Contact of Miele customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Miele: Find below customer service details of Miele in Germany and worldwide, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Miele & Cie KG
Carl-Miele-Straße 29
D-33332 Gütersloh
Email: [email protected]

Customer Service – US
Phone: 888-99-MIELE
Phone: 888-99-64353
Phone: 800-991-9380
Email: [email protected] (Miele Professional)

Global Contacts
Phone: +61 3 97647-100 (Australia)
Phone: +43 50 800-0 (Austria)
Phone: + 32 (02) 451 16 16 (Belgium)
Phone: +1 905 532-2270 (Canada)
Phone: +86 21 61573500 (China)
Phone: +420 543 553-111-3 (Czech Rep)
Phone: +45 4327 1310 (Denmark)
Phone: +33 1 4939-4400 (France)
Phone: 05241 89-0 (Germany)
Phone: +36 1 8806-400 (Hungary)
Phone: +852-2610-1331 (Hong Kong)
Phone: +39 0471 666-111 (Italy)
Phone: +353 1 4610710 (Ireland)
Phone: +603 6209 0288 (Malaysia)
Phone: 01 800 MIELE 00 (Mexico)
Phone: +31 347 378-911 (Netherlands)
Phone: +48 22 548-4000 (Poland)
Phone: +351 21 4248-100 (Portugal)
Phone: +7 495 745-8990 (Russia)
Phone: +65 6735-1191 (Singapore)
Phone: +34 902 398 398 (Spain)
Phone: +27 11 875-9000 (S.Africa)
Phone: +46 8 56229-000 (Sweden)
Phone: +41 800 800 222 (Switzerland)
Phone: +90 216 687 18 00 (Turkey)
Phone: 800 MIELE /64353 (UAE)
Phone: +44 0330 160 6600 (UK)
Phone: +38 044 4960300 (Ukraine)

About Miele
Miele is a luxury brand of home appliances that is headquarteed at Gutersloh, Germany. Founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann in 1899, Miele employs more than 20,000 globally, a large number of them in Germany alone. The German company manufactures domestic appliances and commercial equipment sold directly in 47 countries. It also has a wide reach through the dealer and distributor network. In FY 2017, the company posted sales of €4.1 billion.

The high-end appliance manufacturer operates through it’s subsidiaries in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, UK, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada, Mexico, US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and UAE. A major number of the production facilities are located in Germany’s Arnsberg, Bielefeld, Bunde, Euskirchen, Gutersloh, Lehrte, Oelde and Warendorf. It also has a facility in China, Austria, Romania and Czech Republic.

Miele products are known for it’s great design and top-notch quality. It has won several awards for it’s innovation in technology and performance. Miele’s product lineup includes ovens, cookers, microwave ovens, steam ovens, vacuum drawers, induction hobs, electric hobs, gas hobs, cooker hoods, ceiling fan, range hoods, downdraft systems, coffee machines, refrigerators, fridge-freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, washer-dryers and vacuum cleaners. There are equipment and products for commercial laundries, laboratories and hotels. You will also find accessories for vacuum cleaners, hobs, cooker hoods, refrigerators, freezers and washing machines.

To locate a Miele store, you can visit the website. Those in the US and some other regions can order a Miele vacuum cleaner, dishwasher or refrigerator online. Purchases can be made using Visa or MasterCard. You can opt for standard or express shipping during checkout. Customers have a 15 day return policy. Users can browse through product categories, download manuals, compare products and get details on installation. Note that warranty varies according to product type. Shoppers can purchase extended service contracts for most products. Register your product on the website to keep track of purchase, repair or warranty. If your product experiences a failure or breakdown, locate a service center where you can request for repair or replacement. If interested in a career with Miele, explore the careers section on the website to know the job openings and benefits. You can also submit an application through the e-portal. For more information or queries on registration, refund, payment, cancellation, repair, career/jobs, or others, reach the Miele support.

