Contact of MWEB, South Africa customer support

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Contact MWEB: Find below customer service details of MWEB, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
Internet Solutions Digital (Pty) Ltd
MWEB Building, 100 Fairway Close
Parow 7500, Cape Town, South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 087 701 2100
Phone: +27 21 596 8300
Phone: 087 700 5000 (sales)
Phone: 087 700 0777 (technical)

About MWEB
MWEB is a South African telecommunications company established in the year 1997. Headquartered at Cape Town, MWEB is currently the second largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the country with an array of exciting products and services. The company had its humble beginnings with the launch of Big Black Box, an easy plug-and-play Internet connectivity solution. Later it began to add new products to its offering. In 2003, MWEB launched WiFI and in 2010 the company introduced uncapped ADSL. It was apparently the first ISP to offer a flat rate broadband connection. MWEB’s current offerings include Fibre, LTE and ADSL connectivity. MWEB also offer individuals and business customers website hosting, premium mailbox and VoIP solutions. As of 2019, MWEB boasts of more than 350,000 customers.

Those looking to subscribe MWEB’s products can reach the customer support via phone, visit nearest office or browse the website for details. You can check if MWEB has coverage in your area before considering a plan. Enter your address online and the Coverage Check tool will tell you if there is connectivity in your area. The major infrastructure providers for Fibre connections include Lightstruck, Century City, Link Africa, Vuma, Metro Fibre, Frogfoot, Octotel, and Mitchells Fibre. Each of them offers an array of fibre plans. You can choose one according to the usage requirement. You have uncapped plans starting with speed of 20Mbps to upto 1Gbps. With a 100Mbps plan you can download a movie in HD quality in a jiff. Do explore the deals offering free installation and router. The fixed line connectivity is served through fibre optic cables making it fast and reliable. The installation is managed by the infrastructure providers.

As for LTE connection, MWEB’s main infrastructure provider has been Telkom. LTE as you know is easy to install and does not require a fixed line. To connect to Internet using the mobile broadband technology, you only need a router and SIM card. Speeds depend on network conditions. MWEB says on average you can expect up to 30MBps speed. Coming to ADSL, it is one o the most widely used and works through copper cable infrastructures. A landline connection is needed for ADSL to work. Users will need an ADSL Router to get connected to the Internet.

Existing customers can sign in to their account to view and manage products. Once signed in, you can check usage, see bills and request for technical assistance. For complaints or queries on new connection, cancellation, refund, career, or others, reach the MWEB support.

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  1. I have been without networks service for 2 days now in Soneike Area. Your robotics customer service is useless and a waste of time. Your customer relations department is a failure.

  2. All I want is to get fibre connection. Mweb online help is unbelievably bad and unprofessional. The suggested phone numbers don’t lead to any success. I cant even find an Email Address on their website. in short: Mweb makes it almost impossible to “buy” something from them.

  3. Francos Enslin Reply

    Trying to get hold of Mweb cannot acces my account because thery send a pin to my hone to enter. My cellphone cannot receive calls or mail messages. Really getting tired of struggling to get hold of anybody. Have to agree with every comment above. Have been with mweb for many years. Looks like they are not interested in old clients just concentrating on new business. The bigger they get the more problems.

  4. Yasmin Turton Reply

    I have spent the past 3 weeks on the phone with numerous technical assistants to get some support to sort out my problem., I have had no joy. I am not receiving emails and this has impacted on my work.

    I am so frustrated by the poor service of M Web. Apart from waiting in the queue for so long, today as I just get through to a person, I am cut off and have to start again. And most important, not one senior manager is available so that I can escalate my complaint directly to them. Now my call has been escalated to another technical supervisor (second time in 2 weeks) and I am not sure when to expect this call.

    M Web you are a big disappointment. You should be boycotted as a service provider so that you can feel the effects of your actions (or rather inactions). Maybe this message on a public platform will have someone listening. Or maybe not.

  5. Is this a joke??? 30 minutes waiting as number one in the queue for technical support and nobody answers. Customer service is clearly not a priority especially when the world is faced with a pandemic. Contact me MWEB so that I can cancel all services with you.

  6. Mrs S Douglas Reply

    I applied for fiber connection on the 23rd July 2020. Its 3 weeks now no response no calls no order. Have tried to log on online no response. Automated answering service. Have left my number numerous times , no response. I am so fed up with this pathetic service.

