Contact of Mr Price (Mrp), South Africa customer service

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Contact Mr Price (Mrp): Find below customer service details of Mr Price Group, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
65 Masabalala Yengwa Avenue
Upper Level, North Concourse
Durban Station Complex
Morningside 4001
South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 0800 212 535 (Mrp – SA)
Phone: +27 31 310 8000
Phone: +27 31 310 8809 (Mrphome)
Phone: +27 31 310 8545 (Mrpsport)
Phone: +27 31 313 5500 (Miladys)
Phone: +27 31 367 3311 (Mrpmoney)

About Mr Price Group
Mr Price Group, also known as MRP, is a popular retail company based in South Africa. Mr Price was founded in 1885 and was earlier known as John Orrs, Hub, among other names. Headquartered in Durban, Mr Price also has stores across Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Botswana. The company currently operates over 1060 stores and employs close to 17,000 people.

Some of the top brands include Mrp, Mrphome, Mrpsport, Sheet Street, Mrpmoney and Miladys. Besides brick and mortar stores, Mr Price also operates online channels in Africa and Australia. Talking of the brands, Mrp is a fashion retailer that sells clothing, accessories and shoes. Mrphome is for furniture, utensils, and decorative objects for homes, the Mrpsport consists of sporting apparel and footwear, and Miladys is for women of all shapes and ages. There is also the Sheet Street for a range of home textile and decor products, and Mrpmoney, which is a financial services division.

If you are looking for Mrp-branded products, you can locate a store nearest to your address to begin your shopping spree. You can also purchase items online on the website. You have product categories such as t-shirts, vests, shirts, jackets, shorts, dresses, women’s tops, skirts, kids dresses, and shoes. On each product page, you have detailed description, sizes, colors, price and other important information mentioned. You can filter products by name, price, color or size.

Purchases on the website can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal or gift vouchers. Customers enjoy a 30 day return policy on most products (check with customer service). As for delivery, you can track the same online. You have Store Economy, Store Express and Door to Door Express. The Store Economy service takes 5 to 7 working days for delivery (within South Africa). If you are looking for sports apparel, shoes and sporting goods/equipments, visit the Mrpsport website. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, warranty, returns, or others reach the Mr Price customer service.

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  1. I made an online clothing purchase (order no. 107011158407) on the 17th of August 2020 using my visa card for over R2000. The amount was deducted from my card but the order reflected as cancelled on the website. I immediately called the whatsapp helpline & was informed I had to wait 24hrs. After 24hrs I contacted the helpline again and provided all the details including proof of payment and was promised feedback which never came. 4 emails later and 2 more chats with customer care on whatsapp have still not yielded any results. I have tried calling the landlines and can never get through. I have tried sending someone to the shop I was to collect from 4 times, and she has not received any help. THIS IS BEYOND A JOKE MR PRICE!!!!!!!!. I am in Zimbabwe and am absolutely disappointed in your lack of customer care. Please inform me what I must do to get feedback on this.

  2. I am appalled by the service at Mr Price home cape gate. I understand it’s lockdown and so you don’t have the usual amount of people working. The is zero professional when it comes to the employees in this store. I was looking at buying one of your bed trays and needed help finding it in the store. I walked about 4 circles in your store and couldn’t find anyone on the floor. I then proceeded to ask one of the cashiers. She didn’t even greet. Instead she looked at me like “why the hell am I bothering her” she goes to call someone and speaks loudly in her slang aftikaans voice. He then walks out and ignores that customers need to be helped and goes about his way. I ended up leaving everything in my hands and left. You can bet I won’t be coming back to this store. It literally sucks the life out of you and you have people working there who have no pride in their job. They are there to get their pay check and that’s it. I thought after stores opened people would be chasing sales. Clearly I was wrong! Really pathetic actually.

  3. Ruvimbo Rushwaya Reply

    I am very disappointed with Mr Price clothing. I placed my online order for over R2000 on the 17th August 2020 and until today my order has not yet been delivered. No one has apologised or updated me of the status of my order. I have been to the shop where my order should be sent to multiple times without any success. My order number is 107011159003. Someone please tell me what’s going on with my order. The shop assistants don’t have any answers either for me.

  4. Christelle Bezuidenhout Reply

    Hi, just want to compliment one of your employees working at Brooklyn Mr Price Home. Her name is Lucia and she helped me with buying curtains and phoning other branches as her branch was 3 short. She had a positive attitude and a very nice smile. She didn’t give up until I had my curtains! Thank you Lucia at Brooklyn branch!!!!


    Happy Customer

  5. I’m very appalled by the service we get at Mr price Tsakane Mall, you stand in a que for over an hour while the staff do their own thing, how can there be only one cashier working on a till while the ques have up to 20 or more customers? Something needs to be done cos it’s not the first time I expirience such.