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  1. My review on Miele products. It has some nice features but it is not worth the price and customer service is shitty. An arrogant technician comes and says – it just works this way. My expectations towards Miele were so high, imagining that even though it will cost all my savings, I will finally have a super nice kitchen! I couldn’t be more wrong. I wrote to Miele customer service (the German headquarters) a nice e-mail 5 months ago explaining that their products could have a better user experience and perhaps my comments will help them with product development. Got zero response except of automated message. In the meantime, I got even more frustrated with using Miele products.

    Washing machine. After several months of using it a squeaky noise started. Customer service / repair guy came and said that he doesn’t see any problem here. It turned out the bearing was dry. We got the machine replaced and were happy about it. We enjoyed twindos system in particular as you do not need to add washing powder each time. But it turned out, that the machine did not show the message the twindos was empty and we were washing clothes with pure water for some time, until manually checked. To my surprise, the twindos just counts times it was used to announce it’s empty, not actual weight of being empty. Also, having many colourful clothes I often wash just 1 dress – and it uses the same amount of washing detergents and uses as much water as washing a full load. What about sustainability here? Also, the fabric softener they produce is too thick – it stays on the walls of the container and is hard to wash away. The drying function is not really working – parts of clothes always stay wet. I’ve heard better experiences from Whirpool which cost 5 times less. You’d say perhaps the load is too heavy? How would Miele expect its customers to weight the load? Bathroom scales do not work for small weights. Should I buy special scales and weight each item I put in the washing machine? That is beyond inconvenient. Why can’t the washing machine have scales and indicate when the load is too heavy for the selected programme? It could also use an adequate amount of water and detergent. Also, to switch on the tumble dry function – it is baby’s work, literally and not in a good sense. Just accidentally touching the panel with your body while going near the washing machine, has turned on the drying function 3 times already (it is a narrow passage). Imagine, I put on the washing with delayed start, so that when I come home from work the wash is done. And I find my expensive no-tumble dry dresses being dried. Yes, I had to throw them away.

    Cooking hob. The second appliance out of 6 which does not function properly. We chose the fancy “all surface heats” option. The heat is not even and one side of the pot is boiling while the other not. Pancakes on one side are burning while still undercooked on the other side of the same pan. We tried different pots and it is not about the pot. Miele centre has 3 times confirmed that it should NOT be like this, and the heat should be even. And the best part – the Miele repair guy came and just explained that it is how it works. It does not and will not have an even distribution of heat. And now the previous statement of Miele center about the even heat has changed to the opposite. We asked if this is stated in the description of the appliance – well, yes, in the manual. Who reads a manual prior buying the appliance? It’s cheating customers with false information.

    Cooker hood. It is very convenient to have it connected with the hob. I also liked the idea that the hood would be quiet. But has Miele checked how it is mounted? Two metal panels which slide into each other and make a terrible vibrating noise.

    Oven. Oh my, I was so happy about automatic programmes which know how to cook. The wireless thermometer is also great! I put in the ham, choose the programme, it says it will cook around 40 minutes, and we with the guest are getting hungry. After 1 hr, estimated cooking time is still 50 minutes. Would it be that complicated to have an option of entering the weight of meat I intend to cook and calculate the cooking time based on that? And the camera – the pictures Miele uses for advertising are very far from reality. It is called providing false information. Oven door – should open nice and slow, but after cooking several dishes in the oven it just bounces. Once after baking one tray of cookies the oven switched off with a message “you exceeded the maximum cooking time”. The touchscreen is insensitive and super slow. You need to press 3 times to switch it on until the first press starts working and by pressing again you switch it off. And then start anew.

    Dish washer. We had a stand-alone dish washer from Miele and were very happy with it. This time we needed a dish washer to be integrated into furniture. I did not expect that being the same width, it will be like 30% smaller. The regular dinner plates do not fit and slide out. What kind of solution is that? We chose the option with automatic door opening as we don’t like dished to stay wet. We tried many different programmes so far – the dishes stay wet after hours of “drying”. Connection to the app is a touch button which turns off 5 times a day when you accidentally touch it while handling the dishwasher. Why such a non-essential and used once in a lifetime button needs to be in such a place??? Oh, did I mention the touchscreen is super insensitive? Except the wifi button.

