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Contact Mytrip : Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
7 Kifisias Ave.,
Ampelokipoi 115 23,
Athens, Greece

Customer Service
Phone: 801 11 333 22
Phone: +30 213 0184000

About Mytrip
Mytrip is an online travel company owned and operated by e-Travel S.A. Founded in 2007, the company operates from its headquarters at Athens, Greece. Mytrip facilitates booking of flights, hotels and cars on the website. The platform claims to have catered to more than 1.3 million satisfied customers. It also states of dealing with low cost prices on flights or hotels.

Searching a flight can be done easily by inputting the origin, destination and date. The search will show the best options and will allow you to filter by price, airline and schedule. Travellers also can compare hotels with Expedia, and others. In addition to flights and hotels, travellers can book a car and even holiday.

Information on web check-in, baggage and others are available during booking. Payment on the website for flights and hotels can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. You can login to your account to view and print your reservation. You can also sign in to edit or make any changes to the reservation. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Mytrip support.

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  1. The airlines cancelled the flight so I put in a request for refund. It was a connecting flight. At first they answered my call without much delay. When I asked for a refund suddenly by answering time is 1 hour. Still waiting for my refund status even after 2 months. They never reply..

  2. Ten days before my flight, country I was suppose to visit changed Covid restrictions and was under a full lockdown. Because of this new restrictions, It was well clear that I wouldn’t be able to board the plane. I have spent a whole week calling MyTrip customer service trying to cancel/reschedule my flight.
    THE WORST SERVICE EVER!!! You will spent an hour of your time waiting for someone to pick up the phone. Their customer service is located in India so even when someone answers, they always put you on hold because they don’t know basic procedures in the company, completely uninformed. While being put on hold, 4 times it happened that they just hung up because they didn’t know how to solve my problem. I have also spoke twice with their supervisor, which was even worst. They didn’t solve my problem at all, ever!! They even tried to trick me into paying additional 30 euros for rescheduling my flight, after my ticket was marked as a no-show and it was impossible to make changes to my booking.

  3. What a terrible terrible experience booking with!!

    The frustration holding on the phone for 20+ minutes more than 10 times within 24 hours, and calls being dropped (in purpose I suspect) were too much. Astronautical canceling fee of $75 even within 24 hours after booking which airlines promised refund without charge, but here is another evil thing about myTrip- mytrip uses their credit card instead of customer’s to book flights with airlines, so the refund goes back to their account, then the customer stuck with them with no guaranteed change or refund.

  4. David connolly Reply

    I’m having the same problem as all of the people above. I wish I had done my homework and checked this company seems that this company is just a scam and should not be on skyscanner.I would recommend avoiding this company at all costs because it will cost you a small fortune if you have any flight problems.DO not use them…

    • Martin Harvey Reply

      What a disgusting shambles of a company you are. I booked flights and JetStar couldn’t offer those flights I booked. JetStar confirmed they provided a full refund and yet mytrip keep denying they received the refund. I have confirmation in writing from JetStar they have over 2 months ago. Never use this company they are a disgrace!!!

  5. On LinkedIn a LOT more execs can be found. Oddly enough once I started to bombard them with emails, I managed to get my refund a lot faster…

  6. Tajinder Kaur Reply

    Have booked ticket for my husband . When he was on airport they told we are not allowed and luggage. When I was contact with customer service they send me new email and told me we have luggage allowance . 3 times I was phoned and 3 times they gave me surety. So we fight with airport authority and they allow us in domestic flight and after that we need to catch another international flight. Then again we faced problem. I was again phoned to them this time the staff guy is Muslim guy quaaid. He was really rude. I explain him all story but he did not listen to me and told me we can’t do anything. I told pass my phone to your manager but he did not listen and disconnect my phone. So my husband is not near to our home and also in airport . He have not enough money to pay for luggage because they did not accept from card they only accept cash payment. They hire rowedy person. Before travelling I want to cancel my ticket he did not cancel it. In their terms and conditions they write before 2 hours I can cancel my ticket.
    I was tried to cancel ticket 1 week before they just put hold my phone 3 hours . Everyone pivk the phone and told me give me your order number when I give to them they told me I will forward your phone to super viser but after 3 hours nobody did it. I was really disappointed and nevery ever use this .

  7. Do not deal with this company for future bookings. I had a cancellation flight notice back in March for a flight end of May. It is now September and I am still waiting for a refund. The airline confirmed that I had a fully refundable ticket. Mytrip now are answering my emails stating i have never raised a query with them.
    Profiteering from a global pandemic is disgraceful. Should be ashamed of themselves.

  8. Vijay Mashal Reply

    Very disappointed with your service. I was booked ticket through your site. But the the ticket was not booked to the flight. Still it showing unknown status. Plz refund my money. Also plz send me the mail id, for sending photo attachment for proof.