    • I am completely appalled by the service which I have not been given. On around 31st July, I ordered 2 lamps. Opted to pay in store. Went to the store in my suburb. Even though I had my order number, they could not find my order online. They phoned customer care for me and were told there was a problem with my order and that I need to place the order again which I did. Took my new order number and this time successfully paid. Online was told delivery on about 14 August. You can track your order online, which is a nightmare in itself. Keeps either telling you that your order number or email is incorrect. Even though you know you are entering the correct details. So I decided to phone on 15 August. Now to be told 2 weeks after I have paid for these lamps that they are out of stock. They have both an email address and my cell phone number yet no one has informed me that I’m waiting for lamps that are never going to arrive. The lady says she will now process a cancellation, which takes 24 to 48 hours and I will receive an email containing a voucher. So I explain that I do not want a voucher seeing this is clearly a fault of Mr Price. I’m told no problem I can simply reply to the email with proof of bank details and I will be refunded. I receive a call 17 August saying they have escalated my cancellation, the lady confirmed my email address and once again I was told that I would receive an email with a voucher and can simply reply on the email my proof of bank details and I will be refunded. The email arrives 20 August , it’s a voucher but the email address is a no reply email address. So I phone again, 21 August. I have all the times of these calls if someone wants to go listen to them seeing all calls are recorded for quality purposes. I’m now put on hold while my ticket is checked. I’m told that the lady dealing with this will send me an email address which I can reply to. The same day I.e 21 August I get a call saying my refund will be processed and it takes approximately 6 to 10 working days. So I tell the lady, but I haven’t sent my bank details yet as the email hasn’t come where I can reply with my proof of bank details. I’m put on hold. She comes back and says sorry wrong person. Even though she asked for me by name when I answered the call. I am horrified at the mere incompetence and very discouraged towards and positive feedback. I shop at your stores regularly and am so upset that I don’t want to shop there again and of course one tells their family and friends about shocking service. I want my money back. You have had it for 3 weeks.


    I enterred the cell phone contract with MRPMOBILE in 2018 and my first instalment was on june the same year. However there was an amount I was not told about it in the first place, amount of R109. I refused to pay that as I was not informed about it. Even though I refused, MRP deduct the money from my account, worse they deduct on any date they wish to deduct irrespective I gave them the deduction date. This happened for the while until I decided to block them at the bank. Little I knew that they are stealing my money with the amount of R24.82. Which was not easy to notice that until I went to block other company that was also stealing my money, this was then I realized that MRP have been taking my money of that little amount.

    Anyway the contract finished this year in June. True the end of March I didn’t pay them as I was now paying at the shop every month. I paid in April and in May 2020 they said I must pay R360 of which I paid. In June they said I must R220. After I paid, I checked and realized that I have paid them extra with R595 after the contract expired. To my suprise I’m getting threating calls from them up until I block them. MRP never suplied me with the contract of the phone. I ask them many times that we communicate with emails and they refused to do so.

    Now they decided to send me letters that doesn’t have an email. They make it so difficult to communicate with them. If they want to destroy my name, they are most welcome to do that as I won’t pay them a cent.

  7. Veronica Benny Reply

    Good day I am appalled by the service of Mr price home in Durban argyle.
    My sister bought furniture to the value of 14k in these trying times of covid ..this purchase was done early July and by the way date no delivery instead confusion and false promises..its now 13.22 pm and we were told that delivery would be done today …no call received yet.. and my sister had to wait at home again another day almost call no nothing to say what could the delay be..
    I unfortunately dont think I would recomend such service especially were customer service should be king at this time.

  8. Tebogo Mokae Reply

    Good day

    I would like to thank Nathi from mr price chris hani mall Vosloorus. Nathi thank you for such a great service i don’t even know how 2 thank you your service is out of this world i hope mr price sees, that they have an asset in you came in store today with my mom Nathi went an extra mile haven’t seen such at mr price he offered us baskets to carry the clothes he assisted me to get a perfect size for my son and he did all that with a smile keep up the good work ngiyabonga thank u so much i really appreciate it my mom was happy 2 for your excellent customer service

  9. Disgusted with the “service” I’ve received from Mr price online shopping. I paid and purchased the tie dye joggers and sweatshirt online, received an email to collect only to find out that I have only received the sweatshirt, after mailing (to which I received a response advisin someone else to contact me) and struggling for two days to get hold of customer service I was advised that they do not have any stock of the joggers and that I would receive compensation in the form of a voucher, I have still not receive any correspondence, voucher or my money back. I’m tired of begging for service and not receiving any correspondence! Order reference : 107011052044 current status collected, jogger status “on hold”

  10. Bought a dining table last Sunday from Mr Price home in Morningside, kzn, and paid for delivery. We were told that someone would call us within 3 days to arrange delivery??? Today is Thursday, FOUR DAYS LATER, and I still have not heard from them???? POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  11. Precious Khumalo Reply

    Good day
    I was at Mr price hillbrow today trying to get inside the store, there was a long queue outside which l had to stand in, I’m 7 months pregnant by the way, just when l got to the door , the guy who didn’t have his name tag on said they are closing the door at 4:30 PM , but the sign days 5:00 PM, I was closed outside tried to ask the guy his name he said he does not have a name, I was so disappointed by the service.

