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Find below customer service details of Noracora. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the ecommerce company.

Head Office
Suite 31a, Philpot House,
Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH


About Noracora
Noracora is a Chinese fashion website launched in the year 2018. The ecommerce company has its current registered address at Essex, UK. Shoppers can explore the Noracora catalog consisting apparel, footwear and accessories for shipping worldwide. The B2C platform primarily focuses on women’s wear. You will find a variety of trending and fashionable designs. The latest in the catalog can be explored under the New In section. For popular and discounted items you have the Best Seller and Clearance section. You will find a mix of all of the above on the homepage. There are also featured products from independent fashion designers.

Shoppers can explore the catalog by categories that include Dresses, Shirts, Tanks, T-Shirts, Tops, Pants, Shorts, Jeans and Skirts. Under Shoes, you will find heels, boots, flats and sneakers. There are also accessories such as Bags and Jewelry. For details on size and price, shoppers can click on the product page. Along with those details, you also can read the highlights, material and other key details. The size chart will help you pick the right item that will suit your body. Payment for purchases on Noracora can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

After payment confirmation, shoppers will receive an email with details of delivery and tracking. Shipping costs vary according to size and destination. Most orders are processed within 3-5 business days. As for delivery, the information on website states shoppers can expect to receive item within 12-25 business days. Faster shipping option if available are revealed during checkout. Not happy with your purchase? The website has a return policy of 15 days. All purchase expect swimwear, bags and accessories can be returned for exchange or refund. The return shipping cost will have to be borne by the buyer. Final sale items are also not eligible for return. For complaints or queries on payment, cancellation, refund, or others, reach the Noracora support.


  1. I am with everyone else on this company. I have trying to get a refund and all I receive is a text saying working on it. It has been 7 weeks and still nothing, it sure is funny they don’t have a phone # available. I contacted customer service supposed and she says you have to pay 5.00 to go thru this question service. No thanks I want this refund.

  2. Pauline Chin Reply

    I order over $200 in clothing and should have received the items before Christmas and I still haven’t gotten them.. I have tries to contact them without any luck. I am still waiting for my order. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  3. Loretta Farrell Reply

    The dress you sent me does not fit me and the quality is awful. I don’t remember ordering this at all I was on line looking but I didn’t think I completed an order. I must return this product I can never wear it.

  4. Roxanne Hutton Reply

    After reading the comments, I am not going to return anything. I will pass my purchases on to someone who might wear the sizes sent. Your website says made in South Carolina and your clothes all have tags that say Made in China. A true case of “bait and switch” which I’m sure our government would be interested in. Won’t be buying anything from you in the future.

    I should have known it would be too good to be true.

  5. I placed a order of over $100.00 I got half the order. Not knowing what was to come later. I sent pictures of labels payment on and on. Jumping threw hoops is one thing your company feeds on. Knowing the people get tired of dealing with all the stupid. At one point Noracora admitted to 4 items owed to me. On every email they needed something already given to them. Your products are lower end they do not wash up good. You sent me the wrong color and very unhappy about that as well.

  6. Trying to track my order. I’m not successful at all. They did take the payment from my account. I’m not so certain about this company. Just have to wait and see if my order shows up.

  7. I ordered 2 blouses and a pair pants one of my blouses you put Grey. Could you please change to kaki. Thank you. I wish you had a better customer service. A phone number would be very nice.thans again. When you make the change I will send in my order.

  8. I cannot return my purchases back to you for a refund. Why is that?

  9. Karen Atkinson Reply

    I ordered several tops and none of them fit. I usually have to try everything on so I never ordered anything online until now. I have small, medium, and large sizes (depending on brand etc.) in my closet so I went with a large. They could be used as tents!!! The colors don’t look like the photos at all. I tried to go through customer service online (couldn’t find a phone # anywhere). I filled out all the info they asked for and just asked to exchange for a small. I haven’t had a reply of any kind and it said I would receive a reply within 48 hours. I left for vacation a week after ordering and was gone for two weeks. I picked up my order from the Post Office the day after arriving home. So that is three weeks and they only give me 30 days to return or exchange. I think this is a crappy company with lousy customer service.

  10. Nora Cora is horrible! The quality is awful the sizes don’t fit. Huge small & medium. Once you try to return you realize it’s a losing proposition. I spent over 100 dollars for a bunch of junk. I will have to donate and get over this lousy experience. Stick to Amazon where returns are easy!

  11. This company makes it almost impossible to make a return. Should not be this complicated. The person I spoke to who was supposed to assist, was difficult to understand and was not helpful at all!

  12. I have been ordering from you for over a year now and now there’s a problem. The last two clearance tops I ordered came in size small. I checked my orders on my iPad and I ordered X-Large. I’m not allowed to send them back since they were clearance What will you do about it?

  13. I ordered and paid for three orders. My granddaughter deleted my tracking order numbers accidentally and to get info u want me to spend another $3-$5?? And the last order I opted to pay in payments for Xmas items. Now your emailing me for items we never received and no one can help without charging more. Sorry guys!!! U blew it!!! U lost a good customer and from the reviews u better get your act together. I don’t swear, but I’m beyond frustrated with your company and customer service.

  14. Please help me make a return to Noracora. I’m not able to follow instructions on computer or IPhone. I’m 73 years old and do not have experience on either of those devices. Please help. I cannot use the items in my order because they are too large and can’t stand the fabrics. The cost for the 2 orders I placed on the same day within 1 hour is just over $200. I need to return these things for a refund.