  9. I am extremely disappointed with both the level of service which I have received and also the time taken to arrange for the refund of the costs of both my outbound flight to England and my return flight to Turkey. After speaking directly to Turkish Airlines when my flight was cancelled they advised me that I would be entitled to a full refund of the costs. This said, the flight was cancelled in March and here we are in August and I am still waiting for the refund. This is absolutely disgusting and considering I have now waited six months for my refund is totally unacceptable.

    I have received several standard emails all of which all have been exactly the same and I find myself in the same position as I was in March when my trip was cancelled. Whilst I fully appreciated that we are in currently experiencing unprecedented times the fact that six months later you have still not processed my refund is appalling. To make the matter worse, I received an email advising me I could book extra leg room for my flight after notification of the cancellation, this is completely incompetent on your behalf.

    I would also like to bring to your attention that the flights were booked as one trip and not two separate trips which is the impression I have been given in the emails which I have received.

    After receiving notification of the flight cancellation, I immediately booked another flight with a different airline which was also cancelled however within 3 weeks I received the full refund of costs without having to spend hours chasing what is ultimately my own money. I believe that you may using delay tactics as the flight which I have just mentioned was also with Turkish Airlines but booked directly with British Airways.

    Please be advised that I will be expecting a full refund and not to incur any administration costs. I appreciate that you did not cancel the flights however find it ludicrous that you will receive the full refund from Turkish Airlines and expect me to accept charges which I believe are totally unjustified.

    I find this totally unacceptable and if this matter is not dealt with immediately and my FULL refund issued I shall be taking this matter to ABTA as I am sure they will be very interested to hear of the delays I have experienced.

  10. Levente Moldovan Horvath Reply

    My Flight was canceled for 20 August 2020 and I would like to rebooking my Flight for 2 September 2020.Can you help me to with that?
    I order my travel documents at 1th January 2020 for 20th August 2020 and last week I receive an email from mytrip and LOT AIRLINE that my Flight was canceled then I saw that LOT will fly at 2 September 2020 at the same route

  11. Hi,
    I booked through your site on March 2nd
    Given the world situation due to the coronavirus epidemic, I would like to cancel my flight and get my money back in the light of the situation.
    My order number for you is L3IZT8
    All this so that I can plan a flight for me later when all the current situation is over
    Thank you

  12. I booked flight through mytrip, after that I want to change booking date, I called them many times but nobody answer my phone call also no proper e mail address for them. This is really a worst service I never ever seen before . How can I get back my money from them?

  13. I booked a return flight for my brother and due to the fault in website, I had to re-enter my bank credentials thrice . Only the third time I received the confirmation page that flight has been booked.
    I asked a refund for the two duplicate transactions and nothing has been done about it for 3 months now.
    Clearly a fault in the website has caused loss of my money and noone has been able to locate it.
    Seriously disappointed as the customer representatives also seem like they do not care as per their response.

  14. is a brand under the Etraveli Group, based in Sweden. Online customer feedback in their thousands demonstrate that this company’s customer service is extremely poor and unresponsive, and they regularly withhold customer refunds as standard business practice amongst many other things.

    You can complain to the CEO of Etraveli Group via email address: mathias dot Hedlund at etraveli dot com, the CFO is: henrik dot wetterdal at etraveli dot com, Head of sales is: andreas dot marquardt at etraveli dot com. You can also complain to the company owners at: gmartinlof at cvc dot com.

    You can also complain to the Swedish Government agencies about this company, who are well aware of them, at: Annika dot stenberg at bolagsverket dot se, also: konsumentverket at konsumentverket dot se, and: Marcus dot Isgren at arn dot se.

  15. Barbara Franz Reply

    I have spent a lot of money and time trying to conctact MyTrip by phone, but nobody is answering. My mails haven’t been answered, either.
    Our flights that we’ve booked through you have been cancelled by SAS due to a strike. We had to rebook our flight with another company. Now SAS promised to pay us this flight back but told us that we have to conctact you for the refund. But how??? Where is your mail address? How can I contact you?

    We have tried for many weeks to get in conctact with you but never got an answer.
    Please conctact me as soon as possible, my patience is at an end and I want my money back!!

  16. ANNE-MARIE Reply

    I spent hours to get in contact with this company, and finally I thought everything was fixed, but nothing happened, I am still waiting for the refund – and apparently I now have to start from the beginning! I will never use this company again!

  17. Pål Bache Marthinsen Reply

    I’ve spent 5 hours trying to get in contact with the right person that can actually help me claim a refund for a flight cancelled by the airline company. Either the people I get in touch with don’t know how to perform their job, or they work in a company that has organised things in a way that makes it impossible to handle easy tasks.
    This company should be shut down to save future customers from the dubious service they provide.

  18. I have received an e-mail regarding the cancellation of my flight from BKK to TAS with flight number HY-534 which i booked from website via .The website informed me that i need to pay 35 usd in order to make the changes in my flight.Please contact .the website to make changes according to the itinerary or changing any flights and rebook again to Bishke.