  12. Silindokuhle Reply

    Hi… Was not happy with the customer service one of your employees gave me bad attitude today at your shop Mr price Ulundi was there for an exchange he just told me we don’t exchange without me finishing what I was about to say and he just left me there

  13. Hi I closed my account February the fifth paid balance in full and signed documents so the cashier told be it would take 3 weeks to complete closing. Now at the moment I still receive statements that I’m owning them for what. Please can someone help me with this issue please.

  14. I bought some good at MRP Home at Stonebridge EDENVALE Yesterday 2 June
    However I did not receive all my goods as the content purchases were large
    The attendant did not give all my goods to me when paying
    When I tried to call the store this morning 3 JUNE at 9.25 am nobody ANSWERS the phone
    The number on the till slip appears to be wrong and when I googled the store info a different number appears, i CALLED STILL NO ANSWER Then I called the Durban Head Office, no answer there I waited for 12 minutes on the line the phone just rings and rings THIS SERVICE IS UNACCEPTABLE DO YOU THINK I WILL EVER RECOMMEND TO MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO SHOP AT MRP HOME THE ANSWER IS NO NO NO !!!!

  15. As a loyal customer I’m completely shattered to be the one writing this email. I have been served at various branches, and have never had such an unpleasant experience as I did today. I went to the Ferndale on Republic branch in Randburg, a branch that I am mostly familiar with since it’s the closest to my workplace. I grabbed a few items, got to the till and they swiped my card, the money was deducted from my account. The staff member who was assisting advised that the machine had some network issues, she went on to call the manager to further assist. I showed them both that the money had been deducted from my account, the manager didn’t display any willingness to help, she simply dismissed me by saying the money will be transfered back into my account because apparently it wasn’t reflecting in the system. Despite me providing solid evidence that the money had been deducted, she just dismissed that and said I should wait 24hrs, she insisted that I couldn’t leave with the items I had bought. She then suggested that we phone my banking provider to confirm that the money was deducted and that it will be reversed – when we called, the agent who was assisting confirmed that the money was deducted and that there wasn’t any information mentioning that it would be reversed. Even with all the information, the manager showed absolutely no ethics. My money was only reversed by the bank because I had to request them to do so immediately. I spent a whole hour trying to resolve the matter, as patient as I was, the manager seemed unapologetic and unbothered by my frustrations. More than anything, I am so disappointed at how the manager handled the matter. Not once did she apologise for having wasted my time. It’s disappointing and I feel I was treated unfairly.

  16. I bought a skirt at Mr Price exactly a week ago. Today is the first time I am taking it out of the package! Its torn and this is very disturbing because I had to travel quite far to buy it! If the quality is so bad why is is so ecpensive? It is now the second time I buy something from Mr Price then get home to see in what condition it is. There is not always time to investigate clothes at a store before taking it home. It should be in a good condition. I am really disgusted. I hope Mr price will actually look into this because I can think about a lot of people who’s experiencing the same issues with this store. I am not gonna spend another R100 just to travel to Mr Price to exchange something. This is ridiculous. Glad I took photos of this with the slip!

    I would love to know hoe to go about this and what Mr Price will do about this?

    The stores location is Walmer Park Shopping Centre, Main Rd, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6070

    I do have pictures with price tag and the slip.

  17. Tania Panagary Reply

    Since the Beginning of December I ordered some clothes, now it’s the ending of February, i still have not received my parcel in Seychelles, use to take 2 weeks maximum to receive them, Now i don’t know what happened.

  18. I was at MRP clothing in the golden acre mall in cape town today.

    I saw a top which i liked, whem i go to the till there was no price or barcode on the top. After searching the entire store i was told by cashier the item is not stocked when im standing with one in my hand???

    She then asked me if its a return because it smells like perfume, after i have just told her its a purchase.

    I then asked if the item can be searched on the system, she asked me what i mean – after explaining to her what i meant she says no she cannot when i know that it is possible!

    I then asked if she can not see the last purchase on my account seeing that everything is now digital – she once again asked what i meant and told me no!

    She then told me there is plenty of tops in the store i must please take another one instead??

    I said i saw the others i would like this one please, to which she responded im sorry but i cant sell u something that has no barcode and she asked for the next customer!!!

    Absolutely pathetic and disgusting customer service!

    I have had minor incidents and run ins with MRP staff before… But never as a paying customer have i been refused a sale!

    Needless to say i will NEVER shop at that store again!

  19. Can you please consider bringing back white chinos to your shelves. For myself and many others white is a daily uniform. Looking forward to being a happy customer.

  20. Disappointed Customer! Reply

    I bought clothes online on the 17th September 2019, the next day my status was changed to shipped. I waited for a whole week to see a change and nothing. After that week, on a Monday (30 September 2019), I called the online customer support to ask what the problem is, I was advised that the clothes have been delivered to the store, I went to the store later that day and was informed that they have not received the clothes. The lady at the store took my number and advised that they will call me when they receive the clothes. A whole week went by and nothing. On Sunday (05 October 2019) I received a call from a gentleman calling me from the store, and according to him, the store did receive the clothes (date not disclosed) but one of the guys working there thought that this was new stock for the store (this is because apparently my order was too large!). so the guy asked me to give him some time so he can collect my clothes from the floor and he will call me so that I can come collect them. A whole week has went by and I haven’t heard from him, their phone doesn’t go through, so I really don’t’ feel like driving all the way there for Mahala.
    I am just appalled at how there is no sense of urgency shown towards this issue nor is there any remorse! Very disappointing!

