

    If you need any further information you are welcome of contacting me.

    Best regards

    Elisabeth Duckeck
    Crete, Greece

  15. Someone from customer service needs to contact me immediately at 15612719773. I am booked tomorrow on flight number 0S 0227 from Berlin to Vienna continuing to Rome on flight number OS8847
    I’m unable to contact Austrian Air at any of their published numbers
    I will need wheelchair assistance and the allowance of a medical bag. Please contact me immediately upon receipt

  16. I have just discovered that not only is your online booking service incorrect and very open to misunderstanding, but that none of your staff have any idea! first told it was a computer glitch and to continue my booking, now told Opodo has no control over the service charge it charges. even to the point that exactly the same booking can incur differing charges!!! I will never ever deal with your company again and will vocally recommend that none of my friends do. Then to add to your duplicitous ways your after call survey allows 1 for totally dissatisfied till the last question, where 1 suddenly becomes the opposite!! WRONG

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