  15. What a nightmare!! I should have read the reviews before ordering several hundred dollars worth of clothing. I really needed some cool, cute summer tops and the pictures made everything look great. Shapes and sizes are horrible. Even first year home ec could do better. I hadn’t realized the things were coming from China or I never would have fallen for it. Honestly!! Trying to returns is impossible! Unless you want to “reactivate” for another $46!! Forget it!!

  16. Don’t bother ordering anything from nora cora as you’ll not be able to return anything as the return process is a joke. They’ll never answer you when leaving the information on their website. I have two items one isn’t made properly and the other item wasn’t what I ordered.

    • I ordered $155.00 of items that looked cute. Too late. I’m already worried after reading everyone’s comments. I’m mad already because I thought I was buying American made. I HATE ANY ASIAN MADE!!! They are usually cheap sewn bad horrible materials. I’ve even quit using Amazon. Almost every item I got from them thousands of dollars re decorating my bedroom. Quilts wrong colors. Many Missing items in orders. And just plain ugly!! Nothing like pictures show. Amazon needs to g”BUY USA MADE!!! IM SO ANGRY WITH THEM! Now I feel this order from Noracora or whatever name they use. Will be a mess. We all need to learn to read comments before ordering. I read comments on Amazon before I order. But I think they are fake.

      • I like the tops. I ordered 5 tops in june for 87 dollars. Have not receoved them yet but did get a copy of the order. Got a tracking number that is faded and. Not readable. Trying to get assistance but keep getting sent to a page where u have to join for 46 dollars a month to get to talking to a so called computer expert. I dont need a computer expert, i need a business manager. This may be the last order i make.

  17. Sizes are way off and their return process is a joke. Still trying to get a return address, but given previous comments, I’ll only get a fraction of what I paid, and I’ll be on the hook for shipping. Wish I had seen these reviews earlier.

  18. Same experience- DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! They won’t allow you to return, and offer a 15% credit when the sizes are completely off from the website. What a waste of time. The customer service is a joke.

    • Diana Ochala Reply

      I was excited to order from here. Seemed like lots of nice choices. I received my purchase and they were in nice packages. They were however too big. There seems to be no returns unless you want to be out the cost of shipping to China.The package I received from them had a NY address.They offered a 15 percent cash refund. Can’t even find a way to click on it.I am stuck with two tops that are way too big.

  19. I loved the 2 dresses which I ordered. Haven’t purchased dresses for long time. Since love of my life went to heaven in 2017.Was so excited , the styles and colors were perfect. Thought I would wear one for Easter but if not then birthday in May. Now I read that in fact, I most likely won’t get anything; because you are illegitimate. How sad. I believed in you.

  20. Bad website, I’ve received items that were not correct fabric and items that didn’t look as showed on website, completely different item but fabric look the same. Messaging this company, employees write a bit rude, they will not refund your money 25% if you keep because they won’t ship back if it’s their fault and rip you off completely.

  21. I too didn’t see the reviews/comments prior to ordering and I wish I had! Apparently, they send you whatever they want to regardless of what you actually ordered. Then Customer Services takes days to reply to inquiries and their replies do not address the issue you contacted them about. Finally, bottom line is you are stuck with what you got and that’s that!

    • I wish I would have seen all the reviews before ordering cause I would have not ordered. I need to return items and no one have responded to my emails and I chatted with someone this morning and they didn’t answer any of my questions talked around my issues but tried to get me to order technical support why I just asked for an address to return items. Bad customer service, well not if they job is to scam innocent people.

  22. I just ordered clothes that looked darlin, hoping these would be nice for a cruise. I WISH I HAD SEEN ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS, I WOULD NEVER HAVE ORDERED. I TOO WILL BE LOSING A LOT OF MONEY.

  23. Well I was a first-time and last time customer. I ordered January 12, 2022 and it took one full month to get my items, my roommate kept getting merchandise she had ordered from a lot of different stores and kept getting her merchandise while I was still waiting for mine. I ordered 6 or 7 different items and one dress looked like u could fit 2 people in it and I’m only 145 lbs and 5’7 the other dress was poor quality, the pants were way too short, the earrings in the pic look like they had a wood carving in them but what I ordered was not the same. My items came to over $100 and I only got to keep 3 items out of the 7 that I ordered. I will NEVER order from this company again, I can’t even get an address to send the items back and I ordered through Klarna so I could make four payments without any interest charged to me well I still owe $54.90 on my order but can’t find ANYWHERE to send them back since they don’t provide a phone number or an address. I really don’t want to pay them the $54.90 since I can’t send the other items back that don’t fit. Note to self!!!! IF PRICES OR ANYTHING SEEM TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE…..MAY BE IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

  24. I wished I have seen this comments before I ordered from this company. I have been trying to get a refund since June 2021 for items that I bought that could not fit or where of poor quality. They gave me a coupon and I tried using it on other merchandise because they couldn’t not refund it and my items are still in the basket. Spoke to the virtual person and still nothing even though they told me to screenshot and send it to them. We are in February 2022 and no results. This company is the worsts, dishonest , crocked and don’t stand by their merchandise. Cannot get a number for customer services. This is ridiculous and they still have my money and can’t get it refunded or use the so call coupon in which is not the amount of my purchase because they took of a percentage off.

  25. I didn’t read the reviews and now I’m paying for it. Don’t order anything from this company no matter how cute it is!!! I ordered a dress and I’ve never heard another word.

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