  21. Good Day
    I was at wonderpark Mr price today to replace my card that was a horrible service from the managers even now I didn’t replace it because of managers who were just standing there telling me that she’s not in yet so she can’t help I waited for more than 30 min the guy called sthembiso when he comes he tells me they are offline I must come back after 30min I left and come back again I had to wait for him for another 30minutes . I don’t think I will even go back I will just close my account thank you

  22. Tasneem Mohammed Reply

    Last week monday (9/09l I went to MRp in Clearwater… the lady said I can pay by her with card and not by till… the machine said done… but she insisted it didn’t go through I must swipe again… not long after I recieved bank messages twice for the same amount I went back to the store and showed them.. they said they will check and call.. an entire week later no call.. I’m trying from this morning no answer… pathetic really! I want a reverse on that amount immediately MRP! This is totally unacceptable

  23. I had the displeasure of shopping at the Sandton City store last night. I went to the store to purchase sporting gear and apparel for my 2 daughters. We were in the store for over an hour from approximately just after 6.30pm. There were no other customers in store that I noticed. However in all the time that we were there, not a single staff member assisted us. One of the items I that I bought, was a pair of sneakers. Not a single person assisted with selecting a sneaker or getting the right size. Each time I looked for assistance, everyone acted busy and ducked out of sight!

    I was met with the same flippant response and disregard when I mentioned it to the cashiers! Not even an apology was offered. This is supposed to be a retail store with a service etiquette but apparently none of that applies to this store!

    I purchased a substantial amount of goods from the store – sneakers, sporting gear and clothing apparel.

    I am bitterly disappointed and frustrated by the lack of customer service or regards for patrons of the store.

  24. Good day

    I wanted to exchange my ankle boots for a navy color and the navy boots were out of stock at the store where I was exchanging, I requested that they check for me which mall has the stock and the system reflected that Mall of The South had a quantity of two pairs in size 5 and two pairs in size 4.

    On Monday after work I went to Mall of the South Mr Price where I only found one pair left at the shoes floor section which was size 8. I then went to the tills with those boots where I was assisted by an arrogant lady by the name of Lindelwa. I asked her to check for me if they have size 5 of the boots and she checked and the system reflected that they have two pairs and she told me to search for them at the whole floor of which I had already did and she then said “if they not at the floor then it means they were stolen” I asked her to check size 4 which also reflected that they have two pairs in store she then said once again that it means they were stolen I asked her how is it possible that all 4 pairs were stolen and her response was “That’s the only reason why they would not be at the floor and there is nothing she can do about it” I then requested that she calls someone who works at the shoes department to assist me, she said the person who works at the shoes department is Mxolisi and he is on lunch (mind you the time was around 5pm and the store closes at 7pm yet I’m expected to believe that someone is on lunch two hours before their time to knock off) one of the ladies at the tills pointed at Mxolisi and only then he was called to come assist me and the rude Lindelwa was like “either way there’s nothing that Mxolisi will do if the shoes are not at the floor”.

    Mxolisi’s customer service was also just bad because he just said “if the shoes are not at the floor it means they were bought” yet the system says the stock is still in store. I requested him to check for me in the stock room her said they not there of which I doubt he even looked

    As someone who’ve once worked in a retail store I was very unhappy with the customer service I got at Mall of The South and my question is “Why was Lindelwa so sure that all the 4 pairs were stolen unless she is the one stealing the shoes?” I believe they were simply supposed to write down the code of the shoes I wanted and took my name and contact details and told me they will contact me should the shoes come out from the stock room.

    The code of the image of the shoes is “8800367598050” but this one is for the color I wanted to return I don’t know the code of the navy ones which are the same as these ones but different color. Please do check if possible as proof that Mall of the South really reflects that the system has two pairs of both size 5 and 4.

    Can disciplinary actions be done regarding my complaint and can I have feedback.

    Thank You

  25. I went to Mr Price cradlestone as I work in the same centre to go and change an item that my cousin bought for me…it was small so I wanted to change the size or get something else.I gave the item to the security guard and told her I had no slip as it was a present ,I proceeded to the store and looked for what to exchange with…I Found what I liked went to the tills and was helped by this girl named Pleasure (as it says on the receipt) that was very rude to me..She asked were my slip was and I explained to her then she shouted loudly saying “I don’t like people that comes for exchanges without a slip” then she asked for an override..I responded by saying that so I must not come to the store at all if I don’t have a slip n the item was given to me as a present..she just replied by saying if it was you ,you were also gonna ask for a slip so you must know what’s expected ?with a smug on her face.. I told her to stop being rude to the customers and she said she is not…She asked me to sign then gave me my plastic ,took it and left the counter just after I took few steps she shouted saying why am I leaving my slip behind how do I think I am gonna go out of the store..It seems she does not know what is expected of her and how to treat customers…she clearly lacks customer service and has a very stinking attitude.. She shouldn’t be working on the tills because she doesn’t know how to treat customers…

  26. Good day

    I have come to realise that Mr Price has no mature small sizes on Oakridge. Everything or most of the brands that cater for small sizes are revealing. It would be great that you consider beautiful and mature brands that cater for small sizes like Oakridge.