  19. Hello,

    I have bought the option Flexible ticket (55euros) to be able to change my return ticket from India to France. And you can only do it by phone (very pratical) they charged me 120euros to change my ticket even though the flights I wanted to take instead was cheaper then my original return flight !!! Whatever date I would choose they would charge me. And when we buy the option Flexible ticket, it’s written ‘no extra charges’ !
    So it is a SCAM.


  20. Jan Stensrud Reply

    Mytrip as company is a regrettable experience. It is impossible to contact Mytrip, and hence cancelling a flight is impossible.
    Mytrip never pick up any phone. Only an automatic answering machine which says for hours “all our agents are currently busy. You will keep your position in the queu. Thank you for waiting.If you are unable to wait you can contact us by email”. On their app they ask you input the “Flight reservation number”, however, there is noe such when you bokk a flight, there are only “Booking number”, Order number” and “e-ticket number from the airline”, hence it is impossible to administrate your flight (like cancelling if the airline pilots are striking). Never buy a ticket from is my unfortunate and costly experience.

  21. Andrea Graindova Reply

    I wish I’ve read all the reviews before we bought the tickets.
    We have the same experience – we wanted to cancel the flight tickets and get a refund. From so called customer service I received just an automatic answer that to get refund is, according to airline’s rules, impossible. However I was speaking with the airline and I know from them that to get a refund IS POSSIBLE with a small fee!
    This is a horrible approach from MyTrip. I will recommend everyone NOT to use this website.

  22. Yesterday I booked a flight and payed €39 seatreservation service. For what did I pay for as I cannot book seats on my Singapore Airlines flight unless I pay again for my seat.

  23. Yslinda Salamat Reply

    I did a booking on 13/3/2019 thru Sky Scanner for my trip return trip to BKK on 19/3/2019.
    I did not receive confirmation and I did not see any deduction from my credit card bill.
    I checked and received msg that the flight is no longer available (attach).

    Therefore, I had to re book my flight thru another agent.

    On 15/03/2019, I saw there was a deduction from my credit card bill for the booking I did with MyTrip.
    I call the agent in Singapore and was told to contact Thai Airways for assistance but now Thai Airways wants me to refer back to the agent.

    This is not my first time booking thru MyTrip and this is my first time facing this problem.

    Appreciate if you can assist me to cancel / refund this booking Or voucher for future booking.

    Thank you for your kind cooperation.

  24. Seohye Kim Reply

    I’ve been trying to cancel my flight via my airlines, but I was told I need to contact with your agent since I bought my ticket from your website.

    Also I’ve been trying to reach you, nothing worked.
    Hope I can get the answer ASAP.

    hope you

  25. I have the exactly problem from Deep Sarkar (2 comments above).
    Just to make sure nobody ever buy anything from this crap company, I’m trying to post in as many website I find to warn people: IT’S A TRAP!!! YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR MONEY!!

    RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! They do not change or cancel your flight ticket, so you don’t get ANY refund at all!!!

  26. Deep Sarkar Reply

    Ok, mytrip I don’t know what games we are playing here but I have tried cancelling my flight through your website and it didn’t allow me. I had to contact the airlines website directly to get it done but they can’t help me with the refund since I bought the tickets through you. Big mistake! I can’t reach your customer service, it goes over to dialtone each freaking time! This is plain unprofessional and unless I get a reply from your guys within 24 hours, I will assume I have been conned. I don’t care how much the cancellation charges are, I demand my refund immediately!

    • I’m having the same problem and trying to call from Viet Nam! The airline I would have been flying with are refusing to get involved with the refund, and MyTrip are not replying to any emails.

      When I spoke to them on the phone they claimed that priority is to other customers who paid for the better customer service or something.

      Let me know if you get anywhere with it!!!

      • Eduard Flores Reply

        Hi! I’m afraid I’m having the same issue with Any update on your concern? Any action you’ve done that worked so far in contacting them? thank you!

      • I booked flights to New York 4 days ago, when I received the details from mytrip, the return flight had changed giving us 26hrs travelling time. Mytrip tell me that the flight I know I booked with only 16hrs travelling time does not exist. However, when I go onto Skyscanner website, ( 3rd party who I booked through), the flights are advertised on there. What the hell is going on here ? Can you please change the return flights to my original request, or refund my money. Kind regards Mrs Tina Gardiner

  27. They just won’t pick up the phone, even after an hour. And its impossible to contact them by email because they don’t have one. They charged me the amount of my flight and I haven’t received any ticket or confirmation.
    Possibly its a SCAM!!! Be careful with this company!

  28. Tamena S Watts Reply

    I have spent a lot of money attempting to contact by phone and often the call gets dropped or not picked up at all! I have a refund coming from that I have yet to receive. I need assistance ASAP or I will be contacting my attorney!

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