  7. What a disappointment, I wrote my comment with my frustrations reflecting the poor services provided by MWEB. thereafter my comment been waiting moderation and approval. It appears since MULTICHOICE sell MWEB the service and support collapsed and worsen. I wonder or this comment will also be dropped. I fully agree with all the customers comments below as I experience the same.

    • Johan Kolesky Reply

      I fully agree with all the other complainants, The after services from mweb is insane because the automated answering system is rubbish and frustrating and when you do reach a operator they are so incompetent to do their job and just transfer you to another automated system. It is actually impossible for mweb to assits their customers.

  8. I have also been trying the last weeks contacting MWEB. I am frustrated to listen to the automated voice recording system. You can try Technical Support or Billing Department, what a joke. The hours I spend to date and financial loss to me is for my own pocket. I want to close my account with TELKOM, I cannot do that, until I can provide proof I closed my account with my internet provider, MWEB. Hence, to close my account on both side they stated 30 days notice. I been with them close to 20 years, when they still been worldonline, thereafter year after year we experience less support and poor service. I will not promote nor recommend MWEB to anybody. I hope MWEB read my comment and will be in contact soon, as it seems there are no other means to get hold of them

  9. MWeb accessibility is impossible. Everything is automated thinking all customers is technically inclined. They expect pensioners to set up their own router.

    There is no e-mail address where you can lodge a complaint. All contact numbers go through the same call centre line

  10. Jacques Marx Reply

    I have been trying the last weeks contacting MWEB. It has been impossible speaking to the correct person, the automated voice system does not work you hold on 45 min + every time just using your airtime. I have spent more than 120 min airtime just calling MWEB. I am frustrated I need my hosting to work. I am about to cancel everything I have with MWEB.

  11. ansa vd berg Reply

    Good day it is just IMPOSSIBLE to get hold of anyone at MWEB. I stopped my debit order as i no longer use mweb for internet and i also tried to reverse the debit orders but the bank tells me there is a contract. There is no longer a contract as i dont even have the MTN sim cards any more, both has been blocked due to the fact that i dont use them and dont recharge at all. So please stop billing A FRIEND IN NEED every month, How can a person communicate with MTN if no one is reachable.

  12. Revil Baselga Reply

    6 weeks and numerous calls and rider still not installed even though Openserve has connected to the pole … been on hold for 40 minutes already , mweb is terrible . I’ve been a customer for 24 years , time to move

  13. Byron Earl Job Reply

    You service is terrible….
    Your management is incompetent how are they unable to return receive call or even read or respond to emails.
    I have spoken with Bramwell Barnes one of your mangers he handed me over to Eugene Jones who has been having me call around and try and sort out matters with Vumatel.
    Mweb says that Vumatel is holding my line hostage and gave placed an order pending that is the reason why they can’t get my installation completed.
    Vumatel on the other hand are saying that Mweb is supposed to contact a services manager inorder to sort the matter.Vumatel also informed me that Mweb place an order for my installation but so cancelled it.
    Why and how is it even possible that I am in the middle of a situation when I only called Mweb to provide me with a service.
    Mr Jones works from home due to COVID-19 but can’t make or receive calls nor gas he or Bramwell replied to my email…
    Mweb your service is terrible and your mangers are not effective they expect me to do their work…

  14. Good morning

    I trust you are well. Cannot understand what is happening to this account. I have upgraded my account to MTN because Telkom line was very bad. I am billed for an account that I am not using. Telkom one. This is happening from May and June. Looks like July will be the same.
    What must I do to get the Telkom account cancelled. I have already payed R1300.00

    • Have been calling for days just to get the voucher to reload. Can’t get hold of anyone. The call centre is useless. You hold on for 30min or more!!!! The service sucks. Definately going elsewhere. Had enough!

  15. Jessica Schwarzer Reply

    I dread ever choosing mweb. Serious is absolutely shocking. You can never get hold of them and they never contact you back. I am so disgusted in this lack of communication. They can’t even link up my internet after. After saying it will take a few hours and here I am still waiting 1 week later.

  16. Petrus Van Wyk Reply

    I have been trying to get hold of mweb in all ways, via email, via calling and nothing seems to work! You have not delivered my router for the last two weeks since my fibre units was installed and are already billing me for a service I am not receiving!!!

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