  27. Cheryl Human Reply

    The Mr Price Store in Walmer Park is shocking when it comes to Customer Service ! Unfriendly, disinterested
    and downright rude. The manor in which ones is served
    is atrocious. Something that Retailer tend to forget is ” No Customer , No Turnover” Then all that Retailer is, is a warehouse. People, buy from People – if you are treated in this manor, do you want to return ? There are plenty of other Retailers with the same products and same price range. I go into this store almost every Friday and I don’t believe customers should be treated like this. Bring back the days when companies had ” mystery shoppers” so as to rate the sale experience that the shopper had. This store is badly in need of staff that value their jobs.

  28. Good day

    What’s wrong with MRP clothing’s stores? It is sloppy and disorganized and impossible to shop.

    Is it the store’s image or is it a selling gimmick? Are your scared that clients becoming aware of what poor quality clothing you stock?

    Maybe you should invest in training of managers and staff?

    NO!!, as neat as MRP Home and MRP Sport is such a mess is MRP Clothing.


  29. Jeane Grobler Reply

    I shopped at MRP Secunda Central and found shoes marked WAS R99.99 NOW R140 ? ? ?
    When asked the cashier what is the price she replied that its a printing error and YES ?
    YES WHAT ?
    They have an attitude that the customer is not their priority and pay or leave ?
    Then I will leave and go somewhere else . . .
    MRP does not need my money . . .
    Some other shop does !
    Disorganised; unprofessional – no system in place, untidy shop and floor workers on their phones.

  30. Good day i bought a dress at Mr Price in Midrand the Boulders in December 2018 and today i decided to wear the dress for the second time and i noticed it tore.A ND IM very unhappy with this.

  31. I am very upset and appalled at the service I received from your Gateway Mr Price clothing store.

    I have bought a kiddies shirt for my son from the Phoenix branch and he had whore it once and the colour red that was at the edges of the shirt run all over the white parts of the shirt.
    The shirt was washing separately by hand with a whole of other white clothing and all the other clothing is also now damaged as well.

    I was in the Gateway area yesterday and decided to bring it in. And to my surprise was disgusted with the service I received.

    I have bought this on my account store card so I went to customer services and the teller at the time I explained to her exactly what happened.
    She never paid attention and was rolling her eyes as if I was lying about it she called the manager he advised to credit the account. However that still wasn’t enough he was telling the manager in Zulu about me and why he must change it. His reply was don’t worry credit the account and don’t make it a big thing.

    There after she starting talking in Zulu to another teller on the other side , saying we don’t know how to wash clothes and I am stupid and a lot of stuff in front of one face. Falling to realise I understood every word. I waited for them to finish and I replied back saying I understood every word and that the service is very bad here.

    The manager was standing there the whole time and just left them to continue to speak. After I said the service is bad , his reply angrily ‘WHAT DID YOU SAY ‘ and I walked away.

    I am really disappointed with the customer services , as a retail company you’ll really need to look into this matter of how your staff treat people.

    I am not a person to complain but I was really embarrassed yesterday and shocked that people can behave in this manner and for a shirt that wasn’t up to quality that cost R120.

    I will await you feedback.

  32. I’ve dealt with a consultant Lucky about my online order, he told me it has not been processed after 6 days and when I asked what will happen if they have to reorder and they out of stock tells me there’s nothing they can do i can go look in the shops!!!! Are you serious??? isn’t that whybusy people do online shopping??? He has no way of speaking to customers he spoke over me told me his manager is busy cannot take my call and other managers are in a meeting there’s a reason people shopping online and his telling me that i must go to a shop???? is this how you deal with customers? telling me i will get a refund if they no longer have what i ordered on the 27th I dont want a refund I want what i ordered this is not my fault stock was available when I ordered!!! Lucky was damn rude speaking over me deliberately provoking me and telling me I must go to a store and go see what they have??? what the hell is the point of online shopping!!! I want this escalated and something done about it he does not speak over me when I am speaking to him! That is rude and provoking a customer!!!

  33. Morning Team

    I would love to acknowledge the best service I got from Mr Price “Parys” in the Free State. I have been breastfeeding and my cup size changed drastically. After buying 8 bra’s of the wrong cup size I met a young lady who works at your store. She was attentive and assisted me with love. It wasn’t easy getting my size but we eventually found a perfect fit(36D). Her name was UNATHI. She is the best in the field ! Her love for people will melt your heart.
    Many thanks for hiring such warm hearted ppl.

  34. Mr Price Head Office 21st November 2019
    Customer Care /Complaints

    RE: Bad Service; Unprofessional and Humiliating customers at Long Beach Mall branch on 20 November 2018

    Good Day to the Manager

    I, Mrs F Kiel, would like to send a complaint on behalf of my, 20 year old twin girls Aneeqa, Aneesa and their cousin Rushan. On the Tuesday the 20th of November my twin girls were celebrating their crown birthday at Long Beach Mall. I gave them each three thousand rand to spend at their favourite store, Mr Price.