    Fridge. Probably the smallest fridge in the world. It should be advertised “a fridge for singles”. There is no place to put a pot with soup in the fridge as it needs the whole shelf. We wanted two functions to be in the fridge – no frost and perfect fresh pro. There was only one option with both functions – the super small option. The vegetables stay fresh though, and am very happy about this. The door started squeaking and Miele repair guy says again – it is how it works. Really, that’s the top-notch quality??? The plastic thing which holds bottles in the door shelf – cracked completely after 3 months. What quality is that???

    Connection. The application is just terrible. It is super slow. Connection of each device is even worse – asking for Wifi password for each device even though they are added to the app 5 minutes apart. You realise what frustration comes when you have to enter something like “Hi76dHPlk830DseNmoP80274Nbtw” for the fifth time??? We are two people at home, but only one can use the app. The QR code is on the bottom of the cooking hob. How does Miele imagine installation of the appliances is happening? I’ll tell you. We hire technicians, they do the job, we come home – the hob is installed and sealed with silicon around it. How can we scan the QR code? It is on the packaging, you’d say. Oh well, they through away the garbage.

    Best regards,

  2. About a year ago we bought 5 miele appliances, including a coffee machine, choosing the premium model. In the meantime, we always have complaints when cleaning the device, a combination of the sensors and software. Miele Belgium keeps updating but the problems persist! We are also NOT satisfied with the SERVICE, appointments are not fulfilled and are really treated like a pawn. Very sad indeed!


  3. ken phillips Reply

    I have been a loyal Miele client for many years and that time he purchased a Miele oven, washing machine, dishwasher and three microwaves ( the second of which is the reason for this complaint).
    I purchased the second microwave (Model M6012) from the Miele outlet in Southport Qld Aust in April 2016. in August 2020 the microwave failed to heat and I contacted Miele for service to fix the fault. In due course a Miele technician arrived and after listening to the microwave advised that the magnetron required replacing. I found this to be quite extraordinary as the item was only just over 4 years old. My previous Miele microwave to my knowledge is functioning perfectly after v10 or more years when we sold the our home some 5 years ago. He advised me of the cost, almost 50% of a new microwave and that there would be a wait of up to 10 days for a replacement part. I elected, based on that advice to purchase a replacement Miele microwave from the Miele Southport store.
    I have had the ‘defective’ microwave checked by an independent qualified microwave repair technician.
    There was nothing wrong with the manetron – just a loose connection that caused a short leading to a minor burn. Once that was cleaned up the microwave works perfectly. The total repair cost was significantly less than that quoted by the technician.
    Needless to say, I am now not very impressed with Miele products or their approach to defect rectification of a product just over 4 years old.
    I am now out of pocket a not inconsiderable sum and believe that Miele should compensate with at least an oer of an ex gratia contribution notwithstanding that I now have two functional Miele Model <6012 microwaves.

  4. Hello Miele
    I live in Auckland, New Zealand and I purchased a Miele washing machine WKH132WPS and the matching Dryer last year. Early into the relationship with my washing machine I had an issue with my white lingerie turning either blue or grey, mainly the lace. I have had a service agent look at the machine and I was informed it was working correctly. I then talked to the store where I purchased the machines. They said they would look into it and get back to me, I was not contacted so after a few weeks I contacted the Miele HO in Auckland with no luck there either. I then visited the Miele HO in Auckland and still got no answers. This has been an ongoing issue and I have a bag full of ruined lingerie. I went back to the store of purchase and they assured me they would get it rectified. I was called about three weeks later after I had to make another trip to the store to see what had been organized and I was promised someone at Miele would contact me. Another three weeks on and I have not been contacted. Sadly I have lost faith in Miele NZ and my machines which are still under warranty. I am contacting you in the hope you can ‘please’ instruct me how to save my white lingerie from being ruined. It’s not only costly but very frustrating! Yes, I do use the white option with your liquid, I also wash at 40’. My previous machine which I’d had for a number of years never destroyed my whites. This was a very expensive purchase but because it is considered a high end machine I was happy with that…. I am now very unhappy with the after care service.
    I hope you can assist me.
    Helen Manley

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