    The cousin that was with them, greeted the staff as they entered, and the remark from the manager, Brynn, they should have close their shops doors (pass 12) in the afternoon), referring to them entering the shop. Her assistant, Antoinette then respond, “What are they doing here? Because their mother doesn’t have money and only shops here when she has bonus.

    My one daughter and her cousin was so embarrassed, humiliated and upset because they knew that the other customers could also hear these uncalled for remarks, that they left the store without buying her gift. Aneeqa was determined to spoil herself even though she felt so embarrassed. She was then approached by the 3rd store assistant who wanted to know what she was looking for and her being the brave one said she`s looking for a birthday gift for her sister but nothing has caught her eye yet. This is when Brynn responds by telling her “To get her eyes checked (implying my daughter has an eye problem /blind). My daughter then responded by asking her, “Excuse me Aunty? (What did you say?)” And Brynn said to her again, sarcastically “you need to have your eyes checked. Which she responded to “Thank you” and turned and started to walk in the direction of the doors, when Brynn asked very loudly” What did she just say? And the assistant replied, that my daughter had said ”Thank you!!!

    I`m proud to say my girls handled themselves very well under the circumstances but did not deserve to be bullied and treated so unprofessionally by you staff. They did not do anything wrong to be spoken to or to be treated like that. They couldn’t understand why they were being targeted and why this attitude, was shown towards them.

    On their way home from the mall, Rushan contacted his mom, who then phoned me at my work to inform me of the situation. She told me that she think she knows the reason why our kids were targeted. She told me that Rushan applied for a casual vacancy /job, at the same branch early this year due to his mom being a single parent and he wanting to help her with fees for his final year in matric. He was invited for an interview and was successful and received a message on his phone from Head Office to confirm his acceptance. He then all excitingly, went in to speak to Brynn, to find out when he would be starting. He was then asked to pack out some stock/boxes for them and was later told by Brynn that they were not going to need his services because they have someone else. When his mom contact one of the other staff she was told that Antoinette does not like him and has been spreading some rumours about Rushan and without asking Rushan to defend himself, she said his application was unsuccessful.

    I am very proud of Rushan, because he has moved on and did not carry any grudges against any of the staff, as that is not in his character or friendly nature. My daughters both said that he greeted the staff but their unprofessional behaviour against him and my unsuspecting twins caused them so much embarrassment, they don’t want to shop there ever again.

    We regularly visit various of your Mr Price branches to shop for my Girls and their dad, but after Tuesday`s horrible incident /experience we will never shop at any of your branches and we will share their experience, with all that wants to listen or read about it. Even though it’s their favourite clothing store, we will not spend another dime/dollar, all because your, Long Beach Mall staff thinking its ok to treat people, customers, students and my family the way they did ……..UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!.

    I do not wish for them to lose the jobs but I would appreciate it very much if the 3 staff members would apologize to our kids for their unprofessional bad behavior. Its people like them that breaks the spirits of good kids like ours. The sad part is, if our kids, had reacted to their rude ways, then the kids would get labelled as uneducated, no manners and the security would have been called to escort them from the store and mall. We have good kids trying their best to make something of their lives, studying at college and Rushan busy with his matric exams, trying to rise above the crime, robberies, guns, deaths and gangsters in our community. So we need them to treat our kids with the same respect and professional service they give to all the other customers.


    • Mapitso Sane Reply

      I have an account with Mr Price, yesterday we went to Mr Price East rand Mall for shopping with my sister who decided to purchase cash. To our suprise when we exit the store we where escorted like criminals to the back room(store room) by a security lady named Dorothy, there we where told a customer tipped them off that we were stealing and they need to search her.

      Dorothy and the other sales lady had the nerve to tell us its not a bad thing we just gonna talk, I mean being escorted where everyone is watching its embarrassing as it is. Head office should deal with such employees, we cannot be treated like thieves when we want to shop, why don’t they install cameras?

      After this incident the strange behaviour of the other employees started making sense. More than 5 ladies were crowded in the jewellery department, doing nothing. We did not mind that because we were also busy deciding on which earrings to buy as most were on sale. More than 5 employees left their respective departments, just to stand there and report nonsense to the security who clearly does not know how to do her job. How can we buy clothing to the value of +R430 and risk going to jail for fake marked-down items? If Mr Price does not deal with this, we will even take this to the FSCA if needs be. We suffered emotionally due to that humiliation, not forgetting defamation of character.

  35. I opened a Mr Price Sports account in 2011 and have maintained the account to date. I have made an arrangement with the accounts department via telephone calls and emails on the 18 of April 2018 to pay an amount of R50.00 as I have not be employed since November 2017. I have continued to make the R50.00 payment to date via in store payments with my bank card. I have all my receipts and when I go onto the MRP online to check my balances, it shows my payments made however the balance remains unchanged. I have also been receiving rude daily calls from Mr Price accounts department asking me to pay even when I have made the monthly payments on time. I receive at least 23 calls a day from a Mr Price office number. Please confirm if this is standard procedure as other companies do not harass their customers to this extent.

  36. Good day

    Kindly please assist me with my account as I’ve been put from pillar to post regarding my account status.
    I went to Protea Gardens MRP shop as I wanted to use my account again which they said I cannot use it to buy as on their system it reflect my account is on zero balance fully paid up but with no credit to buy, which they can’t explain why I can’t use my account again. I was advised to call MRP help desk or ST Johns & Associates to get a paid up letter and I am also not getting any statement. This no of ST JOHNS & Associates 086 0555 019 does not exist, also 0101107816 they can’t confirm anything regarding my account they don’t have my records. I called trough MRP help desk still no help. I am in point where now I want to cancel the contract as I am not getting any help and what is the point of have a MRP account which you are not happy with service one get and what’s worse you one can’t use the account.I constantly call using my own airtime and calls get cut while holding,this it’s too much. I am not disputing if the is any outstanding amount that I need to pay I will do that but I have not received no communication from your department, no calls, no emails, no statement and from my knowledge I know my account is fully paid up last payment I made was on 2016-10/06 R250 & my balance was R0.00 receipt no 8134-4-19170. Now please tell me what is the way forward regarding this situation.
    My MRP card or account no:0198903437

    I would appreciate if you can take my complain or query to consideration and reply me back regarding this problem, thank you in advance.

    Yours Regards

  37. Vanita Lotriet Reply

    I need to get a settlement account of an age old Milady’s account, it showed I owed a balance I paid it and I mailed the proof of payment. I cannot find anyone telephonically to help me, I keep on being cut off after holding on for ages. It would be so nice if I could get some assistance, and propper assistance. To sit on a phone for ages and not get anywhere is quite frustrasting.

  38. To whom it may concern

    I hope this email finds you well. My name is Palesa Mofokeng and I’m currently a student at Wits.

    Today at around 3:45pm I went to one of the Mr Price retail clothing stores – Newtown Junction. The context of the incident is as follows: On Saturday I went to buy two shirts and a black trouser and I didn’t fit all clothing items on the basis that they were correct sizes for me however the trouser itself doesn’t fit me as I hoped it will due to its elasticity though its my size. I went to the very same store again today to return the trouser for a refund but I was told that the machine was supposedly offline. While engaging with one of the women at the till, a customer came to pay and the process went through.

    With that being said, I would love for the respective stakeholders to investigate the accuracy of the above information [of the till(s) being offline at the store] as I honestly and genuinely felt unfairly treated as a regular customer. May I ask to be advised on what I am to do going further as I did not appreciate the manner in which I was treated and how the entire matter was handled by both ladies who were at the counter today.

    As I write this email, I am very much hurt and disturbed by the way in which I was treated at this particular store.


  39. I bought a tablet from you on contract (Prestige). You debited money from my account which is something that I am used to. On a monthly basis you debited R119. 00. One of the months you debited R132, 00 and I called you, you explained to me how it came to that figure and I understood and requested you to lock my account once I reached the limit. Even my lawyers called you and the matter was resolved. You practically did so and continue to debit money as per the contract. But in February 2018 you debited R400 plus. I called your call centre and was told I used more DATA in February I requested for statement and what I was told was not correct the amount was R132, 00. I also requested the March statement and it was stating that I used more than R400 for DATA. I believe your company is really reaping me off as there is nothing like that. You just wanted to take money from me illegally. I requested for the detailed statement you gave me something else that it does not even reflect my usage. I requested for another statement in April and even today July I am still awaiting the statement. You are really running a mafia store and depicting it as a good store. You are really ripping other people out there.

  40. Mnelisi Cebekhulu Reply

    Dear Mr. Price

    I live in Cape Town and originally from Kwazulu Natal. I am a full time engineer, I went to the shop Mr.Price Home Claremont between 12pm-1pm today with my partner for account payment. I never miss payment – I always pay! Very loyal customer.

    When I arrived there, I said “Excuse me sir, I cannot understand my balance. Please kindly explain to me. However, I do not have my account card- Only an ID”. He replied ” Sorry, I cant help you without a card”.

    Ok. I waited anyway because I was shook. Then a manager came, She said “Yes we can help you”. I didnt say anything, I just gave my ID. The manager said “Well, this is your balance, there s nothing we can do.”.

    I asked for her to please contact head office because I believe something is wrong here, my balance is R1600 instead of R500. She said “Go contact head office at your own time.we are a shop and we have nothing to do with head office”.

    She said whatever I took has accumulated interest to such an extend that its nor R1600, and I missed payments.

    I told her I never missed payments and I know what I take. She got angry, I then asked for a calculator. I added my amounts, with interests and fees. I showed her it doesnt match up. She then completely stared at me and told me “You have to go”.

    This statement right there went deep in my heart like a knife. While I was digesting the response, The guy on the till with the manager, rudely shouted “Next customer please! calling the white lady next in the line as if I was not a customer”.

    For a second, I thought of shouting but I just kept calm and I drove from Mr. Price Claremont to Mr. Price in Cape Town Adderley street (its a long distance).

    When I got there, the guy at the door said “No worried, go to the till and ask for the manager”. Th manager came and looked at my balance at the till (R1600), I showed her my balance online and June statement (R500). She immediately contacted head office on my behalf – in store(God bless her soul). On the phone I spoke to Lerato, she was so sweet and confident. She was direct, friendly and understanding.

    In my mind am asking myself, how can Mr, Price home Claremont treat me like that? Were the white customers on the line more important than me? is it because I was wearing shorts? or I am black? or maybe I looked unimportant? Anyways, Lerato from Durban head office handled the matter with so much professionalism( Assalaamu Alaykum).

    Lerato checked my statement. Found root-cause of the problem. Contacted relevant departments on my behalf and cleared my balanced to the correct amount.

    I would like to get feedback on the matter with regards to Mr.Price Home Claremont (Western Cape). Because of the manner in which they treated me, I am traumatised and affected emotionally. I will be closing my account as soon as possible with Mr. Price because I see the Whole Brand As Racist!

    Thank you Mr. Price

  41. This has happened over and over and over again, every single time i pay my account EFT, 2 weeks later i get a call from some legal collectors or an sms saying i am in arrears, i send AGAIN a proof of payment to ‘Nicolette Naidoo'( who talks to me like its a problem to assist- and its Mrs not Miss) or to Charmaine Wilson who just never replays , Lisa Fared has been the only person who was helpful and advised what seems to be going wrong. this is really pathetic service.

  42. Quinton Naicker Reply

    Good day,

    My wife purchased a dish rack from Mr Price Gateway in March and the product is already starting to rust. Please advise on what can be done as we are extremely dissatisfied with the product.

  43. Theresa Masimong Reply

    To whom it my concern

    I must say am very disappointed with the fact that there is no cameras in mrp stores.

    on the 28.04.2018 I went to mrp store at Woodlands within a split second my wallet and phone was stolen including my id inside my baby nappy bag.

    I wonder how do expect customers to shop at your store when they not feeling safe. To make the matters worse the staff does not even care if a customers reports such incidents.

  44. Ashley Jaun pedro Reply

    Good day

    I have Paid my Mr Price account and I have received a statement saying I have not paid 1 cent and payment is due on the 20th April.

    I have a statement to prove that I paid MR Price

  45. I got the banking details from your website as I was unable to go to the mall and make payments, I got miss calls from your company telling me that I didn’t pay day’s later I was sent a massage informing me that they received payments,they gave me the right banking details, 2days later they call me again informing me that my account is in area’s how is it possible as they sent me massages every month telling me how much I need to pay,I am so angry I am even thinking of closing the account

  46. Denise Klein Reply

    Good day
    I bought curtains and tie backs from your Claremont store in December. And now 2 months later the tie back is falling apart and I haven’t even washed it yet. Must say your merchandise assortment is better than all the other retailers,but your quality leaves much to be desired. I only bought these items from you because I couldn’t find the colour anywhere else. Your quality is very poor and your prices are not that great if you try and compare to Woolworths or Edgars. One would expect this quality from a budget retailer . I am very disappointed and don’t think I’ll buy anything from you any time soon.

  47. samanrha francis Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have not received my statement of account in a very long time and would like to request a recent one.

    Please can you assist me in this regard.

    i would also like to know if it is possible to make monthly payments via EFT and what are the banking details that I should use.

    Kind regards,
    Samantha Francis

  48. Elmarie van Coller Reply

    Good day

    I was at the Galleria Mall, Amanzimtoti on 7 December buying some clothes for my husband – Inv 7994-14-29731, I left the store and I forgot to take the bag, when I returned to asked about the package they told me I took the bag which I didn’t, the guy called a lady the she told me there is no cameras in the store so that I can check if the bag was given to me, she ask the guy if he gave the package to me and he told her yes, then I bought all the stuff for a second time see Inv 7994-12-27674. I feel this is totally unacceptable for such a big shop not to have cameras, I only went to Checkers where all my bags were taped together to go into the store from MRP Sport and there was no MRP bag so I didn’t get the bag from the guy it was put behind the counter while he was busy ringing the purchases on the register.

    Please assist me because it is a lot of money and my husband only buy MRP Sport clothes.

  49. Nicole Moses Reply

    Good day

    I would really like to know how long you express store delivery take.
    This is the second time that I have ordered online from you and chose the express store delivery, which states on your site, 1-3 working days.
    My order was placed on the 28th of November, last Tuesday and I have still not received my order. This is now 5 working days later.
    The reason I picked the express delivery, was because I had a Secret Santa event at work. Because my order was not delivered on time, I was forced to give out money that I did not budget for, to buy a new gift.

    I am very disappointed and would like to know what you are going to do about this issue, because this cost me money.
    Also please remove the option for express delivery if you can’t comply with it.

  50. Ashler Mathikge Reply

    Good day

    I just want to compliment Mr Price and express how happy I am about the availability of women’s size 9 shoes.Finding my shoe size has been a struggle since my early teenage hood and I am so happy to feel included as a shopper.

    Your buyers have no idea, how much it means to be able to walk into your store and find a size in the different styles you have. I have been a size 9 since the age of 12 so please know that you are making a huge difference in someone’s life.

    Thank you Mr Price :)

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